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 Art Fair Tokyo 2015The Japan Times
5 years ago
More than 140 galleries displayed a variety of works at the annual Art Fair Tokyo. Related story on our website: ...
 World’s first digital art museum lights up Tokyo, JapanSouth China Morning Post
2 years ago
Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: A new art museum in Japan doesn't just allow visitors to stand ...
 30,000 goldfish on display in Japan as part of popular art exhibition’s latest showSouth China Morning Post
23 days ago
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Some 30000 goldfish, including koi, go on ...
 Gallery Talk: Jeffrey Deitch + Nanzuka Galleries Show Captivating Japanese Pop Art Exhibitionlucycbirmingham
7 months ago
Jeffrey Deitch (Los Angeles) and Nanzuka (Tokyo) galleries aligned to create the "Tokyo Pop Underground" exhibition featuring ...
 VIRTUAL EXHIBITION: Japan's 'Art of Impermanence' at Asia Society Museum [4K]Asia Society
4 months ago
NEW YORK, April 28, 2020 — Experience "The Art of Impermanence: Japanese Works from the John C. Weber Collection and Mr.
 Art of supernatural JapanArt Gallery of NSW
8 months ago
Over centuries, Japanese artists have brought magical animals, ghosts and monsters to life. Stories of these creatures and spirits ...
 Karate Master/驚異的空手道館仮装大賞公式チャンネル / masquerade TV
7 years ago
"Masquerade" official channel: Contact us to entry the contest: ...
 Dekotora: The Fascinating Subculture Of Japanese Art TrucksDave in Osaka
1 years ago
This was a dekotora event in Gifu prefecture in November 2018.
 Art meets technology to create a dazzling experience in JapanAl Jazeera English
4 years ago
Art and technology have collided in one of Japan's biggest ever exhibitions. The three-thousand square metre showcase in Tokyo ...
 This is Samurai Sword Art!kuro-obi world
3 years ago
Samurai Sword Method: KENGIDO… it is Swordplay combined with Beauty of Form.That means “THE WAY of SAMURAI” with a ...
 Every Artists Dream Come True - Worlds Biggest Art Store (Japan Vlog #2)ZHC
2 years ago
Today I went to visit the biggest art store in Japan! They had 12 floors as well as a back side! Join me on this adventure while I ...
 NYLON JAPAN POPUP ART SHOW - SHIBUYA, TOKYO - Japan Travel Video 2Aliens and Moonbeams
3 years ago
A SHORT VIDEO BY ALIENS AND MOONBEAMS. (v.2) What is it like to go to a fashion art shop in Tokyo? I went to the NYLON ...
 Tokyo digital art museum looks to 'expand the beautiful'CGTN
2 years ago
A worldwide light show is about to open a permanent museum in Tokyo. The flower-filled waterfall is the work of Japanese ...
 A Day In The Life Of A Sushi Master • TastyTasty
1 years ago
From breaking down huge fish to serving guests exquisite sushi, Chef Nozomu Abe from Sushi Noz takes us on a journey through ...
 Art in a pandemic: Tokyo gallery reopens with blockbuster exhibition | AFPAFP News Agency
1 months ago
Tokyo's influential Mori Art Museum reopens after a five-month hiatus with one of its most high-profile Japanese art shows in years ...
 Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo Art Village, in Harajuku. A must visit in Tokyo Japan.Japan Travel Today
1 years ago
Japanese Artist expressing their creativity at this Unique Tokyo Treasure abounding in Murals & Art displays. Meet the Artist who ...
 PARIS || Atelier des Lumières: DREAMED JAPAN Immersive Art ExhibitionThe World Through My Eyes
1 years ago
Between two screenings of 'Van Gogh: Starry Night' Immersive Art Exhibition (click here to see it:, ...
 Experience Yayoi Kusama's limitless "Infinity Mirrors" exhibitCBS This Morning
3 years ago
Washington is the first stop of a North American tour for an exhibit by legendary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. "Infinity Mirrors" is ...
 High-tech art show celebrates Japan's flowersCGTN
1 years ago
An exhibit in Tokyo uses technology to immerse the viewer in a range of sensory floral experiences on January 29. Although it's ...
 Mori Art Museum in JapanJacky
1 years ago
We've dedicated our first full day in Japan to be a museum day! Advanced tickets were purchased in the prior video at the local ...
 Japanese Monster: A Group Art ExhibitionKPBS
5 years ago
Art Kami's latest show, Japanese Monster: A Group Art Exhibition, opened last night at Mike Hess Brewery and features nearly two ...
 Suiseki, Japanese viewing stonesBonsai Empire
3 years ago
水 - Suiseki is the Japanese art of stone appreciation, which values aspects like stability, longevity and immortality. Formed ...
 The Art of Suminagashi Japanese Marbling | Craft Therapy | Apartment TherapyApartment Therapy
1 years ago
"Suminagashi" translates to "floating ink" in Japanese. Learn how to create this mesmerizing marbling technique—and print your ...
 Fake Food, Real Art: Crafting Display DelicaciesGreat Big Story
4 years ago
In Japan, it's customary for restaurants to display their offerings inside their front windows. Think restaurant window shopping.
 Thousands of goldfish in exhibition at Japan's Art Aquarium | AFPAFP News Agency
23 days ago
Japan's Art Aquarium in Tokyo opens its latest goldfish exhibition, where thousands of colourful creatures splash in art forms ...
 The Art of Japanese BartendingCNN
3 years ago
When it comes to Japanese bartending ... Himitsu's Shingo Gokan says each movement has a meaning.
