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 A Cloudy Morning getting into this Mountain Airstrip | Bush Pilot Vlog in PNGMissionary Bush Pilot
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 Some Local Bush Flying ShenanigansTrent Palmer
4 months ago
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 FILSON Above Alaska Bush Pilots of the Last Frontier 2019 - Fashion ChannelFashion Channel
1 years ago
subscribe to fashion channel - http://bit.ly/1OdEd04 FILSON Above Alaska Bush Pilots of the Last Frontier 2019 - Fashion Channel ...
 Landing a Kodiak Airplane on a Slippery Mountain Runway | Bush Pilot Flight VlogMissionary Bush Pilot
4 months ago
Landing an airplane in the jungles and mountains of Papua New Guinea has many challenges that I never had to experience ...
 Africa Bush flying // 2020 Bush Pilot exploring the Botswana Okavango Delta. Wilderness flying fun.Deon Mitton
10 months ago
Africa bush pilot and their bush flying - The Botswana Okavango Delta - Follow along, as I explore the Okavango Delta, by bush ...
 Landing a Small Airplane on the Side of a Mountain | Bush Pilot Flight VogMissionary Bush Pilot
5 days ago
In this cockpit flight vlog, I fly out to a regular mountain airstrip I have been to many times. The runway is located on the side of a ...
 Bush Pilots of AlaskaMatador Network
2 years ago
The pilots of Ultima Thule Lodge in Alaska all agree on one thing: Bush flying means total access, total freedom to explore true ...
 REMOTE MOUNTAIN RUNWAY Landing in Papua New Guinea | Bush Pilot Flight VlogMissionary Bush Pilot
3 months ago
As you will see from this landing, the people never finished cutting the grass at this remote mountain runway. Having long grass is ...
 FULL POWER GO AROUND at Mountain Runway| Bush Pilot Flight VlogMissionary Bush Pilot
5 months ago
Want to Skip around? Takeoff 4:30 Landing 15:30 Go Arounds, aborted landings, and missed approaches are a must thing you ...
 WARNING! Stressful Rain Storms AHEAD | Bush Pilot Flight VlogMissionary Bush Pilot
4 months ago
Flying in Bad weather, going in and out of VFR-IFR-VFR, can get stressful quickly. On this pilot flight vlog I take you out to a jungle ...
 Bush Pilot: Reflections on a Canadian MythNFB
7 years ago
This short documentary offers a reflection on the development of the North, where towns are increasingly being remade in the ...
 Beachhoppin' Bushwheel Birthday Bash | Alaska FlyingAngle of Attack
4 months ago
What better way to celebrate a birthday than to go flying with a friend, go beach hopping on some remote Alaska beaches, and ...
 Solo International Flight over the Ocean to Australia in a Single Engine Small Airplane Flight VlogMissionary Bush Pilot
8 days ago
THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR 100000 SUBSCRIBERS!!! On this bush pilot flight vlog, I fly on a solo international flight from ...
 The HARDEST Part About Being a Bush Pilot in Papua New GuineaMissionary Bush Pilot
19 days ago
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 HOT SPRING HOP WITH THE KITFOX!! Flight VLOG (Part 1)Jonas Marcinko
1 years ago
Silvija and I flew the kitfox to the Idaho Sawtooths and landed at a few hot springs around the Idaho sawtooth mountain range.
 Bush Pilot Technique Cessna 172 Landing on Short FieldFriendly Skies Film
3 years ago
Season 2, Episode 23 George takes on a difficult approach in the Cessna 172, and all in the name of a good breakfast! Hey, did ...
 Bush Pilots of the Canadian NorthSherway Academy of Music
2 years ago
After the 1918 Armistice with Germany, Ellwood Wilson, a Canadian forester employed by the Laurentide Company in Quebec, ...
 Worst Place To be a Pilot - Season 1 Episode 1 |HDFlyteSource
4 years ago
Personally one of the most epic short series to be aired on public television. Worst Place to be a Pilot tells the stories of young ...
