Emma Chamberlain Scam

 YouTube superstar Emma Chamberlain opens up about staying authentic | NightlineABC News
1 months ago
The 18-year-old gets candid with “Nightline” about her personal relationship with the video community, leaving high school and ...
 I DIY'd Emma Chamberlain's new clothing lineJoana Ceddia
1 years ago
JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: https://hellojuniper.com/channel/UCkin59aR57-RgqvN04jHSIg/p/1865852518461 JOANA ...
 is Emma Chamberlain SCAMMING her fans...?Angelika Oles
29 days ago
Here's a mini tea about responses by Zach Choi & Hyunne to Stephanie Soo exposing Nikocado Avocado, Emma Chamberlain ...
 Emma Chamberlain Merch SCAMPrimink
1 years ago
Emma Chamberlain Merch SCAM Emma Chamberlain is a popular vlogger on the youtubes. She's seen with david dobruk and ...
 My Problem With Emma Chamberlain's MerchImAllexx
1 years ago
In today's video we look at my problem with vlogger Emma Chamberlains lowkey merch by emmac, which has received backlash ...
1 years ago
Lowkey rlly excited to try highkey lol :P New videos Friday's & Sundays! Subscribe to see! Follow my socials :P Instagram: ...
 Brutally Honest Review of Emma Chamberlain's Clothing Line- High KeySierra Schultzzie
1 years ago
Emma Chamberlain clothing line review! High Key by Emma C is the latest youtuber clothing line, but there's been a scandal with ...
1 years ago
OPEN FOR DETAILS* instagram: natlyczek twitter: natlyczek SUBSCRIBE TO MY SECOND CHANNEL: ...
 DID EMMA CHAMBERLAIN SCAM HER FANS?! lowkey/highkey product reviewBrooke Roberts
1 years ago
this is a rlly long video and i hope u liked it but u might not care and thats ok :P this one might be extra boring but i had fun making ...
 emma chamberlain SCAMMING her fansSebastian Williams
11 months ago
ig: sebastian_williams twitter: sebas_williamsss.
 Emma Chamberlain's Coffee Probably Isn't a ScamSwell Entertainment
12 days ago
Hey! I wanted to make this video to discuss how scam happy everyone has gotten with a focus on the latest launch from influencer ...
1 years ago
emma chamberlain scams her fanbase with new merch line "lowkey by emma". #exposed #emmachamberlain.
 High Key Unboxing and Review!!! Emma Chamberlain's New Merch || onlineanniexonlineanniex
1 years ago
OPEN ME!! ☞subscribe & comment video request! ☞check out my last video: ...
 Emma Chamberlain Caught Up In ANOTHER Merch Scamsincere
11 months ago
Emma Chamberlain Caught Up In ANOTHER Merch Scam This video is about Emma Chamberlain merch and the Lil Boom ...
 emma chamberlain’s unblurred clothing line (scam??)SOPHIE
1 years ago
Unblurred items of Emma Chamberlains new clothing line “LowkeyByEmma” Comment below how you all feel about this line and ...
 is Emma Chamberlain really SCAMMING her fans??Angelika Oles
11 months ago
This video is about Emma Chamberlain and how she is receiving backlash for doing a YouTube memebership for her channel as ...
 emma chamberlain's new launch didn't go well..happier exposed
29 days ago
follow me on instagram @happierexpoosed Music: https://www.purple-planet.com business email : mishalovesmira@gmail.com ...
 HIGH KEY BY EMMA CHAMBERLAIN UNBOXING + REVIEW (she suprised me sis)more emilee
1 years ago
i only bought the poopy jacket 2.0 because i'm too broke for the whole line LMAO i don't think i'd buy the $6.50 scrunchies though ...
1 years ago
emmachamberlain #lowkey #highkey A full comprehensive review of Lowkey By Emma! SUBSCRIBE CHECK OUT MY BLOG!
 let’s talk about emma chamberlain scamming her fans... (low key by emma merch line)anastasia fine
1 years ago
let's talk about emma chamberlain scamming her fans... low key by emma merch line aka Tanacon 2.0.
 Emma Chamberlain is selling $60 coffeeCartier Tea
1 months ago
SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: http://www.youtube.com/c/CartierTea FOLLOW ME: instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cartiertea/ ...
 I tried Emma Chamberlain High Key Clothing Line | Brutally Honest ReviewAnnie Rose
1 years ago
Black Friday Shopping week and I bought Emma Chamberlain's Clothing Line 'High Key'. This is my review. I will be honest with ...
 We Need To Stop Emma ChamberlainImAllexx
1 years ago
Emma Chamberlain has had backlash for her streamy speech, merch and new style of blogging. ○ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!
 I’m being scammed by Emma ChamberlainKylie Michelle
1 years ago
No h8te or whatever. No matter what I say people will still get offended IG : @istoledrizzy Snapchat: @imrandom.com.
 EMMA CHAMBERLAIN’S HIGH KEY CLOTHING LINE: SCRUNCHIES (Honest Review/Unboxing) | Ariana JanaeAriana Janae
1 years ago
subscribe to my gal, emma chambie: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC78cxCAcp7JfQPgKxYdyGrg reviewing/unboxing the ...
 Emma Chamberlain's New Clothing Linehonest
1 years ago
if my voice and the voiceover sounds weird it's bc i'm sick emma chamberlain accused of ripping fans off with new clothing/ merch ...
