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 Emu War - OverSimplified (Mini-Wars #4)OverSimplified
1 years ago
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 China vs Australia: Could Chinese military endanger Aussie shores?Binkov's Battlegrounds
11 months ago
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 WW2 in Australia | Bombing Of Darwin (1942)Vector Historia
1 years ago
Chapters: Introduction: [0:00] Background: [0:33] Order of Battle - Allied: [02:52] Order of Battle - Japan: [05:09] Darwin Air Raids ...
 Killing Field: Explosive new allegations of Australian special forces war crimes | Four CornersABC News In-depth
6 months ago
A Four Corners investigation has uncovered new allegations that unarmed civilians were unlawfully killed by Australian special ...
 The Only Countries That Have Never Lost A WarThe Infographics Show
7 months ago
War has affected every country across the globe, but only two countries remain undefeated in war. Those two countries are ...
 Australia 'virtually in a new cold war' with communist ChinaSky News Australia
6 days ago
Australia's national interest is consistently compromised as China embraces its new "wolf-warrior diplomacy" according to Sky ...
 Australia's War in AfghanistanSeagame Kohking
7 years ago
The War in Afghanistan refers to the intervention in the Afghan Civil War by the United States and its allies, following the terrorist ...
 What China is doing 'are like acts of war'Sky News Australia
5 days ago
Sky News host Andrew Bolt says what China is undertaking against Australia are "like acts of war" by trying to steal information ...
 Australia vs United States (USA) - Who Would Win? Military ComparisonThe Infographics Show
2 years ago
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 Australia At War 1914 - 1918NFSA Films
5 years ago
From the Film Australia Collection. Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1967. Directed by Barrie Pattison. For Australia, the ...
 Australian SASR || The Real WarMilitary Division
1 months ago
Australian SASR in action. My facebook page: Track: Another Day's Armor - Death ...
 Australian Army At War 1939 - 1945NFSA Films
1 months ago
From the Film Australia Collection. Made by the Commonwealth Film Unit 1965. A record of Australian soldiers' participation in the ...
 How Powerful Is Australia?NowThis World
5 years ago
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 Australia Duels With The Japanese Empire | Battles Won and Lost (WW2 Documentary) | TimelineTimeline - World History Documentaries
4 months ago
As the war in the Pacific escalates, the Japanese have already established a foothold in mainland China, Singapore and ...
 Chinese military attacks against Australia is a ‘realistic possibility’Sky News Australia
2 months ago
The risk of Chinese military action against Australia has increased quite significantly according to the United States Studies ...
 The Animated History of AustraliaSuibhne
1 years ago
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 Australia (4/5) Movie CLIP - The Bombing of Darwin (2008) HDMovieclips
4 years ago
Australia movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: FandangoNOW ...
 Australian Troops At War In Korea (1950)British Pathé
6 years ago
Unissued / unused material. Australian newsreel item about Korean War. Title reads: "Special Edition - Exclusive! Australia at War ...
 The Gallipoli Campaign (1915)Simple History
2 years ago
Please consider supporting our videos on Patreon By the 1915, the war on the Western ...
 WWI Factions: The Australian ArmySimple History
3 years ago
Faction: The Australian Army Australia's regular army was formed in 1901 with all males of combat age required to undertake ...
 Australia's ‘war with China has already begun’Sky News Australia
11 months ago
Sky News host Andrew Bolt says “the war has already started” with China, while Australia has “politicians who seem stunningly ...
 Australian SAS Retakes Bridge From Viet Cong in "The Odd Angry Shot"War Movies
1 years ago
VC mount an offensive against a bridgehead and the SAS is called upon to retake it. One KIA.
 Action in VietnamAWM Collection
3 years ago
A Commonwealth Film unit documentary on the Australian Army in Vietnam. Shows 1 Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment (1 ...
 Battle of Long Tan Documentary - Vietnam War - Narrated by Sam WorthingtonMartin Walsh Red Dune Films
8 years ago
Here is my award winning and critically acclaimed documentary on The Battle of Long Tan narrated by Sam Worthington, first ...
 The Japanese 'Invasion' of AustraliaMark Felton Productions
1 years ago
Did the Japanese try to invade Australia? The answer is 'yes', but also 'not quite' - find out the full and surprising story of the ...
 Germany's first land loss in WW2; Tobruk & the Australians in AfricaJames Welsh
4 years ago
This was my very first video I made at 15. In terms of editing, I can appreciate that it's not Hollywood standards, but feedback is ...
 (Graphic 18+) Australian and Japanese WW2 Veterans - War footage - New Guinea, Kokoda, BorneoThomas Young
3 years ago
A compilation of Australian and Japanese WW2 veterans and war footage of the two countries in combat action. Contains graphic ...
 Documents reveal Australia's secret arms deals with nations fighting Yemen's war | 7.30ABC News (Australia)
1 years ago
This week there are talks in Poland to work out how to implement the Paris climate agreement, as the world's most respected ...
 Massive war games prepare for possible superpower showdown in our region | 7.30ABC News (Australia)
1 years ago
War games are being waged up and down the Queensland coast this month as part of Exercise Talisman Sabre - the largest ...
 One of Best Australian Drama War movies Best war movies everxKyiiah
3 years ago
One of Best Australian Drama War movies Best war movies ever.
