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 Inside COVID-19 conspiracy theories: from 5G towers to Bill Gates | 60 Minutes Australia60 Minutes Australia
2 months ago
Subscribe here: Full Episodes: | Mad as hell (2020) Just who is ...
 Why People Believe Covid-19 ConspiraciesCNBC
18 days ago
Scientists have been studying Covid-19 in real-time as the world collectively goes through a traumatic, world-changing event.
 Coronavirus conspiracy theories: Why do people fall for them? | COVID-19 SpecialDW News
20 days ago
Despite mounting evidence about the coronavirus, conspiracy theories are still on the rise. Well, the COVID-19 pandemic is scary, ...
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2 months ago
On The Listening Post this week: How a conspiracy documentary hijacked US social media and fuelled misinformation on ...
 COVID-19 conspiracy theories called 'total nonsense'NewsChannel 5
2 months ago
Log on to social media, and you'll probably find some of your friends sharing wild COVID-19 conspiracy theories. That's why ...
 What drives coronavirus conspiracies? | COVID-19 SpecialDW News
2 months ago
Conspiracy theories have been around for a long time, now the coronavirus pandemic is creating new ones and fueling old ones.
 Coronavirus outbreak: Bill Gates, 5G, Wuhan lab - COVID-19 conspiracy theories that won't go awayGlobal News
2 months ago
Originally aired: April 28, 2020 Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, conspiracy theories around the virus have only become ...
 Down the 5G & COVID-19 Conspiracy RabbitholeVICE
1 months ago
At a time when we still have more questions than answers about the novel COVID-19 virus, theories have spread like wildfire ...
 Coronavirus: COVID-19 and the fear fueling conspiracy theoriesGlobal News
2 months ago
There's almost no escaping the deluge of information about the new coronavirus. We're trying to work out what's real and what's ...
 Doctor VS Coronavirus Conspiracy TheoriesDoctor Mike
4 months ago
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 Debunking COVID-19 Conspiracies (Coronavirus Update #2)Professor Dave Explains
3 months ago
So my last COVID-19 video didn't age too well. When I posted it in mid-February it seemed like containment was possible, and ...
 Celebs Combat COVID-19 Conspiracy TheoriesET Canada
17 days ago
After John Oliver enlisted Catherine O'Hara, Alex Trebek, Billy Porter, John Cena, and Paul Rudd to combat COVID-19 conspiracy ...
 Proof That 5G Is Going To Make Us All Sick?The Infographics Show
7 months ago
Get a 30-day free trial of Dashlane here: Use the code "infographics" for 10% off of ...
 5G: Explained!Marques Brownlee
11 months ago
5G is getting a lot of hype right now... so I had to see for myself! Get 75% off NordVPN! $2.99/mo, plus an additional month FREE ...
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1 years ago
Who are the secret billionaires that run the world? In today's educational animated cartoon we look at the world's most wealthy ...
 Why COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories Are Spreading l FiveThirtyEight Politics PodcastFiveThirtyEight
2 months ago
Political scientist Joe Uscinski joins the podcast to discuss the spread of COVID-19 conspiracy theories -- why they've formed and ...
 Survey suggests 1 in 10 Canadians believe COVID-19 conspiracy theoryCBC News: The National
3 months ago
Researchers say that many Canadians, particularly young people, are likely to believe misinformation and rumours spread on ...
 Why the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory is falseThe Guardian
3 months ago
Conspiracy theories linking 5G technology to coronavirus have resulted in dozens of phone masts across the UK being ...
 Coronavirus: The conspiracy theories spreading fake news - BBC NewsnightBBC Newsnight
5 months ago
From a secret plan to stop Brexit, to a virus engineered to control population, the conspiracies surrounding the coronavirus have ...
 Lancet article condemns COVID-19 conspiracy theoriesCGTN
5 months ago
The Lancet Journal has published an article in support of the scientists, public health professionals and medical professionals in ...
 What Are the Craziest Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories? | The Daily Social Distancing ShowThe Daily Show with Trevor Noah
3 months ago
From bat cuisine to 5G technology weakening immune systems, Trevor explores the craziest conspiracy theories about the origin ...
