Red Shirt Guy 2019

 How WoW Fans Really Reacted To RED SHIRT GUY In BlizzCon 2019! (Crowd Reaction) (BlizzCon 2019)KareemNatic
11 months ago
How WoW Fans Really Reacted To RED SHIRT GUY In BlizzCon 2019! (Crowd Reaction) (BlizzCon 2019) Why not subscribe for ...
 Red Shirt Guy Blizzcon 2010-2017 WoW Q&A PanelHolywova
2 years ago
Sup! The myth, the legend, the red shirt guy... got his question rejected this year... why blizz.. ▻ Subscribe for more videos: ...
 Red Shirt Guy Blizzcon 2010 - 2019 on World of Warcraft Q&ANoone182
11 months ago
Red Shirt Guy is back finally! Red Shirt Guy Blizzcon 2010 - 2019 on World of Warcraft Q&A.
 Asmongold's Shadowlands Q&A BINGO - Blizzcon 2019 (ft. Red Shirt Guy Question)Daily Dose of Asmongold
11 months ago
Asmongold reacts to the Q&A Panel of Blizzcon 2019, a lot has been tackled during this segment, with the first question made by ...
 The Moment Diablo Died At Blizzcon 2018 (Hardcore Death Highlight)Nexius
1 years ago
The moment Diablo died for many fans at Blizzcon 2018. If you enjoy my content, consider liking and subscribing for more!
 The Legend of Red Shirt Guy: How One Kid Beat BlizzConwavywebsurf
1 years ago
Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet: Use Code “WAVY” for 10% off your order Blizzard ...
 What Happened To Red Shirt Guy At BlizzCon 2017?KareemNatic
2 years ago
What Happened To Red Shirt Guy At BlizzCon 2017? Why not subscribe for more World of Warcraft videos? Keep up to date with ...
 Diablo Immortal and Blizzcon 2018 in review from red shirt guy 2.0Dontinquire
1 years ago
Feel free to ask me questions in the comments or on any of my social media. I'll be streaming a lot of Path of Exile Betrayal this ...
 Red Shirt Guy / Little Free Hong Kong Kid (Crowd React) (BlizzCon 2019 Q&A)KareemNatic
11 months ago
More World of Warcraft videos are on the way and BlizzCon 2019 coverage on the way - Don't forget to subscribe to KareemNatic ...
 The Red Shirt Guy Speaks Out!TheRedShirtGuy
9 years ago
Hello, I've made this video to clarify on some things from the Blizzcon 2010 - The Red Shirt Guy video uploaded by ...
 Asmongold Reacts to Diablo Immortal Red Shirt Guy Q&A Day 1Everything Twitch [Asmongold]
1 years ago
Hope you guys enjoyed this video, kinda pissed this game is a thing. SUB FOR MORE Asmongold's Twitch: ...
 SIZZLE FINALS (2016-19) DANCE BATTLE | Best Moments 🔥🔥🔥Red Shirt Guy
3 months ago
SIZZLE (2016-19) DANCE BATTLE | BEST MOMENTS Video credits: Dopy Bits Goa and The Verb Studio This video is ...
 Blizzard Apologizes At Blizzcon 2019Kotaku
11 months ago
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 BlizzCon 2010 - The Red Shirt Guy Pwns Blizzard DevelopersMMOVerdict
9 years ago
Visit for the full story, but this guy basically put the pwnsmack ...
 Diablo 4 Initial announcement perspective - Red Shirt GuyDontinquire
10 months ago
My initial thoughts from playing the demo at blizzcon, watching the developer interviews, and listening to the wacky Q&A from the ...
 Blizzard President Addresses Hong Kong Controversy - Blizzcon 2019IGN
11 months ago
Blizzard President J. Allen Brack leads Blizzcon 2019's Opening Ceremony with a message to the fans about the Hong Kong ...
 Red Shirt Guy Blizzcon 2010 - 2016 and his NPC LocationJoe Iz Gaming
3 years ago
Ian Bates also known and The Red Shirt Guy clips on his questions at Blizzcon Lore Q&A Sessions since 2010 until the recent ...
 One Punchline Man Red Shirt Guy- Blizzcon 2018ToastyMike
1 years ago
song by JAM Project - THE HERO i do not own the rights for the song or monetize it i'm using it for a little fun video. please don't ...
 Red Shirt Guy World of Warcraft BlizzCon TributeGeekyNet
1 years ago
A tribute to Red Shirt Guy, who embarrassed Blizzard employees / World of Warcraft developers at BlizzCon and is a famous lore ...
 Blizzcon Aprils Fool jokeBekari L
1 years ago
SUBSCRIBE for more videos!: ▻ Hero in red shirt! His channel: Your likes ...
 Blizzcon 2010 - Red Shirt Guy Auto-tune Tribute!!!!!The Arena
9 years ago
iTunes link: download for better quality! Proceeds go to ...
 BlizzCon 2010 - Red Shirt Guy song tributeMrSurferri
5 years ago
This is Red Shirt Guy autotune tribute! Enjoy!
