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The European Union with a lot of asterisks. Support these videos:
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Brexit once seemed to pose an existential threat to the European Union. But Britain's withdrawal process has had some surprising ...
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Google's bid to aquire the wearable tech company FITBIT hit a major setback today -- as the European Union announced it would ...
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An animated short film explaining how democracy works in the EU and the European Parliament, and why your vote matters.
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European Union leaders reached a deal on a massive stimulus plan for their coronavirus-blighted economies at a pre-dawn ...
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TLDR Store: Learn About Our Funding: The Coronavirus is one of ...
 The EU Divided Over Coronavirus: Will it Lead to an Italexit? Will Italy Leave the EU? - TLDR NewsTLDR News EU
3 months ago
TLDR Store: Learn About Our Funding: The Coronavirus is one of ...
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European leaders have sealed a deal on an unprecedented 750 billion euro coronavirus recovery fund. After four days of heated ...
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On the stroke of 11 tonight, Britain will leave the European Union - with Boris Johnson telling his Cabinet "a new chapter in the ...
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The European Union is at a crossroads, with member states looking for leadership and cash to bolster economies that have been ...
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After almost five days of fraught discussions, European leaders have agreed to create a €750 billion ($858 billion) recovery fund ...
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EU officials from various institutions - European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the EU, European Court of ...
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The clock is ticking but London and Brussels are still deadlocked on trade negotiations ahead of the UK's departure from the ...
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Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands' Party for Freedom, discusses the Brexit deadlock.
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Emotions ran high in Brussels as the EU Parliament sang Auld Lang Syne to its departing British members. Brexiteer Nigel Farage ...
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The EU Parliament has elected Germany's Ursula von der Leyen as the next President of the European Union. Of 733 votes, she ...
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Diplomatic relations between the EU and the US take another bump after the Trump Administration downgraded the status of ...
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The United Kingdom is on the final countdown to leave Europe, more than three years after the nation voted for Brexit.
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CNBC's Silvia Amaro reports from Brussels as European leaders struggle to work through a deadlock around the EU budget.
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As European countries prepare to reopen their borders to international travel, US travelers may be banned from entering.
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How was the EU formed? It turns out one of Britain's greatest leaders - Prime Minister Winston Churchill - was an influence in ...
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Last year, the European Anti-Fraud Office discovered more than three billion pounds of fraud in the EU. (Subscribe: ...
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When was the EU created? And what is its purpose? Narrated by David Mitchell the film explores how and why The European ...
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European Union is a rich man's club that works well in good times. When a large crises occurs, this organization demonstrates its ...
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European leaders have cautioned the UK over the future of trade negotiations with the EU post-Brexit. The EU's three presidents ...
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Deadlock and division are gripping the European Union right now, as its leaders struggle to compromise on a major economic ...
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The EU has invested more than 200 billion euro in Research and Innovation.
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Her name is URSULA VON DER LEYEN and she is about to become the next EU Commission President. She will be the ...
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on the European Union to unite and emerge stronger from the greatest challenge it ...
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European Council President Charles Michel has offered a revised plan for the European Union's proposed economic recovery ...
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Senior figures from the EU and China are holding talks aimed at rebooting trade negotiations. However, the video conference ...
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Thousands of migrants are trying to reach Europe to escape war zones in the Middle East and poverty and turmoil in Africa.
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