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Speedy Morman tests his comedic skills in the mecca of the stand-up comedy scene New York City. Subscribe to Complex on ...
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Web extra: Jerry Seinfeld host of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee describes what comics have in common with
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In Jerrys online courses you will develop writing chops that have multiple layers so that your
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This is a very quick overview on how to get on stage and into the comedy game. Check out my other videos for more in depth live ...
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Women can make anything an insult especially a compliment. In the full Dry Bar
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Go to and find out how you can get 3 months free. Postive comments only all hecklers ...
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With 3 consecutive Grammys to his name its safe to say that Dave Chappelles humor works. If not for literally everyone then at ...
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comedian howtobecome advice I get emails all the time asking for advice on how to become a comedian
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For many comics the job is to be a bit shocking a bit provocative and test a few social norms just to get a laugh. But in a culture ...
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Ricky Gervais is an English comedian author actor director producer screenwriter and former pop musician. He achieved ...
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In comedy there are no barriers to entry Hannibal Buress said in a recent interview with The Atlantic animated in the video ...
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What makes a joke funny This video essay looks at the structure of a joke and takes a closer look at supplementary techniques ...
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Find me here too and some very exciting things about to happen on the Super Secret Future channel
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Want to be funnier in life and conversation I got some tips for ya LIKE COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE Make sure you follow me ...
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 How do standup comedians write jokes?JoshSundquist
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It only took me 7 months and 13 performances to write 60-seconds of mediocre jokes about my allergies. Subscribe for more of ...
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Thanks to this weeks sponsors: SupremeCBD 30 off with code: WORD Manscaped ...
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Jo Koy knew he wanted to become a comedian after seeing Eddie Murphy perform and he finally caught his big break when he ...