Bad Hombres

 Bad Hombres, Nasty Women (ft. "Weird Al" Yankovic)schmoyoho
3 years ago
Buy our new Christmas album: or on iTunes Spotify etc Get exclusive videos from us for ...
 Donald Trump: We need to get out 'bad hombres'CNN
3 years ago
During the third presidential debate, Donald Trump said one of the first things he would do to improve the border is get drug ...
 Heavy Metal Kings feat. Goretex "Bad Hombres" - Official VideoVinnie Paz
2 years ago
New Heavy Metal Kings album avail now at: From the new Heavy Metal Kings album "Black God White ...
 Bad Hombres Sounds Like...The Late Late Show with James Corden
3 years ago
James recaps the third presidential debate and dives into Donald Trump's use of the phrase "bad hombres." "Subscribe To ""The ...
 Donald Trump: Get 'Bad Hombres' Out | Presidential Debate 2016ABC News
3 years ago
During the discussion about immigration in the final presidential debate, Donald Trump used basic Spanish vocabulary to ...
 Trump on 'strong borders' and 'bad hombres'PBS NewsHour
3 years ago
Donald Trump discusses his stance on securing the borders by building a wall and keeping drugs out of the U.S..
 Breaking down Trump's "bad hombres" remarksCBS News
3 years ago
During the final debate Trump said that "we got bad hombres here and we're going to get them out." Democratic strategist Lynda ...
 Why Donald Trump Opts For 'Bad Hombres' Over Big Tent | Morning Joe | MSNBCMSNBC
3 years ago
The Morning Joe panel discusses Donald Trump's major deficit with Latino voters and why at the national level, GOP presidential ...
 Geraldo: I love Trump but 'bad hombres' is a dumb remarkFox News
3 years ago
Fox News roaming correspondent-at-large gives his take on the final debate.
 We Talked With a Few of Trump's Deported 'Bad Hombres' | Undocumented AmericaFUSION
3 years ago
Recent deportees share their advice on what people facing the threat of deportation in the age of Trump should do to prepare for ...
 The Third Presidential Debate Highlights: From 'Puppets' To 'Bad Hombres' | NBC NewsNBC News
3 years ago
Here are the highlights from the third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Las Vegas.
 Jumping the 'WALL': USA Immigration | Bad Hombres (Full Documentary) | True Crime | Reel Truth CrimeReel Truth Crime - Crime Documentary
8 days ago
We investigate the most heavily used migration route on Earth. Dutch journalist Stef Biemans travels between Guatemala and the ...
 Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Third Debate Cold Open - SNLSaturday Night Live
3 years ago
Chris Wallace (Tom Hanks) moderates the final debate between Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Hillary Clinton (Kate ...
 Third Presidential Debate Highlights | Trump, Clinton Discuss on Supreme CourtABC News
3 years ago
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump start the final presidential debate discussing the Supreme Court of the United States.
 The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC NewsNBC News
3 years ago
Get Breaking News Alerts: » Check Out Fact-Checks And More: ...
 The Gregory Brothers - Bad Hombres, Nasty Women Mix (feat. "Weird Al" Yankovic)Soulspazm
3 years ago
The Gregory Brothers - Bad Hombres, Nasty Women Mix (feat. "Weird Al" Yankovic)
 Bad Hombre | America is an Idea, Not a GeographyLyft
11 months ago
Wilson (aka Punch) was raised in West Los Angeles, California, where his childhood wasn't easy. He developed a passion for ...
 Donald Trump: We have some bad hombres here - Final Presidential Debate - Hillary ClintonABC15 Arizona
3 years ago
Trump discusses immigration and talks about bad hombres. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in their final presidential ...
 After Deportation to MexicoReveal
7 years ago
What happens to migrants after they are deported from the United States? CIR reporter G.W. Schulz traveled to Nogales, Mexico ...
 Bad Hombres [ANDERSON BURRUS REMIX]Anderson Burrus
1 years ago
Full instrumental here:
 Bad Hombres TrailerFunny Or Die
3 years ago
Subscribe now: This election, watch out for the 'Bad Hombres'!
