Which Sectors Will Outperform? | Mirae Asset Global Investments To ET NOWET NOW
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Rahul Chadha of Mirae Asset Global Investments says, ''A part of the markets across the world is frothy. Believe that if economic ...
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Vinod Aggarwal, MD & CEO, VECV discusses the demand scenario in the post-COVID era. Tune in as he talks about how long ...
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NIMs at an all-time high, highest in 4 quarters. Deposit franchise shaping up smartly. Advances continue to grow at a healthy rate.
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Believe that the liquidity not the only reason for the up move in markets but instead markets are simply looking ahead rather than ...
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What's behind the rally? Markets pricing faster recovery than anticipated. Unlock across sectors has been better. Financial ...
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How is global demand for chemicals growing, what's the role of O2C in it? (Oil to Chemicals) Do you see a lot of companies ...
 Time To Be Overweight On Defensives? | Ravi Dharamshi Of ValueQuest Investment Advisors To ET NOWET NOW
Pharma stock up by 50% from lows of March 2020. Pharma index up 20% in the last 3 months. Weight of pharma up from 2.5% to ...
 Slow Recovery Healthy For Markets? | Saurabh Mukherjea To ET NOWET NOW
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No shortage of risk capital due to central banks' intervention. Strong firms loading up on money. Stronger banks & NBFCs loaded ...
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IT sector has one of the best balance sheets among all sectors. Performance across all verticals improving in IT sector. The market ...
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Parts of the markets underperforming at the moment such as Real estate, NBFCs, PSUs. But on the other hand, IT, pharma, ...
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Earnings matter a lot in the markets. Markets revert to fundamentals in longer term. Bajaj Finance with a simple model was very ...
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On India Development Debate, Forget lengthy curriculum, rigid syllabus and dreaded board exams and enter an education ...
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Believe this is a restart year for most cos, especially retail space. Q1 will be a complete washout for retail space, Q2 may be a ...
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Raised Rs 2400 crore across 3 funds with 24 investments. Returned 144% of invested capital from 7/10 investments. 75% of the ...
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As one of India's most successful investors turns 60, ET NOW presents Rakesh Jhunjhunwala – Making of the Legend.
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Massive amount of liquidity driving markets across the world. A significant amount of liquidity in the system. Institutional ...
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After a sharp rally, a short-term correction may be at hand. 'We are buyers of any such correction'. Monetary indicators favor a ...
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Bajaj Auto is also the victim of COVID says, MD Rajiv Bajaj. In his exclusive conversation with ET NOW Bajaj says that the ...
 Stock Picking In A Bull Market | Ashok Wadhwa of Ambit To ET NOWET NOW
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We do believe that investor sentiment in returning; the spiral downward trend was not justified. I am worried about the dramatic ...
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It's Rakshabandhan today, so we thought of dedicating a special half-hour show to celebrate this very bond between brothers and ...
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Watch this Big Interview with Sequoia Capital Managing Director Rajan Anandan to ET NOW's Nayantara Rai. These and many ...
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Karthikraj Lakshmanan speaks to ET Now on the market, pharma & chemical space, says 'I would divide pharma into two parts.
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Reached 20% of normal disbursals in June, 30% of normal in July. MoM traction should continue, loan book should still show ...
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Believe current year will be an outlier year; difficult year for the economy. Corporate profitability will be hit sharply where the fixed ...
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Gautam Shah, Goldilocks Research talks to ET Now about the market rally and Nifty trends going forward into the financial year.
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The global coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on worldwide economies and global markets. In an exclusive ...
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Global markets were driven by positive sentiment in May with most markets gaining during the month except India and Hong Kong ...
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I have not seen such extreme volatility in a while for the market. Balance sheet correction has been a key theme in recent years in ...
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Markets focused on FY22 numbers & not near term earnings. The value is seen more in individual companies vs the markets.
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Edelweiss Securities' Aditya Narain says that the 5 'C's of investing are Cash Flows, Capital, Confidence, Concessions, and ...
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On India Development Debate, If there is one indicator that's definitely back to pre-COVID levels, its the Indian stock markets.
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Fibre price correction hurts Q1. Sterlite tech: Has demand softened? Demand optimism intact? Gameplan for the post-COVID era.
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Learn the art of money-making during COVID-19 crisis and get all your questions answered from ace investor Madhusudan Kela.
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What kind of conversations is PPFAS Mutual Fund having with clients on valuations? What type of investor behaviour is being ...
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Reduced positions in NBFCs, smaller private banks in the last 1-2 months. Quality private banks will still outperform, one simply ...
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Investors are factoring in a wash-out year for earnings in FY21. Pent up demand is there across sectors , but test is what happens ...
 Adjusting To The New Normal | Sanjiv Puri of ITC To ET NOWET NOW
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We are facing challenges due to a halt in economic activity. Opportunity in FMCG, health & wellness, nutrition & hygiene are ...
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E-portals missed the bus to make a material difference to customers during COVID Lockdown. Local kiranas connected via ...
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Customer queries for new cards are now back to 70-80% of pre-COVID levels. Spends as well have reached 70% of pre-COVID ...
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Market expert and CEO of edelweiss, Nitin Jain share his thoughts on the entire investing landscape and the setup between the ...
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Markets are falling, but what is next? Watch Market Veteran, Madhusudan Kela, decoding the March mayhem. Watch! Subscribe ...
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Approach 'very cautious' after sharp rally. Risk-appetite in global markets showing signs of peaking out. Inflation may return ...
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Markets pricing in a V-shaped recovery post-COVID Crisis. Focus on broader names in Pharma which focus on India, says Pratik ...
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Market Veteran & ED and CIO of ICICI Prudential AMC, S Naren believes periodic bout of volatility are important as he sees an ...
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Vinod Karki from ICICI Securities speaks to ET Now and shares his outlook on the rally. He also talks about the momentum in the ...
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The Oil Crash is caused by COVID-19 to some extent. But despite the fact that producers saw demand dropping, they continued to ...
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The lockdown has resulted in the markets to slow down and brought a stop to numerous companies resulting in their shares to fall ...
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It is good to play the telecom story on an overall basis. The IT space is big enough for everyone to play and the COVID-led ...