Things you missed in movies

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Disneys animated movies become a part of our lives before many of us even know how to read.
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Pretty much every movie whether amazing or terrible has mistakes. However
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When you are watching an animated Disney
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Harry Potter movies are full of hidden details that
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When a movie has audiences on the edge of their seats or falling out of them
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Ive done four IT themed episodes of Things You Missed so to send this
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Pixar is chalk full of great little Easter Eggs. Some of them appear in every movie without fail such as Andys ball and the Pizza ...
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From hidden easter eggs self self-referencing the animators and director to the tie ins and nods to Neil Gaimans 2002 novella ...
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Animated movies take years and a whole lot of work to make. There are so many elements to incorporate from the character ...
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Sing the movie has a lot of Easter Eggs and hidden messages. Heres
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The only franchise where a drawing of a monkey bears thematic significance. For more awesome content check out: ...
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If you are at all like us odds are
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Lets talk about The Woman in the Window and everything they left out... including the big twist AJ Finn article ...