Friday Air Attack Update.blancolirio
Friday Air Attack Update 'North' Complex West. 7:30pm Some more local reporting. Get your Blancolirio hats over here on Patrron: ...
 1930 Stinson 'Detroiter' Maiden Flight after 40 Yearsblancolirio
3 days ago
Full Feature! Red Bluff, Ca. Aug 2020 with Intern Kellen and U-2 Pilot Ed. Kellen is off to Texas to begin Private Pilot Training!
 Fatal California Wildfire- 'North' fire-West Butte Co. California 12 Septblancolirio
7 days ago
Ca. wildfires turn deadly...again. LINKS: BUTTE CO SHERIFF: EVAC MAP: ...
 UTAir Hard Landing, Wipes out Gear B-737 500 9 Feb 2020blancolirio
7 months ago
This one takes the cake today...) LINKS: AvHerald: Flight Global Article: ...
 CL 215 Water Bomber Crash Spain, 8 Aug 2020blancolirio
1 months ago
LINKS: Fire Aviation: Initial Crash footage: ...
 Jetpack Guy KLAX on Sunday 30 Augustblancolirio
18 days ago
LAX Airspace violations Explained by an Airline Pilot LINKS: VASAviation ATC Audio: ...
 Blancolirio Talks Airplane Crashes - InTheHangar Ep 97Taking Off
2 months ago
Talking plane crashes, dam breaks and how he got started. Juan Browne, of the YouTube Blancolirio channel ...
 India Air Express #1344 UPDATE #1blancolirio
1 months ago
Additional Information coming in. LINKS: FlightRadar: DGCA ...
 Air India Express #1344 7 Aug 2020blancolirio
1 months ago
Another 737NG goes off the end of the runway in poor weather overseas resulting in fatalities... LINKS: VOCL Airport Diagrams: ...
 Bad news out of Oroville, Bear (North) Fire update 0830 hours.blancolirio
11 days ago
Current EVAC Order (If the website works) It's been DOWN MOST of the time!!!!! Unacceptable! Kelly ...
 NTSB Preliminary Reports-Mid Air Collisions plus Helo Crashesblancolirio
24 days ago
Bad start to another long fire season. Ak Legislator flies without Medical LINKS: NTSB Reports: ...
 36,000 Acre 'Creek' Fire- More than 200 Campers Rescuedblancolirio
14 days ago
Blew up over night in extreme temperatures in California's Sierra Mountains. Correction: California ARMY Air National Guard.
 Fatal King Air Crash Addison Tx. Part 135 Insurance Crisis - AQP-V Trainingblancolirio
1 months ago
Dan Gryder on the Insurance Crisis facing FAR Part 135 operators and a solution that would work. AQP-V explained. LINKS: ...
 PIA #8303 Preliminary Report Part 1 (of 2)blancolirio
2 months ago
We walk through the report in detail from an Airbus pilot perspective. LINKS: Preliminary Report: ...
 FAR Part 91/135 Advance Qualification Program UPDATEblancolirio
13 days ago
Time for an update from Dan Gryder on the latest on AQP-V and a couple of high profile accidents. LINK: Contact Dan Gryder ...
 King Air Mishap Rockford, Ill. 20 Aug 2020blancolirio
29 days ago
LINKS: Critical Engine Explained: ...
 London Layover April 2017 Boeing 777blancolirio
3 years ago
Oroville update soon...gotta pay the bills with my day job. More interesting stuff here ...
 Butte Co Fire UPDATE Monday 14 Sept.blancolirio
5 days ago
Map Scale: Each square= 1 square mile LINK: Cal Fire/USFS Brief: ...
 Butte Co Fire UPDATE Monday 14 Sept.blancolirio
5 days ago
Map Scale: Each square= 1 square mile LINK: Cal Fire/USFS Brief: ...
 Pakistan International Airlines Crash of Flight 8303 22 May 2020blancolirio
4 months ago
What we know and can be inferred from photographs at this time. DEMONETIZED by YT, thanks for your support on Patreon.
 Jones Fire Fly Over in the Mighty Luscombe!blancolirio
23 days ago
A piece I did for our community and local paper The Union. Thanks for your support on Patreon! Juan LINKS: The Union ...
 13,000 feet! Colorado Passesblancolirio
2 months ago
Imogene and Engineer Guitar-Luciano Renan
 Airtanker Mid-Air Collision 30 July 2020blancolirio
1 months ago
Some background on the operation and type of aircraft involved. LINKS: Bishop Fire: ...
 PIA #8303 Update #4 Unstable Approach Profileblancolirio
3 months ago
LINKS: The Aviation Herald: Theme: "Weightless" ...
 Demonetization by You Tube of Technical Content on the Blancolirio Channelblancolirio
11 months ago
Please post your ideas and comments below. LINKS: 'Blancolirio' Patreon Pay Pal ...
 Crosswind Landings in Big Jetsblancolirio
7 months ago
Plus the nuances and potential pitfall of doing a touch and go... LINKS: Big Jet TV: Strom Ciara LHR Arrivals ...
 Final Report FA-18E Crash Death Valley, Cablancolirio
3 months ago
LINKS: C.W. Lemoine: Airshow Stuff: ...
