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 WoW® Classic with CreatorsWorld of Warcraft
9 months ago
Watch some of the original World of Warcraft developers play WoW® Classic together and share behind-the-scenes stories about ...
 Blizzard Devs Are Leaving The Company: Diablo Creators Speak OutHype Break
1 years ago
Amidst the announcement of Diablo Immortal, an exodus has begun at Blizzard Entertainment and the original creators of Diablo ...
 Blizzard Devs Discuss the Mists of Pandaria ReleaseWorld of Warcraft
7 years ago
As we approach the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria worldwide release, we want to share with you some final insights and ...
 Shocking interview with a Blizzard Employee about Warcraft III: ReforgedEmanGameplay
4 months ago
I've never played warcraft myself, so take some of these jokes with a grain of salt, as I'm basing this off of what others have told me ...
 Dirty Devs: Activision Blizzard and the Hearthstone Blitzchung BanSidAlpha
8 months ago
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 Blizzard Devs Worry About Activision Influence and Question Diablo DecisionsYongYea
1 years ago
 Ex WoW dev explains - game ideas are worthlessEm-8ER Massive Planetary Wargame
1 years ago
Mark Kern, Team Lead for Vanilla WoW and many other games, explains why nobody cares about game ideas. Follow on Twitter: ...
 World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Blizzard Devs Discuss the Mists of Pandaria Release PC MacPlayscopePC
6 years ago
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 Blizzard Pisses Off Fans by Saying Their Best Devs are Working on Mobile Games for ALL Their IP'sYongYea
1 years ago
 Interview with Diablo Devs after BlizzconLuffy Mugiwara
3 years ago
What did we do to deserve this?
 Blizzard Devs Talk Nostalrius and Legacy Servers!!!HandOfDoom
4 years ago
This is a parody of what BLIZZARD Trully thinks but does not speak, you think you do, but you don't! aight? Give a like (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ...
 Blizzard Diablo team "booed" at Blizzcon 2018 - Diablo ImmortalDiablo3Inc
1 years ago
Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal, their new mobile game at BlizzCon 2018 and it did not go down well. Reaction here: ...
 A Recording of 800 People Being Fired (Game Dev is a disaster ) | #grindreelJoshua Fluke
4 months ago
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 World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria • Blizzard Devs Discuss the Mists of Pandaria Release • PC MacPlayscope Mac
4 years ago
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 IGN News - David Brevik And Blizzard Devs Clash Over Diablo III CriticismIGN
7 years ago
IGN News: David Brevik And Blizzard Devs Clash Over Diablo III Criticism A war of words has broken out between some current ...
 Yogscast - Blizzcon - Simon's question to Blizzard devsYOGSCAST Lewis & Simon
8 years ago
Simon was allowed to ask some questions to Diablo 3 lead Jay Wilson and WoW lead J Allen Brack. Here's the footage!
 NEW BATTLEGROUND ADDED IN PATCH 7.2! PvP vs SWIFTY & Blizzard Devs!Hotted89
3 years ago
I am really happy that this World of Warcraft Battleground is being added in the game.The battle of South Shore vs. Tarren mill was ...
 Blizzard Explains the Entire History of World of Warcraft | WIREDWIRED
1 years ago
Blizzard's Ion Hazzikostas, Patrick Magruder and Jimmy Lo tell the entire history of World of Warcraft. From the game's launch date ...
 Overwatch Devs VS Paladins DevsBerry
2 years ago
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 Asmongold reacts to furries, blizzard devs and Mcconnellret hate towards mobile gamersContent Homie — Asmongold Archive
1 years ago
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 Multiplayer w/ 2 Angry Gamers, Jade Jolie & Blizzard Devs | OVERWATCH EARLY ACCESS BETA | STREAMXbox On
4 years ago
The Overwatch early access beta is here! Ellen and Benny are joined in the studio by Two Angry Gamers TV. They've also partied ...
