Leroy.Lexo TV
6 years ago
Parents please discipline your children or somebody else will! Meet Leroy,Marva and Mr. Maxwell new characters in the Santana ...
 Leroy Version 2.5 is INSANELY FAST! Can The New Bald Eagles Run a SEVEN Second Pass?Cleetus McFarland
19 days ago
We got ourselves a straight RIPPER! Here's the new Cleetus2 Channel - https://goo.gl/Ph2wyo NEW NEIGHBOR "We're On Fire" ...
 Lukas Graham - LOVE SOMEONE (Cover by Leroy Sanchez)Leroy Sanchez
1 months ago
I know it's been a while but I'm back! I hope you enjoy this beautiful song by Lukas Graham "Love Someone"! If you do don't forget ...
 SAM SMITH - I'm Not The Only One (Leroy Sanchez Cover)Leroy Sanchez
4 years ago
Decided to record this cover on our way back from LAX. Can't believe the tour with High School Nation is actually over. Thanks so ...
 ED SHEERAN - Perfect (Available in Spotify)Leroy Sanchez
1 years ago
Listen to my EP "Elevated" here: https://goo.gl/QthRRL And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel! It means the world to me: ...
 Beyoncé Ballad Medley ft Leroy Sanchez | AJ Rafael #JamuaryAJ Rafael
1 months ago
3rd to last video for #Jamuary this year!!! Had to bring out one of YouTube's singing legends, Leroy Sanchez. Been wanting to ...
 SIA - Elastic Heart (Leroy Sanchez Cover)Leroy Sanchez
3 years ago
I'm a little late in posting this but I LOVE it! Hope you like my cover of Elastic Heart by Sia! THUMBS UP for the dumbo ears & don't ...
 SHAWN MENDES - Stitches (Leroy Sanchez Cover)Leroy Sanchez
3 years ago
So many of you guys asked for this song that I decided to give it a try! Hope you like my cover! Lets share this video with Shawn ...
 Beauty and the Beast - Leroy Sanchez & Lorea Turner (Music Video)Leroy Sanchez
2 years ago
Listen to my EP "Elevated" here: https://goo.gl/QthRRL If you liked this video, SUBSCRIBE to my channel! http://bit.ly/1VXVr6l And ...
 I Will Always Love You (By Leroy Sanchez) Available on Spotify!Leroy Sanchez
11 months ago
Listen to my EP "Elevated" here: https://goo.gl/QthRRL I Will Always Love You | Cover by Leroy Sanchez . Inspired by Whitney ...
 ADELE - All I Ask (Cover by Leroy Sanchez)Leroy Sanchez
3 years ago
Adele's "All I Ask" cover is here! This might be my favorite track of the whole 25 Album. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE or an army of ...
 Leroy Sane 2019 - Unstoppable | Insane Skills/Goals/AssistsDanny DweHD
4 days ago
Subscribe me : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyknxvFjQxpAV9cf-mukJSA?sub_confirmation=1 ✓ ▷ My facebook ...
 ONE REPUBLIC - Counting Stars (Leroy Sanchez Cover)Leroy Sanchez
5 years ago
I had so much fun recording this video! Love the song so much. Hope you like it! #ByMySide is now available on iTunes: ...
 Can't Help Falling In Love (Cover by Leroy Sanchez)Leroy Sanchez
1 years ago
Listen to my EP "Elevated" here: https://goo.gl/QthRRL While on tour we stopped by the Grand Canyon and we couldn't help but to ...
 WORLD'S FIRST Stick Shift GM In The SEVENS! Leroy's Most INSANE Pass!Cleetus McFarland
7 months ago
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I'M SO PUMPED!!!! CLEETUS MERCH - https://goo.gl/d2j71j Sign up to be a sponsor of our channel!
 Leroy on AlcoholLexo TVKids
4 years ago
A sad tale on the dangerous effects of Alcohol on family life.
 The Best Of LeroyLexo TV
3 years ago
The Best Of Leroy 17 Instagram episodes of Leroy Produced By Roger Alexis Edited By Ian Pantin Music from Hunter "By Mehself ...