 Works by renowned Japanese artist go on show in TokyoAP Archive
3 years ago
(21 Feb 2017) LEAD-IN: What's claimed to be the largest-ever exhibit of works by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is opening in ...
2 years ago
Experience Tokyo, Japan`s digital art museum, teamLab Borderless. I have never seen anything like this! This museum was 3 ...
 Japan's biggest art festival to resume suspended exhibition displaying comfort women statueARIRANG NEWS
11 months ago
日 예술제 '평화의 소녀상' 전시 내일재개 Japan will resume a suspended exhibition of a statue representing the victims of Tokyo's ...
 Design Festa - Japan's Largest Art and Design EventTokyo Cheapo
3 years ago
Design Festa, Asia's largest art festival and a veritable treasure trove of the arty, quirky and bizarre - we went down to investigate.
 Harvard Japanese art professor curates MET exhibitHarvard University
1 years ago
Harvard's Melissa McCormick takes “The Tale of the Genji,” one of the world's first novels, from classroom to gallery.
 How Japanese Candy Art Is Made | The Making OfInsider
1 years ago
Amezaiku is a traditional Japanese craft. Delicate sculptures, usually of animals, birds and fish, are molded out of a starchy syrup.
 Largest ever Chinese cartoons, comic art show being held in JapanCGTN
1 years ago
The largest ever Chinese cartoon and comic works exhibition in Japan has opened. More than 130 works of art from China are on ...
 "Shinto: Discovery of the Divine in Japanese Art" Exhibition TrailerCleveland Museum of Art
1 years ago
Treasures from Japan. Experience this once in a lifetime exhibition only in Cleveland. "Shinto: Discovery of the Divine in ...
 Mark Nagata Kaiju Comrades 2 art toy show Japan part4mark nagata
10 years ago
Created on March 18, 2010 using FlipShare.
 Inside The Tricked Out World Of Japanese "Dekotora" TrucksBusiness Insider
2 years ago
Japanese Dekotora trucks are works of art, literally, as the word "dekotora" means decorated. Trucks are furbished with wall ...
 Art of War [Museums] - #TOKYO [Japan]NHK WORLD-JAPAN
1 years ago
Discover the details and craftsmanship of samurai armor and weapons on display at the Tokyo National Museum. Watch more ...
5 years ago
English/Nat An exhibition of Imperial Japanese art never before seen outside Japan is on display in Washington D-C. The 56 ...
 Storytelling in Japanese ArtThe Met
8 years ago
Related Exhibition: Storytelling in Japanese Art November 19, 2011--May 6, 2012 Learn More: ...
 Kaiju Comrades 2 art toy show Japan part 2mark nagata
10 years ago
Created on March 18, 2010 using FlipShare.
 Exhibition compares Sharaku with modern Japanese artEFE in English
9 years ago
fmodernfprq6 Montevideo, 29 Jul (EFE).- An exhibition of Japanese artist Sharaku (active between 1794 and 1795) and works by ...
2 years ago
Mateusz talks about how he made it as a foreign artist in Japan, how he got hired by a famous Japanese animation director on the ...
 Japanese Martial Arts Spy Story | Mission: Naginata ★ ONLY in JAPANWAO RYU!ONLY in JAPAN
2 years ago
Japan's "Samurai City" is a short and scenic train trip from Tokyo's TOBU Asakusa Station. This place of warriors, Japanese sake ...
 Tokyo Design Festa 39 - Crazy Japanese Art ExhibitionRonin Dave
6 years ago
Design Festa volume 39 - Tokyo's madcap weekend of art, music, performance at Tokyo Big Site in Odaiba.
 Day in the Life of a Japanese Manga CreatorPaolo fromTOKYO
10 months ago
Mangaka day in the life in Japan also known as a Manga artist and manga creator. This documentary style video show the life of ...
 Off White "art show" JapanBlacks Market
2 years ago
Virgil Abloh had an amazing show in Japan lots of really dope people showed up to see an artistic take on advertisement.
 Interview with Japanese Artist Hiroaki Kano at Art Stage Singapore 2014VernissageTV
6 years ago
At the art fair Art Stage Singapore 2014, Gallery Hirota Fine Art is participating with a solo show with works by the Japanese artist ...
 GRWM - A Recap of 2019: Japan, art show fundraiser, grad school, concerts, showsStedesma
8 months ago
Happy New Year! This is just me rambling about my 2019 as we celebrate going into 2020. Also not sure why my face looks ...
 AGRARIANNA art show opens at Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj)J-Town Community TV
1 years ago
Co-presented by the Asian American Women Artists Association and JAMsj, AGRARIANNA--art inspired by APA agricultural ...
 Ikebana: Japanese art of flower arrangementCGTN
1 years ago
Ikebana means "arranging flowers" or "making flowers alive." It is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, also known as Kado ...
 (Least) Dangerous Martial Arts ★ ONLY in JAPANWAO RYU!ONLY in JAPAN
4 years ago
Japan is home to a lot of martial arts, many of which John can not physically do. However, there's one he can – SPOCHAN! It uses ...
 Sculpting Japanese Candy ArtInsider
2 years ago
Amezaiku is a Japanese art of sculpting candy that has been practiced for over 1200 years. Shinobu Ichiyanagi has been doing it ...
 Japanese Kaiju Toys and Contemporary Art LectureNSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale
2 months ago
During the 1960s and 70s in Japan, children tuned in every Saturday to watch movies and TV shows where super-heroes battled ...