Ten-Year Anniversary: Dan & the Danettes Reflect on Their 1st Day on the Air | 10/5/17Dan Patrick Show
2 years ago
Dan and the Danettes look back on their first days on the air ten years ago when they were broadcasting from DP's attic.
 The Tooth Hurts: DP Gets No Root Canal Sympathy from the Danettes | The Dan Patrick Show | 6/21/18Dan Patrick Show
2 years ago
Dan Patrick tells the Danette's about overcoming his root canal surgery before a listener calls into "Take Check" DP.
 "Four Dreams" - How DP Enticed the Danettes to Jump Ship from ESPN | The Dan Patrick Show | 6/26/18Dan Patrick Show
2 years ago
How Dan Patrick got the Danette's to leave ESPN and join him in his attic.
 Fritzy Gets Grilled By The Gang. Again. | The Dan Patrick Show | 4/6/18Dan Patrick Show
2 years ago
DP and the Danettes do their best Todd Fritz impersonations and give him a good ribbing for his mannerisms.
 Kevin Costner On His Career, Athlete Movie Roles & More w/Dan Patrick | Full Interview | 6/19/18Dan Patrick Show
2 years ago
Kevin Costner joins Dan Patrick to talk about his acting career and some of his more iconic roles playing an athlete.
 DP & Danettes On The Most Coveted Articles of Memorabilia | The Dan Patrick Show | 11/08/17Dan Patrick Show
2 years ago
Dan Patrick and the Danettes discuss which item of movie memorabilia they'd want if given the choice (or the money to buy it).
 Receita de DONUTS AMERICANOSReceitas de Pai
2 years ago
Adquira as Camisas do Canal: https://bit.ly/2TBcWNC Adquira Formas e Canecas do Canal: https://bit.ly/2S7H86d Quer ajudar o ...
 Na Cozinha com Bimby - Danettes de ChocolateNa Cozinha com Bimby
2 years ago
Hoje Ă© a vez da receita que tem dado que falar nos Ășltimos tempos. Danettes. Aqui fica os Danettes de Chocolate. Ficaram ...
 Dan Patrick & the Danettes React to Russell Westbrook Re-Signing with Thunder | 10/2/17Dan Patrick Show
2 years ago
Dan Patrick and the Danettes discuss Russell Westbrook's NBA-record contract and what it means for the Thunder (and the ...
 DP and the Danettes Cast the Rumored James Franco ESPN Movie | The Dan Patrick Show | 7/26/18Dan Patrick Show
2 years ago
Dan Patrick and the Danettes discuss the recently announced ESPN movie based off of James Andrew Miller's book, and how ...
 The End of Stanley Cup Keg Stands?? DP & the Danettes Weigh In | The Dan Patrick Show | 9/5/18Dan Patrick Show
1 years ago
Dan Patrick talks about the NHL's newest rule regarding the Stanley Cup and his run-ins with the greatest trophy in all of sports.