 ADELE - When We Were Young (Leroy Sanchez Cover)Leroy Sanchez
3 years ago
Here Adele's new song "When We Were Young". I won't lie, I was quite hesitant to sing another Adele song but I couldn't get it out ...
 *BALD EAGLE ALERT* Leroy Version 2.5 Breaks Our Shop's Dyno RECORD!Cleetus McFarland
22 days ago
Here's the new Cleetus2 Channel - https://goo.gl/Ph2wyo Leroy Version 2.5 hops on the dyno and brings out the BALD EAGLES!
 MAROON 5 - She Will Be Loved (Cover by Leroy Sanchez and Bea Miller)Leroy Sanchez
1 months ago
Here is a cover of Maroon 5 "She Will Be Loved" that Bea Miller and I recorded a while back! If you like this, please don't forget to ...
 JAMES ARTHUR - Say You Won't Let Go (Cover by Leroy Sanchez)Leroy Sanchez
2 years ago
Listen to my EP "Elevated" here: https://goo.gl/QthRRL Hope you like my cover of James Arthur's "Say You Won't Let Go"! If you ...
 Portrait Leroy SanéDFB
3 days ago
Abonniert jetzt unseren Kanal: https://zly.de/dfb/yt_abo.
5 days ago
 SAM SMITH - Too Good At Goodbyes (Cover by Leroy Sanchez)Leroy Sanchez
1 years ago
Listen to my EP "Elevated" here: https://goo.gl/QthRRL Sam Smith's new single "Too Good At Goodbyes" cover! Can we get this ...
 BEYONCE - Love On Top (Cover by Leroy)Leroy Sanchez
7 years ago
Having a good time singing Love on Top by Beyoncé. I was studying once again but I ended up procrastinating... hahah Hope you ...
 Leroy Makes It To The FL2K18 Stick Shift Class FINALS! (180+MPH PASS!!)Cleetus McFarland
5 months ago
That's gotta be the closest race in the history of Leroy! CLEETUS MERCH - https://goo.gl/FQ98uQ Holley's new channel ...
 Cleetus Turned Leroy into an AUTO!1320video
8 months ago
In all of our years of filming drag racing, we've NEVER seen a car and driver run the same EXACT time - FOUR times in a row!
2 years ago
Time and place for everything folks,kids are watching and will try to imitate you even at your worst. Leroy witnesses an argument ...
 Leroy's New Diff Works AMAZING... Two of His Cleanest/Quickest Launches EVER!Cleetus McFarland
3 months ago
Download War Robots FOR FREE and get an awesome starter pack! http://bit.ly/2Acc9uA Cleetus Merch! - https://goo.gl/DWHJa3 ...
 Nolwenn Leroy - Clip "Tri Martolod"Universal Music France
8 years ago
Découvrez le clip de Nolwenn Leroy "Tri Martolod" Plus d'infos sur www.nolwenn.org et sur son facebook ...
 Leroy Sané 2019 ● German machine ● Speed and Skills & Goals - FHDassaadinho
1 months ago
Leroy Sané 2019 ▻Leroy Sané Crazy Skills and Goals 2019 ▻Sané Speed 2019 ▻▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭ AssaaDinho ...
 Leroy Goes FULL FREEDOM Mode During FL2K18 Testing! + The V's First Nitrous Hit!Cleetus McFarland
5 months ago
Man oh man it feels good to be back in the sevens! CLEETUS MERCH - https://goo.gl/FQ98uQ Check out TRZ Motorsports where I ...
 Cleetus Mcfarland Wins Stick Shift Class! - Leroy The SAVAGE Invades FL2K18That Racing Channel
5 months ago
On this episode we feature our good friend Garrett aka Cleetus Mcfarland and his badass Twin Turbo Corvette "Leroy". He battles ...
 New Santana Short : Hey Leroy - "Wash your hands"Lexo TV
2 years ago
New Santana Short : Hey Leroy - "Wash your hands" Starring Leroy and Junior.
 World Cup Day #1 - First Round Qualifying, Leroy on 30+ PSI of Boost!Cleetus McFarland
4 months ago
When you go 7.8 and barely qualify top 10 lol! Here's the details on my event that's next Saturday! Cleetus and Cars Florida (Nov ...
