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 Back To Work On Shop Truck! Engine And Bed Removed!Texas Speed & Performance
4 days ago
Thanks for stopping by! In this episode we take the engine back out to get it all it all ready fitment wise. We also pull the bed off for ...
 Assembling B Is For Build's New Lamborghini Huracan LS Engine!Texas Speed & Performance
12 days ago
In this episode we build Chris (owner of the B Is For Build YouTube channel) new Texas Speed Resleeve 430ci LS Engine to slap ...
 Texas Speed Shop Trucks New Engine Is Here!Texas Speed & Performance
2 months ago
Well we read through all your comments of what we should put in the Shop Truck for a new engine and made our decision!
 Finally Shop Truck's New Engine And Transmission Are In! Here Is How We Did It!Texas Speed & Performance
21 days ago
This episode we finally get the engine and transmission in the truck! This bad boy is coming along nicely and we appreciate all ...
 Shop Tour of Texas Speed and PerformanceTexas Speed & Performance
2 years ago
Texas Speed & Performance is the leader in the LS market. Since 2002 our goal has always been to deliver the best products and ...
 Yanking Out Leroy's 1500hp LSX Heart... Compression Test Revealed Injured Eagles!Cleetus McFarland
6 months ago
Cleetus Merch! - https://goo.gl/DWHJa3 Well dang, Leroy's heart is off to the Bald Eagle factory of Texas Speed and Performance!
10 months ago
Here it is! The video so many of you have been waiting for! In this episode we tear down the record setting 7 second engine that ...
 We Smash The Transmission Into The Tunnel Plus Unboxing New Parts!Texas Speed & Performance
17 days ago
We work on the fitment for the transmission as well as unboxing a bunch of new parts for the build! Also talking a lot about how we ...
 Texas Speed Bringing Home The Wins At LS Fest West! Day 2 And 3!Texas Speed & Performance
2 months ago
Don't miss out on all the action in this one! We finish up the Final races at LS Fest West while getting all the other insane action ...
 Leroy's INSANE New Engine! (serious power)Cleetus McFarland
2 years ago
Oh yeah... we went there! DO IT FOR MURICA Shirt - https://goo.gl/H77rXt Texas Speed's Instagram for the Cam giveaway ...
 About - Texas Speed & PerformanceTexas Speed & Performance
3 years ago
Texas Speed & Performance manufactures and carries parts for late model GM cars and trucks. Our line of products includes CNC ...
3 months ago
So we head down to Elite Motorsports in Austin Texas to pick up our newest shop project! We are very excited about this one and ...
 We Start Tearing Into Shop Truck! Let The Fun Begin!Texas Speed & Performance
1 months ago
This is the first half of the power train pull out on Shop Truck! The parts are piling up quick and the tear down is going smooth.
 Texas Speed & Performance PRC Cylinder HeadsTexas Speed & Performance
2 years ago
PRC Heads deliver the ultimate in LS horsepower, from street to full race. Our Cylinder Heads offer unmatched performance and ...
 Unboxing a Texas Speed Performance package!AWD Cutlass
3 months ago
Got my new LSX engine today!! #texas #speed #performance.
 Texas Speed Stage 3 LS3 231/246 .640"/.615" CamshaftTexas Speed & Performance
2 years ago
TSP's all-new line of LS3 camshafts are the result of our latest round of engine dyno camshaft development using our ...
 C7 Corvette Texas Speed Stage 3 CamshaftBigWill416
1 years ago
Heres a cold start and idle clip of the Texas speed and performance stage 3 camshaft. filmed with iPhone x in 4k 60FPS 2014 c7 ...
 LS Fest West Day 1 Texas Speed Power Hits Both Las Vegas Strips!Texas Speed & Performance
2 months ago
This is day one of our first visit to LS Fest West in Las Vegas! It has been an awesome event with all kinds of LS action! Thank you ...
 Finished Pulling The Stock Drivetrain! One Step Closer To The L83 Swap!Texas Speed & Performance
1 months ago
We finish pulling out the factory engine and get down to looking at what we will be doing next with the wiring harness and all.
