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 All about Donald Trump’s early years, from troubled teen to military academy and business schoolPBS NewsHour
4 years ago
Gwen Ifill launches the NewsHour”s series on Donald Trump's life and times, from a decision to shun alcohol, to military academy ...
 1980s: How Donald Trump Created Donald Trump | NBC NewsNBC News
4 years ago
Even though Trump sometimes seems like he's sometimes shooting from the hip on the campaign trail, it's all part of a persona he ...
 Donald Trump's Childhood | Making of a President Part 1ABC News
3 years ago
Full Episode Link: https://goo.gl/vLVAuH Donald Trump grew up in Queens, New York, and his father Fred was a millionaire real ...
 President Donald Trump Says Take Guns 'Early' Without Due Process | CNBCCNBC
2 years ago
President Trump suggests taking guns from some people before actually going to court. » Subscribe to CNBC: ...
 Donald Trump: "I don't want to be president" - entire 1987 CNN interview (Larry King Live)CNN
4 years ago
In a September 2, 1987, interview with CNN's Larry King, Donald Trump says he has no interest in being president and explains ...
 Donald Trump Teases a President Bid During a 1988 Oprah Show | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWNOWN
5 years ago
Donald Trump is perhaps best known for the money he's made (and lost) in real estate, his less-than-humble demeanor and his ...
 President Donald Trump escorted from briefing after shooting outside White HouseGlobal News
22 hours ago
U.S. President Donald Trump was abruptly escorted from the White House briefing room on Monday shortly after a shooting ...
 'Extra' with Donald Trump over the Years - Our Rare Interview Momentsextratv
3 years ago
Just in time for his inauguration on Friday, “Extra” is taking a trip down memory lane with President-elect Donald Trump. “Extra” ...
 Donald Trump Urges Early Voters To Change Their BallotsThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert
3 years ago
Stephen doesn't believe in letting early voters change their minds, as Donald Trump has suggested. Voting is like a tattoo: you're ...
 1990s: After Bankruptcies, Donald Trump Goes From Building To Branding | NBC NewsNBC News
4 years ago
Trump began the decade in decline, but ended it with a bolstered brand. » Subscribe to NBC News: ...
 President Donald Trump escorted out of White House briefing room amid reported shooting10 Tampa Bay
22 hours ago
President Donald Trump was abruptly escorted by a U.S. Secret Service agent out of the White House briefing room as he was ...
 Trump didn't always have a killer instinctCNN
3 years ago
CNN Special Report "Why Trump Won" with host Fareed Zakaria explores Donald Trump's transformation from successful ...
 Donald Trump Through the Years | Election 2016ABC News
3 years ago
"GMA" examines how Trump went from billionaire businessman to reality star to president-elect of the United States.
 2000s: 'Apprentice' Helps Donald Trump Finally Launch A White House Bid | NBC NewsNBC News
4 years ago
After a comeback decade, Trump rode the success of his hit show all the way to campaign trail. » Subscribe to NBC News: ...
 Coronavirus: Donald Trump ignored early warnings | Nine News Australia9 News Australia
4 months ago
The US government's top infectious disease expert Dr Fauci has admitted the president ignored early warning about the virus, ...
 Donald Trump: "There's No More Important Word Than 'Luck'" | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWNOWN
4 years ago
Before he was the leading Republican Candidate in the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump was busy overseeing his vast ...
 Before 2016, Donald Trump had a history of toying with a presidential runPBS NewsHour
4 years ago
For years, talking about running for the presidency has been somewhat of a hobby for Donald Trump. The first time was in 1987, ...
 Biography: The Trump Dynasty - What Donald Trump Learned From His Mother | Bonus | A&EA&E
1 years ago
See how, from her humble childhood in Scottland to a lavish lifestyle in Queens, Mary Trump taught her son Donald about ...
 Donald Trump interview on his golf course & hair | Channel 4 NewsChannel 4 News
9 years ago
Krishnan Guru-Murthy interviews Donald Trump on golf, bird killing, bad neighbours and is it really his own hair?
 Early Facebook investor discusses Trump's executive order on social mediaABC News
2 months ago
Early Facebook investor Roger McNamee breaks down President Donald Trump's executive order, and calls for more regulation ...