 "We have some bad hombres"KTVU
3 years ago
Donald Trump says "we have some bad hombres" when talking about securing the U.S. Mexico border.
 #NPR #TinyDesk Entry 2019 - "Andando" by Louda y Los Bad HombresLOUDA MUSIC
1 years ago
This is a video submission for the 2019, NPR Tiny Desk contest, featuring Louda y Los Bad Hombres performing an original song, ...
 Decolonize Justice - Bad HombresLatinojustice PRLDEF
4 months ago
This film explores the roots of criminalization of the Latino community in the United States. Stretching from the colonization of Latin ...
 Trump y los Hispanos *BAD HOMBRES*Jota DBS
8 months ago
__Acto con el Presidente Trump en celebración del *Mes de la Herencia Hispana en Estados Unidos*__ - Referencia al ...
 [DUBSTEP] LANESANE - Bad Hombres (Vital Release)Vital EDM
3 years ago
Available now: FREE DOWNLOAD: *All tracks ...
3 years ago
Last night I hacked Donald Trumps personal computer and found this gem. I think all his shenanigans have been to bolster the ...
 Unsavory Group of Bad Hombres - Bad Unboxing Fan MailiDubbbzTV
2 years ago
Got through some very unsavory hombres. I rushed this one a bit b/c I wanted to put something out. More projects in the works.
 Trump: "We have some bad hombres" in U.S.CBS News
3 years ago
Donald Trump used some colorful language to describe the people he feels are in this country illegally. See the moment.
 Bad HombresJairo Munévar
2 years ago
Bad Hombres playing at Trinacria, Baltimore Downtown on April 20th 2018.
 Heavy Metal Kings - Bad Hombres (Ft. Goretex)BoxcutterPazzyJ
2 years ago
Artist: Heavy Metal Kings (Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz) Album: Black God, White Devil (2017) SUPPORT THE ARTISTS JMT Store: ...
 Los Bad Hombres (The Malos Guys) - The BeetBryan Tymberly
2 years ago
Los Bad Hombres - La Remolacha (The Beet) (C) Clony Music / Alvinsch :v Twitter: https://twitter ...
 "You catch a bad hombre!" President Trump on Catch and ReleaseABC15 Arizona
1 years ago
President Donald Trump is visiting the Phoenix, Arizona area to campaign for US Senate candidate Martha McSally.
 Bricheros - Bad HombresRiko Suave
2 years ago
"Bad Hombres" from the album "Making Our Way to the USA", available now. Animation: Phillip Shellabarger Illustration: Justin ...
 Antonio Sanchez & Migration - Bad Hombres Y Mujeres // Live 2019 // A38 WorldA38 World
1 years ago
In 2019 A38 World recorded the live concert footage of this song called Bad Hombres Y Mujeres performed by Antonio Sanchez ...
 Bad Hombres y Mujeres from the 2019 album "Lines in the Sand"Antonio Sanchez
1 years ago
Track: Bad Hombres y Mujeres from the 2019 Antonio Sanchez and Migration album "Lines in the Sand"
 Schmoyoho - Bad hombres Nasty women - Karaoke / Piano synthesia (lyrics / Trump VS Clinton)Kira Kuroï
3 years ago
Hey !! :D Voici le synthesia d'un débat andiablé entre Donald Trump et Hillary Clinton remixé par Schmoyoho ! :DD C'est une ...
 The bad hombres of our world premiere comedy by Herbert Siguenza, BAD HOMBRES/GOOD WIVES, from Oct 3San Diego Repertory Theatre
8 months ago
Our Playwright-in-Residence and Culture Clash member, Herbert Siguenza, and Ric Salinas, also of Culture Clash, may or may ...
 Antonio Sanchez & Migration Live at WBGO performing "Bad Hombres y Mujeres"Antonio Sanchez
7 months ago
Antonio Sanchez & Migration performs "Bad Hombres y Mujeres" live at WBGO on The Checkout Thana Alexa - voice & effects ...
