Brian Scotto

 Scottos' Project Car Rehab - "The Intervention" //DT227Hoonigan
2 years ago On today's episode of Daily Transmission, we have to hold an intervention for Ashley and Brian Scotto ...
 TST Podcast #383 - Brian Scotto HOONIGANTheSmokingTirePodcast
3 months ago
It took a long time, but we finally got him to talk about how it all came to be. Brian Scotto is the creative director of Hoonigan, but ...
 [HOONIGAN] DT 039: Scotto's Porsche 965 Turbo RWBHoonigan
3 years ago Brian Scotto brings his Porsche 965 Turbo RWB to work and promptly breaks it doing burnouts. Watch ...
 Rauh Welt Porsche 911: The Untold Story of Scotto's Dream CarHoonigan
7 months ago
Coming up as a hardcore Volkswagen kid, Brian Scotto's dream car was a natural evolution of German car head: a Porsche 911 ...
 Scottos' Project Car Rehab - Audi CQ //DT230Hoonigan
2 years ago On today's episode of Daily Transmission Brian Scotto finally decides to start working on his 1991 Audi ...
 Scotto’s Garage of Distractions: Audi Gets "worked on" + Shop ModsHoonigan Project Cars
5 months ago
We all have our own theories on why Scotto's builds take so long to finish - but here's some concrete evidence for ya. The man ...
 ALL of Ken Block's Gymkhana Cars: In-Depth With Ken and Scotto!Hoonigan
1 years ago
Nine years, nine Gymkhana cars. From simple street setups, to full blown custom race builds. HHIC Ken Block and Brian Scotto go ...
 Scotto's Audi Finally Drives!? 10+ Year Audi Project Hits the RoadHoonigan
2 years ago
Over 10 years ago, Brian Scotto had a dream. That dream was to drive his Audi Coupe Quattro around. Little did he know how ...
 Scotto Nerds Out Alone at the Petersen Automotive Museum While it’s Closed. Part 1 of 69.Hoonigan
4 months ago
Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to to learn more and get 50% off your first order of ...
 Audi Coupe Quattro Time! Plus Scotto Pays his Bet Debt - #carcaine #audi #hooniganHoonigan Project Cars
1 years ago
Scotto may have lost his bet - and gotten frosted tips as a result - but that ain't stopping him from working on his cars to get them all ...
 It's Scotto's, It Runs?!? Firing Up the Audi Coupe Quattro 10 Years Later (+944 Progress)Hoonigan
2 years ago
 Audi Coupe Quattro's Revival: Scotto Gets to Work!Hoonigan Project Cars
1 years ago
After 10 long, arduous, non-running years: Scotto's Audi RUNS. And DRIVES. This is a serious occasion. And although this thing ...
 Scotto's Fenders - The Untold StoryHoonigan Bonus
7 months ago
Scotto sits down for the tell all story of how Nakai San cut of the fenders on his 1991 Porsche 965 Turbo!
 Scotto's Long Lost Love. The Audi URQ!Hoonigan Bonus
5 months ago
Watch as Scotto drools over the ones that got away. Learn more about Iroz motorsport on our VHS Episode on Hoonigan Channel ...
 [HOONIGAN] DT 207: Project Cars Update - Ute, Rolls, Napalm Nova, Stallions, 944, Rail Car, M3Hoonigan
2 years ago On this episode of Daily Transmission, the gang gives you guys a complete Donut Garage shop ...
 California Lock-Down Forces Us to Take our Project Cars Home, and Scotto Actually DRIVES the Audi!Hoonigan Project Cars
6 months ago
With all us Hoonigans working from home (for now, at least) we might as well make the best of our time outside the office. So we're ...
 STANDARD H Podcast | Episode 39 Brian ScottoSTANDARD H
2 months ago
WEBSITE: #STANDARDH #Podcast #ForThoseWithDrive The STANDARD H Podcast is available on: ...
 We Buy a Donk Project. Goal: 1000HP! Part 1 of 69Hoonigan
1 months ago
Late nights and lockdowns mean we're doubling up on our time searching for our dream projects, especially king Carcaine ...
 FULL TOUR of the HOONIGAN Donut GarageAndreas Bakkerud
2 years ago
Ron Zaras and Brian Scotto show us a FULL TOUR of the wildly fun Hoonigan Donut Garage. #BakkerudLIFE is presented by ...
 Starting Scotto's Audi Coupe Quattro After 10 Years in StorageHoonigan
2 years ago
 [HOONIGAN] RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 DonutsHoonigan
6 years ago Quick Fix: Some parking lot donuts in Brian Scotto's 1991 RWB 911 Turbo.
 [HOONIGAN] DT 069: Death Proof NovaHoonigan
3 years ago On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Kanan, Hoonigan's production assistant, brings his first ever ...
 Scotto’s Land Rover Discovery is next up with a Cummins R2.8 Diesel Swap!Hoonigan
1 years ago
Scotto wasn't kidding when he said he was gunning to have all of his vehicles running by the end of 2018. In true Scotto fashion ...
 The Rally Car Accident Of Brian ScottoMatthew Cipolla
1 years ago
I give credit to Discovery. Steamboat Springs, Colorado, November 30, 2005.
