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 Extremely Painful 🍑 Waxing!!!TheBellLife
Trey and Justin had fun at poor Garren expense and let me tell you this hit it out of the park for me, Garren had me laughing so ...
 Drunk Rubber Band Pain Test!!!TheBellLife
3 days ago
Trey, Justin and Garren started off with a little old school fun the good ol hornets where you take folded paper and shoot it at each ...
 Drunk Carolina Reaper Cheese Puff Challenge!!!TheBellLife
5 days ago
This was too funny!!! These cheese puffs were sent to us in Bell Mail and Trey, Justin and Garren were not looking forward to this ...
 TheBellLife’s Baby Bell Gender Reveal!!! (Our IVF Pregnancy Journey Part 8)TheBellLife Vlogs
4 days ago
Justin and I wanted to officially let y'all in on the the gender of baby bell. We are excited to welcome the newest addition to ...
 Drinking 6 Smirnoff's In 3 Minutes Challenge!!!TheBellLife
8 days ago
Trey, Justin and Garren wanted to try another fun drinking video!!! They started off thinking it was going to take them 6 Minutes you ...
 Bell Mail #44TheBellLife Vlogs
6 days ago
All of us here at TheBellLife want to say a huge thank you for all your thoughtful gifts we are so appreciative to all of our viewers!
 Laxative Prank!!!TheBellLife
1 years ago
This is really what brotherly love looks like!!! Justin had this little gem up his sleeve... He recored this a couple of weeks ago and ...
 Get The Cheese Off The Mouse Trap Challenge!!! (Only Using Your Mouth)TheBellLife
12 days ago
Trey, Justin and Garren had us cracking up with their different techniques on how to remove the cheese from the trap.. this was so ...
 Bell Mail #43TheBellLife Vlogs
13 days ago
All of us here at TheBellLife are just overwhelmed by our viewers generosity, we can't thank you enough for all the thoughtful gifts ...
 Fly Swatter Pain Test!!! TheBellLife
22 days ago
Trey, Justin and Garren didn't think this was funny while it was happening, but I'm here to tell you I couldn't keep myself together!
 Mad Dog 357 Plutonium NO.9 Clarinet Challenge!!! (9 Million Scoville Pepper Extract)TheBellLife
15 days ago
Trey, Justin and Garren wanted to play with the Mad Dog 357 and it didn't pay to play!!! This was so funny the guys tried so hard to ...
 Car Antenna VS TheBellLife!!!TheBellLife
29 days ago
Well we found out that... It hurts Please Like/Share and as always SUBSCRIBE Grab some new merch⬇️⬇️ ...
 Blow Gun VS TheBellLife!!! (Very Close Call)TheBellLife
1 months ago
Trey, Justin and Garren had some fun with this one we received an unexpected gift in Bell Mail that Justin got really excited about ...
 Dog Shock Collar Punishment!!!TheBellLife
17 days ago
Our First Shock Collar vid⬇️ Trey and Justin think it was 4 years ago when they tested hoss's collar ...
 Arby’s Meat Mountain Challenge!!! (TheBellLife’s First Mukbang)TheBellLife
1 months ago
Trey, Justin and Garren thought this was a old wise tail, and of course we had to find out for ourselves so we went down to old ...
 TheBelLife’s Jail Time Experience!!! (Why We Went To Jail For A YouTube Video) Part 2TheBellLife Vlogs
11 days ago
Trey and Justin wanted to give you the second part to their jail time experience!! This was very traumatic to the guys and we are so ...
4 months ago
 Oreo Crawl Challenge!!! TheBellLife
10 days ago
Trey, Justin and Garren out did themselves with this challenge!!! This had me laughing so hard i couldn't stand up right!!! Never in ...
 Oreo Crawl Challenge!!!TheBellLife
10 days ago
Trey, Justin and Garren out did themselves with this challenge!!! This had me laughing so hard i couldn't stand up right!!! Never in ...
 🐄 ⚡️ VS TheBellLife!!!TheBellLife
1 months ago
Poor Garren just can't catch a break after getting a cattle prod in the mail the guys had to see how humane they were so of course ...
 60 White Claws In 60 Minutes!!!TheBellLife
11 months ago
Trey and Justin decided to try to drink 60 White Claws in 60 minutes!!! Well these two clowns started off strong, let me tell you, we ...
 1 Gallon Jar Of Pickles Challenge!!!TheBellLife
2 months ago
Trey put up a serious fight in this one🥴 Please Like/Share and as always SUBSCRIBE Grab some merchandise⬇️⬇️ ...
 The Bell Life - A Garren Tributedazzer89
3 months ago
A short tribute in honour of The Puker. All videos used belong to The Bell Life, check them out at: ...
 Doritos Flamin Hot Nacho Challenge!!!TheBellLife
24 days ago
Trey, Justin and Garren did not look forward to this video, we have had these Doritos for a couple weeks now and the guys knew ...
 Tube Of Terror Prank!!! (Carolina Reaper Peanut Challenge)TheBellLife
1 months ago
Trey has been waiting for months to get Justin back for the towel prank, and now is the time Justin thought we were finished for the ...
 A Day In The Life Of Justin!!! (AKA Dumb-Dumb)TheBellLife Vlogs
2 months ago
It's Justin's turn to bring y'all along on his Saturday he love filming video and coming up with great ideas to make y'all laugh.
 Metal Chair VS Dumb Dumb!!! (WWE Chair Shots)TheBellLife
1 years ago
The guys try their luck against a metal chair this is too good to pass!!! Y'all have been asking for a pain video well here you go!
 Super Sock Riot Control Experiment VS Dumb Dumb!!!TheBellLife
4 months ago
Here we are with Justin it's his turn to take a shot from this riot control super-sock and he definitely received it in all it's glory!