 Emma Chamberlain DRAGGED For Expensive Coffee!Clevver News
17 days ago
More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews 2020 is all about getting your coin. But more than that, it's about getting ...
 coffee EXPERT tries @emma chamberlain's chamberlain coffeeNick’s My Name
3 days ago
coffee expert tries @emma chamberlain's chamberlain coffee | am I a coffee expert, probably not at all. BUT, I can tell you a good ...
 emma chamberlain’s clothing line...sis wyd?sincere
1 years ago
emma chamberlain's clothing line...sis wyd? emma's website: https://www.lowkeybyemma.com/ in this video i talk about emma ...
1 years ago
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 Did Emma Chamberlain Scam Her Fans?ithebesrgirl
1 years ago
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 emma chamberlain's struggle with basic hygieneSnapped
10 months ago
Emma chamberlain skipping showers for 3 minutes straight.
 the truth about coachella (everyone else is lying to you)emma chamberlain
1 years ago
THANK U SO MUCH TO DOTE!!! I LOVE YALL!!!! Link to the sweater I was wearing: ...
 Is Emma Chamberlain The Younger Tana Mongeau? Is Her Clothing Line Just A Scam?Laura Michelle
1 years ago
Thanks For Watching! Stay Tuned For a new Video every Sunday! Channel Details~ Music (Intro):Alessia Cara-Here (Lucian ...
 i spent $60 on emma chamberlain coffee...Sebastian Williams
17 days ago
twitter: sebas_williams ig: sebastianwilliamsofficial.
 Coffee Lover Tries Emma Chamberlain CoffeeGeoffrey Alan
10 days ago
So much drama around Chamberlain Coffee! Huge rip off and total scam? Or completely worth it and truly premium coffee?
 Emma chamberlain's clothing line is a scam?!Chambie News
1 years ago
I dont know if its scam or not but i personally think its overpriced and you can literally buy exactly same clothes at forever 21!!
 Zaful Review & Try On Haul! GENUINE, HONEST, & NOT SPONSOREDemma chamberlain
2 years ago
thanks for stoppin by, hope you enjoyed:) i plan on uploading 1+ times per week, so subscribe to be notified when I post a new ...
 Emma Chamberlain Merch Review & UnboxingNick’s My Name
11 months ago
Emma Chamberlain Merch Review | Emma Chamberlain just released some new “Sad Boi Hour” merch to her merch line, and I ...
 SPILLING THE TEA ON FUNCTION OF BEAUTY *will YouTubers promote bad products for money?Jessica Manning
4 months ago
I hope you all liked this video and found it as interesting as I did to film! Remember that every YouTuber I have mentioned, I really ...
1 years ago
BIIIIIIITTTTCCCCHHHHHHHH! So Emma Chamberlain had a clothing line called lowkey and she highkey "scammed" her ...
 the tea on emma chamberlain's coffeekat
25 days ago
i tried chamberlain coffee so you don't have to #chamberlaincoffee is it worth it? let me work it. leave comments below if you have ...
28 days ago
Emma chamberlain recently came out with her own coffee line, this is my opinion.... with Voice commentary!!! Twitter: Itschloeyt1.
 unboxing EMMA CHAMBERLAIN'S merchManten Goedertier
1 years ago
okay so I just unbox, review and try on Emma her merch in this video so like idk and always remember: One day I'll be dead.
1 years ago
Today's video is about a very popular topic at the moment. I do not hate Emma I'm just simply stating my opinion. Of you enjoyed ...
 emma chamberlain merchAlana Wickering
1 years ago
emma chamberlain merch rocks boi. i swear ill post something better soon so plz subscribe lmao! or dont, but it is free so do it!
 i bought Emma Chamberlain's merch..Katie Alyssa
7 months ago
A review on Emma's new coffee slime hoodie will go over quality , price and shipping time . And overall cuteness Instagram- ...
 EXPOSING Emma Chamberlain's Clothing lineCherryCat
1 years ago
In this video I'm going to be breaking down and talking about emma chamberlain's clothing. Everything you need to know about ...
 Emma Chamberlains Merch rEvIeWPatrick Clark
1 years ago
I really do like the shirt it was really comfy so I think the the sweatshirt would be to so yah go get ya self one and have fun🤠!
 James Charles $500 Tour ScamImAllexx
9 months ago
James Charles announced his sisters tour recently and fans are in uproar at the $500 VIP ticket prices. ○ SUBSCRIBE FOR ...
 emma chamberlain merch review + try-onJasmine M
1 years ago
Follow me on Dote: https://dote.app.link/7G1ECMTzcP Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasminem0602/?hl=en Twitter: ...
1 years ago
This video is not hate, just don't agree with Emma's choice on how she represented her clothing brand. Hope you guys like this ...
25 days ago
Hey guys, First I just realized I have the worst quality in town I'm sorry I am getting a camera soon.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So today I #review and ...
 Trying to Scam Emma Chamberlain and Joana Ceddia's Editing Style for 9 Minutes StraightJack Nachtigal
1 years ago
Hi bitches, We're back, yet again, with another video. Today is my first ever mukbang! I'm very glad to be joined with my friend, ...
1 years ago
no shade to emma lol her prices r just a bit high imo see anything else you like but its too expensive or sold out? send me a link ...
 Unboxing/First impressions on Emma Chamberlain's Merch !Bianca Mua
1 years ago
Unboxing/First impressions on Emma Chamberlain's Merch !! Hope you enjoyed this video! and don't forget to subscribe! and ...
 honest emma chamberlain merch reviewEllie Bell
11 months ago
hey bells! i hope this video helped you! comment below if you have Emma merch or if you want Emma merch! instagram: @ebells ...
1 years ago
Hey guys!! - Heres my opinion/review on what I bought from emmas new merch line!! - Songs: Moonglow by potsu - Business ...