 Smirking ‘Plaid Shirt Guy’ Upstages Trump During Montana RallyInside Edition
2 years ago
It's not easy to upstage President Donald Trump but a Montana high school student did. He has since been called “Resistance Jim ...
 Blizzcon 2018 - Diablo Immortal Q&A - New Red Shirt Guy SavageTrip Nils
1 years ago
Guy in the crowd calls out Blizzard for neglecting Diablo fans.
 CAB RIDE - HO - Azalea Fest 2016 Switching District (the GUY IN THE RED SHIRT is aligning route)William Swint
4 years ago
Go to to see a time laps of a typical setup.
 Diablo Immortal Devs get BOO'ED at Q&A & "Is this an out of season April Fools joke?"Catheriiine
1 years ago
Play a video game about PewDiePie and T-Series: Watch japanese girls sing live with ...
 Green shirt guySuper Hot Videos
1 years ago
A man in a green shirt dubbed "Green shirt guy" laughs at a protester wearing a red #MAGA hat inside a Tucson City Council ...
 Asmongold Reacts to the Diablo Immortal Q&A | Days 1 and 2Assertonsin [Asmongold Stream Reactions]
1 years ago
Subscribe for more Asmongold. Mcconnell's Twitch: Asmongold's Twitch: ...
 How we feel about Red Shirt Guy.Jesse Holiday
9 years ago
My friend and I decided to hop on our Rogue alts to kill this kid in IF. Try not to laugh at my UI, I don't play this toon.
 Watch: What Happens As US Police Arrest Wrong Black GuyVoicetv Nigeria
4 months ago
Please SUBSCRIBE to Voicetv Nigeria YouTube channel. For more stories visit Voice TV Nigeria is an ...
 Armageddon Fit Red Shirt Guystevearts89
1 years ago
Took 5 attempts to get a good pic with this guy but I didn't mind. #StarTrek #RedShirt #StarTrekRedShirt #Armageddon.
 Sizzle 2019 Final Battle | Ashish Vs Moksh | Waves 2019 Bits GoaRed Shirt Guy
10 months ago
Moksh (win) vs Ashish Thumbnail by : Saransh Pandey ( ) Video credits ...
 Asmongold Reacts to Some of Red Shirt Guy 2.0's Thoughts on Diablo Immortal and Blizzcon 2018Assertonsin [Asmongold Stream Reactions]
1 years ago
Subscribe for more Asmongold. Original Video: Mcconnell's Twitch: ...
3 months ago
Sizzle 2019 Dance battle best moments | Waves Bits Goa This is the compilation of my favourites throwdowns from the sizzle 2019 ...
 Billie Eilish | Bad Guy [Live] Olympiapark 2019JmusiCall
11 months ago
Billie Eilish | Bad Guy [Live] Olympiapark 2019 ______ LYRICS. White shirt now red, my bloody nose Sleeping, you're on your ...
 Wearing This Red Shirt CHANGED EVERYTHINGStylish D - Tailoring For Guys
1 years ago
If you think people aren't watching what you're doing, they are. I love this red shirt, it's hands down my favorite shirt that I own.
 SIZZLE FINALS 2019 COMPILATION | Waves Bits Goa | Sizzle Dance Finals( Semis + Quarters )Red Shirt Guy
10 months ago
 Sizzle 2019 Semi Finals | Moksh vs Ashish | Waves 2019 Bits GoaRed Shirt Guy
10 months ago
Video credits - DOPY BITS PILANI GOA SIZZLE 2019 WAVES 2019 BITS GOA Sizzle 2019 Semi Finals | Moksh vs Ashish | Waves ...
 Guy Punches Kid in the Face!! Strikeforce Sports DramaJoeystaxxx
1 years ago
We were about to start playing and this kid came running back to spawn crying.
 Nikocado Avocado RED SHIRT IS POSSESSED | Red Ain't Your Color " justsayin "JustSayin
10 months ago
Some people can't see the color red. That doesn't mean it isn't there. TWITTER: @JustSayinhow #JustSayin.
 BlizzCon 2019 WoW Q&A Panel - FREE HONG KONG!TinyTopHats
11 months ago
Someone was brave enough to say this at the WoW Q&A Panel.
 SIZZLE 2019 SEMI FINALS | Engineering College Dance| Waves 2019 Bits Goa | Bits Goa | College DanceRed Shirt Guy
10 months ago
SIZZLE 2019 SEMI FINALS | Moksh's Performance | Waves 2019 Bits Goa | Bits Pilani Goa Bits goa dance club | Engineering ...
 MOOD INDIGO STREET BATTLE | IIT Bombay | Nach Yudh | Mood Indigo 2019 IIT BOMBAYRed Shirt Guy
9 months ago
 meltdown in my carNikocado Avocado 3
10 months ago
crying and having a meltdown.
 [BlizzCon 2011] Red Shirt Guy is BACK!Starfish5202
8 years ago
Turn the Volume up! Sorry for the Low Sound Full Panel is coming Soon!