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 Disney Star Wars FAILURE Is Finally Complete - Daisy Speaks OutAnomaly Inc
16 days ago
The Disney Star Wars Dumpster Fire Gets Forsaken By Its Own Cast, Daisy Ridley Confirms That The Disney Lucasfilm Regime ...
 Why Disney Star Wars Failed: A Critique from a Former FanDonLasagna
4 months ago
A critique of the entire Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, as someone who used to like them.
 Top 10 Disney Fails & FUNNY Star Wars Jedi Training Academy MomentsTPMvids
3 years ago
The TOP 10 FUNNY Star Wars Jedi Training Academy moments & Disney fails at the Disneyland Park in California and Walt ...
 Why Disney failed with Star Wars, but succeeded with Marvel and PixarMidnight's Edge
11 months ago
StarWars #RiseOfSkywalker #KathleenKennedy “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” will end both the Skywalker saga, and the sequel ...
 Top 10 Disney Fails & FUNNY Star Wars Jedi Training Academy Moments Part 2TPMvids
2 years ago
Top 10 Disney Fails- Star Wars fail edition! Today we're gonna be taking a look at more Disney fails and funny moments from Jedi ...
 How Disney Ruined Star Wars | The History of Disney’s Failed Star Wars TrilogySvenSulley
4 months ago
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker once again divided the Star Wars fanbase. With many fans upset, the future of Star Wars is now ...
 Rise of Skywalker: A Complete Cinematic FailureVito
4 months ago
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, what a truly incredible trainwreck. Watch the uncensored version of this video at ...
 Disney Star Wars' Failure is Complete | Kevin Feige and Brie Larson Won't Save the FranchiseNerdrotic
a years ago
Disney Star Wars failure with the franchise may have just been confirmed with the hiring of Kevin Feige to work on a Star Wars film ...
 Disney Star Wars Fan On Why Rise Of Skywalker Failed 5 Months LaterJohn Campea
4 months ago
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 Star Wars Sequels RUINED the SagaStar Wars Analyst
9 months ago
The new Sequel Trilogy created by Disney is a disgrace to the Star Wars saga. It ruined each of the original trilogy characters by ...
 Star Wars - How To Kill A FranchiseThe Closer Look
2 months ago
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 The Greatest Teacher Failure isHeroes Fan Productions
2 years ago
HAPPY LATE MAY 4TH EVERYBODY!! Probably May 5th now for most of you, lol. I think there has been every obstacle you can ...
 Everything WRONG With Disney Star WarsThe Scoundrel's Cantina
2 years ago
Everything WRONG With Disney Star Wars! This is a video in which we talk about everything we believe is not right with Disney's ...
 The Rise of Skywalker Review | Disney Star Wars' Failure is CompleteNerdrotic
9 months ago
The Fall of Skywalker is an embarrassment to cinema, Star Wars, Star Wars fans, and George Lucas. This film wasn't fan service, ...
 Disney Admits FAILURE with the Handling of Star WarsWorldClassBullshitters
2 years ago
From Bob Iger: CEO of Disney http://www.jedinews.co.uk/featured/articles/bob-iger-expect-slowdown-with-star-wars-film-releases/ ...
 Kathleen Kennedy’s Failed STAR WARS Masterplan and Strategy Revealed?Midnight's Edge
4 months ago
StarWars #KathleenKennedy #StarTrek Kathleen Kennedy was directly responsible for Galaxy's Edge and other Star Wars in ...
 The Last Jedi: A Complete Cinematic FailureVito
2 years ago
Disney made me delete the ending of this video because I used the Star Wars theme. Here's the ending with new music: ...
 Disney’s Race To FailureRobot Head
Disney got it wrong. Lucasfilm got it wrong. And the media shills are always getting it wrong! Head to ...
 Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Failure is Losing Disney MILLIONSVito
1 years ago
Rian Johnson's brave and daring take on our favorite science fiction saga has resulted in a huge loss for Disney, who revealed in ...
