Black Owned Swimsuit Brands You Need To Try!Clevver Style
9 hours ago
You know we love a good bikini! We're showing you 3 of our favorite Black Owned Swimwear brands - Mint Swim, Jade Swim, ...
 Britney Spears' Dad BREAKS SILENCE On #FreeBritney MovementClevver News
10 hours ago
Britney Spears' dad has spoken out about the online debate surrounding her conservatorship and the #FreeBritney movement ...
 Gigi Hadid CONFIRMS This About Zayn Malik!Clevver News
11 hours ago
Gigi and Zayn have been on-again, off-again since 2015. In April of 2020, rumors started circulating that Gigi was actually ...
 How Much Do Guys Really Know About Makeup?! ft. THE EAST FAMILY (Style Summer Olympics)Clevver Style
3 days ago
It's the FINALE of Style Summer Olympics and the BAEs are BACK! Today our competitors will be putting their BAEs to the ultimate ...
 Adele's Pays Tribute To Beyoncé With Cute Transformation!Clevver News
9 hours ago
The world is currently revolving around Beyonce's new “Black Is King” visual album and Beyonce superfan Adele even showed ...
 Testing Everything TikTok Made Us Buy! *Haul & Review*Clevver Style
29 days ago
We couldn't resist trying these products we saw on TikTok! Up next, see if sweat-proof makeup actually works!
 Best Friends Surprise Each Other with their DREAM OUTFITS!Clevver Style
10 days ago
We see if we can find each other's dream outfits for under $100!! We shopped everywhere from Fashion Nova to Amazon to Pretty ...
 Transforming into Disney Characters! (Disneybounding + Real Animation!)Clevver Style
12 days ago
We try to Disneybound as Tiana, Ariel, Elsa, and a Stormtrooper! Just because we're stuck at home doesn't mean we can't have a ...
 Zac Efron Is Definitely LEAVING Hollywood For This Country!Clevver News
8 hours ago
Zac Efron might finally be pulling the plug on leaving Hollywood for good as rumors continue to circulate that he's heading to the ...
 EXTREME Hot Wings & Celeb Fashion Trivia Challenge (Style Summer Olympics)Clevver Style
5 days ago
Welcome to the second episode of Style Summer Olympics: FOOD EDITION! Today our competitors will be putting their taste buds ...
 what happened to clevver & why i had already leftLily Marston
1 years ago
THANK U, NEXT Well... it has been a WEEK if i've ever seen one. This was not really the plan I had for my first video back after a ...
 Joey King & Taylor Zakhar Perez SPARK Dating Rumors!Clevver News
9 hours ago
Kissing Booth stars Joey King and Taylor Zakhar Perez are vacationing together amid rumors that they are dating and fans are ...
 Fashion Mystery Box DIY CHALLENGE! (Style Summer Olympics)Clevver Style
7 days ago
Welcome to the first ever Style Summer Olympics!! Our first event is: FASHION! The competitors will be DIYing their own outfits ...
 James Corden's Reportedly REPLACING Ellen DeGeneres!Clevver News
10 hours ago
While the future of The Ellen Show is up in the air, reports are now claiming that James Corden is apparently in talks of replacing ...
 6 INSANE Heart Attack Grill Menu Items (Cheat Day)ClevverTV
4 years ago
 An Honest Update on Clevver/DEFY...Joslyn Davis
1 years ago
WOW what a week, and what a way to launch my personal YouTube channel?!?! That being said: HELLO, WELCOME. I'm sorry ...
 Is SHEIN Worth It?! Spring Try On Haul!Clevver Style
3 months ago
You asked for it, and we are giving it to you! We are trying on SheIn outfits to see if the quality, comfort, and fit are up to our ...
 Getting Our Bones CRACKED at the Chiropractor! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
2 years ago
Check out our new show DUDE VIEW! ▻▻ Go on the road with us - new episodes of BEAUTY TRIPPIN ...
 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Living SEPARATE Lives For MonthsClevver News
3 days ago
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly been living separate lives for some time now, as they figure out what this means ...
3 years ago
 Meghan Markle LOSES Round 1 Of Court Battle & Pays A HEFTY Fine!Clevver News
4 days ago
Meghan Markle's time in court is reportedly NOT going well. As it stands today, the odds are not in her favor! For those of you who ...
 Ellen DeGeneres Finally RESPONDS To Mistreatment AllegationsClevver News
3 days ago
Ellen Degeneres has officially issued a statement addressing the many allegations of toxic workplace culture within her company.
 Gigi Hadid FREAKS OUT Fans With Bizarre Home Tour!Clevver News
6 days ago
Gigi Hadid shared pictures from her home on Instagram, but some fans couldn't even get through Gigi's New York City apartment ...
 Naya Rivera's FINAL Performance Revealed!Clevver News
3 days ago
After much thought and consideration, Netflix has decided to release Naya Rivera's last television show performance before her ...
 14 Craziest Donuts in Los Angeles!Clevver Style
1 years ago
Go get your stretchy pants on, because Clevver is taking you on a tour of Los Angeles's tastiest and most instagrammable donuts ...
 Trying Ice Cream Treats From Our Childhood!! *Nostalgia Week*Clevver Style
17 days ago
We are trying our favorite childhood ice cream truck treats to see if they hold up as an adult! Need more nostalgia? We did some ...
 Trying One Size Fits All Clothing!?! (PART 1)Clevver Style
8 months ago
You guys have requested we try one-size-fits-all clothing SO many times, but this definitely isn't what we were expecting!
 Trying YouTubers' Favorite Foods! (Cheat Day)Clevver Style
1 years ago
HELP US GET TO 3 MILLION ▻▻ Curious what James Charles likes to drink? Wondering what Lilly ...
