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 Top 20 Most Shocking Dr. Phil GuestsMsMojo
9 hours ago
The most shocking Dr. Phil guests knew how to keep things interesting. For this list, we'll be looking at the most unsettling, bizarre, ...
 Dr Phil Gets Very Annoyed By This 13 Year OldPlot Twist
8 months ago
Dr Phil Gets Very Annoyed With This 13 Year Old Kid! Dr. Phil is an American talk show created by Oprah Winfrey and the host ...
 ‘I Don’t Even Recognize Myself,’ Says Teen Who Turned Her Life Around After ‘Dr. Phil’ AppearanceDr. Phil
9 months ago
A teenager who was smoking marijuana, and claimed to be in a polyamorous relationship, a young woman who acknowledged ...
 ‘You Called The Police On A 6-Year-Old?’ Dr. Phil Asks A GrandmaDr. Phil
6 months ago
A woman who was living with her daughter, son-in-law, and their children says she asked neighbors to call the police on her ...
 ‘We’re Talking About Me Here; This Is My Show,’ 15-Year-Old Says To Dr. PhilDr. Phil
2 years ago
A teen whose allowance was lowered to $1000 a month says her mom should be giving her more money. See what happens ...
 Dr. Phil Asks Teen If She Wonders Why 21-Year-Old Boyfriend She’s Never Met In Person Wants To Be…Dr. Phil
9 months ago
Dr. Phil asks a 17-year-old some questions about her 21-year-old boyfriend who lives across the country and whom she's never ...
 ‘It Breaks My Heart,’ Says Man Who Claims His Sister Says Mean Things To Her DaughterDr. Phil
3 days ago
Nick says that since his sister, Jennifer, and brother-in-law, Ben, divorced, Jennifer has been fighting with her family, drinking, ...
 Man Has Spent $150,000 On Numerous Surgeries, Can’t Feel His Face, All To Look Like His K-Pop IdolDr. Phil
6 months ago
A man says he will do what it takes to transform himself into his K-pop idol, Jimin – including having numerous surgeries – which ...
 Why A Mother Says She Fears Her Transgender Child ‘Is Going To End Up Dead’Dr. Phil
4 days ago
Janyce admits she was shocked when she discovered that her son, Chance, was transitioning to a woman, going by the name ...
 ‘I’d Rather Die Hot Than Live Ugly,” Says Aspiring Instagram StarDr. Phil
1 years ago
An aspiring Instagram star who says she'd rather “die hot than live ugly” claims she's losing friends in real life because of her ...
 Dr Phil Almost Ends His Show Cause Of This Kid...Plot Twist
8 months ago
Dr Phil LITERALLY ALMOST Ends His Show Cause Of This Kid! Dr. Phil is an American talk show created by Oprah Winfrey and ...
 'It’s Not That She Hates Black People; It's That She Hates Herself,' Life Coach Says About Black …Dr. Phil
1 years ago
Spirit, a licensed therapist and life coach offers advice to an African-American teen who insists she's white and better than black ...
 ‘Don’t Live Off Your Mother And Then Talk About Being Authentic From The Trenches,’ Dr. Phil Tell…Dr. Phil
9 months ago
Dr. Phil has some tough advice for a 20-year-old aspiring rapper and her mom who is supporting her. Dr. Phil uses the power of ...
 Was Kim Bob’s Only Victim? His Stepdaughter’s AccusationDr. Phil
3 days ago
WEDNESDAY, JULY 8: Yesterday, Kim confronted her father, Bob, who admitted to having what he called a “consensual sexual ...
 ‘You Don’t Have Allergies,’ Dr. Phil Says To Guest Who Claims She’s Allergic To Almost EverythingDr. Phil
2 years ago
Dr. Phil questions a woman, who claims she's allergic to almost everything, about her behavior. https://www.drphil.com Subscribe ...
 Mom Says Teen Son Is A Wannabe GangsterDr. Phil
4 months ago
A mom says she believes that her son was changed when he had stage 4 cancer as a child. She says the teen is now a wannabe ...
 Dr. Phil Best Moments Of All TimeLifeples
6 months ago
best most savage moments in dr. phil shows history ever ➤ New Merch - https://teespring.com/stores/lifeples ...
 Mom Says Son Claims He’s A Cyborg, Uses Robotic Movements And SpeechDr. Phil
5 months ago
A woman says, for the last two years, her 24-year-old son has claimed he is a cyborg and uses robotic movements and speech.
 Dr. Phil Catch Me Outside (Cash Me Outside) Full VideoBlaze Olivier
3 years ago
A teen says her mom is “crazy,” “overbearing,” and “controlling,” and says she wants her to back off and let her live her life.
