Free Hong Kong Kid BlizzCon 2019

 Red Shirt Guy / Little Free Hong Kong Kid (Crowd React) (BlizzCon 2019 Q&A)KareemNatic
12 months ago
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12 months ago
 Fans Chanted "Free Hong Kong"; Interrupted Blizzcon 2019 Q&ASpiel Times
12 months ago
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 Hong Kong’s huge protests, explainedVox
1 years ago
The people of Hong Kong are protesting in record-breaking numbers. Become a Video Lab member! ...
 Matan Even : The 7th Grader "Free Hong Kong" KidMingjing Live
10 months ago
Matan Even, the 7th grader who gained international attention by waving a "Free HK" TV at the Clippers 2019 home opening ...
 Cameraman pans away from "Free Hong Kong" T-shirt 22.10.19Daily NBA
1 years ago
 NBA fans ejected after ‘Free Hong Kong’ chantRT America
1 years ago
Two Philadelphia 76ers fans were removed from an exhibition game with a Chinese basketball team at Wells Fargo Center after ...
 BlizzCon 2019 WoW Q&A Panel - FREE HONG KONG!TinyTopHats
12 months ago
Someone was brave enough to say this at the WoW Q&A Panel.
 free hong kong 2019 08Bee Gor Gor
12 months ago
hong kong international airport.
 Watch: Chanting child strikes up rapport with Hong Kong protesterseuronews (in English)
1 years ago
A child shouts to pro-democracy protestors as they march below the overpass on Sunday in Hong Kong. An estimated 1.7 people ...
 Blizzcon Q&A ROASTS Blizzard & Supports Hong Kong!TheQuartering
12 months ago
I am so proud of this community! Several people stick it to Blizzard by chanting "Free Hong Kong" during Q&A for world of warcraft!
 How WoW Fans Really Reacted To RED SHIRT GUY In BlizzCon 2019! (Crowd Reaction) (BlizzCon 2019)KareemNatic
12 months ago
How WoW Fans Really Reacted To RED SHIRT GUY In BlizzCon 2019! (Crowd Reaction) (BlizzCon 2019) Why not subscribe for ...
 free hong kong protest @ blizzcon wow q&a 2019pinksock
12 months ago
big yikes now that im an influencer due to the amount of views this video has gotten let me plug my guildmates band ...
 Blizzard President Addresses Hong Kong Controversy - Blizzcon 2019IGN
12 months ago
Blizzard President J. Allen Brack leads Blizzcon 2019's Opening Ceremony with a message to the fans about the Hong Kong ...
 Protecting Hong Kong's young protesters 'Beat us, don't beat the kids'NEWS channel
1 years ago
As Hong Kong's protests deepen, one pastor and a group of mostly Christian volunteers are trying to stop clashes from happening ...
 Free Hong Kong Protesters Rally in Time SquareBarely Informed with Elad
2 months ago
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 BlizzCon 2019 Update: What's a Hong Kong?Bill Americaman
1 years ago
Remember: Most Blizzard employees have nothing to do with this and there are a lot of talented, passionate, and kind people on ...
 The END of Free HONG KONG Has ARRIVEDFelix Rex
5 months ago
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 Blizzard Apologizes At Blizzcon 2019Kotaku
12 months ago
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 NBA ejecting pro Hong Kong fans proves 'money is worth more than virtue'Sky News Australia
1 years ago
The IPA's Evan Mulholland says the NBA's move to throw out fans from games who make political statements about Hong Kong ...
 BlizzCon 2019 Pooh Experience with Xi JinpingLDG Station
12 months ago
I hope you enjoy the video! Be sure to Subscribe if you're new here! Join us as we Raid Blizzcon 2019 in solidarity with Blitzchung ...
 Blitzchung Statement -Grandmaster Season 2DuBanevich
1 years ago
Blitzchungs uncensored statement. He was banned, his prize money was taken away. The interviewers were both fired. Free ...
 Lets Talk - Blizzcon Protest 2019Dorkalicious
12 months ago
In this video we discusss the protests going on outside blizzcon 2019 in support of the Hong Kong protestors.
 Overwatch - Official Cinematic "Story So Far" Trailer | BlizzCon 2019GameSpot
12 months ago
The world needs heroes now, more than ever. The enemy is out there, getting stronger, so heroes from all over the world are ...
 9.0 CLASS CHANGES! WoW Shadowlands Leveling Revamp & MoreMarcelianOnline
12 months ago
9.0 class changes are coming alongside the brand new wow shadowlands leveling revamp as we take a look at the Blizzcon ...
 Shadowland Q & ABrooke Burgess
6 years ago
A 4min look at the genesis and background for this very personal, and extremely heartfelt children's fantasy series.
