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 2HYPE Chopped Christmas Cook-off 2!2HYPE
vor 5 Monaten
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 2HYPE Tailgate Chopped!Jiedel
vor 3 Monaten
Football season is over but delicious food never ends. Time for a new Chopped FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ...
 Epic Seafood Chopped! 2HYPEJiedel
vor 1 Monat
Today the boys are back in another kitchen battle this time centered around seafood FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ...
 2HYPE Thanksgiving Chopped!Jiedel
vor 5 Monaten
The boys are back with another Thanksgiving Chopped
 ULTIMATE 2HYPE CHOPPED Part 1: Appetizer RoundJiedel
vor 1 Jahr
Today I host and judge a Chopped style cooking competetion between YouTubers Jesser Mopi Moochie and Toddle Kristopher ...
vor 2 Jahren
2Hype steps back into the Kitchen for another cooking competition. Will the chefs continue a streak of incompetence or will they ...
vor 2 Jahren
Kris Jesser and Mopi engage in an epic cooking battle where they must use 4 mystery ingredients JESSER: ...
vor 1 Jahr
Today Jesser Mopi and Mitchell face off in a Chopped Cooking Competition They have 4 mystery ingredients and 30 minutes to ...
vor 1 Jahr
Today Mopi Moochie and Kristopher London compete in a single round Chopped competition with a Thanksgiving theme
 2HYPE CHOPPED 2!!!Jiedel
vor 2 Jahren
YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN DEMANDING IT 2HYPE Chopped is back Enjoy todays competetion featuring top chefs Cash Nasty ...
 Epic 2Hype Cook-Off Challenge!Jiedel
vor 11 Monaten
Today Im joined by all the guys in the 2Hype House as we have a competition to see who can make the best spaghetti and ...
 2Hype HotDog CookOff! *Glizzy*Jiedel
vor 9 Monaten
Today the boys set out to see who can make the best HotDog or Sausage. FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA YOUTUBE
 EPIC 2Hype Pancake Cookoff!Jiedel
vor 10 Monaten
Today we are hosting an epic pancake competetion between Jesser Mopi and Zack TTG. 2HYPE MERCH http://
vor 1 Jahr
Use Code JSR in the Fortnite Item shop BUCKETSQUAD MERCH https://t.co/C5k0dr29cQ MY SECOND CHANNEL ...
 2HYPE Quesadilla Cookoff!Jiedel
vor 8 Monaten
Today the guys compete to see who can make the most delicious Quesadilla FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA YOUTUBE