 Being a Bush Pilot in the Northwest Territories Looks IncredibleOutside
4 years ago
This short film from Ben Weiland profiles Ted Grant operates the Nahanni Mountain Lodge, which is located in the heart of the ...
 A Day in the Life of a Pilot in PapuaPaddy Pilot
1 years ago
This is to explain what flying in Papua is like For the friends and family that still don't know what I do, watch this and hopefully, you ...
 Bush planes in actionLow flyer
3 years ago
A montage of Bush planes landings and takeoffs.
 AVIONICS FAILURE IN FLIGHT! | Bush Pilot Flight VlogMissionary Bush Pilot
3 months ago
Having any type of avionics failure in flight it not a good thing. Today, thankfully, a simple reset of the circuit breaker fixed the ...
 Landing a Kodiak Airplane on a Cliff Runway | Bush Pilot Flight Vlog in Papua New GuineaMissionary Bush Pilot
5 months ago
Landing an airplane on a mountain cliff runway never gets old, even if you are a career bush pilot in Papua New Guinea. Join me ...
 The WORST WEATHER of 2020 | Single Pilot...Single Engine...IFR Flight | Bush Pilot Flight VlogMissionary Bush Pilot
1 months ago
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 Bush Pilots Season 1 Episode 1LetsFlyWa
5 years ago
Documentary following rookie pilots in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, who battle against dangerous weather and wildlife as they ...
 Russian Pilots of the CongoVICE News
6 years ago
Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most ...
 DRACO - The Most Badass Monster Bush Plane EVER!Trent Palmer
2 years ago
Be my wing man and join in the adventure: https://goo.gl/sW5J5o More Draco Flying action: https://youtu.be/D5Z2VNTFp-Q Go ...
 Become A Pilot!Trent Palmer
2 years ago
Be my wing man and join in my adventures: https://goo.gl/sW5J5o After a lot of recent comments asking about how to get into ...
 Bush Pilot's View: Wrangell-Saint Elias WildernessNPSWilderness
5 years ago
How do you describe something as majestic as what we flew through? That's the thing. I don't really have the words for it.
 Fool's Errand - An Alaska Flying FilmBackcountry Pilot
1 years ago
Adventure is not necessarily found in success, but rather in the salvage of a failure. When nature shuts the door, go home and eat ...
 I Am A Bush Pilot | INDIE ALASKAIndie Alaska
7 years ago
Alaska bush pilot Willy Fulton is known for his experience in flying to remote locations, and his direct, likable personality. Fulton is ...
 Alaska Bush Flying - Unbelievable Nature Video - Edited by VideoTovVideoTov
7 years ago
See Alaska as you've never seen it before in this incredible bush-flying video! Edited by the nature video pros at VideoTov ...
 DC-3, Bush Air Cargo, AlaskaBarton Tiernan
4 years ago
Crew: Bart Tiernan, Owner/Captain Bob Phillips, First Officer.
 STOL Bush Pilot Championships 2019Zenith Aircraft Company
1 years ago
Congratulations to the Zenith STOL "Sky Jeep" pilots for their excellent flying at the 2019 New Zealand Bush Pilot Championships!
 Bush Pilot in Africa goes crazy !!Gasoil4ever
7 years ago
An African bush pilot having fun with his Dornier 228 :-D.
 Interview with MISSIONARY BUSH PILOT from Papua New Guinea flying a Kodiak in PNGPrivate Pilot Vlogs
3 months ago
Exclusive interview with YouTube's fastest growing aviation channel @Missionary Bush Pilot! A few weeks ago I had the privilege ...
 Stories by Parajumpers - Alaskan Bush PilotParajumpers PJS
3 years ago
Alaskan Bush Pilots have been the brave and iconic adventurers of the skies for over a century. They have tamed America's most ...
 Bush Pilots S1 EP 5 & 9Frank Mead
3 years ago
Thank you for watching..
 Middle-of-Nowhere Alaska Bush Pilot Flying RodeoAngle of Attack
5 days ago
Want to be a pilot? Take online ground school and do checkride prep with us at https://www.AngleofAttack.com Let's fly to the ...