 5 FOODS Inspired by THE GRAMMYS! (Cheat Day)ClevverTV
3 years ago
Today's episode is brought to you by the Un-carrier. Introducing T-Mobile One. All unlimited. ALL IN! WATCH ...
 We Cook Our Family Recipes for Each Other (Clevver Office Potluck!!)Clevver Style
8 months ago
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and just like so many families, we decided to come together for a meal to celebrate!
 Jaden Smith Is DISGUSTED By Shane Dawson's Past!Clevver News
1 months ago
Shane Dawson was trending all weekend as celebrities, fans and the internet have been responding to his recent video, “Taking ...
 Guessing 1 vs 5 Star Prom Dresses from Amazon!Clevver Style
4 months ago
You might not think Amazon is the place to find your prom dress, but we thought we'd give it a try and see if we can guess the 1 ...
 Tati Westbrook EXPOSES Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star, Shane Responds!Clevver News
1 months ago
Tati Westbrook just released a new video claiming that Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star 'manipulated' her into starting last year's ...
 Best & Worst Dressed Oscars 2020 (Dirty Laundry)Clevver Style
5 months ago
The Oscars red carpet did NOT disappoint. We are breaking down the BEST and WORST fashion lewks! In the words of Drew ...
 BTS Answers Fan Questions & Gives Tips On How To Learn KoreanClevver News
3 years ago
More Celebrity News ▻▻ Clevver's Sinead DeVries asks BTS questions fans sent in and the group ...
 7 Royal Family SCANDALS Exposed This Decade!Clevver News
The British royal family has carried its reign down for many generations, and when born into the royal family, taking on royal duties ...
 Guessing Who Bought Our Outfits! Fashion ChallengeClevver Style
4 months ago
DISCLAIMER: This video was shot before the Corona shut downs. Please stay home! Today we are buying each other outfits and ...
 13 Best and Worst Disneyland Foods!Clevver Style
1 years ago
What's more magical than food? DISNEYLAND FOOD! That's right, Sinead and Jackie are back on another taste test food tour, but ...
 What It’s REALLY Like to Work at Clevver!Clevver Style
1 years ago
There is so much newness happening at Clevver that we thought we'd bring you behind the scenes to see what a day in the life at ...
 How to Make Old Clothes Cute Again! (No Sew Upcycles) *Nostalgia Week*Clevver Style
19 days ago
We try upcycling some of our old clothes to see if we can make them into the 90s trends we're loving right now! Need more ...
 Guessing Cheap vs Expensive MAKEUP! (Cheap vs Steep)Clevver Style
1 months ago
Can we tell the difference between $6 makeup and $250 makeup?! Next, watch us test out TikTok photo hacks!
 We Got Custom Constellation Ear Piercings! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
1 years ago
How many holes DO we have? Today on Beauty Trippin, Joslyn and Sinead get CUSTOM constellation piercings from the creator ...
 We Threw a Baby Shower in Under 24 Hours!!Clevver Style
5 months ago
The time has come! You've been asking and we're officially introducing you to the Clevver Baby by throwing her a last minute ...
 Reacting To Our First YouTube Videos [Clevver, Singing, & Comedy - Embarrassing!]Clevver Style
11 months ago
We've been in the YouTube game for a while - maybe even a little longer than you realize! Today, Erin, Drew, and Sinead are ...
 Brad Mondo Reacts to Us Following His Hair Tutorial!Clevver Style
3 months ago
Everyone LOVES hairdresser extraordinaire Brad Mondo's reaction videos, so we challenged ourself to follow one of his most ...
 GROSS Blindfolded Healthy Shot Taste Test!Clevver Style
4 months ago
DISCLAIMER: This video was filmed before California's “shelter-in-place” order was given. Please #stayhome and safe!
 Jeffree Star vs Jaclyn Hill?! - Reviewing New YouTuber Makeup Launches!Clevver Style
5 months ago
There have been a ton of new makeup launches from your favorite beauty gurus, so we're putting them all to the test for you!
 Ellen DeGeneres Staff Happy The Dirty Truth Is Coming Out!Clevver News
11 days ago
After many accusations of toxic work environments on the set of the Ellen Show, staffers are reportedly 'loving' the fact that people ...
 6 Weird & Exotic Fruits (Cheat Day)ClevverTV
4 years ago
 Testing Everything TikTok Made Us Buy! *Haul & Review*Clevver Style
29 days ago
We couldn't resist trying these products we saw on TikTok! Up next, see if sweat-proof makeup actually works!
 Thrift Store CHALLENGE with $100 Budget!!Clevver Style
5 months ago
We're taking you to 3 stores with different price ranges to see what we can get for $100! Check out what we found at Goodwill, ...
 Coworkers SWAP LIVES & Families for a Day!Clevver Style
2 years ago
Thanks to Nair Hair Removal for sponsoring this episode. Click here to learn how to Free Your Most Beautiful Self!
 Recreating Our Favorite 2000s Outfits! (Celeb Twinning) *Nostalgia Week*Clevver Style
21 days ago
We are back with another episode of Celeb Twinning and this time we're taking on 2000s ICONS!! Can we recreate Hilary Duff ...
 Buying Everything Facebook & Instagram Advertises in 10 Minutes!Clevver Style
6 months ago
We went through Facebook and Instagram for 10 minutes each and bought everything we saw! Facebook got.. well.. interesting?
 WE'RE MOVING TO CANADA! (Lunchy Break)Clevver Style
2 years ago
SUBSCRIBE for MORE ▻▻ Watch last week's vlog AKA Brunchy Break at the Grove ...