 Cleetus And Cars Houston Texas 2019! You Can't Imagine How Wild It Got!Texas Speed & Performance
4 months ago
This video is over our visit to Cleetus And Cars Houston Spring 2019! This event is pure insanity, Cleetus sure knows how to ...
 Texas Speed Running 7s At TX2K19!Texas Speed & Performance
3 months ago
We always love going to TX2K! Not to far from our home base of operations in Georgetown Texas this is an event is always a must ...
 Shop Truck Is Prepped / Ready For The New L83 Engine Swap!Texas Speed & Performance
27 days ago
Thanks for stopping by! In this episode we prep the engine bay of Shop Truck for the L83 engine swap! We also get the harness ...
 THE RECORD BREAKING 8 SECOND PASS!!Texas Speed & Performance
5 months ago
We got our 5th Gen stock bottom end Camaro together the night before and took it out to Houston Raceway Park to take on the ...
 Texas Speed and Performance GM Truck Performance CamshaftsTexas Speed & Performance
2 years ago
Whether you're working on a Gen 3, Gen 4, or Gen 5 truck engine, Texas Speed & Performance has you covered! We have cam ...
 Breaking a Camaro World Record For Texas Speed!! BANGIN GEARS FOR AMERICA!Cleetus McFarland
10 months ago
Out here breaking records... what's next!?! SEVEN SECONDS Leroy T-Shirt! - https://goo.gl/pptzab CLEETUS MERCH ...
 Texas Speed and Performance GM 1500 6.2 long tube headers and full exhaustNOT SO SLIM JIM
3 months ago
A walkthrough video on the post install of the Texas Speed and Performance long tube headers, catted Y-pipe, and 3.5" full ...
 Making Our Own Harness For Shop Truck, Plus Unboxing Some Of The Swap Parts!Texas Speed & Performance
1 months ago
Getting closer to getting this back on the streets! In this video we start tackling the wiring of the truck and unbox some of our new ...
 Texas Speed & Performance 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 6.2L GM Truck CamshaftsTexas Speed & Performance
1 years ago
Upgrade your 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, or 6.2L engine with a Texas Speed & Performance Camshaft! We offer unmatched engineering ...
 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2019 with Texas Speed!! The LT4 1969 Camaro Rolls Across The Block!Texas Speed & Performance
5 months ago
We headed to Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2019 to sell one of our friends 1969 Camaros we helped him LT4 swap. So check out a ...
 New Texas Speed 427 going in the C7 with a Powerglide Transmission and F1X ProChargerStangkilr Productions
1 months ago
In this video we get our new Texas Speed & Performance sleeved 427 LT engine. We look over the masterpiece of an engine and ...
 Our Shop Truck Hits The Scales And The Build Begins!Texas Speed & Performance
1 months ago
Alright we know you have been waiting for this project to begin! We finally got the time carved out to get this Shop Truck project ...
 Texas Speed & Performance Rapid Prototyping New Parts for DevelopmentTexas Speed & Performance
4 years ago
Rapid Prototyping New Parts for Development! Can anyone guess what they are?
 1989 Silverado LS Swap Texas Speed and Performance 216/220 Camtinyadams1
2 years ago
Dropped 7 in the back and 6 in the front. 5.3 LS with a Texas Speed and Performance 216/220 Cam 111 Lobe Separation.
 Texas Speed and Performance Cam! .235/.248 .641/.615 cold startgimo2055
1 years ago
2010 camaro ss Stage 4 Cam 239/241 641/615.
 Texas Speed & Performance Engine Machining & BuildingTexas Speed & Performance
2 years ago
At Texas Speed & Performance, we manufacture, assemble, and stock engines for LS and Gen 5 LT1 applications. Every engine ...
 5.3 texas speed and performance Stage 2 212/218 cam Idleing untuned.Woody Hardy
7 months ago
Sorry for such a short video, my neighbors already hate my truck as it is.
 Motorn TV - Air cooled LS? Leroy at Texas speed and performance booth at PRIMOTOR'N TV
7 months ago
We talk to Trevor from Texas Speed and Performance about how they helped get Leroy into the record books ...
