Celine Tam

 Girls on Fire ( cover by Celine Tam ) - Room to Read AmbassadorCeline Tam Official
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As Room to Reads ambassador I am honored to be cheering on those who are joining Room to Reads first global virtual ...
 Celine Tam - ALLE Aufführungen America's Got Talent 2017Top 10 Talent
vor 3 Jahren
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 Singing Sensation Celine Tam Gets GOLDEN BUZZER On World's Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent GlobalGot Talent Global
vor 1 Jahr
Watch former contestant Celine Tam receive the golden buzzer during her amazing audition on Worlds Got Talent 2019 北京时间 ...
 9-Year-Old Celine Tam Stuns Crowd with "My Heart Will Go On" on America's Got Talent 2017Angedelile
vor 3 Jahren
The 9-year-old Americas Got Talent contestant Celine Tam -- 譚芷昀 -- named after vocal powerhouse Céline Dion -- lived up to ...
 One Moment In Time covered by Celine TamCeline Tam Official
vor 9 Monaten
Special Thanks: Daddys Coaching to record this cover song Celine Daddy Vocal School SAYMusic in April 2020 Celines ...
 Celine Tam & Jeffrey Li - You Raise Me UpEmma Allen
vor 5 Jahren
Celine Tam Jeffrey Li Signing You Raise Me Up.
 You Raise Me UpAlberto Lagunas
vor 9 Monaten
Excelente interpretación de Helene Fischer y Celine Tamm.
 Never Enough COVERED by Celine TamCeline Tam Official
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 Fight Song COVERED by Celine TamCeline Tam Official
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fightsong learntosing vocalcoach celinetam onlinevocallesson howtosingbetter singandyou freevocaltraining 兒童唱歌 ...
 POWERFUL Performances By Celine Tam On Got Talent Around The World! | Got TalentGot Talent Global
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Check out the best performances by Celine Tam on Americas Got Talent Kids Got Talent China and Worlds Got Talent 2019
 Kid duo shock audience with their rendition of 'You Raise Me Up'CGTN
vor 3 Jahren
When the Secret Garden produced the song You Raise Me Up in 2001 they may never have expected over a decade later a kid ...
 How Far I'll Go Celine Tam 2019 New VersionCeline Tam Official
vor 1 Jahr
AsianAcademyCreativeAwards HowFarIwillGo celinetam agtceline Celine Tam 2019 How Far Ill Go Asian Academy Creative ...
 Celine Tam Vocal Evolution from 2014 to 2020STARS' WORLD
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 CELINE TAM AMAZING KID SINGER From America's Got Talent To World's Got TalentTalent Replay
vor 1 Jahr
Celine Tams amazing Got Talent journey from her Americas Got Talent auditions all the way to her Worlds Got Talent auditions ...
 Kid Singer Celine Tam ALL Auditions & Perofmances On America's Got TalentPopcorn
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All auditions and performances of kid singer Celine Tam on Americas Got Talent Bringing you non-stop entertainment from X ...