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1 years ago
Masterchef John Zhang shows you tips on how to make Chinese sausage and pancake at home with step by step instruction.
 Homemade Chinese Sausage Cantonese Lap Cheong Recipe [广式腊肠]Souped Up Recipes
1 years ago
Cantonese sausage is very popular in the southern Chinese provinces such as Guangdong, Fujian, and Hong Kong. We normally ...
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What is Chinese sausage (lap cheong): Chinese sausage pineapple, and ...
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Quick how to video and post for How to Cook Chinese Sausage by cookbook author Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen. Full recipe at: ...
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How to make chinese sausage สอนทำกุนเชียง @Vintage Kitchen Recipe Ground Pork 500 g (หมูสับ) Pork Fat leaf 150 g มันหมูแข็ง ...
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The salami of Cantonese cuisine, we explored a lap cheong factory. Happy CNY from the WOM Guide team!
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This is the Thai fried rice recipe I grew up eating. It's a very simple egg fried rice Thai style with Chinese sausage. Don't miss ...
 【西北小强 English Sub】过年必备美食之腊肠-Chinese sausage, home made preserved sausage西北小强 Xibeixiaoqiang
1 years ago
Subscribe our channel Welcome to our official and only ...
8 months ago
Lap cheong (腊肠; 臘腸) is a dried, hard sausage usually made from pork and a high content of fat. It is normally smoked, ...
 Masterchef's Favorite Spicy Sausage 川味香腸 | Chinese Food • Taste ShowTaste Show
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Masterchef John Zhang shows you tips on how to make spicy sausage from scratch. This spicy sausage recipe is pungent, tingly, ...
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How to cook Chinese pork sausage | AomyWorldTUBE | YUMMY ❤ Please Like & Subscribe & Share for more fun videos !
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Chinese sausage fried rice 臘腸炒飯 is a quick and easy dish. This recipe shows you all the steps in detail on how to cook it in 20 ...
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 Making Lap Yuk at Home (chinese cured pork - 臘肉)China Diaspora
4 years ago
I'm showing you my method of making Lap Yuk at home using a dehydrator instead of drying on air. You can buy the dehydrator at ...
 Quick & Easy Rice Cooker Fragrant Cabbage Rice 咸饭 Kiam Pung • Chinese Rice RecipeSpice N' Pans
2 years ago
Before going on, we would like to give special thanks to Shogun by La Gourmet for letting us try out their high quality pan.
 frying CHINESE SAUSAGE - cooking sweet salty sausages Kam Yen Jan Lup ChongTenamesan
5 years ago
I'm cooking some Chinese sausage for dinner. Kam Yen Jan brand Lap cheong chinese sausage is a dried hard sausage made ...
 Making Taiwanese Style Sausages, 香腸 Shang TangTaiwanCooking
6 years ago
After making these sausages they need to be dried in cool air. Please enjoy the video and subscribe to our video channel!
 How to cook Chinese Sausage Pork - Cach Nau Lap Xuongemily p
6 years ago
Good news ya'll ! I now have my very own website and it is ! Please go to my website if you would like to ...
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RECIPE BELOW: This classic sticky rice has an unconventional method of not stir frying all the ingredients together which creates ...
 Chinese SausageChef Sticks
5 years ago
Chinese Sausage is a sweet and savory sausage that is commonly eaten in Asia. In Cantonese it is called Lap Cheong.
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2 years ago
Watch Sarah Carey as she makes and shares one of her family's favorite recipes for Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage.
 Easy Chinese Sausage Cooked Over Rice - Cooking Vlog #4EatDrinkFoodMe & Fun
3 years ago
Chinese Sausage cooked over Rice. Classic Cantonese cooking. Chinese Lap cheong Sausage cooked in the rice cooker.
 The receipt we used for years to make Sichuan dry meat and sausage 四川腊肉和川味香肠,家里做了几十年的方子李子柒 Liziqi
2 years ago
Traditional food from Liziqi——“Small snowy day to make dry vegetable, heavy snowy day to make dry meat”. After a heavy snow ...
 Homemade Chinese Spicy And Numbing Sausage [四川麻辣香肠]Souped Up Recipes
1 years ago
I made a non-spicy Cantonese sausage not so long ago. A lot of you are asking for a spicy version. So, today we are making ...
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Chinese Mukbang: ASMR Eating Show ( Blood Sausage, Rice Sausage, Pork Sausage, Chinese Sausages ) 중국 음식 먹방 ...
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Sausage stir fry with snow peas - it is one of the stable recipes for Chinese people. I am using Cantonese sausage but you can ...
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2 months ago
Just checked all my menu in my YouTube channel Simple ...
 Battle Nerf War: Battle Nerf Guns CHINESE SAUSAGE COMPETITIONBattle Nerf War
1 months ago
Battle Nerf War: Battle Nerf Guns CHINESE SAUSAGE COMPETITION. hastag: #battlenerfwar.
 Chinese Sausage BreadEl Mundo Eats
1 years ago
Super soft and fluffy Chinese sausage bread. They are delicious to eat simply like that or with some mustard and ketchup on the ...
 Lap Cheong Fried Rice / Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage ข้าวผัดจีนHome Cooking with Somjit
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Food brings people together! One way to enjoy the festive season is to enjoy the variety of food that is available during the festive ...