 Houston Jones VS TheBellLife Pain Gauntlet!!!TheBellLife
2 months ago
Well it's been a long week... But we are back and stronger than ever Who do y'all think won??? Make sure and subscribe to ...
 Oyster Challenge!!!TheBellLife
1 months ago
Trey, Justin and Garren wanted to try out some oyster's that they received from Bell Mail and let me tell you this does not ...
 Bull Whip VS Puker!!!TheBellLife
5 months ago
Trey and Justin felt cheated because both of them have felt the bull whip and Garren has walked around without having that ...
 Sling Shot Nut Shot Challenge (Warning Blood)TheBellLife
2 years ago
Well these guys are up to no good again hurting each other. This is a must see video!!!
1 months ago
This is to everyone commenting about me wearing and promoting The Bell Life in my videos. My final response to you all.
 Sunflower Stalk Pain Test!!!TheBellLife
1 months ago
Trey, Justin and Garren were so excited to get this huge SunFlower stalk in Bell Mail #41. Well I should say Justin was excited and ...
 Peeing On An Electric FenceTheBellLife
2 years ago
Here they go again peeing on things, this time it's an electric fence..sometimes you just wonder where they come up with this stuff!!
 The Bell Life MOST PAINFUL! Moments!!!Bumpy Productions
1 years ago
thebelllife #painful #fails Do NOT! Click this!! WE DO NOT Claim ...
 Super Sock Riot Control Experiment VS The Puker!!!TheBellLife
4 months ago
Well then it is Garren turn to see how these riot control Super-Socks felt and he was able to lessen the blow... Garren was lucky!
 Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No.9 Challenge!!! (GONE HORRIBLY WRONG)TheBellLife
1 years ago
After hundreds of request, we finally went out and bought the Mad Dog 357 Plutonium... This was a bad one, we were not sure ...
 World's Hottest Towel Prank!!! (Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No.9)TheBellLife
9 months ago
Justin decided to have a little fun with Trey after, Trey added Mad Dog 357 to Justin's toothpaste!!! Well this might be walking a ...
 Getting ElectrocutedTheBellLife
4 years ago
This was not a good idea at all... This is a must watch and see what happens to Justin... DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!
 TheBelLife’s Jail Time Experience!!! (Why We Went To Jail For A YouTube Video) Part 1TheBellLife Vlogs
1 months ago
Trey and Justin wanted to share with you the experience they went through while they were in jail... Now mind you, these guys ...
 You REACT You LOSE - Pain Gauntlet VS TheBellLife | Bodybuilder VS Bodybuilders Pain ChallengeHouston Jones
2 months ago
In this episode of Bodybuilder VS I do a pain gauntlet with TheBellLife where if you REACT you LOSE! Justin, Trey and Garren ...
 Banana Race With A Fart Spray Surprise!!!TheBellLife
1 years ago
While sitting in the kitchen this morning a goofy idea was thrown out and imagine my surprise when the guys followed through.
 Rattlesnake Smoothie Challenge!!!TheBellLife
1 years ago
Trey, Justin and Garren start off with an innocent Rattlesnake challenge and it turns into way more!!! This was honestly too ...
 Eating A Can Of Pringles In 2 Minutes!!!TheBellLife
2 months ago
Justin, Trey and Garren decided to race on how fast they could eat a can of Pringles and let me tell y'all I was impressed with this ...
 Tased By A Police TaserTheBellLife
4 years ago
Trey and Justin have their minds made up that they want to be tased by an official police taser.... They were not expecting what ...
 One Chip Challenge!!! (Carolina Reaper)TheBellLife
11 months ago
Trey, Justin, Amy and Garren invited a guest to sit in on a couple videos, today but I'm pretty sure if Lee knew what he was in for ...
 Shock Collar Drive Thru Challenge!!!TheBellLife
4 months ago
This one you have got to watch!!!! Trey dose not handle the dog collar well the guys are having way to much fun at Treys expense!
 Korean Silkworm Pupa ChallengeTheBellLife
1 years ago
This one goes down in the books for the worst idea yet!!!! Silkworms are edible but that doesn't mean you should eat them!
 Death Nut Challenge Gone Horribly Wrong!!!TheBellLife
2 years ago
This is the Death Nut Challenge!! After a bunch of request and a ton of comments the guys decided to try this challenge bringing in ...
 TheBellLife/Dads New 2020 Regency Tritoon 230 LE3 Sport Midnight Edition Boat!!!TheBellLife Vlogs
25 days ago
Trey, Justin and all of us at TheBellLife wanted have a small part of Buzz and Shara's upgrade from the old Malibu to this ...
 Rolex Prank!!!TheBellLife
7 months ago
Trey has been holding in his anger from when Justin pranked him with the Mad Dog 357 prank, little did we know he has been ...
 Ugly Face Competition!!!TheBellLife
4 months ago
Well this hurts Who made the ugliest face??? Thank you all for all of the continued support Grab up some merchandise ...
 Doritos Dinamita 10 Minute Challenge!!!TheBellLife
1 months ago
Trey, Justin and Garren wanted to give the newest trend a try these Doritos were so tasty LOL lets just be honest this killed the ...
 Try Not To Pucker Challenge!!!TheBellLife
3 months ago
We recieved an awesome gift in Bell Mail and the guys really didn't know how to use it!!!v But let me tell you it was funny watching ...
 TheBellLife Is Banned From YouTube Again!!! (So Stupid)TheBellLife Vlogs
2 months ago
TheBellLife crew woke up this morning to a serious email we were told that one of our recent video was removed and we received ...
 PVC Pain Test!!! (Part 2)TheBellLife
3 months ago
Trey, Justin and Garren wanted to show y'll they would follow through we didn't get the likes but we wanted to make sure we ...