 Fed Ex #5033 Runway Overrun Mumbai India 3 June 2020blancolirio
3 months ago
What we know so far plus other landing considerations in adverse conditions. LINKS: Aviation Herald: ...
 Amazon Prime 767-300 Crash UPDATEblancolirio
1 years ago
New information from the NTSB and the FDR from the Giant Air 3591 crash near Houston Intercontinental airport on 23 Feb 2019.
4 months ago
A detailed look at the accessory drive gear box and what investigators will be looking for. LINKS: Aviation Herald: (Please ...
 Plumas County, Ca. Fire Explodes today.blancolirio
12 days ago
Get out of the way..
 Jones Fire Aftermath Nevada County, Ca.blancolirio
27 days ago
Some reporting I've done for our community and local paper- The Union Links: MAP ...
 Mentour Pilot and Juan from Blancolirio about current events!Mentour Pilot
3 months ago
Tonight I will invite Juan Browne from the Blancolirio channel so we can discuss some recent events. There has been some very ...
 California Fires UPDATE 24 Augblancolirio
26 days ago
Back on Patrol in the Mighty Luscombe! LINKS: Cal Fire Map: NIFC Maps: ...
 Pakistan International Airlines #8303 Runway Evidence- Update #3 24 May 2020blancolirio
3 months ago
New video shows evidence of engines hitting the runway with the gear UP. LINKS: The Aviation Herald: ...
 Mid-Air Collision Soldotna, Alaskablancolirio
1 months ago
7 fatalities LINKS: Anchorage Daily News: ...
 Pyrocumulus Clouds/Smoke Shearing Overheadblancolirio
11 days ago
From the 'North' fire in Plumas County some 30 miles away. 3:30pm local 8 Sept.
 Dale Earnhardt Jr Crash NTSB Reportblancolirio
2 months ago
NTSB Public Docket explains what happened. Final report from NTSB soon. Link:
 Health Update- Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy and Hormone Treatmentblancolirio
1 years ago
Recently completed some additional cancer therapy. Here's the update and FAA Aeromedical issues. Doing well now.
 Airline Industry UPDATE! Another Bailout? Furlough Mitigation.blancolirio
1 months ago
New furlough mitigation legislation proposed. LINKS: Theme: "Weightless" Patreon: ...
 EASA Suspends Pakistan International Airlines Authorizationblancolirio
2 months ago
to operate in the EU for 6's why. LINKS: PIA #8303 Blancolirio Playlist: ...
 Aviation Live-stream with Mentour Pilot and Blancolirio!Mentour Pilot
5 months ago
This Live-stream is for YOU guys, here you have the chance to ask YOUR questions to Mentour AND Juan from the Blancolirio ...
 Nevada to California!! TAT'NBACK 2020blancolirio
1 months ago
Miles and miles....6300 miles almost home! 30 July update- home safe! Links: Trans American Trail ...
 California Super Bloom 2019 - Carrizo Plain and the San Andreas Faultblancolirio
1 years ago
Spring Break with the kids and the 4 Wheel Camper. Where will you be when the big one hits? LINKS: Professional stills: Bill ...
 Planting Rice Seed by Air with Juan "Blancolirio" Browne!Rice Farming TV
3 months ago
In today's episode of Rice Farming TV we continue to plant our 2020 California rice crop. Juan "Blancolirio" Browne and I watch ...
 Michigan Dam(s) Fail! Tittabawassee River.blancolirio
4 months ago
Overview of the Boyce Hydro System and What we know so far. LINKS: Drone Footage from 19 May: ...
 Inside the World's Largest Airtanker 747-400 SuperTanker!blancolirio
2 months ago
An exclusive inside view full of technical details from a Boeing pilot's perspective on this amazing conversion. Brought to you by ...
 Pilot Talk : Juan Browne, the creator of Blancolirio channel.Kaptan Baha
2 months ago
I was at the ACCA - Aviation Content Creators Awards event in Wichita, KS where I ended up chit chatting with Juan Browne, the ...
 Kobe Bryant S-76B UPDATE 31 Jan 2020blancolirio
7 months ago
Special Guest-Scott Monroe -Professional Helicopter EMS pilot. "If you have an Instrument Rating, are you proficient at flying in ...
 Air Canada #837 Compound Emergency, Madrid Spain 3 Feb 2020blancolirio
7 months ago
Let's break it down... LINKS: VASAviation ATC Audio: AgentJayZ ...
 Houston Police Chopper Crash 2 May 2020blancolirio
4 months ago
With special guest Scott Monroe- lifetime Commercial Helicopter pilot. LINKS: ABC 13 Story: ...
 KTM 300tpi Local Ride through Tahoe National Forest History- 6 May 2020blancolirio
4 months ago
The trails are re-opening on the Tahoe National Forest, time for a ride. LINKS: Theme: "Tupelo Train" Chris Haugen ...
 PSA update!blancolirio
1 months ago
Numbers looking good!
 Fri 21 August 1200hrs local Air Attack UPDATEblancolirio
29 days ago
"Too Smoky" LINKS: MAP- Jones Fire (Nevada County) ...
 PIA #8303 Preliminary Report Part IIblancolirio
2 months ago
We walk through the report in detail from an Airbus pilot perspective. LINKS: Preliminary Report: ...
 SEATS Historic Return to Californiablancolirio
1 months ago
1st time single engine airtankers have operated out of here in over 47 years!