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 MAXED GODZILLA REX TAKES ON DA BOSS!!! - Jurassic World AliveTheGamingBeaver
18 hours ago
I've committed now, there's no turning back. I will make mortem rex work! Jurassic World Alive Bucks: ...
 Gaming Beaver Funny Montage #10TheGamingBeaver
5 days ago
Back with another Montage of funny moments!!! LIMITED EDITION MERCH : Subscribe: ...
 Reacting to my FIRST EVER Youtube Series! - The Dead LandTheGamingBeaver
4 months ago
I react to the first ever proper attempt at a series made by yours truly. Made sometime back in early 2005 while I was in high school ...
 PLAYING LITTLE NIGHTMARES 2!!! - Little Nightmares 2 Demo | The HospitalTheGamingBeaver
4 days ago
Little Nightmares 2 has a demo and I was lucky enough to get to play it. Let's see what this Hospital has to offer. Subscribe: ...
 I'M THE ONE WHO EATS!!! - Fish Feed and Grow | HDTheGamingBeaver
1 months ago
A new Update in Fish Feed and Grow adds a soundtrack and better sound FX to the game. They also updated a lot of the fish ...
 TARBOSAURUS UNLOCKED!! || Jurassic World - The Game - Ep 465 HDTheGamingBeaver
16 days ago
Tarbosaurus has been added to Jurassic World The Game. That is all. MAKE THE BEARD GREAT AGAIN: ...
 THE FUTURE PREDATOR IS HERE! - Jurassic World Evolution ModsTheGamingBeaver
1 months ago
Jurassic World Evolution has had a bunch of mods added to it, primevil, the isle and a lot more! We were so preoccupied with ...
 STRANDED ON DINOSAUR ISLAND !!! - Crynosaur | Collision CourseTheGamingBeaver
4 months ago
We find ourselves stranded on an island packed full of dinosaurs. Might as well have some fun and do the shooty shoot. LIMITED ...
 THE EVOLUTION OF YOSHI! - Jurassic World EvolutionTheGamingBeaver
1 months ago
Yoshi has finally made the jump to realistic graphics and I have to say it could have went a lot worse. Dare I say that maybe this is ...
 IT WASN'T ME I SWEAR!!! - Among UsTheGamingBeaver
22 days ago
It's time for me to be the imposter in among us. This can only go really, really well. MAKE THE BEARD GREAT AGAIN: ...
 NEW DINOSAURS! JURASSIC WORLD 3! ALL THE NEWS!!! - Jurassic World Dominion NewsTheGamingBeaver
18 days ago
Jurassic World Dominion news is here and we have a lot to cover, spoilers and non spoilers! Let's go over all the exciting news!
 ARE WE GOING TO UNLOCK GODZILLA REX?!? - Jurassic World AliveTheGamingBeaver
20 days ago
Could this be the time we unlock the epic Godzilla Rex?! Jurassic World Alive Bucks: Promotional ...
 The end of Dinosaurs on the Channel?TheGamingBeaver
11 months ago
Petition to Change COPPA : Chadtronic's Video ...
 Among Us But Everyone Is Dead!!!TheGamingBeaver
28 days ago
First time playing among us and one of the most intense decisions I've ever had to make! MAKE THE BEARD GREAT AGAIN: ...
 New KRAKEN Kaiju Unlocked!!! - Hungry Shark Evolution | HDTheGamingBeaver
4 months ago
Hungry Shark Evolution has released the KRAKEN! This could be the best 'shark' in the game so far, can't beat a good ol' disco ...
 Jurassic World Evolution: ULTIMASAURUS BATTLE ROYALE!!! - Jurassic World Evolution | HDTheGamingBeaver
2 months ago
The New Ultimasaurus is ready to take part in a battle royale with a bunch of new mods. Some rather more questionable then ...
 OPENING THE HARDEST CARD PACK!! || Jurassic World - The Game - Ep 464 HDTheGamingBeaver
21 days ago
It's time to win the hardest battle event that Jurassic World has to offer in my opinion. Especially when you consider what the prize ...
 Opening All the Packs!! || Jurassic World - The Game - Ep 467 HDTheGamingBeaver
8 days ago
Using almost all of my dinosaurs to get as many packs as possible. MAKE THE BEARD GREAT AGAIN: ...
 Born to Hunt! - Life of a UtahRaptor | The isleTheGamingBeaver
3 months ago
Not all dinosaurs are made equal and for whatever reason this one, this one was one of those cases. The Beard: ...
 Opening All the Packs!! || Jurassic World - The Game - Ep 467 HDTheGamingBeaver
8 days ago
Using almost all of my dinosaurs to get as many packs as possible. MAKE THE BEARD GREAT AGAIN: ...