 NBA hates Free Hong Kong shirtsViciousAlienKlown
3 months ago
The NBA keeps ejecting fans for chanting "Free Hong Kong" or fans wearing t-shirts or displaying signs. The NBA released a ...
 SHOCKING! NBA Store Says You Can Buy A “KillCops” Jersey But Not "Free HongKong"Daily Caller
3 months ago
Subscribe to our channel! The NBA store was momentarily willing to sell a “KillCops” jersey. After finding out ...
 BlizzCon 2019 | Opening Ceremony HighlightsBlizzard Entertainment
12 months ago
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 Overwatch - The Story So Far Cinematic Trailer BlizzCon 2019 [HD 1080P]GamersPrey
12 months ago
The Story So Far Cinematic Trailer BlizzCon 2019 of Overwatch. Subscribe for all the latest trailers and gameplay: ...
7 months ago
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 Blizzard, Hong Kong, & Overwatch 2 - My ThoughtsChaingear Gaming
12 months ago
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 LAWRENCIUM DOES BLIZZCON 2019! - (Blizzcon Vlog)Lawrencium
11 months ago
Blizzcon has come and go, and as such, we have returned home with memories and much more to cherish. As the old adage ...
 NYT writes GOOD PIECE on GAMERS?! (#BoycottBlizzard) [2019]H4T KID
12 months ago
The New York Times: When I first read the title "Why ...
 Hong Kong is Worth SavingActual Justice Warrior
3 months ago
In this video I talk about why Hong Kong is important & worth Saving 2nd Channel: ...
 'Free Hong Kong' Signs Banned From NBA GameViral Press
1 years ago
This is the moment protesters had 'Free Hong Kong' signs destroyed while watching an NBA game. Jon Schwepppe and three ...
 Taiwan to hold ‘Freedom Is Not Free’ concert in support of Hong Kong民視英語新聞 Formosa TV English News
11 months ago
Taipei will host a concert this Sunday in support of Hong Kong's ongoing anti-government protests. The event, called “Freedom Is ...
 Blizzard Comments on China/Hearthstone Situation (Giant Bombcast 10/15/2019)Giant Bombcast Clips
1 years ago
We talk about Blizzard's statement about its ongoing business dealings in China, Blitzchung's prize money, the cancelation of its ...
 THE CONCLUSION! BLIZZCON 2019: WoW Shadowlands, Diablo 4, Overwatch 2MarcelianOnline
12 months ago
So Blizzcon 2019 brought WoW Shadowlands, Diablo 4, Overwatch 2, a new Hearthstone expansion and a couple of hot ...
 BlizzCon Protest 2019 - Anaheim, California: November 01, 2019VideoGameWithLo
12 months ago
I never really cared about BlizzCon except this time. Greed over human rights. I wanted to support the Hong Kong so that the ...
 Blizzard is DOOMEDSmash JT
1 years ago
Activision Blizzard has been through quite the tumultuous month of video game news headlines, with the latest cancelling the ...
 Asmongold Reacts to The WoW Q&A At BlizzconEverything Twitch
12 months ago
Asmongold reacts to the questions asked at the WoW Q&A Blizzcon Panel. Make sure to stay tuned for more Asmongold!
 Want to know about the WOW Q&A 2019?Nekoyou
12 months ago
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 BlizzCon 2019 | J. Allen Brack's "Apology" BUT With More Accurate AestheticsRedBeard
12 months ago
This is not an apology, Brack did not acknowledge that Blizzard screwed up by taking money over protecting human rights.
 Grading Blizzcon 2019's Announcements with Crendorwowcrendor
12 months ago
Crendor grades the Blizzcon 2019 Announcements from the opening ceremony □ SUBSCRIBE! ...
 free HK.OTIS!
11 months ago
2 days in a row.
 Blizzcon 2019 Protest Highlight Reelnickmon1112
11 months ago
I'm putting together an article on the Blitzchung/China/Blizzard fiasco. I made this for the hell of it and need to upload somewhere.
 Blitzchung’s Blizzard ban: Admirable tells Richard Lewis why he quit over Hong Kong controversyDEXERTO
a years ago
Award winning esports journalist Richard Lewis interviews Nathan 'Admirable' Zamora following his decision to step back from ...
 Don't let Blizzard distract you from Hong KongMicah Curtis
12 months ago
With Blizzcon going on at the time of this video, a few games have been announced. Overwatch 2 is happening. Diablo 4 is ...
 ESL bans people for saying "Free Hong Kong"Laika in Space
11 months ago
During the Intel Extrem Masters 2019 in Beijing, just weeks after Blizzard was massively criticised for punishing Hearthstone ...
 Kid baits NBA camera and flashes free Hong Kong shirtGifhub
1 years ago
Kid baits NBA camera and flashes free Hong Kong shirt.