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 He Turned Down BuzzFeed? ft. Steven Lim - Lunch Break!More Wong Fu
11 months ago
Tune in to Our Podcast Special Guest Steven Lim ...
 Pro Chef Vs. Mom’s Homemade Dumplings • HomemadeWatcher
6 months ago
How do restaurant dumplings stack up against a beloved homemade recipe? In Steven's brand new food show, Homemade, we ...
 Day In The Life Of An Asian/Ethnic NameSteven Lim
5 years ago
Story Of My Name: My middle name is "Kwo Wey," which is directly translated from the Chinese characters, "國偉" (my Chinese ...
 Hot Guys Ep3 - Wasabi Challenge! ft. Steven LimJinnyboyTV Hangouts
1 years ago
Be sure to stay till the end to watch us suffer! Business Enquiries or Collaborations: Listen to Our New ...
 Hot Guys Ep5 - Ayam Geprek @ Kotak SS15! Ft. Ming Han, Steven LimJinnyboyTV Hangouts
1 years ago
Today on HOT GUYS -- We have Ming Han and Steven to try out the spicy Ayam Geprek dish @ Kotak SS15 suggested by you ...
 Off The Record: Buzzfeed Secrets?! ft. Steven LimJustKiddingNews
1 years ago
This week the crew talks about getting brand deals, working at Buzzfeed, and cats. Special Thanks to Our Guests & Friends: ...
 Adam Bianchi, Andrew Ilnyckyj, Steven Lim—Worth It - Cinematography | Streamys Premiere Awards 2019Streamy Awards
7 months ago
Adam Bianchi, Andrew Ilnyckyj, Steven Lim win the Cinematography award for Worth It at the Streamys Premiere Awards 2019.
 Steven Lim and Sylvester SimTODAYonline
3 years ago
Thirteen years after shooting to fame on Singapore Idol in 2004, two alumni of the show will meet in a new battle – not a sing off ...
 We Make Buzzfeed’s Steven Lim Eat Beef Heart | FOOD FEARSMythical Kitchen
10 months ago
Steven Lim tries beef heart in Josh's newest creation. This recipe really came from the heart. Worth It on Buzzfeed: ...
 A Cat That Barks (Not Speaking Parents' Language)Steven Lim
6 years ago
This is my story about how I don't speak Chinese. -- Credits: Written by: Steven Lim Directed by: David Wai Starring: Steven Lim ...
 #10 Passion, Hard Work & What's REALLY Worth It (ft Steven Lim)The Takeaway Table
1 years ago
We sit down with Steven Lim, creator and mastermind of Buzzfeed's 'Worth It' series and talk about chasing passions, working ...
 Pro Chef Vs. Mom's Homemade Pho • HomemadeWatcher
2 months ago
How do a professional chef's pho stack up against a beloved homemade recipe? In Steven's brand new food show, Homemade, ...
 A Very Casual Convo ft. Steven Lim + His Fave Food Spots in LARowena Tsai
2 years ago
Two friends exploring LA with our oral cavities and chit chatting over food and caffeine. This video is more of an appetizer (warm ...
 Steven Lim Shares His Unapologetic Love for Food | #WeAreUnforgettableCharacter Media
5 months ago
Steven Lim is a huge presence online as the producer and content/creator of Watcher Entertainment and Buzzfeed's Worth It.
 Worth It VS NOT Worth It | Psychiatrist ft. Steven LimJustKiddingParty
1 years ago
Let's explore some socioeconomic dichotomies... Yeah, we went there. We're deep. #jkparty #psychiatrist Subscribe ...
 Things Annoying College Kids Do at RestaurantsSteven Lim
6 years ago
Asian College Kids take dining to a whole new level... and not necessarily in a good way. -- Directed by: Huang Di Written by: ...
 Aaron Tan Is Back - Powerful Video Response By Superstar Steven LimSteven Lim
8 years ago
Aaron Tan Is Back - Powerful Video Response By Steven Lim. If u like to see me Steven Lim and Aaron Tan in a perfectly legal ...