 Australia at War - Japanese Attacks on Australia WW2wayne hope
6 years ago
Episode from the late 1990's TV series, This Fabulous Century presented by Peter Luck. Episode opens with the story of the ...
 Shooting Cats: Australia's War on Feral CatsVICE
1 years ago
WARNING: This video contains graphic content. In Shooting Cats, VICE set out to explore the consequences of Australia's feral cat ...
 China and Australia's war of wordsTRT World
3 months ago
Australia's push for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus has exacerbated tensions with its biggest trading partner, China.
 THE GREATEST AUSTRALIAN TO EVER LIVE! (Battlefield 1 War Stories Gameplay)LazarBeam
3 years ago
Battlefield 1 Gameplay returns with Battlefield War Stories featuring the GREATEST AUSTRALIAN TO EVER LIVE! Freddie Bishop ...
 Australia's Secret War - Tour of Duty - FullRED KNIGHT
1 years ago
Australians Special Forces units have the longest presence in Australia's longest war. They have been operating there for over 10 ...
 Afghanistan: Inside Australia's War - Never ForgetABC TV & iview
4 years ago
In their own words and their own extraordinary, never-before-seen helmet-cam battle footage, Australia's fighting men and women ...
 Australian Army at war: Australian Army operations 1939-1945AWM Collection
3 years ago
An Australian Army documentary produced by Army Kinematography Services (AKS) London and Doc. K. Sternberg in ...
 Shooting Cats: Australia's War On Feral CatsVICE Asia
1 years ago
In Shooting Cats VICE set out to explore the consequences of Australia's feral cat plague, and confront the uncomfortable and ...
 Battle for New Guinea | 1942-1945 | Australian & American Soldiers in Action | WW2 Documentary FilmThe Best Film Archives
5 years ago
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 What If Australia Invaded New Zealand?LifesBiggestQuestions
2 years ago
What If Australia Invaded New Zealand? Subscribe To Life's Biggest Questions: So let's imagine a future ...
 Why Australia joined the Vietnam WarChristopher Tong
6 years ago
Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War... The Vietnam war is also known as the Second Indo-china war. I do not own these ...
 The History of AustraliaHistory With Hilbert
3 years ago
The entire history of Australia from the earliest humans until somewhere after World War II where I lost interest. Music Used: ...
 Australia and the Second World War #AnzacAtHomeAustralian War Memorial
5 months ago
Marking the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War – and how it helped shape modern Australia. Visit here for ...
 Australia in World War IIMdriver1981
1 years ago
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 Soldier's heartbreaking journey for forgiveness after horror in Afghanistan | 60 Minutes Australia60 Minutes Australia
2 months ago
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 Gallipoli 2015: Albert Jacka VC, the 'Australian Achilles'ABC News (Australia)
5 years ago
Albert Jacka single-handedly prevented an Anzac rout at Courtney's Post, winning Australia's first Victoria Cross of the war and ...
 Afghanistan Inside Australia's War Actual Footage Real Digger Stories Trailer Only1915oz
4 years ago
DVD available from Actual Afghanistan War footage, ...
 FIRST PERSON NERF War in the Bush | Nerf Combat AustraliaMake.Test.Battle
2 years ago
Casual Nerf MilSim Gameplay in the Australian Bush. Patreon: Links: ⇩ ⇩ ⇩ Facebook: ...
 Desert Dust: Australian Troops In Southern IraqJourneyman Pictures
13 years ago
Jan 2007 Al-Muthanna was one of the first districts handed over to Iraqi control. But now, Australian troops entering the area are ...
 Australia has already lost 'the war on drugs'Sky News Australia
10 months ago
Sky News contributor Campbell Newman says Australia has “lost the war on drugs”.
 Australian War Memorial - Development - FlythroughAustralian War Memorial
10 months ago
Our Continuing Story The Memorial commemorates our living history — for every veteran and for every Australian. The time has ...
 Glimpses of Australia on the eve of the First World WarNational Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA)
5 years ago
Footage featuring life on the home front in Australia, from the NFSA national audiovisual collection and produced in partnership ...
 World War II: The War in the Jungle - Full DocumentaryJanson Media
2 years ago
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 Australia's military involvement in IraqABC News (Australia)
6 years ago
Bill Birtles looks back at Australia's previous military actions in or around Iraq, beginning in 1991 with support for a naval blockade ...
 China’s dictatorship ‘getting more aggressive, hostile and ready for war’Sky News Australia
11 days ago
Communist China presents a real and present danger as it is a dictatorship “that is getting more aggressive, more hostile and ...
 The Lost Diggers | Never before seen photos of Australia's World War I soldiers | Sunday Night7NEWS Spotlight
1 years ago
Experts have called it one of the most important discoveries in Australia's military history - thousands of photographs, each one a ...
 Rewriting Gallipoli: the forgotten ANZAC engineers of World War One | 60 Minutes Australia60 Minutes Australia
9 months ago
This story will change history and force the experts to rewrite the story of Gallipoli. For all that's been reported about the ANZAC ...
 The Frontier Wars: Australia’s forgotten conflictsThe Feed SBS
2 years ago
What if there was a war that claimed many Australian lives that you've probably never heard of? Website: ...
 Coronavirus to drive Australia into highest debt since World War IISky News Australia
5 months ago
The Treasurer has called for the global economy to be put into a "controlled hibernation" during the coronavirus emergency.