 Disney Star Wars' Perfect FAILURE | Daisy Ridley CONFIRMS Lucasfilm Had No Plan for The TrilogyNerdrotic
17 days ago
Daisy Ridley just CONFIRMED The Disney Star Wars Trilogy was a total DISASTER from the start. Embarrassing Kathleen ...
 The Rise of Skywalker — How to Fail at Endgame | Anatomy Of A FailureFilmento
6 months ago
Half a decade into the Disney generation of Star Wars, we finally got the sequel trilogy conclusion with Star Wars: The Rise of ...
 New Star Wars Merch Shows the Failure of Disney TrilogyWorldClassBullshitters
7 months ago
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the twilight zone. This is not a ruse #StarWars #TheMandalorian #Disney.
 Why Disney Doesn't Want You To Know Galaxy's Edge FloppedMichael Jae
1 years ago
Subscribe for more videos and send this video to a friend! :) ▻ http://bit.ly/2ovrx13 Disneyland's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge has ...
 Star Wars FAIL! Daisy Ridley CONFIRMS Disney Had NO PLAN for Sequel Trilogy!Clownfish TV
17 days ago
Daisy Ridley confirms what many Star Wars fans have suspected for years -- there was no plan in place for the Disney Sequel ...
 Disney's Star Wars FAILURE is Complete! John Boyega TURNS on Disney?!Clownfish TV
24 days ago
Not even the lead actors in Disney's Star Wars sequel trilogy can defend it. John Boyega is speaking out against the shoddy ...
 Disney Star Wars' Failure is Complete? George Lucas Rumor UpdateNerdrotic
1 years ago
An update on the rumor that George Lucas may be entitled to residuals from some of the original and prequel Star Wars ...
 Why Star Wars Failed In ChinaCNBC
1 years ago
George Lucas' space opera is a cornerstone of the modern film industry and a cultural phenomenon around the globe. The 10 ...
 The Problem With Disney's Movies In One WordNerdstalgic
8 months ago
Disney released Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker recently and everything about it brought to mind a single word. Whether it's Marvel ...
9 months ago
I BROUGHT A LIGHTSABER ON RISE OF THE RESISTANCE - https://youtu.be/awY5FsgBN-c Kylo Ren harasses Guests in ...
 Galaxy's Edge Failure | First Reaction to Kinda Star Wars LandNerdrotic
1 years ago
My first and probably last impressions of a Star Wars like experience that kinda feels like it could have been Star Wars.
 Stupidest Things Said Defending Star Wars: The Last JediRobot Head
2 years ago
Are the Last Jedi defenders crazy? Let's take a look at what some of the Star Wars fans have to say. How stupid can the defence of ...
 Disney World DESPERATE After STAR WARS: Galaxy's Edge FAILURE?Clownfish TV
12 months ago
Star Wars: Galaxy's edge landed with a thud, and many media outlets are pointing out Disney's desperation with their media blitz ...
 Jar Jar actor explains why the Star Wars Sequels failedStarWarsOnly
5 months ago
Ahmed Best who played Jar Jar in the Star Wars prequel films explains why the Star Wars Sequels failed.
 Understanding Disney's Star Wars Crisis – Wisecrack EditionWisecrack
1 years ago
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1 years ago
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 Star Wars Failure | Toy Sales in Decline as Disney Empire Strikes OutOverlord DVD
2 months ago
As rumors circulate regarding the return of George Lucas to save Star Wars, merchandising revenue from that Galaxy Far Far ...
 George Lucas on Disney's Sequel TrilogyLusoTuber
1 years ago
Excerpt of the 2015 Charlie Rose interview with George Lucas, where Lucas reveals what happened with Disney and how his ...
 The Rise of Skywalker - How To Fail At CharacterThe Closer Look
4 months ago
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 Why Star Wars is FailingGeneration Tech
2 years ago
Star wars has hit a rough patch recently, let's break down why the star wars galaxy Get Generation Tech Gear HERE!
