Chris Metzen

 Chris Metzen at Blizzcon 2018 | For The Horde!!!GAMEOST
1 years ago
Christopher Vincent Metzen, we love you so much!!!
 [Blizzcon 2009] Chris Metzen - Voice actor in old blizz games !tisbufferzz
11 years ago
Chris Metzen - As voice actor in StarCraft and Warcraft.
 Asmongold reacts to Chris Metzen Q&A question and WTBGold redemption storyContent Homie — Asmongold Archive
1 years ago
Follow asmongold at: Follow WTBGold at: ...
 Chris Metzen Interview {Warcraft} after Blizzard Entertainment specialThe Emerald Dreamer
3 years ago
This video is a amazing heart to heart chat between Chris Metzen and Scott Johnson, Chris tells us some really heart felt things ...
 Story Time with Chris Metzen: Snow FightBlizzard Entertainment
5 months ago
Blizzard's first ever Take Your Child to Work Day program went virtual this year! With the help of talented folks across the company ...
 World of Warcraft: Chris Metzen on World CreationHungry Gamer Archive
2 years ago
This footage from the Behind the Scenes DVD of the original World of Warcraft game gives us some valuable insight about the ...
 Blizzcon 2011 - Chris Metzen Highlightsfunkyfritter
8 years ago
A compilation video of some awesome moments from the Blizzcon 2011 opening ceremony, courtesy of Chris Metzen.
 Warcraft: The Beginning (2016) Chris Metzen Reacts To The Sets (Universal Pictures)Universal Pictures Australia
4 years ago
In cinemas June 16, 2016 #WarcraftMovie Follow us for the latest movie updates Facebook: ...
 Chris Metzen Retires from Blizzard - Here's My Tribute | QELRICQelric
4 years ago
Chris Metzen deserves a well-earned retirement, but it's super sad to see him leave Blizzard. Instead of making a standard news ...
 BlizzCon 2013 - Chris Metzen Introduces Warlords of DraenorSoMuchMass
6 years ago
Full BlizzCon 2013 Playlist (All Panels): Chris ...
 Blizzard Devs Discuss the Mists of Pandaria ReleaseWorld of Warcraft
8 years ago
As we approach the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria worldwide release, we want to share with you some final insights and ...
 Chris Metzen's AdviceHarrigasm
3 years ago
The real reason he left Blizzard ... ft. Red Shirt Guy Blizzcon 2013 Twitter: @HarrisonKinsman.
 BlizzCon 2011: Chris Metzen announces Mists of Pandaria (English) World of WarCraftMendiola
8 years ago
Christ Metzen present World of WarCraft 4th expansion set Mists of Pandaria in BlizzCon 2011 (Anaheim - California)
 Warcraft - Thundergod Chris Metzen on Set | official featurette (2016)moviemaniacsDE
4 years ago
Warcraft game-designer and artist Chris Metzen (also known as Thundergod) visits the set of Warcraft.
 Chris Metzen at Blizzcon 2018 World of Warcraft Q&ANoone182
1 years ago
Chris Metzen at Blizzcon 2018 World of Warcraft Q&A Thanks Blizzard for this moment! It was so EPIC Blizzcon 2019 Playlist: ...
 Chris Metzen'in Ayrılışı ÜzerineEgzolinas Gamer
4 years ago
Şahsi görüşlerimdir efendim. Kendisi oyun için büyük bir değerdi. Özleyeceğiz... -- Watch live at
 Chris Metzen Leaves BlizzardWTii
4 years ago
Chris Metzen is leaving Blizzard after many years of dedication. Known as the "Lore" of Blizzard, Chris contributed so much with ...
 StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm interview with Chris MetzenPC Gamer
7 years ago
Contributing Editor T.J. Hafer chats about Heart of the Swarm with Chris Metzen, Blizzard's Senior Vice President of story and ...
 Asmongold Organizes The BIGGEST WoW Event In History (ft. Chris Metzen, Sodapoppin, Shroud, xQc)Daily Dose of Asmongold
1 years ago
Asmongold and Porcupine Monarch organize the biggest WoW event in history; featuring personalities such as Chris Metzen, ...
