The Story of Castle Nathria [Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
Sire Denathrius revealed himself to be an ally to the Jailer. While the rest of the Shadowlands, and his people, deal with an anima ...
 The Story of The Necrolord Covenant - Chapter 8 of 8 [Lore]Nobbel87
With our forces rallied, it is time to confront Kel'thuzad and end his threat to Maldraxxus and ALL of the Shadowlands! IN THE ...
 The Story of Ve'nari, a Broker living in the Maw?! [Lore]Nobbel87
4 days ago
Ve'nari is a broker helping us in the Maw with pretty much anything we need. Gotta save some souls? Special key into Torghast?
 The Story so far as we go into the Shadowlands [Lore Recap]Nobbel87
2 months ago
Shadowlands, after a bit of delay, is nearly upon us, but what's the story that lead us there? This video is aimed at getting ...
 The Story of Torghast, Tower of the Damned [Lore]Nobbel87
11 days ago
Our journey into the Shadowlands all began with trying to save our abducted leaders. They've been taken into Torghast, Tower of ...
 The Story of The Cosmic War of Warcraft [Shadowlands Lore]Nobbel87
4 months ago
Last Blizzcon they announced that the cosmology of Warcraft is going to be further explored in the story. Life and Death, Light and ...
 The Story of The Kyrian Covenant - Chapter 8 of 8 [Lore]Nobbel87
2 days ago
The Forsworn have been a problem long enough. Time to rally all that Bastion has and take on Lysonia! I hope you'll enjoy ^_^ ...
 The Story of Warcraft - Full Version 2.0 [Lore]Nobbel87
1 years ago
It's been five years since we covered the complete story of Warcraft. Since that time we've had the warcraft chronicles to clean up ...
 The Story of The Lich King - Full Version [Lore]Nobbel87
5 years ago
Ner'zhul, Arthas and the Lich King... What a story to tell. I had so much fun while working on this project and I hope I did this story ...
 The Story of Tirion Fordring - Part 1 of 2 [Lore]Nobbel87
5 months ago
When thinking about the Shadowlands, your mind goes back to Wrath of the Lich King. The darkness that fell upon the world was ...
 The Story of Maldraxxus: Defenders of the Shadowlands! [Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
We managed to speak with the Archon in Bastion, but witnessed an attack from Maldraxxus! They're supposed to be the ...
 Who is the Winter Queen's sister?! [Speculation Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
The Winter Queen having a sister was known for a bit, but the newly added cutscenes added some juicy lore bits to it. One of the ...
 Sylvanas's Choice - Redemption, Damnation, OR BOTH?! #SpoilersNobbel87
18 days ago
Pfoeh I had a hard time thinking of a title for this video. Wanted to do a bit more then just a react to. We've almost finished up doing ...
 The Story of De Other Side [Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
Bwonsamdi's little corner of the Shadowlands brought out the most questions from you. What is going on here? Who is this ...
 The Story of Bwonsamdi (and the Loa) [Lore]Nobbel87
2 years ago
Hello everyone! The Loa Bwonsamdi has been a shining star during the Horde story so much so that a lot of you asked me to talk ...
 The Story of Ardenweald: Be Part Of The Cycle! [Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
We've figured out why Maldraxxus has gone on the attack and prevented all out war in the Shadowlands. With the seat of the ...
 The Story of Bastion: We must all follow the path! [Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
We managed to find aid in Oribos and open a gateway into Bastion. Sylvanas used dark winged beings to kidnap our leaders, ...
 The Story of The Night Fae Covenant - Chapter 1 [Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
We've finished leveling through the Shadowlands and for the good of all reality must now make a choice between the different ...
 The Story of Nefarian [Lore]Nobbel87
8 months ago
Nefarian, Lord Victor Nefarius, son of Deathwing has caused a whole bunch of problems for the world with their entire dragonflight ...
