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 Prime Minister Trudeau says the COVID-19 pandemic 'really sucks'CTV News
21 hours ago
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on the growing fatigue of the COVID-19 pandemic and says it's frustrating to have to ...
 Canada surpasses 10,000 COVID-19 deaths since start of pandemicCTV News
18 hours ago
To remember those who have lost their lives to the pandemic, Kimberley Delauney explains how she lost her father to the virus.
 People are taking 'ghost' vacations to avoid being shamed for travelling during COVID-19CTV News
1 months ago
The Washington Post's Natalie Compton discusses 'travel shaming' amid the COVID-19 pandemic and how it doesn't just impact ...
 Swearing-in ceremony for Amy Coney BarrettCTV News
Full ceremony: Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in after her confirmation vote in the U.S. Senate. Subscribe to CTV News to watch ...
 'He was warned': Former White House COVID-19 task force member on TrumpCTV News
2 days ago
Former White House coronavirus task force member Oliva Troye discusses U.S. President Trump's response to the COVID-19 ...
 When could Canadians see a COVID-19 vaccine? Ottawa invest in made-in-Canada vaccineCTV News
4 days ago
Health Minister Patty Hajdu discusses the feds investing into a Canadian vaccine and when it will be available. Subscribe to CTV ...
 Over 2,700 new COVID-19 cases in Canada, setting new recordCTV News
5 days ago
Canada recorded its highest daily total of new COVID-19 cases as B.C. and Alberta also saw their worst day so far. Vanessa Lee ...
 Alberta health-care workers walk out to protest Kenney cutsCTV News
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees Guy Smith has more on why hospital workers in the province have walked off the job.
 Viral video: Suspect fleeing RCMP falls through ceilingCTV News
2 years ago
Surveillance video captures frantic moments inside convenience store as suspects attempt to flee from police in Spruce Grove, ...
 Motion to study feds' COVID-19 response passes, despite Liberal objectionsCTV News
The Liberals argue the middle of a pandemic is not the time for an opposition motion to investigate the government's COVID-19 ...
 China must be held accountable if they weren't honest about COVID-19: HajduCTV News
Health Minister Patty Hajdu says if China was not honest about the COVID-19 outbreak to the WHO, they need to be held to ...
 CTV News declares Saskatchewan Party majorityCTV News
Scott Moe's Saskatchewan Party has won a majority government, according to a CTV News projection. Subscribe to CTV News to ...
 Trump vs Biden: Who won the final presidential debate?CTV News
5 days ago
Who emerged victorious in the final presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump? Four analysts give their opinion.
 'It can happen to anyone': 31-year-old Canadian woman nearly dies of COVID-19CTV News
9 days ago
31-year-old Alison Lowe spent 16 days on a ventilator and continues to receive supplemental oxygen after being diagnosed with ...
 'People make mistakes’: Ford on MPP Sam Oosterhoff breaking COVID-19 social distancing rulesCTV News
Ont. Premier Doug Ford says Conservative MPP Sam Oosterhoff has apologized for breaking large gathering rules. #onpoli ...
 'It will still be a long winter': Toronto's top doctor urges action to slow COVID-19 spreadCTV News
Eileen de Villa gave an update on COVID-19 infections in Toronto and urged residents to take action to stop the spread of the ...
 What impact could the second wave have on food security in Canada?CTV News
1 months ago
Sylvain Charlebois of Agri-Food Analytics Lab explains grocery supplies and purchasing patterns can be impacted by a second ...
 Watch the final presidential debate between Trump and BidenCTV News
5 days ago
Watch the final presidential debate between U.S. President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden. #uspoli Subscribe ...
 Justin Bieber buys a multi-million dollar mansion in OntarioCTV News
2 years ago
From CTV Kitchener's Natalie van Rooy: Justin Bieber has reportedly bought a $5 million mansion in Puslinch Township.
