Anti-Macron protest held in Bangladesh | AFPAFP News Agency
Protesters gather outside a mosque in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka after Friday prayers, burning an effigy of French President ...
 Trump throws MAGA hats to supporters at Pennsylvania rally | AFPAFP News Agency
11 hours ago
US President Donald Trump throws "Make America Great Again" hats into the crowd at a campaign rally in Reading, Pennsylvania ...
 UGC: Izmir residents pour into street after major earthquake | AFPAFP News Agency
People flood into a street in Izmir, Turkey as a cloud of dust blankets the neighbourhood in the immediate aftermath of a major 7.0 ...
 Orthodox priest seriously hurt in France shooting, attacker flees | AFPAFP News Agency
12 hours ago
An attacker armed with a sawn-off shotgun wounded an Orthodox priest in a shooting in the French city of Lyon before fleeing, ...
 Ivory Coast police fire teargas at protesters where president voted | AFPAFP News Agency
16 hours ago
Ivorian police fire tear gas to disperse protesters who demonstrated against President Alassane Ouattara in Abidjan, in the ...
 Rescue workers search rubble in Turkey's Izmir after earthquake | AFPAFP News Agency
Rescue workers dig through the rubble of a destroyed building in Izmir, Turkey after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the ...
 France's Macron arrives at crisis unit after Nice attack | AFPAFP News Agency
2 days ago
President Emmanuel Macron arrives at the Interior Ministry to take part in a crisis meeting following a knife attack that left three ...
 Lockdown: record number of traffic jams in the Paris region | AFPAFP News Agency
2 days ago
Cars pile up on the Paris ring road, at the Porte de Maillot, as residents leave the capital ahead of a new coronavirus lockdown ...
 Fishermen prepare ahead of Typhoon Goni devastation in Philippines | AFPAFP News Agency
21 hours ago
Fishermen in Sorsogon, Philippines secure their boats as Typhoon Goni nears central Bicol region, prompting authorities to ...
 Présidentielle ivoirienne : affrontements entre policiers et manifestants à Abidjan | AFP ImagesAFP
15 hours ago
La police ivoirienne disperse à l'aide de gaz lacrymogènes des jeunes venus manifester contre le président sortant Alassane ...
 Thousands take part in anti-France rally in Pakistan | AFPAFP News Agency
17 hours ago
Around 10000 people marched through Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city, after Friday prayers in what was organised as a ...
 Nice attack: images of police forces in the basilica district | AFPAFP News Agency
2 days ago
Police are on the scene next to the basilica in central Nice where a man killed three people and wounded several others.
 Taiwan blacksmith turns Chinese artillery shells into knives | AFPAFP News Agency
2 days ago
In a contemporary twist on beating swords into ploughshares, Taiwanese blacksmith Wu Tseng-dong has forged a career ...
 Voting starts in Ivory Coast presidential elections | AFPAFP News Agency
22 hours ago
Polling stations open in Côte d'Ivoire for presidential elections after a campaign marked by inter-community violence. Two of the ...
 Covid-19: Paris's Champs-Elysées after France enters second lockdown | AFPAFP News Agency
On the first day of France's return to lockdown, traffic is less dense but steady on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. The measures ...
 Debate por segundo retiro del 10% de AFP: ¿Qué grupo sería el más afectado? #T13TeExplicaT13
2 days ago
Tras aprobarse la idea de legislar sobre un segundo retiro de los fondos previsionales, el debate y los análisis sobre sus efectos ...
 Wounded Nigerian protesters testify after deadly Lagos army shooting | AFPAFP News Agency
Nigerian demonstrators Patrick, Solomon and Samuel recount the night they were injured on October 20, 2020 when the Nigerian ...
 Riot police intervene as nationalists disrupt Poland abortion rights rally | AFPAFP News Agency
Riot police intervene as far-right nationalists throw glass and flares in an attempt to disrupt a protest against a court ruling that ...
 UK's Johnson announces new four-week virus lockdown in England | AFPAFP News Agency
11 hours ago
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces a new four-week coronavirus lockdown across England, a dramatic strategy shift ...
