Indian broad beans tomato curry

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Broadbeans chikkudikaya tomato curry
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INGREDIENTS: Chikkudikaya/ Indian Broad Beans -- 1/2 pound Onion -- 1 small chopped
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Welcome to Bellampalli Kitchen.. If you are new to my channel. Please subscribe for Healthy and easy recipes. Broad beans ...
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Chikkudukaya tomato curry Serving size : 2 -3 people Ingredients: Chikkudukaya /
 Healthy Side Dish For Chapati, Roti & Rice - Broad Beans Tomato Curry - Chikkudukaya Tomato CurryPassionate Homemaker
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Healthy Side Dish For Chapati Roti Rice - Broad Beans Tomato Curry - Chikkudukaya
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Recipe link ----- indian -
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Hi friends welcome to Kshatriya vantalu todays recipe is chikudikaya tomato curry .
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Making the broad beans curry filling for the Durban bunny chow. You will need: 1 cup of
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Broad Beans Curry 2 cups broad beans