 'COVID is unfair': Doug Ford responds to question on business closuresCTV News
13 days ago
Ont. Premier Doug Ford says mandatory closures are part of following scientific recommendations. Subscribe to CTV News to ...
 Anti-racism solidarity rallies across CanadaCTV News
4 months ago
Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: https://www.youtube.com/ctvnews Connect with CTV News: For the latest news ...
 Saskatoon identified as a hub in Canada's human trafficking networksCTV News
1 years ago
CTV Saskatoon's Laura Woodward has the details on efforts to stop human trafficking in Saskatoon. Subscribe to CTV News to ...
 'Everyone was a loser' in confidence motion: Nik NanosCTV News
6 days ago
Pollster Nik Nanos joins the Press Gallery to discuss the winners and losers in the confidence vote over a Conservative motion.
 Watch the full presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe BidenCTV News
28 days ago
Watch the full replay of the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Subscribe to CTV News to watch more ...
 Canada 'at a tipping point' in the pandemic: TrudeauCTV News
18 days ago
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau provides a response to the COVID-19 pandemic after Canada recorded its highest daily recorded ...
 At least 26 flights have arrived in Canada with COVID-19 cases in last two weeksCTV News
3 months ago
Sheila Scott has the latest on the virus being detected on flights that landed in Canada and the challenge of getting information.
 Shocking aerial video of Calgary car thieves in actionCTV News
3 years ago
Police are warning Calgarians to lock their vehicles because everyone is at risk. Alesia Fieldberg explains. Subscribe to CTV ...
 Freeland criticizes O'Toole's China comments: 'Either ignorance or partisan insinuation'CTV News
Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and Conservative Leader O'Toole debated over Canada's relationship with China in question ...
 Ontario shutting down indoor dining, gyms and movie theatres in three COVID-19 hotspotsCTV News
18 days ago
Ontario is now urging people across the province to stay home except for essential purposes and has announced the three ...
 Watch Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe's victory speechCTV News
The CTV News Decision Desk has projected a Saskatchewan Party majority government in the provincial election. This is the ...
 Alberta phasing out nearly nearly 10 thousand health care jobsCTV News
14 days ago
As many as 10000 healthcare workers will lose their jobs. Kevin Green reports Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: ...
 New videos of Beirut massive explosion emerging onlineCTV News
2 months ago
More videos of the Beirut explosion are emerging, showing the blast's devastating impact in a matter of seconds. Subscribe to ...
 Could Jody Wilson-Raybould decide the fate of Justin Trudeau government?CTV News
7 days ago
Evan Solomon breaks down the political drama in Ottawa, including if there Jody Wilson-Raybould could end up being a key vote ...
 'Canadians are seriously worried': Nik Nanos on COVID-19CTV News
17 days ago
Pollster for Nanos Research, Nik Nanos says the COVID-19 pandemic has hit a 6-month high as the top concern resonating ...
 What will a second wave of COVID-19 look like in Canada?CTV News
1 months ago
With cases of COVID-19 rising in Canada, an epidemiologist says the stage is being set for a second wave. Read the latest here: ...
 Watch Scott Moe's speech after winning Saskatchewan Party majorityCTV News
Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe speaks after winning a majority government in the provincial election. Subscribe to CTV ...
 Chrystia Freeland and Candice Bergen spar over Canada's COVID-19 responseCTV News
29 days ago
Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and Conservative deputy leader Bergen sparred over the government's response to the ...
 Tom Mulcair on why the Liberals would want an electionCTV News
6 days ago
Political commentator Tom Mulcair weighs in on why PM Trudeau would be willing to chance a federal election being called after ...
 New details emerge about Canadian woman who allegedly mailed Trump a toxic letterCTV News
1 months ago
Annie Bergeron-Oliver has new details on the suspect who allegedly mailed a ricin letter to U.S. President Donald Trump on the ...