 Future Story For The Shadowlands, WHAT"S NEXT?! [Speculation Lore]Nobbel87
25 days ago
We've escaped the Maw, explored the Shadowlands, chosen our covenants and Castle Nathria has been conquered! What's next ...
 The Story of Into the Maw of Death [Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
The veil between this world and the next has been shattered. Anduin, Jaina, Thrall and Baine have been taken through it. Heroes ...
 The Story of The Kyrian Covenant - Chapter 7 [Lore]Nobbel87
9 days ago
Our Crest of Ascension is complete! Time to focus on those pesky Forsworn...I hope you'll enjoy ^_^ ...
 The Story of Into the Shadowlands! - Blizzcon 2019 [Lore]Nobbel87
1 years ago
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is confirmed to be the next expansion. At Blizzcon 2019 they gave us a little insight on what's to ...
 The Story of Ny'alotha, The Waking City [Lore]Nobbel87
12 months ago
Last week we discussed our road into Ny'alotha, preparing to venture into the domain of N'Zoth himself. Our keeper Ra- den has ...
 Nobbel Reacts to: Shadowlands Cutscenes and CinematicsNobbel87
1 months ago
I've played the Shadowlands beta but some cutscenes were left out until the live version. Some juicy surprised and omg moments ...
 The Story of Nazjatar - Alliance & Horde POV [Lore]Nobbel87
1 years ago
Nathanos, blade of the black empire in hand, is send on a special mission by his beloved warchief. Despite being vastly ...
 The Story of The Night Fae Covenant - Chapter 7 [Lore]Nobbel87
8 days ago
Our old friend Bwonsamdi has come to pay his debt, we're going to hunt the shadows to find some gifts for the winterqueen! I hope ...
 The Story of the Guardians - Full Version [Lore]Nobbel87
6 years ago
I did 3 individual videos on the guardians, uploading this full version for easy linking. The guardians have been around for quite ...
 The Story of Garrosh Hellscream - Full Version [Lore]Nobbel87
6 months ago
Garrosh Hellscream, son of Grommash was found in Nagrand by Warchief Thrall. Letting him know the full story of his father, fills ...
 Sooo...What Broke The Arbiter? [Speculation Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
At Blizzcon they explained that the machine of death got broken sometime around the Legion period. In the game we got an ...
 The Story of Shadows Rising [Lore]Nobbel87
6 months ago
Shadows Rising, written by Madeleine Roux, is the latest novel added to the Warcraft collection. It tells the tale for the aftermath of ...
 The Story of Lorewalker Cho [Lore]Nobbel87
4 years ago
Lorewalker Cho...I have never done his story before...For shame! Time to fix that mistake and talk about this pandaren lorewalker.
 The Story of The Night Fae Covenant - Chapter 6 [Lore]Nobbel87
15 days ago
We're gonna need some more night warriors of the past to help Tyrande with her rage problem. To find them, we'll need the best ...
 The Story of The Night Fae Covenant - Chapter 3 [Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
Tyrande was not willing to give up her quest for vengeance so we'll have to find another way to help. That will be later, right now ...
 The Story of The Necrolord Covenant - Chapter 6 [Lore]Nobbel87
14 days ago
Anima from Revendreth made its way into Maldraxxus, time to fly in and have a little chat! I Hope you'll enjoy ^_^ ...
 The Story of Revendreth: Sinners Final Chance! [Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
We've spoken with the Winterqueen and learned that Ardenweald is going to need more anima to keep the jailer contained.
 The Story of The Zandalari [Lore]Nobbel87
2 years ago
The Zandalari trolls are going to become an allied race for the Horde with Battle for Azeroth. Their history goes back to the very ...
 The Story of Varian Wrynn - Full Version [Lore]Nobbel87
3 years ago
Varian Wrynn has played a massive part in the Warcraft story, from the first Horde invasion all the way to his encounter with ...
