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 The Most Offensive Question I’m Asked As A Doctor | Dr. MikeDoctor Mike
vor 8 Monaten
Im very lucky to live a life where I get paid to do what I love helping patients in my practice and around the world here on ...
 Doctor Day In The Life: Weekend Edition Ft. BearDoctor Mike
vor 1 Woche
Thanks to California Citrus Growers for sponsoring this video Ive showed you what my days at the hospital are like before but ...
 Doctor Reacts to NUTTIEST Medical Memes #12Doctor Mike
vor 11 Monaten
CLARIFICATION: Active ingredients in Adderall are actually derivatives of methamphetamine known as Amphetamine ...
 Doctor Reacts To Awkward Medical Memes Ep. 16Doctor Mike
vor 1 Monat
The medical memes just keep getting weirder Today we talk about tonsil stones Harry Potter nasal tests first year med students ...
 Doctor and Lawyer React To Grey’s Anatomy Malpractice EpisodeDoctor Mike
vor 1 Woche
Legal Eagle and I went head to head last year to see which was harder Med School or Law School. We decided to bury the ...
 Doctor Reacts To "The Office" Medical ScenesDoctor Mike
vor 3 Wochen
Youve been asking me to react to medical scenes from The Office for months so here it is I talk about Michael Scott burning his ...
 Doctor Reacts To Absurd Facebook Health Posts Ep. 2Doctor Mike
vor 1 Monat
Last summer I reacted to some bizarre health posts Id found on Facebook. I logged back in to see if I could fact-check any more ...
 Real Doctor Vs YouTube ChallengesDoctor Mike
vor 2 Jahren
PLEASE do NOT try any of these challenges The goal of this video is to explain how some of the innocent sounding YouTube ...
 Doctor Reacts To WILD BuzzFeed Medical VideosDoctor Mike
vor 1 Monat
Over the years the team at Buzzfeed has dipped their toes into the world of creating some medical videos. I have actually ...
 Doctor Reacts To WILD Shark Tank Medical PitchesDoctor Mike
vor 2 Monaten
Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows on TV and over the years Ive noticed people pitching various medical products. Today I ...
 Doctor vs. Google | Doctors Are...OverratedDoctor Mike
vor 1 Jahr
Welcome to my NEW series Doctor vs. Google I know we all love to run to google search whenever we have a medical question ...
 Doctors React To Medical Stand Up ComedyDoctor Mike
vor 2 Wochen
Dr . Luis Espina is one of my best doctor
 Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here's How My Body Reacted...Doctor Mike
vor 1 Jahr
Thirty days of going vegan is in the books and I have to say this one was a bit more difficult than keto for me as it took me out of my ...
 Doctor Plays OPERATE NOW Hospital Edition | Doctor MikeDoctor Mike
vor 1 Jahr
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth please let me know because I take your requests seriously.
 Doctor Reacts To NEW AMSTERDAM Plane Crash EpisodeDoctor Mike
vor 1 Monat
New Amsterdam is a very entertaining medical drama and their recent season 3 premiere didnt hold back on the excitement ...
 Kids Ask Awkward Health Questions! | Doctor MikeDoctor Mike
vor 2 Jahren
I never thought I would include my nephews into a YT video but these guys were staying with me for a bit so we decided to turn on ...
 Doctor Reacts To Home Alone InjuriesDoctor Mike
vor 4 Monaten
Its the holiday season so I wanted to react to some of my favorite Christmas movies Home Alone 1 and 2. I saw DistractifyYT ...