 Disney CEO Admits STAR WARS is Failing?!Clownfish TV
1 years ago
Has Disney CEO Bob Iger finally admitted that Star Wars is failing under Disney's stewardship in a recent New York Times ...
 Here's Where The Unsold Star Wars Toys Go - Disney Star Wars FAILMechaRandom42
10 months ago
Mecha talks about the unsold Star Wars and Marvel Women of Power toys and other assorted merchandise from the Disney Star ...
 Disney Star Wars Spins Failure | Missing Rose Tico Triggers Access MediaNerdrotic
11 months ago
Today in Disney Star Wars Schadenfreude we see the Access Media losing their collective minds over Rose Tico being removed ...
 Why Star Wars Rise of Skywalker FAILEDNo B.S.
9 months ago
More Star Wars Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5CFmzszpj0&list=PLljyz_HCQYVK_E1Yt1rCTUixnkCHruCR1 ...
 Disney Star Wars' Failure Belongs to Kathleen Kennedy | The Kennedy Saga is Coming to an EndNerdrotic
10 months ago
Kathleen Kennedy should have been fired a long time ago and after her recent interview in Rolling Stone my mind hasn't ...
 Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Deserted! Failure for Disney!Overlord DVD
1 years ago
Star Wars Galaxy's Edge has failed to attract tourists and fans in its opening week during the infamously crowded summer season ...
 Disney Has INSTANT REGRET Over #MayThe4th Star Wars Hashtag FAIL on Twitter!Clownfish TV
5 months ago
Another day, another Lucasfilm PR failure. Disney Plus tweeted that they wanted users to tweet their favorite Star Wars memories ...
 My Top 10 Favorite Star Wars Jedi Training Academy Fails and Funny MomentsMThurber Gaming
2 years ago
In Today's video I count down My Top 10 Favorite Fails and Funny Moments from Disneyland's and Disney World's Star Wars Jedi ...
 The failure of STAR WARS Merchandise under Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm and Bad RobotMidnight's Edge
5 months ago
StarWars #StarTrek #JusticeLeagueDark On April 21st, Bleeding fool disseminated the highlights from an April 13th interview ...
 George Lucas Thinks Disney's Star Wars Trilogy Is Not Strong With The ForceScreen Rant
1 years ago
The new Star Wars trilogy would have looked very different if George Lucas had his way! Subscribe to our channel: ...
 The Future Of Star Wars? Disney Admits They FailedMr H Reviews
1 years ago
Disney & the future of the Star Wars franchise, despite the fan backlash, seemed to be a safe bet for movies, every year, from now, ...
 My 3 reasons why Hasbro Star Wars toys are FAILING | Jcc2224Jcc2224
1 years ago
Hasbro's been struggling with their Star Wars brand ever since Disney purchased the franchise. What are the reasons? Here's my ...
 Has Disney failed with Star Wars thus far? (Let's Talk Some Star Wars Wars)Thor Skywalker
10 months ago
Contact me or send your art work or whatever to me at: thor_mailbag@aol.com Enjoy my videos? Consider supporting me on ...
 Ron Howard Blames Fans For Star Wars FailureWorldClassBullshitters
1 years ago
It's 2019 and Disney still blames the fans. Also, who wants Solo 2? Captain Marvel: https://bit.ly/2TlrWlD Classic WCBs Star Wars: ...
 Rise of Skywalker Fail | Even Reylos Hate Star Wars NowOverlord DVD
8 months ago
Rise of Skywalker has alienated not only Star Wars fans, but now Reylos are rioting about this disastrous film, losing their minds ...
 Is Star Wars Fatigue Here? Galaxy's Edge FAILINGMr H Reviews
1 years ago
Is Star Wars Fatigue Here? Galaxy's Edge FAILING teespring - https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/mr-h-reviews #disney #starwars ...
 Are Disney considering ERASING the STAR WARS Sequel Trilogy from Official Canon?Midnight's Edge
2 months ago
StarWars #TheLastJediIsNotCanon #RianJohnson The finest hour of the Kennedy Faction of Lucasfilm was the release of Rian ...