 COVID-19 crisis is a 'distraction,' says strategist | Street Signs AsiaCNBC International TV
5 months ago
"We really need to put this into context globally," says Jason Brady, CEO of Thornburg Investment Management, who cites how the ...
 Why is China peddling a coronavirus conspiracy theory?South China Morning Post
4 months ago
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: SCMP Chief News Editor Yonden Lhatoo warns ...
 Coronavirus outbreak: Schumer tells Trump to "keep quiet" when it comes to COVID-19Global News
4 months ago
In remarks critical of the Trump administration Tuesday morning on the floor of the United States Senate, Senate Minority Leader ...
 Conspiracy Theorists Threaten Woman They Claim is COVID-19 Patient Zero | NowThisNowThis News
3 months ago
Conspiracy theorists claim this woman brought COVID-19 to Wuhan from the U.S. as a biological weapon — now she's being ...
 Is the coronavirus a conspiracy?TRT World
2 months ago
Could the crazy conspiracies around coronavirus actually be true? We've broken down and debunked 3 of the most popular ones.
 Coronavirus outbreak: Conspiracy theorists burn 5G towers, claiming link to COVID-19Global News
2 months ago
Some conspiracy theorists are falsely linking 5G, the fifth generation of wireless mobile technology, to COVID-19 outbreaks.
 Trump's Twitter rant includes retweet of Covid-19 conspiracy theoryCNN
3 months ago
President Donald Trump sent out a series of tweets that included a retweet of a coronavirus conspiracy theory as the White House ...
 These Are the Craziest Coronavirus Conspiracy TheoriesInside Edition
3 months ago
One reason the deadly coronavirus has spread so quickly is due to the lack of prior knowledge about the disease and how it ...
 Doctor Mike Debunks the Wildest COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories | Vs. The Internet | Men's HealthMen's Health
3 months ago
Mikhail Varshavski D.O., better known as Doctor Mike, gives us his take on some of the hottest Coronavirus theories that have ...
 Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)LastWeekTonight
17 days ago
With conspiracy theories about coronavirus proliferating, John Oliver discusses why we're prone to believe, how to distinguish fact ...
 COVID-19: Over 10,000 in Australia refuse testing as conspiracy theories hamper effortsCNA
1 months ago
Conspiracy theories are complicating efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the Australian state of Victoria. More than 10000 ...
 Exploring COVID-19 conspiracy theories.FOX 13 News Utah
3 months ago
Exploring conspiracy theories about coronavirus.
 5G COVID-19 myths debunked - Which?Which?
3 months ago
5G COVID-19 conspiracy myths debunked. Which? computing editor Kate Bevan sets the record straight. Get the latest news and ...
 The coronavirus conspiracy: is there a cover-up in China?Channel 4 News
5 months ago
China's initial response to the Coronavirus received praise. But now with the accusations of cover-ups, crack-downs and even ...
 Why are there so many conspiracy theories about COVID-19?CGTN
1 months ago
According to a recent report released by the Australia Institute, an independent public policy think tank based in Canberra, the ...
 How this CBC story turned into a coronavirus conspiracy theoryCBC News
6 months ago
A CBC News report was distorted to create a conspiracy theory circulating online, claiming that Chinese scientists stole the ...
 Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Are Ravaging ERs, And Doctors Are Fed Up | All In | MSNBCMSNBC
3 months ago
NBC News reporter Ben Collins joins Chris Hayes to discuss the devastating effect that COVID-19 disinformation has on hospitals ...
 Chinese respiratory disease expert on origins of Covid-19 and Wuhan virus lab conspiracy theoriesSouth China Morning Post
2 months ago
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: In an exclusive interview with the South China ...
 How did the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory begin? | Four CornersABC News In-depth
4 days ago
Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, social media has been flooded with the conspiracy theory that 5G is to blame for ...
 Facts Tell: Here's what conspiracy theorists don't want you to know about the new coronavirusCGTN
5 months ago
The new coronavirus outbreak is a major news story that has grabbed international headlines and had everyone glued to their ...
 Is Coronavirus A Secret Chinese Bio-warfare Weapon? | Fact CheckIndia Today
5 months ago
As the death toll due to Coronavirus continues to rise, many people have begun to speculate on how this epidemic started.
