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 The new CW Batwoman Ryan Wilder debuts in comicsComics, by Perch
17 hours ago
Who is Ryan Wilder and why does she matter? Well, for starters the character is the identity of the new Batwoman, taking over for ...
 An appreciation video for people who use block botsComics, by Perch
8 hours ago
Over the last few years I've seen plenty of people complaining of being caught in a block bot, prevented from interacting with ...
 Stop assuming awful reasons to blame customers for not liking somethingComics, by Perch
9 hours ago
When someone doesn't like a comic these days, and frankly let's face it... with hundreds of comics produced EACH MONTH there ...
 The mystery revealed: The Three Jokers #3 ReviewComics, by Perch
14 hours ago
Spoilers included in this video. Finally, after being announced years ago, The Three Jokers reaches its conclusion and finally ...
 When you start to suspect people aren't actually reading the comicsComics, by Perch
17 days ago
One of the arguments that gets tossed around is "those people don't actually read the comics they are commenting on". But... is ...
 If Monthly comics are dying, what replaces them?Comics, by Perch
3 days ago
If it's true that the industry is moving away from floppies and monthly comics, what exactly replaces them? We've heard about ...
 Putting on that personality for the big comic showComics, by Perch
2 days ago
If the real work is on the page... why do some people put on over-the-top personalities or characters when nearly all of the time is ...
 Are some characters "problematic" for today's era of comics?Comics, by Perch
8 months ago
It's strange to consider that found members of the West Coast Avengers like Tigra are now considered too "problematic" to be ...
 DC hires new general manager Daniel Cherry III... what do we know?Comics, by Perch
1 months ago
DC has finally announced their pick for a new General Manager position in Daniel Cherry III, a role that will carry significant ...
 10/23 Comics and Drinks: It's the Friday Night Comic ChatComics, by Perch
4 days ago
Come join the channel for the 10/23 Comics and Drinks Friday night livestream comic chat, talking about comics, some drinks and ...
 Comics and Creative Teams revealed for DC Future StateComics, by Perch
12 days ago
After many months of speculation, rumors, made-up stories and angst, the moment is finally here where we get to see exactly what ...
 10/2 Comics and Drinks: It's the Friday Night Comic ChatComics, by Perch
24 days ago
Come join the channel for a special Friday night livestream comic chat, talking about comics, some drinks and more drinks. We're ...
 Sean Gordon Murphy: Comics, Careers and Creating WorldsComics, by Perch
5 months ago
Sean Gordon Murphy, superstar creator behind Batman White Knight, Chrononauts, Tokyo Ghost, Joe the Barbarian, Punk Rock ...
 Why is DC still doing Future State?Comics, by Perch
9 days ago
It's been a disaster of a year for comics, with shutdowns, distribution changes, creative team pauses and confusing strategies...
 The Death of Superman: The Comic That Captured The 90sComics, by Perch
19 days ago
Joe Corallo joins the show to talk about The Death of Superman... the comic event in the 90s that became a legacy for DC and ...
 Doing exactly what you shouldn't do: DC's New Age of HeroesComics, by Perch
1 months ago
Back in 2018, DC announced the "New Age of Heroes", an effort to introduce brand-new characters (and IP) to the DC universe.
 Who runs Marvel and DC's marketing? Youtubers and Clickbait sites.Comics, by Perch
10 days ago
I'm taking a bit of an extreme take here, but something to consider: why do the big publishers largely ignore their own marketing ...
 5 Current Comic Book Trends I HATE with PerchThinking Critical
9 days ago
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 Comic books and more hype than you have ever seen in your life everComics, by Perch
4 days ago
Talking about the increasingly ineffective use of hype, and why a lot of readers just aren't paying attention anymore to over-the-top ...
 The worst character in comics: Rick Remender's ScumbagComics, by Perch
5 days ago
Spoilers included in this review. Highly anticipated from Image Comics, Rick Remender's new title is called Scumbag, and it ...
 Whatever happened to Stephen Platt in comic books?Comics, by Perch
26 days ago
A look at the meteoric rise of Stephen Platt from his time at Marvel on Moon Knight, to his brief run at Image... and finally his ...
 10/16 Comics and Drinks: It's the Friday Night Comic ChatComics, by Perch
11 days ago
Come join the channel for a special (later night) Friday night livestream comic chat, talking about comics, some drinks and more ...
 The problem with obsessive comic stansComics, by Perch
1 months ago
What's wrong with having obsessive fans? I mean, sure they might be a bit weird at conventions... but really, how much harm can ...
 The tragic history of CrossGen comics... good ideas, bad behaviorsComics, by Perch
22 days ago
A brief look at the rapid rise and fall of CrossGen... a company that tried to do things in a new way. Far from all inclusive (hours of ...
 Does everything change in the Fantastic Four? Who returns from the dead? Is the hype real?Comics, by Perch
6 days ago
There are spoilers in this video, although it is not a review. This week's Fantastic Four #25 promises a massive new status quo ...
 Looking at Image Comics in 2021Comics, by Perch
6 days ago
We've talked a lot about Marvel and DC... but what about Image? With a recent run of some popular high-selling comics, what ...
 Comics outrage, cancel culture and blah blah blah blahComics, by Perch
1 months ago
A discussion on the vicious circle between anger, dopamine, and more anger in comics.
 The biggest problem in comics? It's price.Comics, by Perch
3 months ago
Every day it seems we are besieged by comments and articles about the problems in the comic book industry, often around social ...
 Competitive Advantages: Manga vs Western ComicsComics, by Perch
1 months ago
A look at the differences between the Western Comic Market and the Manga Market in the US; and why big-box chains like Barnes ...