 500hp RWB Porsche 911 Rips!! One of the Original Rauh-Welt Cars at Driftworks UKHoonigan AutoFocus
11 months ago
Right in the heart of the UK, just outside of Birmingham, there lies the almost-twin of THIC Brian Scotto's Rauh-Welt Porsche 965: ...
 Aggiornamento sul Fake di Brian ScottoIl Papà di Jim - 1 Channel
2 years ago
questa parte mi ero dimenticato di caricarla ahahah Cazzi per il culo suo!
 Alone at the Petersen Vault: Scotto’s Day-Night at the Museum Part 2Hoonigan
4 months ago
Back to the unreal vault collection at the Petersen Automotive Museum… did you really think Scotto could get this done in just one ...
 Inside Audi’s Secret Storage Facility: Scotto Loses His Mind! Racecars Everywhere #audi #hooniganHoonigan
1 years ago
Out in Ingolstadt, Germany, you can find Audi headquarters. Where there's a nice Audi museum, with a great collection of vintage ...
 Scotto’s Audi Coupe Quattro gets a Euro Facelift + Rusty Bolt BattlesHoonigan Project Cars
1 years ago
Scotto's rusty bolt woes continue, but at least he can look forward to transforming the nose of his car with a B4 carbon hood, and ...
 Need for Speed 2015 | [HOONIGAN] Brian Scotto's 965 RWB BuildCone
2 years ago
Need for Speed 2015 | [HOONIGAN] Brian Scotto's 965 RWB Build Scotto's 965 RWB from Hoonigan, using the 911 RSR as the ...
 World's Fastest Audi RS3: 1200HP, Air-Conditioning, Power Everything. Scotto Visits Iroz MotorsportsHoonigan
5 months ago
As we're digging through some content from times past, we stumbled across this footage of a lil' trip to Vegas to visit Scotto's ...
 Brian Scotto, Chief Hoonigan - Part 2Road Stories Podcast
1 years ago
Brian Scotto, AKA Chief Hoonigan, AKA Scotto is a filmaker, Hoonigan, and leader of the company that brought you the all time ...
 Brian Scotto, Cheif Hoonigan - Part1Road Stories Podcast
1 years ago
Brian Scotto, AKA Chief Hoonigan, AKA Scotto is a filmaker, Hoonigan, and leader of the company that brought you the all time ...
 Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel Soon to Power Scotto’s Land Rover Discovery?!? #semacrunchHoonigan
1 years ago
Scotto's SEMA thrash continues with the Land Rover Discovery build... will he be able to build it in time?? After opening up the ...
 Hi, I'm Brian Scotto, Welcome to BoltsBuilding Dreams Garage
4 months ago
New Hoonigan Show? haha. Well, it happened... a full video about a bolt (or 3)... awesome.
 Germany's First RWB 911! Private Shop Tour With Sidney IndustriesHoonigan
1 years ago
Our buddy Sidney Hoffmann gives us a tour of his yet-to-be-opened shop in Dortmund, Germany. He also gives THIC Brian Scotto ...
 Ken Block Shares 10 Secrets You DIDN’T Know About the Gymkhana Films!Hoonigan
1 years ago
Without fail, every Gymkhana video has some sh*t that goes down behind the scenes that you have never heard of - unless you ...
 Il Fake di Brian Scotto, pagherà €€€Il Papà di Jim - 1 Channel
2 years ago
Diretta del 11/06/2018 Pino ancora attaccato dal fake di suo figlio Brian.
 Simo e Pino senza pietà sul Fake di Brian Scotto 🤣Il Papà di Jim - 1 Channel
2 years ago
A me ha fatto morire dal ridere Simo 🤣🤣🤣🤣
 Brian scotto's 965 turbo RWB read biosirt_hooligan
3 years ago
Disclaimer this is as close as I can get his car in Forza Horizon 2 they do not have 965 turbo let alone the RWB kit this is a short ...
 Pino Scotto avverte il troll BrianJo Porchetta
2 years ago
Scotto ancora contro il famoso Brian.
 Scotto’s Rover and the Cummins R2.8 Diesel Engine Become One!Hoonigan
1 years ago
Scotto's Discovery is inching closer to completion, with a little help from his friends. How long will it be 'til it fires up? One day?
7 months ago
 RWB - Japan’s NOTORIOUS Porsche Tuner | Up To SpeedDonut Media
2 months ago
Thanks to REC Watches for sponsoring this episode of Up To Speed! Check out the RWB collection and get 15% discount on the ...
 KW on the Road: Visiting Hoonigan Donut Garage / Kleiner Abstecher zur Hoonigan Donut Garage!KW automotive
3 years ago
If you making a trip to Los Angeles you also shoud go to Long Beach! Here you'll have the chance visiting the famous Hoonigan ...
 Freshly Imported: Roncar’s 1jz Powered Highway Sleeper JZX90 Mark IIHoonigan
1 years ago
Brian Scotto gives us a bit of a history lesson of why Ron is our newest but also oldest Hoonigan employee - and Ron tells us ...
 [HOONIGAN] DT 161: Ken Block’s Dream Car – 1986 Ford RS200Hoonigan
2 years ago today's episode of Daily Transmission, HHIC Ken Block brings his street-registered Ford to the ...