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 She Wanted This C5 Corvette....Until We Found This Out....David Van Voris
3 days ago
She Wanted This C5 Corvette....Until We Found This Out.... https://teespring.com/stores/david-van-voris Use coupon code: vanv39 ...
 Here’s What It's Like Owning a C5 Corvette.....David Van Voris
3 months ago
Use coupon code: vanv39 on blackoakled.com https://www.blackoakled.com/ JEEP PARTS LIST: Get my tires!
 Regular Car Reviews: 2001 Chevrolet Corvette C5RegularCars
3 years ago
Oh look, Grandpa bought a C5 Corvette and he thinks it's an investment. Newsflash Pops, worms will eat your bone marrow ...
 Here's why I secretly love the C5 CORVETTEShifted Perspective
12 months ago
In this video we go for a drive and I tell you why I still really like the C5 Corvette. Special thanks to Richard for letting me take it for ...
 Secrets of the C5 CorvetteMy Corvette Life
12 months ago
My Corvette Life: Episode 136: Secrets of the C5 Corvette More C5 info: ...
 1999 C5 Corvette Review!! Best Bang For Your Buck!Cars, Tech and More!
5 months ago
This is my 1999 Corvette and I look forward to making many videos with this car! let me know how I am doing! This video is kind of ...
 I Love Corvettes So I Spent 30 Hours Restoring One That Sat Outside For 8 Years. DIY C5 Restoration.LegitStreetCars
5 days ago
Here's the $45 Ceramic Coating kit - http://bit.ly/2JHURci Enter Coupon Code - LEGIT25 The first video on the Corvette ...
 C5 Z06 is SUPERCHARGED!HorsePowerAddicts
A&A Ti Supercharger System with ALKY Control Meth. Injection. This Corvette will be seeing more boost soon!
 Procharged C5 Corvette STREET RACES Nitrous C6 Corvette + MORE!Street Car Video
10 months ago
 Is this 1997 C5 Corvette so GREAT that it saved a father's life?Raiti's Rides
3 months ago
The Chevrolet Corvette is such an iconic sports car. In 1997 this Corvette was produced. It was the first year of the C5 generation ...
 Review: 2000 Chevrolet Corvette ConvertibleMatt Maran Motoring
4 years ago
I review the 2000 Corvette Convertible (C5). This car is for sale at Harrison Auto Sales and more info about it can be found here: ...
 RPM Modified C5 Corvette Z06 Driving ReviewTUNER ARMY
9 months ago
I do a full driving review of YouTuber th3enforcer modified Procharged C5 Z06. And yes, I already know I misspelled “thought”.
 I bought a Cheap C5 Corvette! BUT it has 300k Miles....Smart or Stupid?HUMMUH SMIFF
8 months ago
In this video I showcase my newly purchased gm 345 HP 1998 Chevrolet C5 Corvette. I explain a little bit of the back story on the ...
 Cammed C5 Corvette ReviewCar Mod Guy
4 months ago
Quick review of my cammed C5 Corvette. It's been a few months since I finished all of the upgrades. The car still drives great.
 1999 C5 Corvette Vs Camaro SSStreet Savages
10 months ago
Ig Duramax diesel power.
 Modified LS3 C5 Corvette - One TakeTheSmokingTire
3 years ago
Considering I own one of these C5 Corvettes, you'd think I'd have more experience driving them, but in fact, this is the first C5 I've ...
 5 Things I hate about my C5 Corvette!Carpidity
1 years ago
Nick lays out 5 things he hates about his 97 C5 corvette.
 Cammed C5 Corvette Car Review! Better than the C5 Z06?Tony Sanch
2 years ago
Muscle cars are starting to grow on me :p Thanks Brandon for letting me review your car! Be sure to check him out @cammed_c5.
 17 Years of Progress: Civic Type R vs C5 CorvetteJAX
10 days ago
The Civic Type R performs about as well as a Chevy Corvette from nearly twenty years ago, which is quite interesting if you really ...
 Things To Consider Before C5 C6 Corvette PurchaseCorvette Garage
7 months ago
Just a few things everyone should look at and research before diving into a C5 Corvette purchase.
