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 Hedley - Bad Tattoo (Audio)HedleyVEVO
3 years ago
Bad Tattoo” by Hedley. From their new album, Cageless available now! Listen to Cageless - ...
 Franke - Bad Tattoo (Official Music Video)FrankeVEVO
2 years ago
Watch NEW Franke video 'Kids' here: Love Bad Tattoo? Show your support by ...
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 BAD TATTOO PRANK!TheRoyalStampede
2 years ago
Instagram/Snapchat: @RichySand @markstampede Twitter @RoyalStampede
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 Worst Tattoos Ever - #40 [REDDIT REVIEW]PewDiePie
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2 years ago
DUMBEST TATTOOS EVER! Have you ever seen a really dumb and bad tattoo? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the ...
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Hilarious tattoo and piercing reactions (overly dramatic). __Like And Subscribe__ :)
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They can't really be this bad, can they? Well your about to find out. 10 incredibly bad tattoos, reactions and break downs. Oooh its ...
3 years ago
I give you my Top 20 Worst Clients in a Tattoo Shop. These are just a few of them, but I guess the most well known around tattoo ...
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new Sibling Quiz video If you have been watching a long time you know how long ...
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