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 Trying to Get Your Mom to Listen to Rap Music - David GborieComedy Central Stand-Up
15 hours ago
David Gborie explains why he thinks his mom should listen to rap music and argues that most dogs don't have the best quality of ...
 The Journalists Who Outraced “Around the World in Eighty Days” - Drunk HistoryComedy Central
19th-century journalists Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland raced each other across the globe following the publication of Jules ...
 Fox News Calls Impeachment Hearings Boring & Rigged | The Daily Show With Trevor NoahComedy Central UK
After the first day of impeachment hearings against President Trump, Fox News pundits aggressively dismiss the entire affair as ...
 Big Jay Gives the Inside Scoop on “Hustlers” - The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson and Dan SoderComedy Central
2 days ago
Big Jay and Dan have another eventful elevator ride, and Big Jay reports back on his time acting in the movie “Hustlers.
 A Comedian Confronts His Extreme Anxiety About BaldingComedy Central
Charles Gould asks and answers all the important questions about male pattern baldness so that you don't have to. (Contains ...
 French Restaurant - Key & PeeleComedy Central
1 years ago
A man on a date overplays his hand when he suggests that he's knowledgeable about French cuisine. About Key & Peele: Key ...
 Substitute Teacher - Key & PeeleComedy Central
7 years ago
While taking attendance, inner-city substitute teacher Mr. Garvey has trouble adjusting to a classroom full of middle-class white ...
 Sex Advice from a Middle School English Teacher - Rachel Mac - Lights Out with David SpadeComedy Central Stand-Up
3 days ago
Rachel Mac used to be a middle school teacher – until a perfect grammar joke got her fired. About Lights Out with David Spade: ...
 The World’s Worst Translator - AlternatinoComedy Central
4 months ago
A crime boss's translator proves he's not up to the task. About Alternatino: Alternatino is a sketch show that follows Arturo Castro ...
 Key & Peele - Loco Gangsters - UncensoredComedy Central
4 years ago
Carlito tries to show the members of his gang how wild and crazy he can be after a new initiate is labeled ""the loco one.""
 Key & Peele - Obama Meet & GreetComedy Central
5 years ago
President Obama has a meet & greet with group of onlookers after giving a presidential speech, but not everyone receives the ...
 Key & Peele - Turbulence - UncensoredComedy Central
4 years ago
A passenger argues with a flight attendant about her request to stay seated while the airplane's fasten-seatbelt sign is on for ...
 Surviving the Craziest Thanksgiving Ever - Tracy Morgan - Re-AnimatedComedy Central Stand-Up
13 hours ago
Tracy Morgan details what a typical Thanksgiving dinner was like in his house growing up, complete with a slew of family ...
 Key & Peele - I Said BitchComedy Central
7 years ago
Two men trade stories about arguing with their wives and setting them straight.
 Key & Peele - High On PotenuseComedy Central
6 years ago
A student in math class tries to take back credit for a hilarious joke on the word "hypotenuse" after his friend steals it. About Key ...
 Key & Peele - Continental BreakfastComedy Central
6 years ago
An enthusiastic hotel guest takes full advantage of the complimentary continental breakfast.
 The Harshest Burns from the Roast of Justin BieberComedy Central
2 months ago
Relive all the shocking and brutal jokes from the roast of Justin Bieber, as Roastmaster General Jeff Ross says, the “King Joffrey of ...
 "Big D**k Energy” Isn’t Real - Jenny Zigrino - Stand-Up FeaturingComedy Central Stand-Up
11 days ago
Jenny Zigrino claims everyone in Hollywood is a monster, warns her audience about so-called girly drinks and details her issue ...
 Kevin Hart - Imaginary FriendsComedy Central Stand-Up
1 years ago
Kevin Hart discusses how white people and black people treat children with imaginary friends differently. Watch full stand-up ...