 Heavily armed AFP officers deployed to major airports | Nine News Australia9 News Australia
11 months ago
Nine major airports will have increased security with 135 specialist Australian Federal Police officers being deployed over the next ...
 Quiet streets in Paris for the first weekend of lockdown | AFPAFP News Agency
16 hours ago
Parisians spend their first weekend in France's second lockdown. A few passers-by and joggers meet on the streets as the city ...
 Trump arrives for campaign rally in Michigan | AFPAFP News Agency
US President Donald Trump arrives for a campaign rally in Waterford Township, Michigan, before heading on to Wisconsin and ...
 Africa Weekly: Troublesome election week in Tanzania and Ivory Coast | AFPAFP News Agency
Tanzanians voted in parliamentary and presidential elections on October 28. President John Magufuli and his ruling CCM party ...
 Thailand: Police and protesters clash, water cannon used | AFPAFP News Agency
15 days ago
Thai police use water cannon against protesters and clash in central Bangkok, as the pro-democracy activists defy an emergency ...
 Ivory Coast President Ouattara casts vote in tense polls | AFPAFP News Agency
19 hours ago
Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara and his wife Dominique vote in the upmarket Abidjan suburb of Cocody in tense elections ...
 US passes nine million reported coronavirus cases: Johns Hopkins | AFPAFP News Agency
The United States passed nine million reported coronavirus cases on Friday, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University, ...
 Muertos y desaparecidos por deslave en El Salvador | AFPAFP Español
Un deslave de agua, lodo y rocas dejó el viernes al menos seis muertos, más de una treintena de desaparecidos y 60 viviendas ...
 Segundo retiro AFP: Comisión de la Cámara aprueba proyectoT13
4 days ago
Más informaciones en » Síguenos en nuestras redes sociales: Twitter Instagram ...
 Rescue teams search for earthquake survivors in Izmir | AFPAFP News Agency
14 hours ago
Rescuers in Izmir continue their desperate search through heavy blocks of concrete for survivors after a a deadly earthquake.
 Nice attack: church bells ring out across France | AFPAFP News Agency
2 days ago
A bell tolls at 3pm in the French city of Talence as the Notre-Dame church pays tribute to the three victims of the knife attack in ...
 Manifestación anticoronavirus degenera en disturbios en Barcelona | AFPAFP Español
Una manifestación en Barcelona contra las restricciones para frenar el covid-19 degeneró el viernes por la noche en disturbios y ...
 Big wave surfers try to ride giant swell in Nazaré | AFPAFP News Agency
2 days ago
Big wave surfers try to ride the giant swell at Praia do Norte in Nazaré. The largest surfable waves in the world can reach up to 20 ...
 Nuevo traspié de gobierno: avanza proyecto para segundo retiro del 10% de fondos AFPT13
4 days ago
La Comisión de Constitución aprobó la idea de legislar el proyecto para un segundo retiro del 10% de ahorros previsionales.
 In Ivory Coast, voters head to polls amid opposition boycott | AFPAFP News Agency
12 hours ago
Polling stations open in Ivory Coast for presidential elections after a campaign marked by inter-community violence. Two of the ...
 What is the purpose of an AFP Test?Humain Health
7 months ago
Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is a protein produced primarily by the liver in a developing baby (fetus) and the portion of a developing ...
 Focus on Health: AFP ScreeningVirginia Women's Center
9 years ago
In this video, Dr. Keith Berkle, OB/GYN at Virginia Women's Center, discusses the second trimester AFP Screening and how this ...
 Demócratas y republicanos, codo a codo inesperado en el conservador Georgia | AFPAFP Español
3 days ago
Enclavada en el conservador sur del país, Georgia no ha votado por un candidato demócrata a la Casa Blanca desde 1992.
 Trump supporters pack Wisconsin rally, eschew social distancing and masks | AFPAFP News Agency
4 days ago
Supporters of US President Donald Trump, many not wearing masks or social distancing, gather for a rally in the key swing state ...
