Climate Change

 What is Climate Change? | Start HereAl Jazeera English
8 months ago
The hard facts about global warming - a defining issue of our time. Climate change is happening now, and even world leaders ...
 Rainn Wilson Learns the Science Behind Climate Change | An Idiot's Guide to Climate ChangeSoulPancake
Rainn Wilson is on a mission to learn more about climate change and the effects it's having on our planet. In this episode, Rainn ...
 Causes and Effects of Climate Change | National GeographicNational Geographic
2 years ago
What causes climate change (also known as global warming)? And what are the effects of climate change? Learn the human ...
 Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? – Who Needs To Fix It?Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
1 months ago
This video is part of a series about climate change supported by Breakthrough Energy – a coalition founded by Bill Gates, that is ...
 Climate Change ExplainedThe Daily Conversation
4 years ago
A straightforward explanation of Climate Change: the heat from human emissions is roughly equal to exploding 400000 ...
 Climate change in the 2020s: What impacts to expectCBS This Morning
7 months ago
In our series The 2020's, we're exploring the big topics that will dominate the conversation in the next decade. In Monday's ...
 How Earth’s Geography Will Change With Climate ChangeRealLifeLore
2 months ago
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 Melting arctic ice fuels climate change and extreme weather events | DW NewsDW News
5 days ago
Global climate change is perhaps most clearly visible at the cold top and bottom of the globe. The arctic has been warming up for ...
 Why politicians have failed to tackle climate change | The EconomistThe Economist
2 months ago
Global warming is the defining threat facing the planet. So why has so little been done to curb it? Read more here: ...
 Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye | National GeographicNational Geographic
4 years ago
Climate Change is a real and serious issue. In this video Bill Nye, the Science Guy, explains what causes climate change, how it ...
 The new urgency of climate change | Al GoreTED
1 months ago
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 The Biggest Lie About Climate ChangeAsapSCIENCE
1 years ago
You were lied to about climate change. Listen to our podcast Sidenote! CLIMATE PROTEST INFO: ...
 Climate Change: It’s Real. It’s Serious. And it’s up to us to Solve it. | National GeographicNational Geographic
4 years ago
National Geographic is partnering with the United Nations Foundation and the Earth To Paris coalition to give a powerful voice to ...
 The Last Time the Globe WarmedPBS Eons
2 years ago
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 Coronavirus second wave: Scaremongering or real danger? | To the pointDW News
6 days ago
Coronavirus infection rates are rising, bringing fears of more drastic restrictions on people's freedoms. COVID-19: a second wave?
 Climate Change Is An Absolute Nightmare - This Is WhyUpIsNotJump
1 months ago
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 Let's Talk About Human Influence On Climate ChangeSecond Thought
12 days ago
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 Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say?PragerU
4 years ago
Climate change is an urgent topic of discussion among politicians, journalists and celebrities...but what do scientists say about ...
 ‘A world with no ice': Confronting the horrors of climate change | Big ThinkBig Think
16 days ago
A world with no ice': Confronting the horrors of climate change Watch the newest video from Big Think: ...
 Climate change (according to a kid)Rappler
4 years ago
Follow Rappler for the latest news in the Philippines and across the globe. Don't get climate change? Watch an animation ...
 Climate Change Is a Bigger Disaster Than Coronavirus: Bill GatesBloomberg Markets and Finance
6 days ago
Aug.06 -- Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates says climate change is bigger disaster for the world than coronavirus. Gates ...
 How scientists calculate climate change | The EconomistThe Economist
2 months ago
Climate activists talk a lot about following “the science” around climate change. What actually is the science and how is it ...
 The global coffee crisis is comingVox
2 days ago
It's becoming harder and harder to grow. Become a Video Lab member! Sources and Additional Reading: ...
 Ben Shapiro Vs Climate Change | UBC TalkThe Free Speech Club
1 years ago
The UBC Free Speech Club is honoured to host Ben Shapiro on Halloween night! In this clip, Ben shares his take on Climate ...
 Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate changeVox
3 years ago
The biggest problem for the climate change fight isn't technology – it's human psychology. This is the first episode of Climate Lab, ...
 Climate change: Next six months 'most critical in a generation'Sky News
12 days ago
In an exclusive interview with Sky News, Andrew Higham says he believes the next six months are critical for tackling the climate ...
 Climate Change - We are the PROBLEM & the SOLUTION (Animated Infographic)Matt Miltonberger
3 years ago
My first full animated infographic and the largest project I have ever taken on. 4 months of researching, calculating, writing, ...
 "Climate Change" - Official Short Film. Philip K.Philip K.
a years ago
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 How climate change impacted the world in 2019CNN
3 months ago
Rising sea levels, devastating disasters, fires burning at record rates, and threats of food shortage -- as 2019 marks the end of the ...
 Fleeing climate change — the real environmental disaster | DW DocumentaryDW Documentary
1 years ago
How many millions of people will be forced to leave their homes by 2050? This documentary looks at the so-called hotspots of ...
 The Race is On - Climate Change Documentary 2020 ᴴᴰWVTCH HD
6 months ago
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 Joe Rogan & Candace Owens ARGUE Over Climate ChangeJRE Clips
2 years ago
Joe Rogan and Candace Owens clash over climate change.
 Climate change – living on the water | DW DocumentaryDW Documentary
1 months ago
Sea levels are rising faster and faster, threatening 700 million people who live on the world's coasts. Will water become the habitat ...