 GODZILLA SHARK DESTROY!!! - Hungry Shark Evolution | HDTheGamingBeaver
1 years ago
It's time to upgrade the Sharkjira and break that RECORD WORLD SCORE HIGH!??!?! Download the Game here ...
 JAWS HAS RETURNED!!! - Maneater Gameplay | Part 1TheGamingBeaver
5 months ago
Jaws Unleashed has now been revived in the new Maneater! Taking control of a baby Bull shark we seek revenge for our shark ...
 LETS MAKE SOME DINOSAURS!!! - Jurassic World Minecraft DLC | Ep1TheGamingBeaver
2 months ago
Jurassic World has finally 'officially' came to minecraft! I have to admit they.... spared no expense with this one! Look okay, It had to ...
 INDORAPTOR Vs INDOMINUS REX!!! - Jurassic World Minecraft DLC | Ep5TheGamingBeaver
2 months ago
Indoraptor takes on Indominus rex, we release rexy and make all of the other dinosaurs. Yes I am spoiling you with this one.
 FEEDING THE MOSASAUR!!! - Jurassic World Minecraft DLC | Ep2TheGamingBeaver
2 months ago
We return to Jurassic World in Minecraft this time we open the park, hatch more dinosaurs and try to stop it all the dinosaurs from ...
 DESTROYED BY THE CRAB KING!!! - Gorn Gameplay | HTC ViveTheGamingBeaver
1 years ago
It's about time we take out some frustration by playing some wholesome GORN! Subscribe: Follow ...
 PLAYING AS THE NEW CERATOSAURUS! - Primal Carnage LivestreamTheGamingBeaver
1 months ago
Today we take a look at the newly released Ceratosaurus in Primal Carnage! Will we be any good, probably not but hey.
 Baby Dinosaurs! | Era of Terror - Roblox Dinosaur SimulatorTheGamingBeaver
7 months ago
A Dinosaur Game that's like the isle and I've never played before and is free??? Let's see just what it has to offer! LIMITED ...
 RELEASING BLUE INTO THE WILD!!! - Jurassic World Minecraft DLC | Ep4TheGamingBeaver
2 months ago
We continue our adventure in Jurassic World, creating even more dinosaurs and giving Blue a better life! MAKE THE BEARD ...
 Shooting Dinosaurs in a Fan Made Jurassic Park Game! - Jurassic PlanetTheGamingBeaver
4 months ago
It's time we take a look at the fan made Jurassic Park game called Jurassic Planet! Sit in the ford explorers and take a tour round ...
 SHARK VR!!! - Hungry Shark World VR | HDTheGamingBeaver
3 years ago
Be the shark in Hungry Shark's newest game Hungry Shark VR! Game Here : ❤❤❤ For Exclusive Updates ...
 BIOLUMINESCENT PARA UNLOCKED!! || Jurassic World - The Game - Ep 463 HDTheGamingBeaver
1 months ago
New Bioluminescent Para has arrived in Jurassic World The Game and guess who unlocked it by spending hours doing battles ...
 ALL DINOSAURS, EVERYWHERE DINOSAURS!?! - Second Extinction | Ep1TheGamingBeaver
27 days ago
Second Extinction is here and the goal is simple: Reclaim earth! In this video we try to complete one of the missions, it's goes very ...
 Massive Dinosaur Fight Club! - Animal RevoltTheGamingBeaver
3 months ago
First rule of dinosaur fight club is to make a video on it and upload it to youtube of course. I didn't realise that this game had added ...
 THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!! | Empires Of The Undergrowth - Ep20TheGamingBeaver
1 months ago
Now we get to play the other ant colony and this time the outcome will be different! MAKE THE BEARD GREAT AGAIN: ...
 DINOSAURS! - Roblox Dinosaur SimulatorTheGamingBeaver
3 years ago
Everything is better with Dinosaurs! What could be a better way to try roblox then with dinosaurs of course. It's pretty simple ...
 Our Ancestors Meet A Terrible New Foe?!? - Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey | PART 12 | HDTheGamingBeaver
1 years ago
ANCESTORS THE HUMANKIND ODYSSEY - Stumbling into the bright light of the Savannah and a new dawn. This world ...
 THE RAPTORS ESCAPE! - Jurassic World Evolution | Ep7TheGamingBeaver
2 years ago
JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION! So as it turns out keeping velociraptors is quite a hard task. Who would have guessed!? *GET ...
 HUGE ZOMBIE BOSS!!! - Totally Accurate ZombilatorTheGamingBeaver
3 years ago
Huge Giant Zombies are not good for your health. Today we takr a look at TABZ. Dayz Spliced with TABS to create this beautiful ...
