[Countryhumans] RUSSIA IS GAY | Complete Spoof MAPChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
The sequel nobody asked for but its here anyway Everyone did such a great job Its hilarious Im in love Thank you to everyone ...
 [Country Dogs] The Dog Who Arranges The Blocks || PMVChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
Im so fucking in love with this song. It probably doesnt make sense to use a personification but Im doing it anyways. Also Im not ...
 [Countryhumans] American History 1700-2000 || Complete Palette MAPChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
PHEW ITS DONE ITS DONE ITS DONE AAAA Thank you everyone who joined and drew fan art This is so fucking EPIC This ...
 [Countryhumans] EUROPE IS GAY | Complete Spoof MAPChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
Im sorry. Big fat thanks to everyone who joined I love it Also this is obviously just a big joke. Nothing serious here. If anything ...
 [Countryhumans] PARTY LIKE A RUSSIAN | Complete PMV MAPChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
Wow.. WOW WOW ITS HERE Aaaaaa I love hosting PMV MAPs they turn out gorgeous I love what everyone did with the ...
 [Countryhumans] Englishman In New York || Complete Visual Novel MAPChefGatsby
vor 5 Monaten
UK and company are on holiday in New York This MAP is meant to loosely imitate a visual novel about their adventures while UK ...
 [Countryhumans] HARD KNOCK WORLD | Complete Spoof MAPChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
Welp Here it is I wanted it to be chaotic and- yup its chaotic Thank you to everyone who participated We love a good chaotic ...
 [Country Dogs] Animal I Have Become | Complete MAPChefGatsby
vor 9 Monaten
This is just an artwork Im 100 sure no one involved supports nazis. Pretty sure its the opposite case. This was just made to ...
 [Countryhumans] COLD WAR | Complete MAPChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
Aaaaaa its finally done This was so much fun to host and everyones parts turned out perfect and they all look amazing together
 [Country Dogs] Es Regnet Kaum | 50k SpecialChefGatsby
vor 11 Monaten
aaaaa thank you all sm for 50k thats crazy I dont speak German so hopefully everything makes sense The dog here is ...
 [Countryhumans] WORD CRIMES | Complete Spoof MAPChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
Yknow how in the Europe is Gay MAP America was just bullying everyone Welp payback time Too bad he doesnt even realize ...
 [Country Dogs] Germans? man.ChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
I wouldve used countryhumans but I just didnt feel like it : If anyone wants to tho be my guest. My Instagram: Chef.Gatsby ...
 [Country Dogs] & | MemeChefGatsby
vor 10 Monaten
Cold War Russia and America mmmmmmm This video isnt meant to be political this is just made to look nice. Some of it is just ...
 [Countryhumans] Let It Go || MultilanguageChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
Haha you massive dummy. Bet you feel really silly rn. Check the date. Theres apparently a theme on my channel of America ...
 [Country DOGS] CANADAChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
Happy Canada Day If it wasnt obvious enough the first dog is Canada and the second dog is USA. Also I feel like I should say that ...
 [Country Dogs] Germany's Bus TourChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
The stupid dog exposing Germany dog is England. No one else is important here. Instagram: ...
 ❗️PING!❗️// ANIMATION MEME ( Gift For @ChefGatsby ) BLOOD WARNING【Galawing】
vor 4 Monaten
Ack KineMaster killed the quality :/ aNyWaY- this is a lil gift for ChefGatsby I really like country dogs so I had to make this as a gift ...
 [Countryhumans] Infinite Power || Collab w/ Bouncy FeatherChefGatsby
vor 8 Monaten
Aaaa Thank you Bouncy Feather for collabing with me It turned out great So erm yeah. Infinite Power Meme with the American ...
 [Country Dogs] DAYUM || Original MemeChefGatsby
vor 1 Jahr
This was supposed to be a shitpost but I got carried away This came out too memeish to call it an amv so- fuck it its a meme.