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Alright alright... I feel like I have some clearing up to do because quite a few people are getting really angry and emotional when I ...
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Brought to you by Jake Wardle at Check out my newest accent video (2015): ...
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Accent expert and actor Amy Walker breaks down American accents in movies including 'The Blindside,' 'The Departed,' ...
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All credit goes to Football Road Trips! Facebook: Website: ...
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 Jimmy's Best Accents! | Jimmy CarrJimmy Carr
11 months ago
I always make an effort to do the accent of the places i'm gigging in - which ones do you think i've nailed? I'm open to criticism.
 One language, three accentsDiscover English
2 years ago
Cookie? Biscuit? Bikkie? They all mean the same thing! Our lovely English teachers will quickly show you some pronunciation ...
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 24 ACCENTS (while promoting Indonesia)Kristo Immanuel
1 years ago
I love doing accents, and I also love my country. so why not both? this is a reupload Instagram: Kristo.immanuel.
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Click to tweet! Definitely my most requested video from the past two years. Finally getting around to ...
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Jimmy challenges Niall Horan to show off as many accents as he can while reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Subscribe ...
 "Don't Lose Your Accent / Learning Accents" - TREVOR NOAH (Pay Back The Funny)Trevor Noah
1 years ago
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 "Don't Lose Your Accent / Learning Accents" - TREVOR NOAH (Pay Back The Funny)Trevor Noah
1 years ago
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 Young Comedian's Array Of Accents Goes ViralStoryful Rights Management
2 years ago
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 Learning Accents with Ben AffleckTheEllenShow
9 years ago
Today Ellen decided to play a little game with Ben Affleck to test his accents. They both tried their best. Find out who won the prize!
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Dialect coach Erik Singer once again takes a look at idiolects, better known as the specific way one individual speaks. Did Rami ...
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Sit back and enjoy celebrities attempting to do a British accent on The Graham Norton Show. Some are a little better than others.
 12 Different English Speaking Accents 【With Subs】| 12种不同的英语口音【中英双语字幕】Rachelism
11 months ago
I am very sorry that I mistyped "Philipino" to "Phillippino". I did not realize it after I finished making subtitles for this video.
 Trope Talk: AccentsOverly Sarcastic Productions
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Check out Campfire here: ...
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Subscribe for more videos: Check out my mates' channel "PAGODA ONE": ...
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EVERYBODY has an accent! Here's a clip from my 2004 "Comedy Now" set.
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We're making a Lineup game! Sign up for updates: Sponsor this series: ...
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The star of Brooklyn gives Stephen a primer in speaking with an Irish brogue.
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Fred's been around the country a bit. Probably too much. Watch Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers, only on Netflix.
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We had CNCO test out their skills to find out which Spanish accent is truly the sexiest! Credits: ...
3 years ago
British vs American accents! I try out speaking like my English friend! Subscribe to Cheryl - ...
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1 years ago
How many different accents can you do? All-new episodes of #GrahamNortonBBCA premiere Fridays at 11/10c on BBC America.
 Top 10 Actors With The Best Fake
6 months ago
These are the top 10 celebs who fooled us all with movie and TV accents. We don't even know who you are anymore! For this list ...
8 months ago
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 28 Different English Speaking AccentsBrinchIRL
6 years ago
Hey everyone, this is my attempt at 28 different English speaking accents from around the world. They are all spoken in the ...
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There's a wide variety of accents on display on the couch this week. Canadian... Welsh... Nigerian... Subscribe for weekly updates: ...
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James asks all-time movie villain Peter Stormare about his rise to fame in Hollywood and learns a shift in casting movie bad guys ...
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How To Learn Any Accent A masterclass with actress and dialect coach Amy Walker (of "21 Accents") to empower You to teach ...
 TikTok Compilation ''Accent Challenge''MyTube
5 months ago
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Where Trevor's accent skills came from and why he's his grandmother's favorite grandchild. Subscribe to The Daily Show: ...
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Did you know that there are over 30 different English accents in England alone? And that's not all. Would you believe there are ...
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Can science explain the way you speak? Why Do You Hate Your Own Voice? - Subscribe: ...
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A Fun tour of American Accents. How To Do an American Accent - Bonus! You Did It! Well done. :-) Bonus from a FUN, in-depth, ...
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Special thanks to Sheetal, our volunteer reporter from Mumbai. You can follow her here ...
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Dialect coach Erik Singer once again analyzes the accents of some of Hollywood's biggest names. How accurate were their ...
2 years ago
This video is all about UK accents. We run through, Birmingham, Bristol, London, RP, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, ...
1 years ago
SIDEMEN ACCENT CHALLENGE - PLEASE LEAVE A LIKE! • Sidemen: • Sidemen Clothing: ...
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Tom Hiddleston does incredibly accurate accents and impressions. You've probably seen the London-born actor do impressions ...
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6 years ago
In memory of Andrew Jack (28 January 1944 – 31 March 2020).
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We quiz the stars of our British Portfolio on their favorite royals, American accents, and which English traditions need to finally ...
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Canadians talk weird. Here's some information on why. Music video care of B&Steve: ...
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11 months ago
hope you all enjoyed :D Get Spider-Man Apparel here: Use code game for an Extra 5% ...