 Interview with blizzard dev. about reckful ban.Emphi
5 years ago
Twitch name: Emphi Serious interview about the recent pro players being banned.
 DEV - Bass Down Low (Explicit) ft. The Cataracs (Official Music Video)DevVEVO
9 years ago
"US fans you can get the Dev -- Bass Down Low remixes from iTunes here: ...
 Activision Blizzard ROASTED At Awards Show, CD Projekt RED Attacked, IGN Lies & Dev Exposes BioWareLegacyKillaHD
3 months ago
Activision Blizzard betrays long-time fans again, CD Projekt Red bashed, Modern Warfare trouble, IGN lies about Epic Games ...
 EA & Activision Blizzard Fire Devs, Give Execs $15-20 Million Bonuses!LegacyKillaHD
1 years ago
Activision & EA have both over the years shutdown studios & fired employees while giving execs massive paydays. Hypocrisy!
 All the Blizzard Devs play MagesZybakTV
9 years ago
Link to new Machinima Video: Shapeshifting Thread on the WoW forums: ...
 Allie vs. Regis (ft. Blizzard DEVS - Dave Kosak & Mike Donais) | Both Perspectives (Dual POV)Alliestrasza
10 months ago
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 Blizzard President's Awful Apology (BlizzCon 2019 Live Reaction)YongYea
7 months ago TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Shaun [BIG BOSS] - Kevin Barnett ...
 Far East Movement ft. The Cataracs, DEV - Like A G6 (Official Video)FarEastMovementVEVO
10 years ago
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 Former Blizzard Devs Working on New Marvel Game - IGN NewsIGN News
1 years ago
Second Dinner, a small studio formed by former Blizzard developers, has announced it's working on a new Marvel game.
 BLIZZARD Dev LEAVES THE COMPANY After Secret Project CANCELLED!!HeelvsBabyface
1 years ago
A telling tweet from a BLIZZARD DEVELOPER confirmed he was LEAVING the company after a secret project he had been ...
 Blizzard Devs Once Again Crack Down On All The FUN. Aint No Fun To Be Had!Accolonn
11 months ago
Blizzard devs have once again cracked down on player made fun. Disallowing players who stopped their XP gain from boosting ...
 Unbelievable interview with Blizzard PvP Developer Holinka and a Rogue (Legion 7.0)Pale Feet
3 years ago
Holinka interviews a Legion 7.0 rogue. yeah im salty bro Disclaimer: This video is purely satirical and is in no way to be used as a ...
 Blizzard Scam Exposed? New WOW Expansion Shadowland Leaks & Longtime Devs Quit!TheQuartering
7 months ago
Blizzard keeps trying to move forward as the rest of the world keeps bringing them back to earth. This time the new World of ...
 Pubstar Scrims vs Blizzard devs Pluppie PoVTviQ
4 years ago
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 Dear Blizzard - My problem with Your Music - Dear DevsFriendly Fire
3 years ago
Freaky Writes an open letter to Blizzard explaining why he doesn't like their music.
 DOWNGRADES & LIES: The Blizzard We Loved Is Dying | Warcraft 3 Reforged Is An Unmitigated DisasterBellular News
4 months ago
There's no beating around the bush here: Blizzard have ruined one of their flagship titles. In doing so, the change that Blizzard has ...
 THE NIGHTMARE ❗ ❗ ❗ DEVELOPER STAND PART 3 ❗ ❗ ❗ I A Bizarre DayDelete Yourself
5 months ago
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 Blizzard Devs Talk Eternal Conflict - Eye on the Storm #35 - Heroes of the Stormmisscliks
4 years ago
Eternal Conflict w/ Heroes Tech. Designer John Hodgson & Sr Game Designer Hugh Shelton -- Watch live at 7:15pm PT on ...