 "Christmas 101" - Getting Ready For Christmas ft. Steven Lim (Worth It)TheMingThing
1 years ago
Are you ready for Christmas? You're probably not, and that's why we're to help..along with a very familiar face! Introducing, our ...
 Steven Lim: 'I cry when I read bad comments about me'SPH Razor
4 years ago
You have seen his crazy antics on television and on the Internet, but how is 'Superstar Steven Lim kor kor' really like behind the ...
 Our New Company • Making WatcherWatcher
6 months ago
What happens when 3 creators with no business experience decide to make their own company? Join us as we take an honest ...
 Crown Ambassador STEVEN LIM Huấn luyện lãnh đạo 12 Nền tảng vững chắc dẫn dứt thành công~1Halu fc
1 years ago
Crown Ambassador STEVEN LIM Khi mới bắt đầu sự nghiệp kinh doanh với Amway có bao giờ các anh chị gặp khó khăn và thất ...
 Y'all a Bunch of Liars! | Secret Hitler ft. Steven LimJustKiddingParty
1 years ago
Who is the Secret Hitler today? Can the liberals uncover the fascists? Find out in today's game! #jkparty #secrethitler Subscribe ...
 Steven Lim Announces Singapore's Biggest Fight of The YearTHE IN CENTRAL
3 years ago
Steven Lim & Sylvester Sim go head to head at MBS in September, another Singaporean singer makes it through Sing!China's ...
 Philip Wang, Durian Wafers, & Being Asian On YouTube • Grocery RunWatcher
5 months ago
On today's episode of Grocery Run, we have the lovely PHILIP WANG. I've been a fan of Wong Fu Productions for many years ...
 Ah Beng Reacts to Steven Lim + Special Announcement | TMTVTropic Monsters TV
1 years ago
Get your Secret Lab chair here : Support our Patreon here : ...
 Get Better At The Game! | Catchphrase ft. Steven LimJustKiddingParty
1 years ago
Go support our friend's channel at Brainiac -- Can you figure out the phrase before they do? Let's find out!
 I'm Always Nervous | Secret Hitler ft. Steven LimJustKiddingParty
1 years ago
Who is the Secret Hitler today? Can the liberals uncover the fascists? Find out in today's game! #jkparty #secrethitler Subscribe ...
 Buzzfeed’s ‘Worth It’ star Steven Lim gives talk on experience as Asian American in mediaDailyNUVideo
2 years ago
The Taiwanese American Students Club and Pi Alpha Phi fraternity invited Steven Lim, creator and star of Buzzfeed's “Worth It,” to ...
 Training Session 2 : Respect by FC Steven Lim (ภาษาไทย)Crador 2018
1 years ago
Training Session 2 : Respect by FC Steven Lim (ภาษาไทย) Crador 40th Anniversary : The Great Phenomenon 13-14 October ...
 Bodybuilder Pradip Subramanian died from cardiac failure following AFC fight with Steven LimTODAYonline
2 years ago
WATCH: Family members and friends of the 32-year-old bodybuilder Pradip Subramanian gathered at Woodlands Street 81 since ...
 Signs You're The Only Asian In Your SchoolSteven Lim
5 years ago
that awkward moment when you actually were related to all the Asians at your school. Share on Facebook: ...
 'Superstar' Steven Lim gives the Stomp team a tour of his home: Take a look insideSPH Razor
4 years ago
Steven Lim gives us a detailed explanation about his fascinating fixtures and fittings in his humble abode. Catch this and more on ...
 Super Star Steven Lim Basketball Challenge Epi 1 Vs Jordan Low! Share!Steven Lim
8 years ago
Super Star Steven Lim Basketball Challenge Epi 1 Vs Jordan Low! If you want to see more future 1 to 1 exciting ...
 Steven Makes Andrew In The Sims 4 • In Control With KelseyBuzzFeed Multiplayer
1 years ago
Watch In Control With Kelsey Season 4 here: ...