 Texas Speed and Performance F-35 cammed 500WHP N/A Camaro!!SuperSloMaro
1 months ago
Short little talk about the F-35 cam and sound clips of my cammed 5th gen Camaro..
 Leroy Breathes SNOW! Moving Him Into the Texas Speed Booth at PRI 2018!Cleetus McFarland
7 months ago
NEW Shirts Bundle available now!! - https://goo.gl/DWHJa3 Wahoooooo, we made it to the PRI show! Cleetus and Cars 2019 ...
 Texas Speed At PRI 2018!Texas Speed & Performance
6 months ago
On this trip we head to Indianapolis for the annual PRI show! We finally got the footage together and posted it up! For 2018 we had ...
 5.3 LS3 Valve Spring & tsp CamShaft Install w Greasemonkeymods texas speed performanceTheLateModelTech
1 years ago
Just having a little fun this weekend. Got to do some 4 wheeling and hanging out with my buddy Bo while He's throwing a cam and ...
 I went to Texas speed and performance, also the wife's new car! 2015 Camaro ss 1le Vlog7Don Juan
11 months ago
Sup guys! I finally had the time to go to TSP to drop off my heads to get the work done, this is an amazing facility and they do great ...
 Everything's Better in Texas | Texas Speed and PerformanceCorvettes and Coffee
1 years ago
Hey Guys, I had the incredible opportunity to fly out to TSP for the day and tour the facility and get to know the great team behind ...
 Texas Speed & Performance Heads and Cam.wmvsvotang85
9 years ago
C6 ZO6 Heads & Cam by TSP with a dyno of 568.
 Texas Speed & Performance Engine Machining Facility - Roughing LS6 HeadsTexas Speed & Performance
3 years ago
Texas Speed and Performance houses over $500000 of CNC machines that are dedicated to building the Precision Race ...
10 months ago
 Testing Texas Speed & Performance G8 Headers Preview/TestingTexas Speed & Performance
2 years ago
New TSP G8 Headers are coming along great; these were installed and tested at our shop in Georgetown, Texas! TSP G8 Shop: ...
 Texas Speed and Performance Corvette *Shaggamonkey's*bigredrover2005
10 years ago
"http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3057203" Here is a rear exhaust shot of my vette after all the goodies were installed on it..... Texas ...
 Why did I choose a Texas Speed Cam and Longtube Headers for my Camaro 1le!?Trae Adams
1 years ago
Why I decided to go with Texas Speed & Performance on my Camaro!
 Texas Speed Stage 3 Cam Swap! - LSxHumveeLSXHumvee
11 months ago
I install a new Texas Speed stage 3 truck cam for more low end torque and ditch the LS9 cam. The install took a little longer than I ...
 Texas Speed Stage 2 LS3 229/244 .629"/.615" CamshaftTexas Speed & Performance
2 years ago
TSP's all-new line of LS3 camshafts are the result of our latest round of engine dyno camshaft development using our ...
 Texas Speed Owner's 1st Ride in Sketchy VertSketchy Vert
5 months ago
Sketchy Vert stops by Texas Speed on the way to Cleetus and Cars in Houston, TX for a tour and takes the Owner of Texas Speed ...
 Texas Speed LS7 CNC headsslow_restoration
11 months ago
We unbox the heads for the z06. they are from Texas Speed and have had the valve guides replaced. They also CNC ported them ...
 Texas Speed & Performance 2015 Stingray A8 - Nitto DR's & AFE Cold Air InductionTexas Speed & Performance
4 years ago
This pass we added the Nitto drag radials and AFE cold air induction. Density altitude was +950 ft. vs. our bone stock run at +300 ...
 4th Gen Trans Am Camaro Texas Speed and Performance TSP Cat Back Exhaust Stock LS1Jason Firebird
7 months ago
The sound clips don't do the exhaust justice when the cutout is open. In person it sounds very deep and loud. I just couldn't ...
 Texas Speed & Performance 2010+ Camaro SS 1-7/8" Long Tube Header DynoTexas Speed & Performance
8 years ago
We are proud to introduce our new 1-7/8" Long Tube Header for the 2010+ Camaro SS. On our first dyno test the headers pulled ...