 Blizzard Dev Kent-Erik Hagman talks Li-Ming & Xul - Eye on the Storm #56 - Heroes of the Stormmisscliks
4 years ago
Your favorite guest, Heroes developer Kent-Erik Hagman talks all about this weeks #HeroReveal, and the development of our ...
11 months ago
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 Cataclysm WSG - ArenaJunkies vs. Blizzard Devstrancelol
9 years ago
ArenaJunkies take on Blizzard's Developers in Rated WSG on Cataclysm Beta. Video maker twitter: @trancelol Kalgan ...
 Devs Are Ignoring the Huge Problem With OverwatchYour Overwatch
6 months ago
With Overwatch 2 heavily in development, it's important that we, the dedicated PvP audience stand up and be heard, or else we ...
 Asmongold & Blizzard Devs | Destiny cmonBruh | Greek Coaching Moxy - Daily Best #14ReddCinema
1 years ago
Thanks for watching. Checkout the streamers featured in the vid!,, ...
 Overwatch Dying Thanks to Blizzard Devs!FurryNinja
3 years ago
As you know, Overwatch fans are hurting due to the lack of competitive due to the season ending. This hurts the game along with ...
 Kharazim & Infernal Shrines w/ Blizzard Devs - Eye on the Storm #42 - Heroes of the Stormmisscliks
4 years ago
Eye on the Storm Episode 42 - Game Designers Kent-Erik Hagman & John DeShazer - Kharazim & Infernal Shrines! -- Watch live ...
 Token to Battle Net Balance Blizzard Dev ConfirmationMmrrggll
3 years ago
I was going to ask the same thing but Lars was on top it Devs official twitter with ...
 CONFIRMED - Nostalrius/Elysium Servers Shutting Down - Nostalrius Devs Blizzard Puppets?The Cynical Gamer
3 years ago
CONFIRMED - Nostalrius/Elysium Servers Shutting Down - Nostalrius Devs Blizzard Puppets? ▻Here's the official Nostalrius post ...
 Overwatch - HUGE DVa BUFF Coming! Dev Says No POWER CREEP Problem!?Stylosa
5 months ago
DVa is getting a booster buff! It'll be on the next Overwatch PTR the Overwatch devs have confirmed! This is great news, DVa is ...
 Destiny 2 Devs are Working with Blizzard and are Fans of Overwatch | E3 2017 GameSpot ShowGameSpot
2 years ago
Deej discusses the open beta on July 21st and what to expect from the new weapon sandbox, story, and crucible at E3 2017.
 WoW BFA - WARFRONTS Testing live with devs and Q&A Team (World of Warcraft)Justin Burton
2 years ago
Blizzard announced the dev's and Q&A team are going to be playing and testing Warfronts together today only for 2 hours! Should ...
 Blizzard & Dev Communication - Can They Do Better?BellularGaming
4 years ago
Spoiler: I think so! Watch on to hear how. ○Twitter - ○I Stream on!
 'We Put Some Of Our Best Devs On Mobile Products' - BlizzardLaymen Gaming
1 years ago
Lamon are back!!! More nooz on Diablo with a panel confirming that many mobile games to come and many of their top ...
 Former Blizzard Dev Calls Out Company For Terrible Diablo Immortal RevealReviewTechUSA
1 years ago
Former Blizzard Entertainment developer Mark Kern had some very strong words for the company and express his concerns on ...
 5 tips Blizzard devs should follow - In order for WoW Classic alpha/beta to be succesfulMeffistoe Gaming
1 years ago
These are my 5 things the blizzard game devs should follow during the alpha beta cycle for wow classic. this is to insure that the ...
 Bringing Orphea to Life - Blizzard Dev Interview on New Hero Creation ft MFPallytimeHeroes Hearth
1 years ago
We had the amazing opportunity at Blizzcon to sit down and talk Orphea with two people who know her very well - Senior ...
 World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria - Blizzard Devs Discuss the Mists of Pandaria Release - PC MacPlayscopeTrailers
7 years ago
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