 Making Sense of the Comic Book Industry | w/ COMICS, BY PERCHGeronimo Draws
4 months ago
dccomics #comicbooks #marvel Geronimo Draws - insightful discussions on art, writing, comics, and more! Follow me on Twitter ...
 A look at everything Marvel coming out in January 2021Comics, by Perch
4 days ago
Taking a look through Marvel's January 2021 solicitations, which is heavy on the King in Black, continues with the X-Men and has ...
 The Truth About Free Comic Book Day with PerchThinking Critical
8 months ago
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 Get rid of floppies and go OGNs? Why it won't work.Comics, by Perch
6 days ago
Recently we've heard the suggestion of canceling all monthly floppies and going all-in on OGNs. But is there any confidence that ...
 Is it time to retire characters like Spider Man?Comics, by Perch
15 days ago
We've heard comments lately that many of the original heroes, like Spider-Man, Captain America, Batman and others have run ...
 When companies intentionally spoil comics... how bad is it?Comics, by Perch
2 months ago
We've seen the publishers intentionally spoil comics to get PR from mainstream news sources... often to the detriment of sales and ...
 DC in January: Analysis of Titles and CostsComics, by Perch
11 days ago
Doing something a bit different: looking at the month of DC in January by the number of titles, collections and brands they are ...
 Ways Editors and Publishers pick Creators for ComicsComics, by Perch
1 months ago
How do creators get picked for comic projects? Is it part of a vast, left-wing conspiracy to inject untalented extremists... or is it ...
 A kid perspective on the popularity of One Piece, and what Western Comics can learnComics, by Perch
7 months ago
I bring back two special guest reviewers to talk a little bit about why they love One Piece, MHA and other manga... but struggle with ...
 But seriously: does the comic industry really want to fix harassment?Comics, by Perch
4 months ago
We are in the middle of a turmoil within comics... but as the solutions filter out they feel as shallow and meaningless as ...
 Are comic shops in real danger of going away for good?Comics, by Perch
2 months ago
A question that is being raised now with increasing frequency is if comic book shops are in danger of going away completely.
 Comics and Drinks: Friday Night Recovery from Comic NewsComics, by Perch
2 months ago
It's been an absolutely chaotic week in comics, with huge news from DC and questions about their stability going forward...
 If comics need to change, who can lead that change?Comics, by Perch
7 days ago
Comics tend to follow a twenty year cycle of change... where big shifts to the industry occur, often led by a handful of visionaries...
 Finding a balance between action and talking in comicsComics, by Perch
4 months ago
Comics have sometimes wavered between high-conversation and high-action. But... can't we just have both?
 Hero or Scourge of comics? Jim ShooterComics, by Perch
2 months ago
Jim Shooter in recent years has been elevated by some fans as the last great Editor In Chief who was the savior of Marvel.
 Eccentric comic creators... why does the industry bring this stuff out in people?Comics, by Perch
2 months ago
Often dismissed as "oh, it's just how creative people are"... what is it about comics that seems to create a behavior of wanting to ...
 Six comments often made in comics... that are dumb.Comics, by Perch
12 days ago
Looking at six frequently used comments and opinions in comics that really, when you think about them, are pretty dumb.
 IDW's Marvel Action Captain Marvel #1 comic review: is it for kids?Comics, by Perch
8 months ago
A review of IDW's version of the Marvel Universe, starting with Captain Marvel #1. Intended for a younger audience and without ...
 Milestone and the question of current social topics in comicsComics, by Perch
1 months ago
When DC announced the return of Milestone comics in 2021, we also received a preview issue as a way to re-introduce people to ...
 People in comics should know their market... right?Comics, by Perch
3 months ago
Looking at the slightly surprising factors behind making a pitch at a comic company... and the strange absence of market research ...
 Details and perspectives emerge around DC layoffs... what's real?Comics, by Perch
2 months ago
As things go, if I had waited ten more minutes to upload the last video, I would have just added them together. But here we are.
 Marvel and DC cancelations, show delays, a new Batman costume... and moreComics, by Perch
3 months ago
News about the cancelations of Batman and the Outsiders, Batgirl, Justice League Odyssey and Strikeforce... and update on The ...
 A look at DC's December 2020 solicitationsComics, by Perch
1 months ago
We have our first clear look at the final month of Death Metal at DC, the penultimate month before we will get the new state of the ...
 Looking at Image for December 2020Comics, by Perch
1 months ago
A look at Image Comics and the graphic novels, collections and regular floppies making their way to shops in December, 2020.
 Stories of Comics Editorial: Sina Grace talks about his experienceComics, by Perch
2 months ago
Love or hate Sina Grace's time at Marvel, since his departure a number of interesting stories have come out highlighting the (at ...
 People who work in comics are not hot dog vendorsComics, by Perch
27 days ago
There's a recent adage that people who work in the comic industry, be they comic creators, publishers or local comic shop owners, ...
 Predicting how 2020 plays out for comicsComics, by Perch
4 months ago
With all of the changes and massive impact that the pandemic has had on the comic industry... where does that leave the rest of ...
 DC Future State: Breaking down the details... who's in, who's new, what's going onComics, by Perch
12 days ago
I take a deeper look into the new DC Future State event to break down the details of the character changes, new status quo, how it ...
 What is attach rate in comics, and why it mattersComics, by Perch
2 months ago
A bit about the term "attach rate", why it matters inside the comic industry, and why understanding and being able to predict it is ...
 The sales and profit reasons behind comics going full "dark mode"Comics, by Perch
5 months ago
If you've ever wondered why your favorite comic suddenly seemed to take a turn into dark and gritty, there's an easy explanation ...