 Chris Metzen Talks about Warhammer 40k & WargamingLong War
1 years ago
Former Blizzard Game Developer Chris Metzen comes on the show and talks shop! Become a Veteran of the Long War! Sign up ...
 Thrall and Saurfang Get into the MomentDruidsfire
10 months ago
At the BlizzCon 2019 Voices of Azeroth panel, Andrea Toyias played this clip of Chris Metzen (Thrall) and Andrew Morgado ...
 My Thoughts on Chris Metzen Leaving Blizzard and RetiringAsmongold
4 years ago
It's crazy how one day you wake up and things you take for granted are gone The biggest thanks possible to him for creating the ...
 Diablo 3 Lore - Introduction to Diablo 3 - Chris Metzen - BlizzCon 2011TiliteGaming
8 years ago
Chris Metzen provides us with a concise introduction to Diablo 3 through its preceding lore. A very interesting and engaging ...
 Interview with Chris MetzenAlacor
2 years ago
This is an interview I did with Chris Metzen on February 11th, 2015. The topics covered in the interview include how he started at ...
 Blizzcon 2010 - Quests & Lore 1/4Neverdied Guild
9 years ago
Quests and Lore panel hosted by Alex Afrasiabi and Chris Metzen during Blizzcon 2010. Total geekfest. - Part 1: ...
 Chris Metzen | Blizzcon 2005 | HakkarJustMetzen
5 years ago
Chris Metzen explains why there are two Hakkar's in Warcraft lore.
 A Full Hour With Blizzard Legend Chris Metzen Episode 198Long War
1 years ago
Don't miss special guest former Blizzard Developer and Warhammer hobbyist Chris Metzen, top 40k army lists, Summer releases ...
 Chris Metzen leaves Blizzard -Tribute video to the Father of WoW .The Emerald Dreamer
4 years ago
The breaking news came to me yesterday and i was shocked to here this as i have been with WoW for 12 years now and he has ...
 Meet Chris MetzenBobby Kotick
4 years ago
Meet Chris Metzen, SVP of Creative Development at Blizzard Entertainment, someone who makes Activision Blizzard a great ...
 Blizzcon 2015 - Chris Metzen Interview (Blizz Couch)WBVimproductions
4 years ago
Since Blizzard and/or DirecTV didn't manage it, to upload this interview, I took the initiative to upload this awesome interview for ...
 Chris MetzenReidorrr
3 years ago
As you know, in september Chris Metzen announce about his retirement from Blizzard Entertainment. It my short tribute video :)
 How Titan Died, and How Overwatch Was Born - Chris Metzen at BlizzCon 2014GameSpot
5 years ago
Chris Metzen explains how the team behind Blizzard's beleaguered Titan project rose from the pits of defeat to create a brand new ...
 BlizzCon 2013 - Chris Metzen Interview Talk of New Expansions & Horde vs. Alliance BiasSoMuchMass
6 years ago
Full BlizzCon 2013 Playlist (All Panels): ...
 BlizzCon 2015 - Overwatch interview with Jeff Kaplan and Chris MetzenPC Gamer
4 years ago
Tom interviews Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan and Creative Director Chris Metzen at BlizzCon 2015. Follow all our ...
 WE WILL MISS YOU CHRIS METZEN - Outlaw Rogue PvP WoW Legion 7.0.3Dalaran Gaming
4 years ago
Thank you for being a part of a big project known as Blizzard Entertainment, and putting in your work into games that I played as a ...
 [BLIZZCON 2011 FOOTAGE] Questions and answers with Chris Metzen - Mists of PandariaMhm
8 years ago
This video and everything related to it belongs to ©2011 BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, INC. Please subscribe for more daily ...
 Overwatch Blizzcon 2014 Interview - Chris MetzenPlayersCUT_TV
5 years ago
블리자드의 신작 오버워치에 대해 개발 및 프랜차이즈 총괄부사장인 크리스 멧젠과 인터뷰를 하였습니다. We have interviewed Story ...
