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1 years ago
Aunties gossiping in their kitty party and the aunty who is always spying on someone. Watch 'Types of Aunties' and discover more ...
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 Types of Aunties || Aunties Sothanaigal || Light HouseLight House
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avasthaigal #aunties #types_of This video portrays different types of aunties on the basis of their character whom we come across ...
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 Types Of Indian Aunties | Never Have I Ever | Netflix IndiaNetflix India
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Feels like every family gathering ever. Catch how Devi deals with the neighbourhood aunties in Never Have I Ever, streaming now ...
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 Types Of Aunties We All Know - POPxo ComedyPOPxoDaily
3 years ago
From the Nosy Aunty to the Sho-Off - haven't we all come across these types of aunties?? Comment below if you agree! ;) To keep ...
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Say hi to all your favorite aunties, from the messy to the preachy #BlackHistoryMonth #BHM Check out more awesome videos at ...
 Types Of Aunties | Indian aunties | Captain Nick |Captain Nick
4 years ago
Hi, landing up with something which annoys the shit out of us. They are more dangerous and deadly than nuclear bombs. You try ...
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 10 Types of Singaporean AuntiesRyan Sylvia
4 years ago
In Singapore, we address every older people "uncle" or "auntie" as a form of respect, however, it's also not uncommon of them to ...
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 Types of Aunties||Bhavna Pathania||At WeddingBhavna Pathania
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Types of Aunties||Bhavna Pathania||At Wedding This video is about typical Indian aunties which we all have in our all kind of ...
 Types of Aunties 🤗❤️ ||Tumpa Kar|| (ft.Joyce)It's Tummppaa!
4 days ago
We all have atleast one of these aunties in our life to make it irritating but it's not fun without them SHARE IT IF YOU FIND ...
 Types of Aunties | Barkha SinghBarkha Singh
2 years ago
We've all faced one or more of these aunties in our day-to-day life... be it in our society, at dinner parties or even in a dreaded ...
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 Types Of Aunties/Triggered GirlTriggered Girl
6 days ago
This video describe the aunties in our society or our known one ... This video is Just for entertainment purpose.. ये वीडियो ...
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 iDIVA - Types Of South Delhi Aunties Part 1 | Things South Delhi Aunties SayiDIVA
2 years ago
If you thought you couldn't get enough of the South Delhi Girls, we present to you South Delhi Aunties! So if you want a good dose ...
 Types of Ladies at Sangeet | Kusha KapilaKusha Kapila
8 months ago
Get ready for a burst of belly laughter as #KushaKapila depicts the different kinds of people at an Indian Wedding's Sangeet ...
 Types of Pondattis || Araathi || Tamada MediaAraathi
10 months ago
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 Types of Aunties during Lockdown|Brown Aunties & Gossips|zaid ali new funny video|classy champClassy Champ
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 Types of Aunties (Part 1) | Team AmicitiaTeam Amicitia
7 days ago
Team Amicitia is back with their 4th Production as promised! TYPES OF AUNTIES (PART 1) where you will meet the different ...
 ZaidAliT - How Desi aunties gossipZaidAliT Vlogs
5 years ago
Desi aunties always add masala to their conversation and make up so many stories. Share this video if you enjoyed it!
 Types Of Aunties Dancing At Parties - POPxoPOPxoDaily
1 years ago
Aunty Ji, aunty ji, get up and dance... Have you ever met these aunties at parties? Tell us your experiences in the comments ...
2 years ago
Here's a video on the different types of 'Aunties' we all have come across! We hope you like the video and don't forget to tell us ...
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 TYPES OF AUNTIES || TWINEES AS AUNTIES || FUNNY ||rr_twinsisters Ritvika & Ritisha
19 hours ago
rr_twinsisters @rr_twinsisters Youtube.com/c/rrtwinsistersRitvikaRitisha * * This is a video showing types of aunties we have met ...
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 Types Of Aunties/ প্রতিবেশী কাকিমা, জেঠিমা! || NeHaHaHa || Bengali Comedy Video || Neha Mondal ||NeHaHaHa
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Types Of Aunties/ প্রতিবেশী কাকিমা, জেঠিমা! || NeHaHaHa || Bengali Comedy Video || Neha Mondal || Content, Script, Direction ...
 Types Of PG Wali Aunties We All Have - POPxoPOPxoDaily
8 months ago
Ever stayed in a PG? The landlords or landladies are one of a kind, right? From the eavesdropper to the gossip monger, the ...
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 Types of aunties on Diet / Aunties are backvintalks
2 months ago
A humorous act of different types of aunties who are on diet and trying to reduce weight. A bit of exaggeration has been done to ...
 Types Of Aunties We All KnowThe Controversial Kid
3 years ago
Check out the 5 types of aunties who are COMPULSORILY a part of our lives! Comment below if you know any of these aunties ...
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https://youtu.be/EJN1JB3BvYE Presenting you all, Types of Aunties. Things aunties says to us. I am sure we all come across these ...
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