 Stepmother Who Denied Abusing Her Husband’s Child Gets 28 Years Behind BarsDr. Phil
1 years ago
In 2014 5-year-old Jordan Bleimeyer made headlines as the boy starved and held captive in a closet. Dr. Phil recaps past ...
 Dr. Phil Saves This Teens Life...Plot Twist
1 years ago
Dr. Phil Saves This Teens Life... There's a reason why Dr. Phil has often been likened to a human zoo. The people that appear on ...
 Dr. Phil Reacts To Kids React To Dr. PhilFBE
2 months ago
Dr. Phil reacts to Kids react to Dr. Phil. Watch to see what he has to say! Watch more Celebrity Reactceptions here: ...
 Dr.Phil is Left Speechless...Viral Now
1 years ago
Dr.Phil is Left Speechless... Dr. Phillip C. McGraw's show draws on his 25 years of experience in psychology, sociology and ...
 ‘I’m Going To Be The Most Famous Person In The World,’ Says Woman Who Claims She’s A ‘Star In The…Dr. Phil
3 months ago
Mariah Malibu says she's a “star in the making.” “I'm Hollywood's new princess,” she says. “I'm going to be the most famous ...
 13-Year-Old Says Mom Will Do Anything To Stop Her From Having FunDr. Phil
3 years ago
A teen says her mom is “crazy,” “overbearing,” and “controlling,” and says she wants her to back off and let her live her life.
 ‘You Are A Loudmouth Bully,’ Dr. Phil Says To GuestDr. Phil
5 months ago
Dr. Phil calls a man belligerent and tells him, “You're a loudmouth bully.” See why. Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell ...
 ‘You Are Selling Yourself Short,’ Dr. Phil Tells 18-Year-OldDr. Phil
1 months ago
Evan says that the first eight years of his life were difficult. He claims he was abused and asked to do things children shouldn't be ...
 Kid Goes Full Psycho On Dr Phil To Get Her WayTheScreeny
2 years ago
Kid Goes Psycho On Dr Phil To Get Her Way If you're new, Subscribe! → https://goo.gl/L4EEe8 The Dr. Phil show has been on air ...
 17-Year-Old Who Spends Thousands On Designer Goods Claims He’s Practicing ‘Retail Therapy’Dr. Phil
9 months ago
A mom who says she is tired of working to support her teenage son's $1000 per month allowance says she's cutting him off after ...
 Dr. Phil Can't Handle This Girl, Ends The Show & Officially Retires At 68..Film Focus
1 years ago
Dr. Phil Can't Handle This Girl, Officially Ends The Show & Retired At 68.. For more Dr. Phil content be sure to subscribe to the ...
 Parents Say 14-Year-Old Son Is ‘Addicted’ To Video Games, Terrorizes House To Get What He WantsDr. Phil
4 months ago
Parents say their 14-year-old son is “addicted” to video games, plays up to 17 hours a day, and runs their household by “bullying” ...
 Where Are Dr. Phil's Craziest Patients Now?Top Trending
1 years ago
Ever wonder what happened to some of the strangest and craziest patients to appear on Dr. Phil? We did some digging and found ...
 Dr. Phil On Teen’s Alleged Behaviors: ‘At Some Point She Needs To Understand, When You Choose The…Dr. Phil
3 years ago
Madison claims she's “just a fun-loving teen” who's misunderstood by her parents, Tom and Karen; but her parents claim Madison ...
 Dr. Phil To Guest: ‘How Do You Hate Your Child?’Dr. Phil
1 years ago
When asked to list positive traits about her teenage daughter, a mother gives three before saying, “I don't have any more.
 Dr. Phil Analyzes The Actions Of Police During The 8 Minutes, 46 Seconds That Took George Floyd’s…Dr. Phil
1 months ago
George Floyd was sitting in his car after attempting to buy cigarettes at a deli on May 25, 2020, when he was approached by ...
 Watch As A Dad Struggles With Meeting His Daugher As A Woman For The First TimeDr. Phil
4 years ago
Gary says he was devastated when he found out that his son Zach is transgender and wants to transition to biologically become a ...
 Dr. Phil Can't Help This Guy...Grim
12 days ago
Dr. Phil Can't Help This Guy... I'm Grim and you can hang with me here: https://discord.gg/NqPKJwX https://instagram.com/cruxal/ ...
 Unexpected Turn Of Events With Teen After Appearance On ‘Dr. Phil’Dr. Phil
4 months ago
A teen accepts a referral to a wilderness therapy program after appearing on “Dr. Phil,” but backstage, there's a turn of events, and ...
 Teen Says He Wants Dr. Phil To Change His Family’s Views On MarijuanaDr. Phil
7 months ago
A teen who admits to smoking marijuana every day says he wants Dr. Phil to change his family's views on it. His mother ...
