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 Border Wall: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)LastWeekTonight
vor 5 Jahren
Donald Trump wants to build a wall on the U.S-Mexico
 Border Wall II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)LastWeekTonight
vor 8 Monaten
Nearing the 2020 election John Oliver checks in on one of the key promises of President Trumps 2016 campaign: the border wall ...
 Trump's Border Wall Has Left a Complicated LegacyVICE News
vor 3 Tagen
On his first day in office President Biden halted construction on the US-Mexico border wall - a project launched under the Trump ...
 Reality check on the status of border wall, apprehensionsCBS This Morning
vor 6 Monaten
In 2015 the president vowed to build a wall spanning the entire southern
 Patrolling the border wall with a U.S. border agent | In-DepthCBC News: The National
vor 1 Jahr
See an Arizona border town through the eyes of a U.S.
 Children dropped over US border wall - BBC NewsBBC News
vor 1 Monat
US authorities have released a video showing two children being dropped over a 14ft 4.2 m wall by alleged smugglers at the ...
 Trump Makes Final Visit As President To Border Wall | NBC News NOWNBC News
vor 3 Monaten
NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deliver compelling diverse and engaging news ...
 Work has stopped on Trump's border wall. See how it looks nowCNN
vor 3 Tagen
Once there was a bustling construction zone here. Now its like a ghost town frozen in time. Heavy machinery is parked and ...
 Caitlyn Jenner Says She Would Complete Trump's Southern Border Wall | TODAYTODAY
vor 12 Stunden
In her first television interview since announcing her candidacy for governor of California Caitlyn Jenner said she is committed to ...
 Arizona community divided over border wall after Biden's policy changesPBS NewsHour
vor 3 Monaten
In Arizona people are feeling the impact of President Bidens order to halt border wall construction. While the walls presence has ...
 Building the border wall through the pandemicABC News
vor 11 Monaten
ABC News Terry Moran reports on the state of new barrier construction along the U.S. southern
 What's the future of Trump's border wall? It's complicatedCNN
vor 4 Monaten
In the waning days of the Trump administration construction crews are rapidly working to finish the US-Mexico border wall as ...
 Wie Migranten die Grenze zwischen den USA und Mexiko überschreiten (Unglaubliche Reise) Ep 🇲🇽 (Ep. 2)Peter Santenello
vor 2 Wochen
Migranten machen eine sehr schwierige Reise in die USA. In diesem Video zeige ich Ihnen die letzte Etappe über den Rio Grande ...
 President Donald Trump's border wall with Mexico takes shapeCBC News: The National
vor 3 Jahren
U.S. President Donald Trumps promise of a wall on the
 Biden administration moving to cancel border wall funding l GMAGood Morning America
vor 5 Tagen
The Biden administration is formally returning billions of dollars back to the Department of Defense that had been diverted for wall ...
 Construction for new Texas border wall beginsCBS This Morning
vor 3 Jahren
Attorney General Jeff Sessions travels to New Mexico today to speak with Southwest border sheriffs about immigration ...
 Arizona's border wall dividing opinion among Americans | ITV NewsITV News
vor 6 Monaten
Donald Trump is set to visit Arizona on Wednesday six days before the US election. His much-heralded wall stands in the state ...
 Metal Sheets Added To Border Wall In CalexicoKPBS
vor 6 Stunden
While new border wall construction has been halted by the Biden administration the border fence in Calexico is seeing new ...
 Trump border wall could pose threat to Sierra Madre ecosystemCBS This Morning
vor 5 Monaten
In the final weeks of the Trump administration the rush to complete the border wall is no more challenging than in the Sierra ...
 Trump's Border Wall: A Four-Year Saga | The Daily ShowThe Daily Show with Trevor Noah
vor 6 Monaten
Trumps border wall went from Mexicos gonna pay to Mexicans literally stealing pieces of the wall. Heres a recap of the ...