 Armenia-backed separatist soldiers on the frontline vow to defend Karabakh | AFPAFP News Agency
12 days ago
Armenian soldiers hold their frontline positions in the war-hit region of Nagorno-Karabakh while another brief ceasefire falls apart ...
 Libyans burn French flags, Macron pictures | AFPAFP News Agency
6 days ago
A small group of protesters in the Libyan capital Tripoli burn the French flag and pictures of French President Emmanuel Macron, ...
 Inside Denmark's witch hunt museum | AFPAFP News Agency
4 days ago
In Ribe, a medieval town in the west of Denmark, long considered the capital of witchcraft, the museum of witch hunt tells the story ...
 Rebel alliance: Bangkok's motortaxi drivers aid Thai protesters | AFPAFP News Agency
4 days ago
Orange-vested drivers of motorbike taxis have become allies to Thailand's pro-democracy protesters gathering across ...
 🔴🔵ONP Y AFP: Nicolás Lúcar propone un sistema de pensiones unificado que vele por los jubiladosExitosa Noticias
Nicolás Lúcar: Un solo sistema (unificar #ONP y #AFP) donde el manejo del dinero se invierta en beneficio a los jubilados.
El presidente del congreso Manuel Merino convoco al pleno del congreso para el debatir los temas que quedaron pendientes en ...
 Côte d'Ivoire: jour de scrutin présidentiel sous tension | AFPAFP
18 hours ago
Des électeurs s'expriment avant d'aller voter lors de la présidentielle ivoirienne, dans le quartier populaire de Yopougo à Abidjan.
 Palestinians in Gaza burn portraits of France's Macron | AFPAFP News Agency
6 days ago
Palestinians in Deir el-Baleh in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip burn portraits of French President Emmanuel Macron, after he vowed ...
 Trump e o apoio esmagador em condados do Alabama | AFPAFP Português
3 days ago
A eleição presidencial americana vai definir quem vai ocupar a Casa Branca pelos próximos quatro anos, Donald Trump ou o ...
 Central Vietnam is battered by Typhoon Molave | AFPAFP News Agency
3 days ago
Fallen trees are left lying across roads and homes without roofs in some of the worst destruction seen in years after Typhoon ...
 Iraqis protest Macron comments | AFPAFP News Agency
5 days ago
Dozens of people protest outside the French embassy in Baghdad after a radical pro-Iran faction called on Iraqis to slam French ...
 Bangladesh sends troops to halt Rohingya refugee drug fighting | AFPAFP News Agency
23 days ago
Bangladesh has sent more troops into the world's largest refugee camp after days of fighting between rival Rohingya drug gangs ...
 China's Wuhan goes wild as water party attracts thousands | AFPAFP News Agency
2 months ago
Crowds packed out a water park over the weekend in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus first emerged late ...
 Ahora en DF: ¿Qué escenario deberán sortear los afiliados y AFP frente a un eventual segundo retiro?Videos Diario Financiero
2 days ago
Esta semana la Cámara Baja dio el visto bueno a legislar el proyecto que propone un segundo retiro de fondos previsionales, ...
 Standoff between Turkey's Erdogan and France's Macron intensifies | AFPAFP News Agency
5 days ago
A standoff between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and France's President Emmanuel Macron is ramping up over Islam ...
 Lagos in shock after deadly shooting of protesters | AFPAFP News Agency
10 days ago
Images of police roadblocks, buildings on fire and dark smoke billowing into the air in Lagos, as Nigerians wake up in shock ...
 Alpha Fetoprotein test(AFP) - Test results mean & normal range (Clear explanation)MEDI LAB ZONE
4 months ago
Hey friends This video is about Alpha Fetoprotein test(AFP) - Test results mean & normal range (Clear explanation) This video ...
 Australian Federal Police Tests (AFP) - How to PassCareerVidz
3 years ago
Click here for Australian Police recruitment resources: In this first video in our ...
 Strong explosion rocks Beirut | AFPAFP News Agency
2 months ago
Smoke billows above buildings following a large explosion in Lebanon's capital Beirut. The blast, which rattled entire buildings ...