 C5 Corvette - Top 8 Reasons why it is Still an Excellent Sports Car Bargain in 2019Toys4Life C5
3 months ago
Although the C5 corvette is 22 years old, it was a huge sports car leap and is still very competitive today. Many of these cars were ...
 Want a C5 Corvette? 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying!Air Force Vette
1 years ago
Today I talk about 5 things to look for when you're looking to purchase a C5 Corvette. I also go over some of the most effective ...
 GETTING EVICTED Because My New C5 Corvette Exhaust is *TOO LOUD*Jimbo's Channel
1 years ago
CHECK OUT ZFGco! https://www.zfgco.com/ NO JOKE. Rob Ferretti (Superspeedersrob) my boss hit me with the "Get an exhaust, ...
 Coyote Mustangs VS Upgraded Turbo Evo & C5 Z06 Corvette!BabaYaga Racing
A couple Coyote Mustangs take on some cars in the streets of Mexico! All filmed in Mexico.
 BEST of Corvette SOUNDS! - C5, C6, C6 Z06, C7 Stingray & More!Gumbal
5 years ago
This video is a 'best of' compilation of many different Corvette cars I have recorded in the past years. It contains new & old video ...
 Corvette C5 Is The Best Value Sports Car TodayMod2Fame Vlog
7 months ago
Please watch: "The McLaren 720s Just DOMINATED This Car Rally : Pro Tips For Rally" ...
 WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY A $8,900 C5 Corvette! Problems and issuesJon- David
1 years ago
WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY A CHEAP C5 Corvette! Problems and issues!
 I BOUGHT The CHEAPEST Manual C5 Corvette in the USA...Street Speed 717
1 years ago
October 28th Gates open at 10am!!! Cecil County Dragway- 1916 Theodore Rd, Rising Sun, MD 21911 MERCH AVAILABLE ...
 1997 Chevrolet Corvette C5 | Retro ReviewMotorWeek
1 years ago
'97 saw the 5th generation Corvette and its swap it into anything that it will fit LS1.
 Ant Transforms A Corvette C5 Z06 Into A "Mean Looking Machine” | Wheeler DealersWheeler Dealers
7 months ago
On this episode of #WheelerDealers, Ant gets to work on an iconic Corvette C5 Z06 by fixing its wobbly seat. Meanwhile, Mike ...
 Matt's C5 Corvette - New Wheels - One TakeTheSmokingTire
4 years ago
Peek around Matt's whole garage on WheelWell! https://www.wheelwell.com/profile/54a87c441b035a475a2f2d8c/garage Matt ...
 Labib's 650HP C5 Z06My Corvette Life
3 months ago
My Corvette Life: Episode 201 - Labib's 650HP C5 Z06 NEW MERCH NOW AVAILABLE! https://teespring.com/stores/mcl-merch ...
 First startup of Project C5 Z06 Corvette with Texas Speed headers and X pipeGrassroots Motorsports
3 days ago
We're putting the finishing touches on the header install on our 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 project car and wanted to share the ...
2 years ago
Peter Huff Runs his New Personal Best in his C5 Corvette! Watch the Full Event Coverage at: https://youtu.be/Ihaxn73iqyc Thanks ...
 Battle of the LS Motors | C5 vs C7 Corvette!!!PADesignss
10 months ago
Hope you guys enjoyed seeing the comparison of these two beautiful corvettes. Comment down below your favorite series of ...
 C5 Corvette First Drift Event!! | Event #1Taylor Ray
2 years ago
The corvette is basically stock aside from BC Racing coilovers and a NRG steering wheel. I wanted to wait until I at least had an ...
 C5 Corvette 2 Year Cost of OwnershipYellowVette04
1 years ago
Owning a C5 Corvette does not break the bank. This video I discuss how much it has cost me over the last 2 years. The price of a ...
 2011 Corvette Grand Sport vs. Matt's Modified C5 CorvetteTheSmokingTire
8 years ago
The Smoking Tire hits the Malibu Canyons with two torch red Corvettes: a 2011 Grand Sport, and Matt's 1998 C5. Matt set out to ...
