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 Star Wars Sequel Trilogy ERASED Rumors – New Rumors Offer More DetailMidnight's Edge
3 months ago
StarWars #Erased #TheLastJedi Over the last week, the rumors that sequel trilogy might be erased have gone viral. Since there ...
 Star Wars 2022 Movie CANCELED? EVERYTHING We Know!The Den of Nerds
4 months ago
There's a HUGE rumor that the new Star Wars movie scheduled for 2022 is CANCELED! Here, we're breaking down reasons this ...
1 months ago
Crazy rumors coming in regarding the Mandalorian especially concerns for Season 3, the Disney+ show is now in jeopardy due to ...
 Star Wars Leak | Kennedy Ruined Star Wars to Punish Lucas Insider ClaimsOverlord DVD
2 months ago
Star Wars was ruined by several key disastrous choices Kathleen Kennedy made, according to an insider who discloses new ...
 Star Wars Leaks Reveal Exactly How the Sequel Trilogy Will Be ERASEDOverlord DVD
4 months ago
Can Star Wars be saved? I broke the news about a secret plan to save Star Wars by erasing the Sequel Trilogy, and now I bring ...
 Breaking Down The Latest Future Star Wars Movie Rumors! Smaller Movies?The Den of Nerds
3 months ago
Let's talk about the latest rumors about the future Star Wars movies! Will the 2022 Star Wars movies, perhaps even the Taika Waitti ...
 Disney wants George Lucas to save Star Wars according to RumorsComicBookCast2
2 months ago
The CBC is an online news outlet & community. Our mission is to deliver content that helps you embrace Marvel, DC Comics ...
 MASSIVE Star Wars Updates Are Coming! Full Rumor Breakdown Here!The Den of Nerds
8 months ago
We've learned about some MASSIVE Star Wars updates coming from Disney and Lucasfilm over the next couple of weeks! Here ...
 I’M ANGRY! The Rumors Of RESETTING Star Wars ARE LIES! Don’t Believe Doomcock & Click Bait ChannelsPoindexter Lounge
3 months ago
We are a channel dedicated to all things in the “Adult Nerd and Pop Culture”. WE ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN. We've got Merch!!!
 The False Rumors that were Spread about Darth Vader(Canon) - Star Wars Comics ExplainedStar Wars Comics
6 months ago
Throughout his Sith life Vader's name was synonymous with the worst horror stories imaginable and many other rumors that were ...
 My Concerns! Bo-Katan and Cara Dune Spinoff Series! Star Wars RumorsStar Wars Speculation
4 days ago
I share my thoughts on the rumored Bo-Katan and Cara Dune Star Wars spinoff series. Thanks for watching and may the force be ...
 Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Removed From Canon By Disney?Degenerate Jay
3 months ago
Is Disney getting ready to make the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy not canon? New rumors suggest so. I want to take a look at the ...
 Where do these DUMB Star Wars rumors come from?HelloGreedo
1 years ago
Where do these dumb Star Wars rumors come from? Who actually believes them? Why do websites shamelessly run stories on ...
 New Info On The Future of Star Wars Movies, TV, & Video Games!The Den of Nerds
3 months ago
There are new reports and rumors about the future of Star Wars in Movies, Television, and Video Games! Here, we're breaking ...
 Star Wars Mandalorian Rumor News and Update | Is Pedro Pascal Gone?Overlord DVD
a months ago
Star Wars The Mandalorian was recently rumored to be in trouble, with stories of Pedro Pascal going over Favreau's head to ...
 LEGO Star Wars 2021 Sets Rumors! (THIS IS BAD!)MandRproductions
1 months ago
We FINALLY have LEGO Star Wars 2021 rumors and I couldn't be more disappointed... it's an Original Trilogy party. Not ONE ...
 Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Decanonized by Disney RumorsWorldofGeekdom
3 months ago
Discussing the rumors of Disney DECANONIZING Star Wars Episodes 7-9, the SEQUEL TRILOGY Rumors and how it makes no ...
2 months ago
THIS CONTENT IS NOT FOR CHILDREN*** Despite "rumors" going around of George Lucas's return to Star Wars and his so ...
 Star Wars Leaks | Disney Debates Three Plans to Save Star WarsOverlord DVD
2 months ago
Star Wars has alienated fans under Kathleen Kennedy's leadership, and I am told Disney is ready to do something to save Star ...
