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 Top 10 Best Dungeons in World of Warcraft (Up to BFA Anyway)hirumaredx
5 tháng trước
In this video will be going over the 10 Best dungeons in
 Top 10 Myths of World of WarcraftMadSeasonShow
1 năm trước
World of Warcraft is nearly 15 years old and over the years many myths have been created. In this video we cover the 10
 Top 10 Abilities Removed Quickly For Being Too Powerful in World of Warcrafthirumaredx
6 tháng trước
Sometimes in World of Warcraft theyll introduce new abilities or talents to the game which are too difficult to balance so they just ...
 Top 10 Creepiest Bosses in WoWhirumaredx
2 năm trước
For this list Ill be going over dungeon and raid bosses that either have some creepy lore to their backstory or are themselves just ...
 Top 10 Creepy Things in WoW [REFORGED]hirumaredx
3 tháng trước
About six years ago I made a few videos about creepy things in WoW and I think its about time Ive updated those videos as well ...
 The Top 10 Idiots of World of WarcraftWorld of Nixxiom
6 năm trước
There are many different kinds of WoW players. Some enjoy PvP some enjoy PvE some RP but some... Well lets just say theyre ...
 Top 10 Strongest Faction Leaders Based on Lore in World of Warcrafthirumaredx
6 tháng trước
In this video well be going over the strongest faction leaders in wows history and in order for a character to even qualify for this ...
 Top 10 Strongest Warriors in World of WarcraftDoronsmovies
6 tháng trước
As Ive previously made the video on the top 10 strongest mages in
 Top 10 Hidden Items in World of Warcrafthirumaredx
1 năm trước
In this video well go over 10 items which are hidden in the world in some way shape or form and either require you to do a ...
 Top 10 Longest Dungeons in World of Warcrafthirumaredx
3 tháng trước
In this video well be going over which dungeons are the longest basically in terms of how many bosses they have. Video edited ...
 Top 10 Most Annoying Mounts to Farm in World of Warcrafthirumaredx
8 tháng trước
--The List-- Intro: 0:00 10 -Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank: 0:13 9- Ashhide Mushan Beast: 3:00 8-Phosphorescent Stone Drake: ...
 Top 10 Morally Questionable Quests in WoWhirumaredx
4 năm trước
In a game where 2 factions are in a constant state of conflict and going out and massacring an entire race of creatures is the ...
 Top 10 Strongest Characters in World of Warcraft | Shadowlands UpdatedDoronsmovies
3 tháng trước
Long ago I made Top 10 Strongest Characters in
 Top 10 More Hidden Items in World of Warcrafthirumaredx
1 năm trước
Recently 5 months ago I made a video about some of the hidden items in the game and it turns out there is a lot of them so this ...
 Top 10 Most Over Powered Trinkets in WoW's History (World of Warcraft)hirumaredx
9 tháng trước
Now World of Warcraft players love their gear and trinkets are one of their favorite pieces of equipment and in this list will be ...
 Top 10 Worst New Systems and Gameplay Features Added to World of Warcrafthirumaredx
1 tháng trước
In this video well be going over some features that were in the game that players generally didnt like and were eventually ...
 Top 10 Vanilla WoW Things Which Wont be in Classic WoWhirumaredx
1 năm trước
In this video well go over 10 things which existed in vanilla