 크리스멧젠 블리즈컨 독점인터뷰 (Chris Metzen Interview at Blizzcon 2013)PlayersCUT_TV
6 years ago
Chris Metzen Exclusive Interview with PlayersCut in BlizzCon 2013. He answered about Warcraft movie, concept art, etc.
 Chris Metzen retires from Blizzard EntertainmentAngel_The_Twin
4 years ago
Chris Metzen retires from Blizzard Entertainment yes my friends its true chris metzen is going to retire from his position at blizzard ...
1 years ago
Viendo el panel de preguntas y respuestas de la Blizzcon Puedes apoyar el Stream aqui ...
1 years ago
Algunos audios de Thrall ( Chris Metzen) que estaremos escuchando en el 8.2 No te olvides mi bro que puedes apoyarme ...
 BlizzCon 2009 Opening Ceremony - Chris Metzen Thanks Fansplanetdiablo
11 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment's Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen thanks all the fans out there for their support ...
 Chris Metzen Interview from 2016. WoW.The Emerald Dreamer
6 months ago
A look back at an interview with Scot Johnson and Chris Metzen back in 2016.
 Thanks Chris Metzen (Chris Metzen Retires!) | Overwatch GameplaySerenityLel
4 years ago
Hey guys! Just a video talking about the recent events about Chris Metzen's retirement. Enjoy! Background music credit Kevin ...
 Armchair Developer | Episode 3 | Chris Metzen is retiring!Monte Tanks All
4 years ago
Shocking news to World of Warcraft fans as Chris Metzen announces his retirement from Blizzard Entertainment. In this episode, I ...
 Hoggrim meets Chris Metzen!Kyle Jacobs
8 years ago
Hoggrim meets Chris Metzen and they kick it for Follow Me on Draenor.
 Chris Metzen APOSENTOU-SE!!! - #VilitoWoW Vilito
4 years ago
Este é um vídeo de certa forma triste para toda a comunidade de world of warcraft em todo o mundo pois o "cérebro" da blizzard ...
 Przegląd Tygodnia #151 - Chris Metzen opuszcza BlizzardaMMOPLAYA
4 years ago ...
 Kop Becomes... Chris Metzen? Game Dev Tycoon Gameplay with Kop.kopitarrules
1 years ago
So Kop's livestreams on this channel have returned, as Kop streams the first few episodes of any new LP he is doing. Today is ...
 Overwatch - Bastion in ALL Languages?! 🤖🤖🤖OgreJoe
1 years ago
Beep Boop! As requested, I present to you the best Robot Video of all time - Bastion in ALL available languages! Come marvel at ...
 wow legion update small pokemon go update and chris metzen leaves blizzardthat british gamer
4 years ago
legion progress update small pokemon go update and my thoughts on chris metzens retirement from blizzard :(
 MMOFTW - Farewell Chris MetzenMMORPGcom
4 years ago
This week's MMOFTW covers all the WoW news from the week, Osiris: New Dawn's launch date, Adventure Quest 3D's Open Beta ...
 BlizzCon 2011: Chris Metzen Open CeremonyLore Hound
8 years ago
Holy crap, Metzen isn't wearing sunglasses. Write this day down in history! Chris Metzen, Lionel Richie's biggest fan, was caught ...
 BlizzCon 2013: Chris Metzen Opening SpeechLore Hound
6 years ago
Chris Metzen leads into, then introduces the latest World of Warcraft expansion, the time-traveling Warlords of Draenor. Head to ...
 BlizBlizz - A Blizzard Sem Chris Metzen? WARCRAFT NÃO VAI ACABAR!lordmons
4 years ago
Ajude e faça parte do codex: https://WWW.PATREON.COM/LORDMONS OVERWATCH ...
4 years ago
[CLASSIC VIDEO REUPLOADED] The infamous Blizzcon GEEK IS segment with Chris Metzen. Let a tear trickle down your cheek ...
 Parece que se viene una Nueva Película de Warcraft...Todo Warcraft
16 hours ago
El mismísimo Chris Metzen ha comentado sobre estos rumores, esto está muy jugoso! Una vez más, muchas gracias al equipo de ...