 MEDIA: Disney Star Wars is FINE or Rumors About REBOOT Wouldn't Take Off.Clownfish TV
3 months ago
According to some media and academics, Disney Star Wars is still popular or people wouldn't even care about those "silly" rumors ...
 Lucasfilm To Retcon The Sequel Trilogy? | Why This Star Wars Rumor Will NOT HappenRyan Kinel - RK Outpost
3 months ago
Everyone is talking about the new Star Wars rumors from @Overlord DVD that Lucasfilm will save star wars by retconning the ...
 NEW Star Wars Trilogy will Reboot Episode 7,8,9 Rumor Killer - Star Wars NewsComicBookCast2
10 months ago
NEW Star Wars Trilogy will Reboot Episode 7,8,9 Rumor Killer The CBC (Comic Book Cast) is an online geek culture community.
 Every Leaked, Rumored, or Confirmed FUTURE STAR WARS PROJECT! (...New Movies, Games and More)EckhartsLadder
4 months ago
Get some tasty Noodles for 15% off by going to my custom page and using the code EckhartsLadder: ...
 Star Wars Leak | Lucasfilm Upheaval | Is Lucas About to Return?Overlord DVD
3 months ago
A new Star Wars leak from my source suggests that the situation at Lucasfilm is volatile and big changes may be coming to the ...
 Should we Believe all these CRAZY Mandalorian Season 2 Rumors? Star Wars NewsEmperor Palpamemes
2 months ago
What's up everyone, in this video, I am going over a bunch of the rumored cameos that we have seen for The Mandalorian Season ...
 Star Wars Leak | Good News for Mandalorian as Favreau Sides With FANS!Overlord DVD
2 months ago
Star Wars leaks suggest production is moving forward on The Mandalorian with a bold and innovative new production approach, ...
 Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker Rumors? Did Scott Mendelson Just Confirm This?MechaRandom42
3 months ago
A recent post from Forbes writer Scott Mendelson seems to indicate his belief in a recent series of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker ...
 Taika Waititi Plays Coy on 'Star Wars' Rumors | Full InterviewEntertainment Tonight
8 months ago
ET sat down with Taika Waititi at the 2020 Oscars Nominee Luncheon on January 27th. Exclusives from #ETonline ...
 Why It's GOOD Rey Palpatine & Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Is Canon FOREVERThe Den of Nerds
3 months ago
Star Wars fans have been getting a lot of rumors, reports, leaks, and scoops all talking about the future for Star Wars. Here, we're ...
 LEGO Star Wars 2021 Rumors FINALLY! But not very good rumors.The Solo Channel
1 months ago
Hello everyone! Today we have some exciting news but it's not very good news as far as the sets go on this list.
 STAR WARS REBELS SEQUEL RUMORS ARE REAL! Full Breakdown Here!!The Den of Nerds
8 months ago
There have been many rumors and reports about a Star Wars Rebels Sequel series coming out later this year on Disney Plus.
 LEGO Star Wars 2021 sets rumors! What I'm looking forward to...just2good
1 months ago
The LEGO Star Wars 2021 sets list has shown up, and it's quite interesting. just2film: ...
 LEGO Star Wars Summer 2020 Rumors: What's Left?MandRproductions
5 months ago
All of the LEGO Star Wars Winter/Spring sets have been released now which leaves us with the Summer wave of sets and maybe ...
 Yoda Addresses Rumors Of The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Being Removed From Canon!Pimp Master Broda
3 months ago
This video was created by a proud team of people with multiple gender identities and orientations! #StarWars #Lucasfilm ...
 Pedro Pascal Out As The Mandalorian? | Star Wars DRAMA Continues As Rumors SwirlRyan Kinel - RK Outpost
29 days ago
The Pedro Pascal drama continues! Will The Mandalorian actor be back after season 2? Star Wars DRAMA! Subscribe to my ...
 Thrawn Coming To Live Action!?! More Mandalorian Cameos | Star Wars RumorsRyan Kinel - RK Outpost
5 months ago
A few Star Wars rumors, one that is much more likely than the other. Bo-Katan will be in Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2, ...
 ALL LEGO Star Wars SUMMER 2020 Set Pictures! + NEW RUMORS!MandRproductions
4 months ago
We have OFFICIAL LEGO Star Wars SUMMER 2020 Images for EVERY SET releasing within the next couple months as well as ...
 Jedi Fallen Order Sequel - NEW RUMOR - Star Wars NewsStar Wars Theory
8 months ago
Jedi Fallen Order 2 is in the works! Not much more info other than that! #Jedifallenorder #respawn #starwars.