 The Story of Nathanos Blightcaller - Part 1 of 2 [Lore]Nobbel87
2 years ago
Nathanos (Marris) Blightcaller is known today as the champion of the banshee queen, but what's the road that lead him there?
 Asmongold Tests His WoW Lore Knowledge | Nobbel87 QuizAsmongold TV
7 months ago
Asmongold takes Nobbel's End of the year Warcraft Lore Quiz, test your lore knowledge with the many questions presented by the ...
 The Story of Gul'dan [Lore]Nobbel87
6 years ago
"For I am Gul'dan… I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied." The story of my favorite warlord, Gul'dan.
 The Story of Antorus, the Burning Throne [Lore]Nobbel87
3 years ago
The story of Legion reaches its conclusion with the opening of Antorus the Burning Throne. Together with the army of the Light ...
 The Story of The Void Elves & Alleria Windrunner [Lore]Nobbel87
2 years ago
Four of the six allied races have become available when you pre-order battle for Azeroth. In this video we're going to take a look at ...
 Aethas Sunreaver & Akazamzarak - Patch 7.2 Follower Quests [Lore]Nobbel87
3 years ago
With Patch 7.2 we got a couple of small questlines related to unlocking a new follower to join our campaign against the Legion.
 The Story of Plaguefall [Lore]Nobbel87
1 months ago
The House of Plagues was destroyed in preparation of the war that the House of Rituals and House of Constructs had planned.
 The Primus Explains! A message for us all [Shadowlands Lore]Nobbel87
4 months ago
A message from the Primus has been datamined and his information and foresight explains quite a few things that could ...
 The Story of Gelbin Mekkatorque & The Gnomes [Lore]Nobbel87
5 years ago
To my shock and horror, I discovered that I had no story about gnomes on the channel. Time to rectify that grave error, it's the story ...
 The Story of Illidan Stormrage - Full Version [Lore]Nobbel87
6 years ago
I did 3 individual videos on Illidan Stormrage, uploading this full version for easy linking. Want smaller episodes? War of the ...
 The Story of Blood Elf Heritage Armor Patch 8.1 [Stream Highlight]Nobbel87
2 years ago
Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance released today and on stream I went through the content. In this video a highlight of gathering and ...
 ALLCRAFT #15 - WOW LEGION LORE AND BEYOND ft. Nobbel87,Asmongold,Hotted & RichHotted89
3 years ago
In this video, Nobbel87 , Asmongold, Rich and I went in to discuss all of the World of Warcraft Legion lore! We discussed prior ...
 The Story of Calia Menethil - Future Queen of the Forsaken? [Lore]Nobbel87
1 years ago
FOR THE LIGHT LADY! WoWhead has been hard at work at datamining patch 8.2.5. A shiny new model for Calia has shown up, ...
 The Story of Sylvanas Windrunner - Full Version [Lore]Nobbel87
6 years ago
The full story of Sylvanas Windrunner from ranger general of Silvermoon all the way to Banshee queen of the Forsaken. I already ...
 The Story of Madam Goya & The Black Market Auction House [Lore]Nobbel87
5 months ago
With Mists of Pandaria, Madam Goya joined the World of Warcraft bringing with her the black market auction house.
 The Story of The Naaru [Lore]Nobbel87
7 years ago
The Naaru, beings of pure light and enemies to the Burning Legion. Where did they come from and what have they done?
 The Story of The Venthyr Covenant - Chapter 6 [Lore]Nobbel87
13 days ago
Kael'thas Sunstrider has been saved from Castle Nathria, but his soul is going to need all the help it can get if we want to save it ...
 The Story of Scythe of Elune [Artifact Lore]Nobbel87
4 years ago
Legion offers players the opportunity to collect artifacts and wield these legendary weapons against the demonic forces of the ...
 Beyond the Red Portal - Warlords of Draenor [Lore]Nobbel87
6 years ago
Garrosh escaped justice and formed the Iron Horde to try and take the world of Azeroth. The Dark Portal turned red, time to take ...