 Alex Edelman: “How Is Any Millennial Ever Gonna Own a Home?” - Stand-Up FeaturingComedy Central Stand-Up
9 days ago
Alex Edelman wonders why there aren't more documentaries about well-adjusted people and frets about the real estate prospects ...
 The Harshest Burns from the Roast of James FrancoComedy Central
2 months ago
Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Sarah Silverman and more unload on James Franco – and on each other. Watch clips from Comedy ...
 Key & Peele - Pizza OrderComedy Central
7 years ago
A pizza delivery order snowballs into a drama of destiny, romance and lots of cheesy crust.
 The Harshest Burns from the Roast of Donald TrumpComedy Central
2 months ago
Donald Trump gets roasted by Seth MacFarlane, Anthony Jeselnik, Whitney Cummings and more savage-tongued members of ...
 Russell Peters - Adventures in Saudi Arabia - This Is Not Happening - UncensoredComedy Central
2 years ago
While working in Saudi Arabia, Russell Peters was asked to do a private show for a prince who introduced him to a very surprising ...
 Chris D’Elia Becomes Keanu Reeves During ArgumentsComedy Central Stand-Up
4 months ago
Chris D'Elia describes how he acts like Keanu Reeves during arguments with his girlfriend and wishes he had the power to make ...
 When You’re Turned On by “Scared Straight” - Dewayne Perkins - Stand-Up FeaturingComedy Central Stand-Up
4 days ago
Dewayne Perkins admits “Scared Straight” shaped his sexuality, explains what it would take for him to pretend to be straight and ...
 12 Comics You Need to See - Comedy Central Stand-Up PresentsComedy Central Stand-Up
1 months ago
The comedians from the new season of Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents take the stage. Season 3 kicks off with back-to-back ...
 How Women Can Tell If an Ex Has Slept with Someone Else - Rosebud Baker - Stand-Up FeaturingComedy Central Stand-Up
5 months ago
Rosebud Baker details why her year has been so terrible, including the death of two pets and a breakup. (Contains strong ...
 Roast Charlie Sheen - Amy SchumerComedy Central Brasil
5 years ago
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 Why You Should Invest in Weed - Wanda SykesComedy Central Stand-Up
Wanda Sykes explains why you're better off supporting the weed industry and why CEOs are far more dangerous than your ...
 Kumail Nanjiani Tries Hard to Be Cool - This Is Not Happening - UncensoredComedy Central
5 years ago
Kumail Nanjiani comes up with a three-step plan to become one of the cool kids at his high school.
 Flying the Worst Budget Airline - Pete DavidsonComedy Central Stand-Up
1 months ago
Pete Davidson recalls his experience flying Cape Air and explains why he sends dick pics to his mom. (Contains strong language.)
 Chris D’Elia - What Drunk Girls Are Really Like - White Male. Black Comic.Comedy Central Stand-Up
1 years ago
Chris D'Elia shares his impression of drunk girls and explains why he's baffled by their use of the word “random.” Subscribe to ...
 Joe Rogan Meets a Crazy Stripper - This Is Not Happening - UncensoredComedy Central
5 years ago
While on the road with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Joe Rogan meets a woman whom he'll always remember.
 Randall Park - Bullies & Diarrhea - This Is Not Happening - UncensoredComedy Central
3 years ago
Randall Park attended a talent show at the middle school where he was bullied, and it turned out even worse (and messier) than ...
 Donald Glover: Why Are There No "Crazy Man" Stories? - Comedy Central PresentsComedy Central Stand-Up
1 years ago
Donald Glover always wanted to know why women don't have any stories about "crazy men" in their lives, but upon reflection, he's ...
 ¡En Este País Todo El Mundo Te Intenta Ver Cara de P*#%&$0! | Tío Rober & Mike Salazar | CC PresentaComedy Central en Español
3 days ago
Mike Salazar y Tío Rober participan en este episodio de CC Presenta con el tema de ¡Viva México Cabrones! ¡Disfruta sus ...