 Why Climate Change is Now Inevitable | UnveiledUnveiled
5 months ago
The Climate Crisis is here to stay... and here's why! In this video, Unveiled discovers the true extent of climate change and global ...
 A climate change promise from AppleApple
22 days ago
Apple is carbon neutral. But that's not enough. We reached that goal in April 2020, and we're certainly proud that our facilities, ...
 When Facts Are Not Enough | Climate ChangeRationality Rules
10 months ago
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 New warning over climate change from Siberian Arctic - BBC NewsBBC News
28 days ago
Stark new findings of an international team of scientists led by the UK Met Office has raise profound questions about the future of ...
 Environment and Ecology Lecture 11 - Basics of Climate ChangeSleepyClasses
2 years ago
Our channel is the only channel on YouTube that has complete General Studies uploaded Free of Cost for Everyone. The success ...
 Climate change catastrophe: what does melting Permafrost mean for our planet? | 60 Minutes Australia60 Minutes Australia
24 days ago
Subscribe here: Full Episodes: | Fire and ice (2020) Making fire ...
 Special report: Is climate change fuelling terrorism?Sky News
3 days ago
Alistair Bunkall visits the Sahel region of Africa to look at how climate change is fuelling extremism and helping militant groups.
 The carbon cycle is key to understanding climate change | The EconomistThe Economist
1 months ago
Until a few hundred years ago there was a perfect balance of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere. Human activity has ...
 NASA's Research on Climate Change | Above and BeyondDiscovery
7 months ago
ABOVE AND BEYOND examines the role NASA plays both in our country & for our planet, celebrating past accomplishments, ...
 BASELINE 2020: Climate change beyond a human lifetime | John Sutter | TEDxSMUTEDx Talks
4 months ago
There's a problem inherent in the climate crisis: We don't live long enough to truly feel it. Academics call this "shifting baseline ...
 Why No One Cares About Climate ChangeAfter Skool
3 months ago
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 What is climate change?Siemens
2 years ago
1. Episode: What is climate change and is it real? Climate Change is the bad news story that isn't going away From heatwaves to ...
 Climate Change Current Affairs by Sumit Rathi | Starting from 14th August at 6 PM | UnacademyLet's Crack UPSC CSE
6 hours ago
Sumit Rathi and more top educators are teaching live on Unacademy. Use Special Code “SUMIT10” to get 10% discount on your ...
 The Displaced: Climate change in Vietnam 'destroying family life' - BBC NewsBBC News
10 months ago
Vietnam is one of the world's most vulnerable countries to climate change. It's already having a huge impact on the lives of those ...
 Climate change could lead to mass migration as people head north to surviveCBS News
13 days ago
The Earth's temperature is expected to drastically increase over the next 50 years, which will likely force entire nations of people to ...
 10 Undeniable Consequences Of Climate ChangeAlltime10s
a years ago
It's pretty much a 100% scientific consensus that we're going to face a climate emergency soon. But the effects of that change in ...
 'Climate Change Is Real, But It's Not the End of the World:' Michael ShellenbergerReasonTV
1 months ago
In his new book, "Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All", Shellenberger argues that science doesn't ...
 StarTalk Podcast: Coronavirus and Climate Change, with Neil deGrasse TysonStarTalk
3 months ago
On this episode of StarTalk Radio, Neil deGrasse Tyson is investigating the link between coronavirus and climate change ...
 Vietnam: Climate change threatens rice productionUnited Nations
5 years ago
United Nations - Vietnam is the world's second largest exporter of rice and 80 per cent of it is grown in the Mekong Delta, a vast ...
 Climate change: the trouble with trees | The EconomistThe Economist
10 months ago
Tree-planting has been hailed as a solution to climate change. But how much can trees really do to tackle global warming?
 Sanders on Biden climate change policy: Nowhere near enoughCNN
4 months ago
During the Democratic presidential debate in Washington, Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden discuss the ...
 Murdoch's misinformation: COVID-19, China and climate change | The Listening PostAl Jazeera English
4 days ago
From the United States to Australia, Rupert Murdoch's media empire regularly courts controversy. Its coverage of COVID-19, ...
 The disarming case to act right now on climate change | Greta ThunbergTED
1 years ago
In this passionate call to action, 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg explains why, in August 2018, she walked out of ...
 The reality of climate change | David Puttnam | TEDxDublinTEDx Talks
5 years ago
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. David Puttnam looks at Climate ...
 Race Against Climate Change Live 2020 - 5th August 2020Envision Virgin Racing
7 days ago
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 Climate change is already irreversibleSimon Clark
2 years ago
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 Climate Change: Crash Course Kids #41.2Crash Course Kids
4 years ago
How does climate change? And what happens to environments and ecosystems when it does? In this episode of Crash Course ...
 What the Coronavirus teaches us about Climate Change (COVID-19).Our Changing Climate
4 months ago
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 Even as world deals with health crisis, the climate crisis getting worse | Climate Change | WorldWION
3 days ago
Even as world deals with health crisis, the climate crisis getting worse. 2020 could end up as the hottest year on the record.
 The best argument AGAINST CO2 causing climate change?Mallen Baker
7 months ago
I've been on the look-out for the best arguments why CO2 is NOT causing climate change. Here's the best one I've found to date ...