 Tensions flare over land dispute in Caledonia, Ont.CTV News
5 days ago
CTV's Akshay Tandon shares details about a land dispute in Caledonia, Ont. following a court injunction against First Nation land ...
 Pallister calls COVID-19 rule breakers selfish: 'Get with the program'CTV News
'Grow up and stop going out there and giving people COVID': Man. Premier Pallister blasted those ignoring medical advice as ...
 Watch a stunt driver clear a Maryland waterway in a car over a speeding boatCTV News
2 days ago
American stunt driver Travis Pastrana managed to jump the 'Ego Alley' canal in Maryland with a car while a boat sped by ...
 Doug Ford responds to those who think COVID-19 is a 'hoax'CTV News
14 days ago
Ont. Premier Doug Ford responds to theories that claim the pandemic is a 'hoax'. Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: ...
 Que. police given new powers to enforce COVID-19 measuresCTV News
23 days ago
Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Fran├žois Blanchet discusses the Liberal throne speech and weighs in on the new expanded powers ...
 Millions of crabs begin their long migration trek to breed on Australia's Christmas Island.CTV News
2 days ago
Video shows millions of red crabs heading towards Australia's Christmas Island in order to breed as part of their annual migration.
 Here's the reason why the U.S. presidency has a two-term limitCTV News
2 days ago
U.S. President Donald Trump has often mused about running for a third term, here's why he can't. #uspoli Subscribe to CTV News ...
 Here's what you need to know about the Saskatchewan electionCTV News
Political analyst Duane Bratt breaks down the Saskatchewan election, what the NDP needs to do in order to keep the race ...
 Obama rips Trump over Chinese bank account: "They would have called me Beijing Barry"CTV News
6 days ago
Barack Obama hit the campaign trail yesterday and took aim at Donald Trump's reported bank account in China: "It's not a great ...
 'It's all of Quebec': Officials warn that COVID-19 hospitalizations risingCTV News
21 days ago
Quebec Health Minister Dube warned that hospitalizations are rising and the COVID-19 second wave is impacting the entire ...
 Toddler dies in sleep days after parents told she had fluCTV News
1 months ago
Parents of a two-year-old girl are seeking answers after she died three days following a hospital visit. Avis Favaro reports.
 By next week, Canada could hit 198,000 COVID-19 cases: new modellingCTV News
18 days ago
By next week Canada could see thousands of new COVID-19 cases diagnosed, hitting a total of 197830 COVID-19 cases ...
 U.S. tourists still coming into Canada despite COVID-19 restrictionsCTV News
4 months ago
The border is closed for non-essential travelers, but Americans are still crossing. Kathy Le reports. Subscribe to CTV News to ...
 Watch the final presidential debate between Trump and BidenCTV News
5 days ago
Watch the final presidential debate between U.S. President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden. #uspoli Subscribe ...
 Simulation shows droplets in human breathCTV News
4 days ago
Researchers from two Japanese universities have released video, created using a supercomputer, showing how humans spread ...
 Liberal MP-elect Marci Ien speaks after winning Toronto Centre byelectionCTV News
Liberal candidate Marci Ien speaks after winning over voters in the Toronto Centre byelection, Subscribe to CTV News to watch ...
 Spot the fake: New scam will have you checking your walletCTV News
3 years ago
Can you spot a fake $5? A cleverly disguised scam is making the rounds in Metro Vancouver. Subscribe to CTV News to watch ...
 John Bolton calls Trump's response to COVID-19 'inadequate'CTV News
16 days ago
Former U.S. national security advisor John Bolton weighs in on Trump's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and relations with ...
 Arson suspected in toilet paper fires at three Ont. Walmart storesCTV News
6 days ago
Three Ontario Walmarts' toilet paper aisles were deliberately set ablaze within an hour. Heather Wright reports on the possible ...
 Trump and Biden debate over U.S. response to North KoreaCTV News
5 days ago
U.S. President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden squared off over the relationship between North Korea and the ...