 Comedy central Prank Video || हँसी नही रोक पवोग || Funny videos for Kids || Comedy BoysTotally Tips
2 years ago
Original and funny videos from Totally tips one of the most popular comedy clips Channel on youtube If you watch our funny ...
 INÉDITO #ACulpaÉDoCabral - Balão do TURISMO BrasileiroComedy Central Brasil
17 hours ago
Não esquece de se inscrever no canal do Comedy Central Brasil pra assistir mais vídeos do A Culpa é do Cabral e muitos outros!
 Watching a White Guy Get Arrested - Devon Walker - Stand-Up FeaturingComedy Central Stand-Up
1 months ago
Devon Walker recalls the first time he saw a white man get arrested and blames Eddie Murphy for white people appropriating ...
 Fran Hevia y Escalante Resuelven el Problema de la Marihuana | #ComediantesResuelvenMéxicoComedy Central en Español
En Comediantes Mexicanos Resuelven Problemas Mundiales, Fran Hevia y Juan Carlos Escalante debaten sobre la legalización ...
 Paquirrín me Recordó a Nietzsche | Denny Horror | Stand Up | Comedy Central EspañaComedy Central en Español
20 hours ago
Denny Horror ha tenido la suerte de trabajar junto a Paquirrín, si quieres saber cómo fue el encuentro no te pierdas su stand up ...
 Ralphie May - Gay Wedding - This Is Not Happening - UncensoredComedy Central
4 years ago
Ralphie May and his son learn valuable life lessons while attending the wedding of two men. The Comedy Central app has full ...
 How to Get Guys to Stop Sending You D**k Pics - Josh Johnson - Stand-Up FeaturingComedy Central Stand-Up
a months ago
Josh Johnson explains why zoo animals aren't like wild animals and remembers when his phone was flooded with dick pics after ...
 Funny India | Only in India , Lol | Funny Jugaad | Comedy Central | Top Trending | Funny innovationEthnic Channel
2 years ago
Music Used in this Video is from Bensound Music, Their link is Below Also Watch IT HAPPENS ONLY ...
 Who Got Semen on the Roomba? - Logan Guntzelman - Stand-Up FeaturingComedy Central Stand-Up
18 days ago
Logan Guntzelman has a revelation about her day job and recalls listening in on a baffling argument among her boyfriend's ...
 Ali Siddiq - Prison Riot - This Is Not Happening - UncensoredComedy Central
4 years ago
Ali Siddiq finds himself in a tough spot when he realizes that he's completely unprepared for an impending prison riot.
 Clayton Bigsby, the World’s Only Black White Supremacist - Chappelle’s ShowComedy Central
5 days ago
A journalist profiles Clayton Bigsby, a prominent white supremacist who doesn't know that he himself is black. (Contains strong ...
 Chris Redd - Fighting in Chicago - This Is Not Happening - UncensoredComedy Central
1 years ago
After getting humiliated in a street fight, Chris Redd prepares himself for future brawls by watching Bruce Lee movies. Watch more ...
 Property Brothas - Trump’s Boyhood Home Is on the Market | The Daily ShowThe Daily Show with Trevor Noah
18 hours ago
Jaboukie Young-White and Roy Wood Jr., a.ka. the Property Brothas, visit Donald Trump's childhood home in Queens and attempt ...
 Brendan Schaub - The Biggest Fight of His Life - This Is Not HappeningComedy Central Stand-Up
5 months ago
All of Brendan Schaub's training culminates in a massive UFC fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. (Contains ...
 A Car Accident Is a Real Mood Killer - Hannibal BuressComedy Central Stand-Up
24 days ago
Hannibal Buress remembers getting his hat stolen by a very confident thief and getting into a car accident on his birthday.
 Josh Johnson Had to Prove He Was Black to a Blind ManComedy Central Stand-Up
5 months ago
Josh Johnson remembers having trouble convincing a blind man that he's black and imagines an awkward post-Civil War ...