 Donald Trump Defending Border Stance: ‘We Have Some Bad Hombres Here’ | NBC NewsNBC News
3 years ago
Donald Trump elaborates on his immigration plan, including his plan to build a wall. » Subscribe to NBC News: ...
 "Bad hombres" comment from Trump spurs video from San Diego LatinosABC 10 News
3 years ago
Group records salsa song to spur conversation.
 Louda y Los Bad Hombres: Green Mill ChicagoLOUDA MUSIC
11 months ago
This performance was hosted by The Paper Machete, at the iconic - Green Mill Cocktail Lounge in Chicago on June 5th 2019.
 3 Bad Hombres Arrested for Stabbing | Bensonhurst, BrooklynLOUDLABS NEWS NYC
2 months ago
4.4.20 | by Adam Balhetchet | BENSONHURST, Brooklyn - 3 Hispanic males were arrested in connection to a stabbing.
 Bad Hombres // Life in Puerto Vallarta VlogKinetic Kennons
3 years ago
In today's Life in Puerto Vallarta vlog we wait for an electrician, go to the Malecon, eat at one of the best restaurants in Puerto ...
 Trump: We Have To Get Rid of the 'Bad Hombres'The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder
3 years ago
In this Majority Report clip, Sam Seder, Thom Hartmann, and Cliff Schecter conduct a postmortem on the final presidential debate.
 Bad Hombres Edit BreckenridgeFreeski TV
3 years ago
We got some bad hombres and we gotta get 'em out. Featuring: Ben Smith, Levi Ascher, Ethan Swadburg Video by Andrew ...
 Bad Hombres - Burn It DownBad Hombres
1 years ago
OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AROUND Buzzing to release the music video for our latest single, 'Burn It Down,' produced by ...
 In Conversation with Bad HombresRATCHET Presents
1 years ago
Interview with Glasgow based band Bad Hombres. We caught up with the boys just after their set at RATCHET Presents Event #3 ...
 BAD HOMBRES, NASTY WOMEN (ft"Weird Al" Yankovic) ReactionPercius Westbrooks
3 years ago
Original video
 RWW News: Donald Trump: America 'Being Attacked' By 'Bad Hombres' Coming Across The BorderRWW Blog
4 years ago Right Wing ...
 "Say it To My Face" - LOUDA y Los Bad Hombres | NPR #TinyDesk 2018 SubmissionLOUDA MUSIC
2 years ago
"Say It To My Face", a LOUDA original performed with Los Bad Hombres from San Francisco CA., thank you (!!) LOUDA ...
 Bad Hombres - Game TrailerGhetto Milk Man
1 years ago
Bad Hombres - Game Trailer
 NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2020 - Louda y Los Bad Hombres - Dejanos en paz, capitalistasLOUDA MUSIC
1 months ago
Due to Covid19, we couldn't meet with our esteemed co-collaborators of Louda y Los Bad Hombres. Nonetheless, you CAN ...
 Skip & the Bad Hombres - American Sausage (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)Skip & the Bad Hombres
6 months ago
From the full length album "Don't Talk to Me" available December 7th, 2019 Facebook page: ...
 Los Bad Hombres Good Rockin' ToniteJ.R. Fuertes
2 years ago
Our Cover of Good Rockin' Tonight.
 Bad Hombres - Beige BoysIndieSoundsGood
7 months ago
ENJOY THIS AWESOME SONG! For entertainment purposes only! I do not own anything. Support the artist: ...
 Bad Hombres - Don't Panic Steven LIVERATCHET Presents
1 years ago
Bad Hombres 'Don't Panic Steven'. Track was captured at RATCHET Presents Event #3. Track recorded LIVE at 'Nambucca' in ...
 Weird Al spoofs Trump in “Bad Hombres, Nasty Women” videoREVOLT TV
3 years ago
Stay connected with us here: + Subscribe now: Website: http://REVOLT.TV (Surf) Facebook: ...
 2019 EP RELEASE | Lluvias en Verano | Louda y Los Bad HombresLOUDA MUSIC
1 years ago
This is an original project. Louda y Los Bad Hombres is a 6 piece original Bay Area band fusing American grooves like Hip Hop ...