 C5 Corvette Heads and Cam Install Part 1!Bruce Wilson
6 months ago
Wasn't expecting this..... This Video is Sponsored By Texas Speed! Check Them Out! https://www.texas-speed.com/ Go to grab ...
 Corvette 2003 C5 Z06glamcem
10 years ago
only mods so far ..Melrose LT headers+catted x pipe,vararam intake ,tune ..
 Automatic C5 Corvette... Why???YellowVette04
9 months ago
Love my C5 Corvette and the automatic transmission doesn't lessen my experience with the car at all. The automatic in the C5 ...
 I Should Have Done This To My C5 Corvette A WHILE AGO...Jimbo's Channel
1 years ago
The good ol' C4 made a comeback in this video! The poor battery has been dead for a little while so I figured I should give her a ...
 My new to me 2001 c5 Corvette 6 speedObsessive Hobbies
1 years ago
Just a walk around and overview of what I've done. What's coming and a look at my dirty garage lol.
2 years ago
Elite series install in the C5, the install was very difficult because of the tight fit, and takes many hours. - Will answer and questions ...
 Corvette C5 Z06 Vs. Viper GTS Ownership ExperiencesZentRose
4 years ago
These were the two cars I wanted when I was a kid. I bought them, I took them to the track, I made this video. Enjoy.
 C5 Corvette MagnaCharger Superchager.ssoltakr
4 years ago
Doing some testing with the last of MP112 Magusson MagnaCharger Supercharger with 2004 C5 Corvette. Low boost, 7 PSI only ...
 C5 & C6 Corvette ValuesC&S Corvettes
4 months ago
 C5 Corvette Oil ChangeGreedy Bastard
1 years ago
Today we are changing the oil on our daily driver C5 Corvette. #corvette #C5 #oil #oilchange #Greedybastard ...
 How To Install C5 Skid Plate WheelsMy Corvette Life
8 days ago
My Corvette Life: Episode 316 - How To Install C5 Skid Plate Wheels ***NOTE: If you are using these in combination with the C7 ...
 5 Things I LOVE About My C5 CorvetteYellowVette04
1 years ago
5 Things I LOVE About My C5 Corvette and why you should buy a C5 Corvette. The C5 Corvette is one of the best performance ...
 Free & Cheap C5 Corvette ModsCorvette Garage
1 years ago
Here's a video on a few mods I did to my C5.
1 years ago
BY FAR one of the mods i've been looking forward to the most is installing 2 step on my c5 corvette. I've wanted to put this on for a ...
 Broken C5 Corvette harmonic balancer replacement. Argggg!Kasey Nesselrotte
2 years ago
I change the harmonic balancer on my 1997 C5 corvette. Not as easy, or as hard, as people think. Song: Anikdote & Culture Code ...
 C5 Corvette Convertible Review and Road TestJ. ANTHONY
3 years ago
A quick review of my 2004 C5 Corvette 6SPD. Welcome to J.Anthony Your portal to the good life. This channel is primarily about ...
 2004 Chevrolet Corvette 6MT, Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test DriveRedline Reviews
6 years ago
Last model year of the C5 body style. We think its a surprisingly drive-able sports car with an interior that screams plastic-fantastic.
 tuned Corvette C5 - BRUTAL loud accelerations and little powerslide!!Supercars1
4 years ago
Spotted this Corvette C5 Targa in Hannover City! Its very loud, and he drove very fast! Become a fan on my facebook page: ...
 C5 Z06 Corvette FINALLY Gets Fixed - Rear Main Seal, Torque Tube, and Quick Test DriveGarage Topics
4 months ago
The rear main seal oil leak on the Corvette needed to be fixed, so in order to make this fix, we needed to: Remove the torque tube ...
 A Test Drive in the C5 Z06ZentRose
3 years ago
A final test drive before I move.
 C7 Z06 vs C5 Z06 - Half Mile Racing Omega Motorsport MidwestShockerRacing - Mojito Jeep x Gladiator JT
3 years ago
C7 Corvette Z06 Performance Data Recorder footage from an 8 Speed Automatic racing a 2002 Corvette Z06 with an A&A ...