 Yukon Hunter/Bush Pilot Crashes Super CubGreg McHale's Wild Yukon
1 years ago
Last summer I put my Piper PA-18 Super Cub into the weeds while on a scouting mission. A series of circumstances and ...
 How to Become a Bush PilotDiscovery
2 years ago
Bush pilots need to land in conditions most other pilots consider impossible. If that wasn't enough, bush pilots must be ready to ...
 Landing on an Old Japanese Runway from World War 2 in Papua New Guinea | Bush Pilot Flight VlogMissionary Bush Pilot
12 days ago
Want to see some crashed WW2 planes here at Gasmata, Papua New Guinea? I made an on the ground video showing you them.
 Learning to Fly a Bush Plane. Some Beautiful Flying, it HAS to be a Dream!Cory Robin
10 months ago
Today we fly with Troy, he's probably the coolest guy you will ever meet. And he's a fresh tailwheel pilot and he's learning to fly a ...
 STOL Competition - World Record Shortest Landing 9 Feet 5 InchesWonder World
1 years ago
This is the STOL Short take off and landing competition held in Valdez, Alaska, which is a competition to show case, pilots ...
 Mountain hopping with the Kodiak Airplane in Papua New Guinea | Bush Pilot Flight VlogMissionary Bush Pilot
3 months ago
Fly with me on this short hop over the mountains in Papua New Guinea from Nankina to Goroka. We take off from a mountain bush ...
 SHOCKING Valley Flight in Papua New Guinea | Bush Pilot Flight VlogMissionary Bush Pilot
4 months ago
Takeoff 4:00 Landing 27:30 On this pilot flight vlog, I fly the Kodiak 100 airplane from Goroka, PNG to a bush location located in ...
 Flying Wild Alaska - Meet the Twetos S01E01Pseudopilot
9 months ago
Flying Wild Alaska - Meet the Twetos SEASON 1 EPISODE 1 I just love this series because its one of the best about Aviation and ...
 Dangerous Bush Flying in Indonesia | MSFSJeff Favignano
1 months ago
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6 months ago
Bush pilots fly in the lucky few into some of the most extreme adventure wilderness areas in the world....and they are the only ones ...
 Low Level Flight through the Mountains of PNG | Bush Pilot Flight VlogMissionary Bush Pilot
4 months ago
When bad weather comes in Papua New Guinea, having knowledge of the low route you can take to your destination is ...
 Brazilian Bush Pilotsfcazado
4 years ago
another video, showing the brazilian bush pilot's routine.
 Alaska Bush Pilot ExperienceDaniel Hadley
2 years ago
Ride aboard a De Havilland Beaver float plane with an Alaskan bush pilot from Ketchikan to Port Protection and back. Experience ...
5 months ago
Before I was an Airline Pilot, I flew Single engine piston aircraft in some of the harshest environments in the world, The Australian ...
 Bush pilot in Guatemala. Cessna 182 in the jungle.adonai2540
11 years ago
Cessna 182 landing and takeoff on a jungle strip in Guatemala ca.. Trip was for medical clinic and to drop off rubber boots given ...
 Crazy landing on road !!! - Incredible Bush-flying in AlaskaMccrik1
4 years ago
See Alaska as you've never seen it before in this incredible crazy bush-flying video! American and Swiss pilots. Unbelievable ...
 Alaskan Bush Pilot tells us how to land his Otter beside a remote river, Kongakutfranklinclayfilms
3 years ago
In July 1995 I joined a small group of adventuresome people to fly into the head waters of the Kongakut river, in the very Northeast ...
 Everything I learnt In 1 Hour Bush Pilot Training | South AfricaJared Watney
2 months ago
http://www.squarespace.com/jaredwatney for 10% off. This is what I did in 1 full flight of bush pilot training here in South Africa.
 Alaskan Bush PilotPilot To Pilot
8 months ago
Episode 93 featuring Alaskan bush pilot and bear guide Brittany is now live! Find out why Brittany wanted to leave sunny and ...
 Bush Pilots Season 1 Episode 2LetsFlyWa
5 years ago
Phil checks his plane for hyena damage, while Graham struggles to take off from a waterlogged runway.