 Fact-checker Full Fact busts the latest coronavirus conspiracy theories | LBCLBC
4 months ago
Fact-checker Full Fact busts coronavirus conspiracy theories. The editor of independent fact-checking charity FullFact Tom Phillips ...
 Conspiracy theorists said she started the coronavirus pandemic. Now she's afraid for her life.CNN
3 months ago
Conspiracy theorists claim military worker Maatje Benassi brought coronavirus to China. She didn't. Benassi speaks exclusively to ...
 Fact-checker Full Fact busts coronavirus conspiracy theories | LBCLBC
5 months ago
Fact-checker FullFact busts coronavirus conspiracy theories. The editor of independent fact-checking charity FullFact tackles ...
 Fact Check: 5G Tech Invites CoronavirusVOA News
3 months ago
CORONAVIRUS Polygraph fact checks the claim that 5G technology has a correlation with the coronavirus.
 COVID-19: Conspiracy Theories Linking 5G To PandemicChannels Television
4 months ago
Don't forget to subscribe: Watch more interesting videos: Follow Channels Television ...
 Bill Gates Created Coronavirus According to Conspiracy Theorists... Sorry What? - TLDR NewsTLDR News
3 months ago
TLDR Store: Learn About Our Funding: Burning 5G Masts: ...
 COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories + Bad Idea Memes and Why You Should Not Believe Them | Trey RatcliffTrey Ratcliff
4 months ago
COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories + Bad Idea Memes and Why You Should Not Believe Them Here's ...
 PLANDEMIC: The next Covid 19 ConspiracyFstoppers
3 months ago
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 Bill Gates on the U.S. handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine misinformationCBS Evening News
15 days ago
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on public health and has committed more than $350 million for the development ...
 Ebro Addresses Keri Hilson's 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy TheoryHOT 97
4 months ago
With the COV-19 Coronavirus resulting in larger measures in trying to contain the virus, Ebro questions the origins of the virus ...
 Bill Gates responds to vaccine conspiracy theories on CCTVCGTN
3 months ago
Five years ago, Microsoft's founder Bill Gates warned about global pandemics on a TED Talk. The realized prediction has raised ...
 How the Covid-19 pandemic beganThe Telegraph
3 months ago
Conspiracies have run wild about the origin of Coronavirus, but experts believe it is most likely that the virus originated from bats.
 Debunking Conspiracies Around The Coronavirus | NBC News NOWNBC News
5 months ago
COVID-19, the recent strain of coronavirus, outbreak has led to several conspiracy theories on the internet. NBC News' Brandy ...
 David Icke Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory | The Danger of Covid 19 MisinformationDr. Todd Grande
4 months ago
This video answers the questions: Can I analyze David Icke's interview about coronavirus conspiracy theories? Support Dr.
 Celebs PAID To Say They Have Coronavirus?!?Clevver News
4 months ago
For More Clevver Visit: #IdrisElba #tomhanks #coronavirus What a time to be alive, where everything that's happened over the last ...
 Coronavirus: Debunking the myths, conspiracy theories and fake remediesThe Telegraph
5 months ago
The spread of coronavirus - formally known as COVID-19 - has been accompanied by the spread of misinformation. From fake ...
 Conspiracy theorists spark Covid-19 protests in GermanyTRT World
2 months ago
A mock tombstone was placed at Merkel's electoral office as conspiracy theorists participated in another weekend of protests ...
 How contagious? Conspiracies, lies & the coronavirus ‘infodemic’ | DW debate specialDW News
2 months ago
Whether it's false cures or conspiracy theories, disinformation is going viral – so much so, that the United Nations says we're ...
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3 months ago
Does 5G technology spread coronavirus? Did Bill Gates know about the pandemic years ago? Did the virus escape from a ...
 Donald Trump Jr.’s Coronavirus ConspiracyHuffPost
5 months ago
Donald Trump Jr. and White House officials continue to push the theory that Democrats are using the coronavirus to bring down ...
 Going Deeper Into Conspiracy Theories About COVID-19 & Climate Change | Tom ChiMindvalley Talks
2 months ago
In this LIVE video call we're joined by revolutionary inventor Tom Chi, where we'll explore the most controversial Coronavirus ...