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 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY 2020Hannah Meloche
4 months ago
HERE'S MY ROOM! and my college move in day vlog… i'll be a freshman at grand valley state university and i'm so excited for my ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG 2020Sydney Serena
4 months ago
IT'S MOVE IN DAY BABY more of me: instagram- vsco- (@sydneyserenavsco) ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY 2020!Paige Kaiser
4 months ago
Happy Sunday! ☟click “SHOW MORE” to keep reading :) -- Yay! The move in vlog pt. 2 is finally here! This year, I'll be a ...
 College Move-In Day! Ohio State University | 1st year in DormsClaudia Casey
29 days ago
College move-in day vlog at the Ohio State University. I am a 1st year and am living in the dorms on campus. I know this video is ...
 COLLEGE MOVE-IN VLOG 2019! Harvard Sophomore YearSienna Santer
1 years ago
For 25% off your first Care/Of order, go to and enter the promo code sienna25! follow me!! instagram: ...
 MOVING INTO A COLLEGE DORM : university of texas at austinaudrey atienza
4 months ago
it's move in day!!! move into my dorm with me and get a look into where i'll be living for the next few months!! i love college so far i ...
 College Move In Vlog | Moving Into My First Apartment | Arizona State UniversityKeegan Acton
4 months ago
Hey guys!! Today's video we are doing my COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG ahhhhhh!!!! I'm so excited for this. I moved into my very first ...
 college move in day 2020! (sophomore year)Karleigh Klostermann
5 months ago
 college move-in vlog 2020!! *san diego state university*leah lorraine
5 months ago
COLLEGE MOVE-IN VLOG 2020 // in which i move into my college house for the 2020-2021 school year! filmed on august 12th, ...
4 months ago
COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG PART 2! I vlogged my move in process at the University of Arizona! I am a ...
 COLLEGE MOVE-IN DAY 2020! | moving into my first apartment for junior year!!madilyn miller
4 months ago
COLLEGE MOVE-IN DAY 2020! | moving into my first apartment for junior year!! here's my college moving vlog!! i moved into my ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY 2020Luca Whitaker
4 months ago
COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY 2020 + Apartment Tour. It's my freshman year in college and I am moving into my first apartment:) enjoy ...
5 months ago
COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG!!!!! I'm soo excited to be back on campus at Vanderbilt (AS A JUNIOR?! So weird.) SUBSCRIBE FOR ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN 2020 | Columbia UniversityColleen Madden
4 months ago
nope, im not going back to college ...but Silvia is! we are in new york to move silvia into columbia university for her sophomore ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY 2020 !Amanda Campbell
4 months ago
I moved in to college! I am so happy with how it turned out, I hope you all love it too and use it for inspiration for your dorm/future ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY VLOG 2020! | setting up, decorating, organizing, + MORE! | ball state universityjulia k crist
5 months ago
let's move in to college! I AM SO EXCITED! i am moving in to a college house with 5 girls!! i take you along as we pack the car, ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY VLOG 2020// moving in and getting settled: Indiana Universitymyyoutubepaige
5 months ago
college move in day vlog 2020 xxxx Subscribe! : I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! If you want, follow me on ...
 college apartment move in VLOG 2020!jazzy le
4 months ago
eee! this is a 'moving into my college apartment' vlog!! kinda everything went wrong but nevertheless, i'm so grateful!! subscribe if ...
 COLLEGE MOVE-IN DAY @ STANFORD 2020‼️ (Freshman Year Roadtrip Vlog)Keeping Up with Ken
3 months ago
The loneliest college move-in day at Stanford University... here's my ENTIRE cross-country trip to freshman year of college!
 FRESHMAN COLLEGE MOVE-IN. Dartmouth 2020; cc: quarantineLauren Liu
4 months ago
Welcome to Dartmouth College, as a freshman in quarantine! I'm in person, on-campus and drove 6 hours to New Hampshire.
 COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG // senior yearJaclyn Brooke
5 months ago
Today's video is COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG // senior year Subscribe for more videos every week and don't forget to turn on my ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG 2019 *clemson university*Mia Salazar
1 years ago
I'm goin to college XOXO b my friend: Instagram//@_miasalazar Twitter//@_miasalazar business e: thank ...
 college move in day vlog 2020Faith Robertson
5 months ago
hey guys!! today's video is my college move in day vlog 2020!! i honestly can't believe i'm finally back at school, it feels so surreal!
 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY 2020 | Southern Virginia UniversityRiley Rehl
4 months ago
happy move-in day!! so excited to start this new journey and I'm so thankful for each and every one of you who have supported me ...
 College Move In Day (Freshman Year) @ Brown University || Cecile SCecile S
Hey guys! I've been waiting to make this video for SO long so I'm super excited to finally upload it. As most of you know, Brown ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY 2020 | Virginia TechMaya Summers
4 months ago
COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY 2020 | Virginia Tech ENJOY MY 2020 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY VLOG!! so excited to be back in the ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG 2020 // moving in + coming back in a week at IUBrooke Wyatt
5 months ago
HELLO. In this video I move in to freakin' college. Here's a sneak peek of what our dorm looks like + us moving all of our stuff in ...
2 years ago
insta: snap: @joyceee35 twit: depop: @joycescloset ...
 College Move In Day Vlog 2018 (freshman) | University of Wisconsin-MadisonBy Sophia Lee
2 years ago
University of Wisconsin- Madison college move in vlog! I filmed my little sister's college move in day 2018 so all you college ...
 college move in day 2020! (house)Emma Monden
5 months ago
video description connect with me :) instagram: @emmamonden twitter: @emmamonden snapchat: blissfuldreams for business ...