 Dear Steven LimDee Kosh
8 years ago
Oh my Steven Lim.
 Surprising Facts About Loneliness ft. Steven LimJustKiddingNews
1 years ago
Here are 5 suprising truths about loneliness! So Lonely News - Special Thanks to Our Guests & Friends: ...
 Steven Lim Calls The PoliceDee Kosh
8 years ago
 Is Steven Lim... Worth It?JustKiddingParty
1 years ago
We got to shoot with Steven Lim from Buzzfeed's series Worth It! #jkparty #behindtheparty #behindthescenes Subscribe ...
 Steven Lim Call The PoliceNoMercy219
6 years ago
This guy,Steven lim call police when the 2 amazing prank caller, call him until cannot take it.
 10 Oct 2013: Interview with Steven LimCNA
6 years ago
Fancy cycling from your home in the suburbs to work in the city? That's what cyclists may be able to do by 2030, as the ...
 Woman Fined After Filling Out Travel Forms Wrong ft. Steven LimJustKiddingNews
1 years ago
My Bad News - Special Thanks to Our Guests & Friends: Steven Lim •Instagram: ...
 7 Things No One Tells You About Long Distance RelationshipsAs/Is
4 years ago
"Call me naive, but I think it can work." Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC ...
 Steven Lim Personal Training- Commando Vs Infantry Fierce Battle! 3Nov2019Steven Lim
9 months ago
Subscribe and Click Bell Notification Icon! Fierce Battle Between Combat Commando敢死队(32 YO) and Former Combat Infantry ...
 Buzzfeed unsolved vs Steven LimEVERYONE STOLE CHANNEL NAMES
1 years ago
I found all the moments of beef and made it into one video subscribe- ...
 TGIS Additional Clip: Steven Lim on Technology & Web Trends that Should be Obsolete in 2012Singtel
8 years ago
In TGIS Episode 6 (, Joanne-Marie discovers the web trends and technology ...
 Welcome to Watcher (Trailer)Watcher
8 months ago
Watcher. A new network from Steven Lim, Ryan Bergara, and Shane Madej. 7 new series. 1 weekly talk show. Launching January ...
 The Rise Of The Witches | Salem ft. Steven LimJustKiddingParty
11 months ago
Will this be the game where the witches finally take it? #jkparty #salem Subscribe ➜ Game Rules ♟ The ...
 #6 Thoughts on Steven Lim vs Pradip SubramanianMaxi Lim
2 years ago Tragedy struck at the inaugural Asia Fighting Championship on ...
 Steven Lim...One Last TimeDee Kosh
7 years ago
 I Hired A Life Coach To Help Me Make Friends • Life CoachBuzzFeedVideo
4 years ago
Can Steven transform his life from awkward introvert to social butterfly in just 1 week? Check out more awesome videos at ...
 The Legendary Eating Contest! *** Zermatt Neo vs Shona Woo, Steven Lim *** FULL VIDEO ***Kaya Loti Productions
4 years ago
Credits:, a Singaporean forum Zermatt Neo Shona Woo Superstar Steven Lim Kor Kor ...
 Shib Sibs Share Their Secret To Olympic Success • Grocery RunWatcher
3 months ago
On today's episode of Grocery Run, we have the most incredible humans in the world, Maia & Alex Shibutani. Aside from their ...
 WS - Man Starts Massive Wildfire at Gender Reveal Party ft. Steven LimJustKiddingNews
1 years ago
It's Weekend Scramble! This Week We've Got: Frustrated Lady - - 2:06 Fire Reveal - ...
 I Trained Like A K-Pop Star For A Week ft. Amber from f(x)BuzzFeedVideo
4 years ago
It's literally building a singing, dancing machine.” Get all the K-Pop news delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe to our K-Pop ...
 Steven Lim on Singapore Idolstevenlim
14 years ago
Idiot singaporean trying to impersonate william hung on singapore idol.