 Dylan O’Brien Reacts To ‘Star Wars’ Rumors | Comic-Con 2015MTV
5 years ago
Dylan O'Brien, star of 'Maze Runner,' talks about his dream role as Han Solo in the Han Solo prequel movie. Could the actor be ...
 Star Wars: Episode 9 Trailer Rumors EXPLAINEDThe Stupendous Wave
1 years ago
For all sponsorship and business inquiries please contact: The rumors for Star Wars Episode 9's ...
 Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Plot Leaks: Truth and Misdirection IntertwinedMidnight's Edge
1 years ago
StarWars #RiseofSkywalker #GeorgeLucas Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker has been the subject of numerous alleged plot leaks.
 The Mandalorian Season 2 NEWS | BIG Baby Yoda Rumor, Pedro Pascal Speaks Out & More!Star Wars Meg
7 days ago
The Mandalorian Season 2 drops on Disney+ on October 30th! In today's Mandalorian Season 2 news update, we discuss the ...
 Star Wars Rumors Detail New Jedi Order Animated Series? | It Would Be A Slap In The Face To FansRyan Kinel - RK Outpost
9 months ago
More supposed "insider" leaks detail several upcoming projects in for Disney Star Wars, but one in particular caught my eye, and ...
 A Tour of the Star Wars Rumor MachineHelloGreedo
2 years ago
HelloGreedo is an all-things Star Wars YouTube Channel. Parody, News, Reviews, and More! ...
 The Star Wars Rumors We Really Want to See Come True - Reilly’s CantinaMark Reilly
4 months ago
Welcome #ReillysRebels! With so many rumors coming out of the Star Wars Universe (Boba Fett and Rex in Mandalorian Season ...
 How Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker begins! Rumors with the Kids!
1 years ago
Spoiler Warning! Rumors and Spoilers from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker! Please do not openly share this content with those ...
 Star Wars Episode VII Plot Rumors!! - CineFix NowCineFix
6 years ago
If you want to remain completely potentially UNSPOILED, don't watch (Though this is stuff that would be in a trailer) But, if you're ...
 Rebels Sequel Rumors - Thrawn and Ezra - Star Wars Rebels Sequel RumorsStar Wars Speculation
9 months ago
This Star Wars Rebels Sequel Theory looks at how Thrawn and Ezra might have a larger role in search for Ezra series. Thanks to ...
 Rise of Skywalker Rumor | Disney Systematically Destroying Star WarsOverlord DVD
11 months ago
New Rise of Skywalker rumors seem to indicate that this film will complete what Disney began with The Force Awakens: the ...
1 months ago
Kind of anti-climactic reveal honestly. I was expecting a little bit more than just the typical OT sets. Who knows what we'll actually ...
 Star Wars Rogue One Character RumorsFandom Entertainment
4 years ago
Star Wars Rogue One Character Rumors Subscribe Now! ▻ Rumors about Mads Mikkelsen's ...
 Release the JJ Cut? What Star Wars Rumors Can Tell Us About Media Messaging in the 2020s (VL151)Hoeg Law
9 months ago
With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker now out in theaters, what better way to celebrate than with rumor, innuendo, and corporate ...
 Doctor Who and Star Wars Rumors | The Inquisition Episode XNerdrotic
1 years ago
Join Overlord DVD and yours truly as we put pop culture on trial. Today we will discuss the latest Doctor Who and Star Wars ...
 Doomcock Rumors | NO Star Wars RebootUrban Acolyte's Holocron
3 months ago
According to the Doomcock Rumors posted by @Overlord DVD, a top secret contact at Lucasfilm claims that the Star Wars sequel ...
 2017's Biggest Movies, Star Wars Ep 8 Rumors, & Missing TMNT Games - Up At Noon Live!IGN
3 years ago
Plus, LEGO Batman looks bonkers. ---------------------------------- Follow IGN for more! ---------------------------------- YOUTUBE: ...
 Leaks & Rumors Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Movie Kylo Ren, Rey, Emperor Palpatine, HuxJedi Jade
1 years ago
Jedi Jade speculates about 5 of the leaks and rumors for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker movie including Kylo Ren, Rey, and ...
 These STAR WARS IX The Rise of Skywalker Rumors are DUMB.Clownfish TV
1 years ago
With little official news on Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, the internet has had no shortage of rumors and alleged ...