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 DORM TOUR 2020 (freshman year of college)Ellie Thumann
vor 8 Monaten
MY DORM TOUR I am so grateful to live in my dream
 ☁️College Dorm Tour 2020 (University in Germany) *updated* ☁️ (extremely aesthetic) | FLUXE DIARYFLUXE DIARY
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Additional contacts Facebook Page: Fluxe Diary Instagram: fluxext Twitter: DiaryFluxe.
 MOVING INTO A COLLEGE DORM : university of texas at austinaudrey atienza
vor 8 Monaten
its move in day move into my dorm with me and get a look into where ill be living for the next few months i love
 COLLEGE DORM ROOM TOUR 2018 | Harvard UniversitySienna Santer
vor 2 Jahren
hey everyone so this was a SUPER requested video and I had so much fun filming this for you guys these videos were super ...
vor 1 Woche
Before I move out of my freshman year dorm I had one last video I needed to do..... ...
 How To College Dorm RoomThe Sea Rabbit
vor 2 Jahren
In this video I give you important life saving tips on how to college dorm room.
 COLLEGE MOVE-IN VLOG 2019! Harvard Sophomore YearSienna Santer
vor 1 Jahr
... a Harvard Student COLLEGE DORM ROOM TOUR 2018 Harvard University ...
vor 9 Monaten
what shopping for a COLLEGE DORM is really like.... PART 1 college Come back Tuesday 9am for part 2 to my college ...
 COLLEGE FRESHMAN DORM TOUR Fordham University 2019 | Bella KingBella King
vor 2 Jahren
This is my freshman dorm at Fordham University Lincoln Center. I live in a triple on the 22nd floor which is the top floor of the ...
vor 8 Monaten
COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG PART 2 I vlogged my move in process at the University of Arizona I am a ...
vor 7 Monaten
today I take you on a day in my life living in a dorm I actually really love it and I am so grateful to be at such a great school with a ...
 Inside a $40/YEAR Soviet Ghetto College Dorm 🇷🇺NFKRZ
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Ephraims Instagram: SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: BUY MY ...
 Moving into my London University Dorm 2020 | Student in LondonMacerly
vor 7 Monaten
I finally moved back to London and into my tiiiiny studio dorm in Central London Hi there Im a second-year student at university ...
 A Few Rules to Know to Survive in College DormsBRIGHT SIDE
vor 1 Jahr
Are you a first-timer moving away from home and right into the jungle that is college dorm life It might get tough but have no fear ...
 WHAT TO BRING TO COLLEGE: college dorm essentials (realistic + helpful)jazzy le
vor 1 Jahr
i am here to show all of u college freshman what you REALLY need in your college dorm room i partnered up w/ JCPenney for ...
 COLLEGE DORM ESSENTIALS: things you never even knew you needed!!leah lorraine
vor 1 Jahr
COLLEGE DORM ESSENTIALS: things you never even knew you needed // in which i share with you my college dorm
 🎨 nyc art college dorm move in. 🎒cup of jasmien
vor 2 Jahren
open for stuff hello : ive fully relocated to new york city nowwww this move in vlog shows the adventures i had during the first ...
 COLLEGE + DORM ROOM ESSENTIALS 2020!! 📚🛏️nina wang
vor 9 Monaten
Hey guys I made a couple of tiktoks about this and people seemed to enjoy them so why not make a video about it Here are all ...
 college dorm move-in vlog | UBC | 2021 🚙Emily Chan
vor 2 Monaten
2 months later... here is my ubc move in day vlog. dorm tour coming soon instagram - ...