 COLLEGE MOVE-IN VLOG 2020! university of georgiaJackeline Cabrera
5 months ago
hey guys, omggg! my move-in vlog is finally here! part 2 is coming very soon, stay tuned for that! cheers to senior year! let me ...
 College Move in Vlog Pt. 1| Ella ElbellsElla Elbells
5 months ago
I moved into a house with my besties! Even though our classes are online for the semester, we decided to stay with our lease and ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY 2020 | University of Wisconsin-WhitewaterCora Shircel
5 months ago
college move in day! comin at ya with another back to school video! follow me on instagram!
 college move in day/dorm tourCole Giannasca
4 months ago
this is definitely a different way to move into college... VLOG 405 you like that vlog? check out these↓ Vlog 400: ...
 college move in day vlog 2021 *round two*Faith Robertson
2 days ago
hey guys! in todays vid I move back into my college dorm room after break + a mini shein clothing haul! we had a longer break ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN 2020 | YALE FRESHMAN YEAR (Australian student!!)Tia Chitty
2 months ago
some context for new people/anyone who hasn't been following my yale journey: obviously move in was different this year ...
 college MOVE IN DAY vlog! | freshman year at UVASophia Celentano
4 months ago
Subscribe for more college vids! xo, Sophia Music by Suriel Hess - Don't Wanna Know -
 college move in day vlog! (UNC Greensboro) | Laniya SmithLaniya Smith
5 months ago
OPEN MEEE! - - - ♡ Comment, like, and subscribe for more videos!! (& watch this video in HD quality!!!) ♡ FOLLOW ME ON MY ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG | my FIRST apartment!! | University of AlabamaGracie O’Connor
5 months ago
Hello hello, my Girl Gang! I am so sorry it took me so long to get y'all this #CollegeMoveIn video - I seriously had an hour and ...
 📚 college move-in day vlog 2020 | freshman year @ northeastern university 🐾soolin.k
4 months ago
i'm officially a husky! ahhhhhh!!! although it seems crazy to be moving in during a pandemic, i will say that northeastern is taking a ...
 MOVE WITH ME INTO COLLEGE (part one!!)Ellie Thumann
5 months ago
its college time. today is part one to my moving vlogs and part 3 to my college series! My goal is to take you along with me on each ...
 College Move In Day 2019 (New York University) | Louisa KristinaLouisa Kristina
1 years ago
hellooo♡ CHANGE TO 1080p HD FOR THE BEST QUALITY First day of moving everything in to my college dorm room at New ...
4 months ago
Hey guys, welcome back! Sorry for the delay, I am back with my move in vlog to NYU!! This is Gramercy Green and I'm moving in ...
1 years ago
come with me to my move in day at pepperdine university !! CLICK THE LINK TO SHOP MY JEWELRY ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY VLOG 2020 | Freshman Year at Yale UniversityTan Yi
4 months ago
Enjoy my college move in day vlog 2020! Vlogging my college move in day was so fun! Let me know what you guys think in the ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY 2020 | northeastern universityTiffany Elizabeth
4 months ago
so excited to share my move in video! I'm back in Boston and living in the same apartment as last year. It's crazy to think that I've ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG 2018 | Marquette UniversityVeronica Paulina
2 years ago
open for the deets☟ It's been such a surreal year since the success of my freshman year move in vlog and I hope you all are ready ...
 PACKING FOR FRESHMAN COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY | Dorm Tips + Organization Hacks | KENNEDY SIMONEOfficialKennedySimone
2 years ago
IN THIS VIDEO... I let y'all know some dorm tips and organization hacks when packing for freshman college move in day!
 VLOG 25: college move in 2019 at boston university + dorm tourCasey Evs
1 years ago
subscribe if u like lenore & go check out my move in video from 2020! For business inquiries contact: ...
 college move in (philippines)ysabelay
1 years ago
a long overdue video AAAAAAAAA! ҉ socials ҉ ig: art ig: ...
 COLLEGE MOVE-IN DAY 2020 : Freshman yearTeagan Litten
4 months ago
Freshman year, moving into my first ever college house with my roomies! Twitter➜ Instagram➜ ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY VLOG | UNC CharlotteErika Michelle
1 years ago
in today's video, i did a COLLEGE MOVE IN DAY VLOG!!! i am so excited to FINALLY be moved into my new apartment / house for ...
 ☆ art college move in ☆Duckliving
3 years ago
A vlog a lil too late, but it's here now :) thank you for waiting. Also turning 19 in a few days! Thinking about taking a trip somewhere ...
 MOVING INTO MY DORM (McGill University)Alena McKenzie
2 years ago
Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of video last week... It's because I moved to Montreal!! I am now living in Montreal, Quebec, and ...
 PACKING FOR COLLEGE! pack with me for college move-in! | Ball State Universityjulia k crist
5 months ago
heyyy! PACK WITH ME FOR COLLEGE!! I'm moving back to school to live in an off-campus house with 5 girls!! SO FUN! time to ...
 college move in vlog 2019 | Ryerson UniversityBlanka White
1 years ago
yay finally here is my college move in vlog 2019!! Move in vlog 2018: ...
 COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG | Florida State University (Dorman Hall)Emma Romano
1 years ago
i'm SO excited to be moved back into college! i missed being here and i'm excited to be back! can't wait for all the college content ...
5 months ago
check out the greatest mattress of all time and get $150 off with hey bros!! Here is my college move in day ...
 College Move In Day 2020 | Decorating My College Apartment | Arizona State UniversityKeegan Acton
4 months ago
Hey guys!! Today's video we are doing my part 2 of my college move in vlog ahhhhh!!! I moved into my very first college apartment.