 Leroy Hits the DYNO! Making HUGE Power at Holley Performance's HQ!Cleetus McFarland
6 months ago
It's always nerve racking ripping a brand new setup! CLEETUS MERCH - https://goo.gl/FQ98uQ Sweepstakes Rules: ...
 Introducing Leroy Version 2.5 - His New Engine is INCREDIBLE! **Bald Eagle/Freedom ALERT**Cleetus McFarland
1 months ago
LEROY IS BACK... and better than ever! NEW NEIGHBOR "We're On Fire" SHIRTS!! Get yours here: https://goo.gl/EtcnDM ...
 Leroy New Year's ResolutionLexo TV
3 years ago
Leroy New Year's Resolution.
1 months ago
Chad came over and we did Parents vs. Chad on who knows me better . ha ha it was so funny!! See how it ends. I AM A 14 YEAR ...
 VLOG Kupiłam fajne rzeczy w Leroy Merlin. Pyszny makaron z łososiem.Malinowa MM
3 days ago
Do mnie: mail: aniulkasz9@op.pl INSTAGRAM: Malinowa MM Credit: -------------------------------------------------------- Song: Mario ...
 Leroy Takes on LS Fest 2018! His New Engine is INSANELY Fast!Cleetus McFarland
6 months ago
That fast on low boost... wait until we try 35lbs :) CLEETUS MERCH - https://goo.gl/FQ98uQ Sweepstakes Rules: ...
 Leroy Goes INSANE At Hoonigan + We Try A REAL Drift Course! (LS Fest West Day 1)Cleetus McFarland
10 months ago
CLEETUS MERCH - https://goo.gl/d2j71j Man that's one longggg video jam packed with Freedom! -Leroy's ECU (Holley ...
 LEROY vs. TERRIFYING Daytona BANK TURNS! (seriously insane)Cleetus McFarland
1 years ago
CLEETUS MERCH - https://goo.gl/d2j71j You know I had to do it... -Leroy's ECU (Holley Dominator) - https://goo.gl/JjvakM ...
 ED SHEERAN - Photograph (Leroy Sanchez Cover)Leroy Sanchez
3 years ago
You guys asked for it and here it is! Ed Sheeran's Photograph! Don't forget to give this video a BIG THUMBS UP and to ...
 The making of Manchester City's Leroy Sane | BBC SportBBC Sport
1 months ago
BBC Sport charts the rise of Leroy Sane, from Schalke academy player to Premier League champion with Manchester City.
 Leroy Sané LifeStyle ★ 2019My Star
2 months ago
Subscribe here : https://goo.gl/aLTTah Leroy Sané LifeStyle Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Elektronomia - Sky High ...
 Nolwenn Leroy - Juste Pour Me SouvenirNolwennLeroyVEVO
6 years ago
Vidéo officielle de « Juste Pour me Souvenir », 1er extrait de l'album « O Filles de l'Eau », sortie le 26 Novembre 2012.
 Leroy Sane - Made In BundesligaBundesliga
1 years ago
From Bundesliga novice to shooting star - Leroy Sane's stellar ascent ▻ Sub now: https://redirect.bundesliga.com/_bwCS His ...
 Turbocharging Leroy Ep.6 - Street Tuning was SCARY FAST!Cleetus McFarland
1 years ago
Leroy the Savage T-SHIRT** - https://goo.gl/2FSYaS Oh boy this was too much fun... -Precision Turbo (turbos, BOV, waste gates) ...
 I is ah bossLexo TV
2 years ago
If yuh not there yuh name would not call.
 Leroy Sane Performance Against SerbiaGabe Films
6 days ago
Subscribe for more player comps throughout the season! Leroy Sane vs Serbia ...
 Supercharging Leroy Ep.5 - IT'S SCARY FAST! (first drive)Cleetus McFarland
1 years ago
DO IT FOR MURICA - 4th of July Shirt - https://goo.gl/H77rXt Motoloot Key Tags!
 Leroy - Días Grises (Video Oficial)Leróy Oficial
6 days ago
Leroy - Días Grises Presentamos el 1er sencillo de nuestro EP. #díasgrises #leroymx Síguenos: Facebook: ...