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Sharing a recipe for delicious rice paper rolls filled with Chinese sausage, jicama and carrots, eggs, dried shrimp and Thai basil ...
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4 years ago
This rice noodles dish is one of my favorite dishes growing up. It's called lod cha in Cambodian. It's a very nostalgic and ...
 Chinese sausage chicken riceDesigns by Rose
22 days ago
Welcome to Designs by Rose Chinese sausage chicken rice.
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Egg Recipes : Egg with Chinese Sausage Recipe ...
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6 years ago Hi there! I've been loving ...
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How to make Chinese sausage fried rice For full recipe and language translation, visit and click on "Select ...
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This is a easy one pot meal recipe using a rice cooker. Hope you will enjoy it =) Ingredients: 3 cups brown or white rice 2.5 cups of ...
 自製無添加臘腸 天然風乾 乾燥機 Homemade Chinese Sausage Recipe肥丁手工坊 Beanpanda Cooking Diary
4 years ago
sausage #homemade #腊肠詳細食譜 做好的臘腸掛在家裏,特別有農曆年的氣氛。自己灌臘腸也 ...
 microwave cook Chinese Sausage - salty sweet sausages Kam Yen Jan Lap XuongTenamesan
5 years ago
Fast easy cooking. I cooked these Kam Yen Jan brand Chinese Style Sausage in the microwave oven set on high for 3 minutes.
 Rice Cooker Recipe: "Fried" Rice with Chinese Sausage and Green Onions | No Talking | Make Eat HomeMake Eat Home
5 months ago
Please help me reach 10000 subscribers by clicking on this link ...
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Chinese Sausage Steamed Buns are delicious and easy to make. The flavours of the Chinese sausage and the steamed bun is a ...
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Buy us a cup of coffee. Thank you all so much for watching our recipe videos and supporting our channel. If you would to further ...
 VEGAN CHINESE SAUSAGE - "BEET" LAP CHEONG!!! (素食臘腸)East Meets Kitchen
2 years ago
A special thanks to Lee Kum Kee for sponsoring this episode!! Please check out my Patreon page and support the channel if you ...
 Chinese sausage spicy saladkunakorn ruksitanondha
7 years ago
This menu is commonly know in Thai as "Yum Khun Chaing". Main ingredient is Chinese sausage or Khun Chaing. It can served ...
 Recipe for Steamed Sticky Rice with Chinese Sausage / Mov Nplaum Xyaw Nyhuv NtxwmMee Living Channel
1 years ago
Copyright © 2018 - 2019 by Mee Living Channel. All rights reserved. Ingredients: 3 1/2 cup uncooked short grain sticky rice 4 ...
 Chinese Leeks Sausage Stir Fry | Malaysian Chinese KitchenMalaysian Chinese Kitchen
1 years ago
Chinese Leeks Sausage Stir Fry - a fragrant and garlicky stir fry delicious served with steamed rice. Quick and easy to prepare.
 Spicy Chinese Sausage Salad | Thai Food | Yum Goon Chiang | ยำกุนเชียงDaily Dish
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Spicy Chinese Sausage Salad | Thai Food | Yum Goon Chiang | ยำกุนเชียง 2-3 serve 1. Chinese sausage 3 2. Shallot 1 3.
 The Best Cantonese Clay Pot Rice 煲仔飯 CiCi Li - Asian Home Cooking RecipesCiCi Li - Asian Home Cooking
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Clay pot rice is originated from Guangdong. There are more than 100 types. So how to make the best Cantonese Clay Pot Rice?
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Experience the Fresh Flavors of Thai Cuisine Gin Arai - What to eat? Thai Meal-Kit Delivery ...
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Lup cheong (Chinese sausage) Fried Rice. (recipe below) An excellent quick, cheap and very tasty meal! I primarily cooked this ...
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5 years ago
Joey tries out some Chinese Sausage.This is the introduction. Part 1 of 3 in the Sausage Saga.
 Chinese Sausage Egg OmeletteFortunecooking
3 years ago 2 Chinese sausage, 1 onion sliced, 2 cloves of garlic, some basil, 1 TBS of cooking oil, salt ...
 Vietnamese Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage (Cơm Chiên Lạp Xưởng)Vicky Pham
2 years ago
Recipe: Vietnamese Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage (Cơm Chiên Lạp Xưởng) Serves 4-6 Ingredients -3 tablespoons vegetable ...
 boiling CHINESE SAUSAGE - Lup Cheong Lap XuongTenamesan
5 years ago
I love chinese sausage. I bought this pack of Kam Yen Jan chinese style sausage at the grocery store for four dollars. An easy way ...
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How to Make Sticky Rice With Chinese Sausage- Xoi Man REMEMBER IF YOU LIKE THE VIDEO GIVE IT A BIG THUMBS UP ...
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A super easy and quick recipe for when you don't have much time. This fried egg is also delicious. NPFamily Recipes ...
 Chicken Rice with Chinese Sausages and MushroomDerek Yeo
8 years ago
the Video Cobra cooks his chicken rice with chinese sausages and mushrooms. ingredients 500gms of chicken thigh of chicken ...
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Retired Chef Cook, Mr. Lee . demonstrate & show you, how to make this simple , chinese favorite fried rice. Pork chinese ...
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Have you ever wanted to make a traditional Chinese Clay Pot Dish at home? This video will show you how simple it is to make ...