 Why Dr. Phil Tells Guests Their Daughter 'Needs To Be Removed From This Home'Dr. Phil
2 years ago
CJ and his ex, Kaylie, have been told they've been breaking the law. Kaylie has been permitting their daughter, Gabrielle, to drop ...
 Dr Phil Confronts Teen With 0 IQPlot Twist
11 months ago
Dr Phil Confronts This Teen Who Has 0 IQ! Dr. Phillip C. McGraw's show draws on his 25 years of experience in psychology, ...
 Professional Transporter Helps Family Bring Daughter To Dr. Phil. ‘Wish It Never Led To This,’ Sa…Dr. Phil
3 years ago
Tom and Karen prepare for their appearance on Dr. Phil to discuss their 15-year-old daughter, Madison, who they claim has had ...
 Dr. Phil In SHOCK After This Brat REJECTS $25,000!Grim
Bratty Teen REJECTS $25000 To Fix Her Debt! I'm Grim and you can hang with me here: https://discord.gg/NqPKJwX ...
 Dr. Phil Questions Man Who Claims He’s A Cyborg About His Predictions And BeliefsDr. Phil
5 months ago
Dr. Phil questions a man who claims he's a cyborg sent from 2050 to warn humanity about upcoming doom about his message.
 Mom Says Teen Daughter Doesn’t Know How To ‘Deal With Rejection’ From BoysDr. Phil
6 months ago
A woman says her teen daughter doesn't know how to handle a breakup with a boyfriend. The teen admits she blames herself. Dr.
 'I Have Three Children With My Father'Dr. Phil
1 years ago
A woman says her father physically and sexually abused her – and she gave birth to three of his children. Hear how she says the ...
 ‘You’re Bullying That Boy,’ Dr. Phil Tells A FatherDr. Phil
2 years ago
Watch home video of a father disciplining his son, and hear Dr. Phil's message to the man. http://drphil.com Subscribe to Dr. Phil: ...
 Guests Who Claimed Their Lives Were Ruined After Dr PhilNicki Swift
14 days ago
Love him or hate him, Dr. Phil has undoubtedly helped many people, either through advice, tough love, or financial support.
 Dr Phil Thought He'd Seen It All Until She Appears...Viral Now
5 months ago
Dr Phil Thought He'd Seen It All Until... The Dr Phil show has risen to become a prefered syndicated talk show enjoyed by many ...
 ‘What Are You So Afraid Of?’ Dr. Phil Asks Teen Who Acts Out In AngerDr. Phil
1 years ago
Dr. Phil drills down to determine what may be causing a 15-year-old's rage. https://www.drphil.com Subscribe to Dr. Phil: ...
 Dr. Phil Sent Me To JAIL...Grim
19 days ago
Dr. Phil Sent Me To JAIL... I'm Grim and you can hang with me here: https://discord.gg/NqPKJwX https://instagram.com/cruxal/ Dr.
 ‘Dr. Phil’ Guest Flees Studio To Go To Liquor Store Before TapingDr. Phil
2 months ago
Cheryl, her ex-husband, Dave, and their youngest daughter, Stephanie, say oldest daughter, Cassie, has been a drug addict and ...
 Why A Controlling Husband Says His Wife Should Be Submissive To Him -- Dr. PhilDr. Phil
5 years ago
http://drphil.com Buy The 20/20 Diet: http://bit.ly/drphil2020diet Buy Life Code: http://bitly.com/LifeCodeDP Subscribe to Dr. Phil: ...
 Viral Video Star Says He Doesn’t Talk To Family Because ‘They’re Irrelevant’Dr. Phil
9 months ago
Two Gen Zer friends say they gained internet notoriety after posting videos online that pushed boundaries and went viral. One of ...
 Dr. Phil Is SCARED Of This Psycho Kid...Grim
5 months ago
Dr. Phil Is SCARED Of This Psycho Kid... I'm Grim and you can hang with me here: https://discord.gg/NqPKJwX ...
 Dr. Phil To Guest: 'There Were Two Of You; A Perpetrator And A Victim'Dr. Phil
2 years ago
A man convicted of molesting his daughter as a child says he just wants her to admit “there was two of us.” http://drphil.com ...
 ‘Do You Realize That Your Daughter Has A Serious Disease?” Dr. Phil Asks Dad Who Admits To Drinki…Dr. Phil
2 months ago
Cassie, who was once a straight-A student and star athlete, has been using drugs and drinking alcohol for the last 10 years.
 Dr Phil hosts Meme Review [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#63PewDiePie
11 months ago
Like my shirt? https://represent.com/store/pewdiepie (Thank you) (▱˘◡˘▱) Check out Dr. Phil! Instagram: ...
 Homeless Woman Walks Off ‘Dr. Phil’ StageDr. Phil
8 months ago
A homeless woman discusses her daily routine and admits she can't keep living the way she's been living. What happens to ...