 MECHA GODZILLA ATTACKS!!! | Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator HDTheGamingBeaver
3 years ago
Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator has just recently added MODS and with it has came the some mighty Kaiju As well as Spiderman.
 NEW BOSSES, NEW DINOSAURS, NEW NEW!!! - Jurassic World AliveTheGamingBeaver
1 months ago
Jurassic World Alive has just updated and with it comes a lot of new features. Bosses, nerfs and buffs are all covered in this video.
 I wasn't ment to record this video!!! || Jurassic World - The Game - Ep 461 HDTheGamingBeaver
2 months ago
Just another random day in Jurassic World The Game, Palm trees and burps what more could you ask for? MAKE THE BEARD ...
 Euoplocephalus is Born!!! - Jurassic World Evolution - Claire's Sanctuary | Ep5 HDTheGamingBeaver
1 years ago
Now that we've established ourselves on Sanctuary Island we can now look at bringing in some new species. First off it's the ...
 This is AMAZING!! - Tiny Dino World | Ep1TheGamingBeaver
4 years ago
This little game sort of just crept up out of nowhere and now seems to be exploding into everyones pockets. I have to say this is ...
 Unlocking The New Giant Snake!!! | Jurassic World - The Game - Ep399 HDTheGamingBeaver
1 years ago
Move over Titanoboa theres a new Giant snake in town! Subscribe For More: GETCHA FREE RESOURCES ...
 Dinosaur Minecraft Adventure Time! | Fooni MontageTheGamingBeaver
4 months ago
It's time to look back at our Minecraft adventure so far. Lots of stuff happened. The adventure continued on vertico's Channel but ...
 T.rex & Rollercoasters! : Jurassic Park The Game | Ep2TheGamingBeaver
4 years ago
This crazy journey continues onward and we find out the true meaning of love. ❤❤❤ For Exclusive Updates you can find them all ...
 The End of Indoraptor! - Life of an Indoraptor | The isleTheGamingBeaver
1 years ago
ndoraptor's story is about to come to an end! How you might ask, with a giant battle against a t.rex perhaps or a magical ...
 Dinosaur Simulator - Beasts Of BermudaTheGamingBeaver
3 years ago
Beasts of Bermuda is the newest dinosaur simulator game on the block. Allowing You to take control of land dinosaurs such as ...
 INDOMINUS REX FAILURE! - MALUSAURUS!!! - Jurassic World Evolution Modded Series | Ep10TheGamingBeaver
8 months ago
Malusaurus has been added to the game. This interesting dinosaur was actually a very early concept for indominus rex. It almost ...
 THE GAMING BEAVER Collab! Making his Red Rubber T REX! RubberSaursMarco Makes
1 months ago
OH MY GOSH I MADE A RUBBER T REX FOR THE BEAVER HIMSELF!! #marcomakesdinos #gen2 Buy my figures here: ...
 ALL SHARKS MAXED, GAME COMPLETED!!! - Maneater Gameplay | Part 8TheGamingBeaver
5 months ago
All the collectables have been collected. All the Bounty Hunters have been hunted and all the things have been killed. Now what.
1 months ago
Jurassic World Camp Cretacous is just around the corner and with that comes a new website! What secrets can we find. LIMITED ...
 THE EVIL GOOSE!!! - Untitled Goose GameTheGamingBeaver
1 years ago
Take control fo a goose and do the goose things. What more can you say. Subscribe: Follow ...
 V.REX KILLER!!! : Peter Jackson's King Kong | Ep5 (XBOX 360)TheGamingBeaver
4 years ago
No one can stop the monkey madness!!! ❤❤❤ For Exclusive Updates you can find them all here ❤❤❤ ❤ Merchandise Here: ...
 ALL SHARKS + TIPS & STRATEGIES - Hungry Shark World | GamePlay | HDTheGamingBeaver
4 years ago
All sharks unlocked in hungry shark world! In this video I show how I use all the sharks going in depth with what works and what ...
 TROODON IS HERE!!! - Jurassic World Evolution - Secrets of Dr.Wu | Ep2 HDTheGamingBeaver
1 years ago
Jurassic World Evolution's Secrets of Dr.Wu is here! Finally we get to see what this Troodon is all about and theres a few surprises ...
 Danger In The Night! - Life of a Maiasaura | The isleTheGamingBeaver
1 years ago
Everything goes to hell during the night but will there be any survivors? For Da Parents: Follow ...
 DOUBLE T.REX HEADS and FINAL BOSS!!! - Octogeddon | Ep5TheGamingBeaver
2 years ago
What better way to take on the final boss then to have two huge t.rex heads! I really enjoyed this game, only down side is the ...