 Donald Trump's Business Success: Making of a President Part 2ABC News
3 years ago
Full Episode Link: https://goo.gl/vLVAuH Part 3: Trump's Family and Children - https://goo.gl/Uq19q5 Part 4: Trump Announces ...
 President Donald Trump Leaves NATO Early After Being Mocked By World Leaders | All In | MSNBCMSNBC
8 months ago
President Trump, who has a bit of a hang-up about being laughed at, fled the NATO summit early after video emerged of world ...
 Donald Trump's coronavirus timeline: how the President’s message has changedChannel 4 News
4 months ago
Since the coronavirus outbreak, President Trump has offered differing responses. In late January, he claimed his ban on travellers ...
 Tracking President Trump's Response To COVID-19CNBC
4 months ago
President Donald Trump's response to COVID-19 has been under fire since the first cases began appearing in the United States ...
 Donald Trump Has Nothing To Apologize ForThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert
4 years ago
Stephen apologizes to Donald Trump for the mean things he's said about him over the years, and gives him the opportunity to ...
 4 Ways Donald Trump's Presidency Could End Early (HBO)VICE News
3 years ago
VICE News runs through the four ways that Donald Trump could stop being president. We explain why the 25th amendment might ...
 Donald Trump insists he was '15 minutes early' for Queen meeting | ITV NewsITV News
2 years ago
Donald Trump has said he was "15 minutes early" for his meeting with the Queen during his visit to the UK in July. The US ...
 Donald Trump: Facebook and Twitter restrict the president’s accounts - BBC NewsnightBBC Newsnight
4 days ago
Facebook and Twitter have penalised Donald Trump and his campaign for posts in which the president claimed children were ...
 Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States | BiographyBiography
2 years ago
Discover how the author of "The Art of the Deal" and host of "Celebrity Apprentice" got his start in real estate and learn about his ...
 Donald Trump 'This Week' InterviewABC News
7 years ago
ABC News' Jonathan Karl speaks with Donald Trump at the Iowa State Fair.
 Trump in 1999: Oprah would be my VP choiceCNN
2 years ago
On October 7, 1999, Donald Trump talk to CNN's Larry King about why he is considering a run for the Reform Party's presidential ...
 Meet young Donald Trump, a 'pioneer of self-promotion'PBS NewsHour
4 years ago
On the eve of the Republican National Convention, two biographers of the presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump ...
 CNN Official Interview: Will Donald Trump run for president in 2012?CNN
9 years ago
Real estate mogul Donald Trump says he may run for president in 2012.
 See President Donald Trump's Childhood HomeRealtor.com
2 years ago
Make vacations great again! If you're craving a memorable adventure—and a glimpse into President Donald Trump's life before ...
 Inside Donald Trump's Childhood HomeABC News
3 years ago
The owners of the Jamaica Estates home are putting it up for auction.
 Tupac Talks Donald Trump & Greed in America in 1992 Interview | MTV NewsMTV News
4 years ago
Tupac Shakur passionately explains his views on generosity and responsibility, traits he feels some people with extreme wealth ...
 President Trump holds press conference at Bedminster golf club | USA TODAYUSA TODAY
2 days ago
President Donald Trump said members of his Bedminster country club who were present at an official White House press ...
 Donald Trump’s Family On Instincts, Empathy, Habit They Wish He’d Stop | TODAYTODAY
4 years ago
Fresh from his victory in the New York primary, Republican front-runner Donald Trump is on the TODAY plaza along with his wife, ...
 Donald Trump and Alicia Machado's 1997 interview with CBS NewsCBS This Morning
3 years ago
In this "CBS This Morning" interview with José Díaz-Balart on May 16, 1997, Donald Trump and 1996 Miss Universe Alicia ...
 The Childhood Of Donald Trump And Its Impact On His Marriages And PoliticsBUILD Series
9 months ago
Barry Levine, co-author of the book, "All the President's Women," points out the difference between outdated generational ...
 Donald Trump claims he was early to meeting with Queen Elizabeth IIGlobal News
2 years ago
President Donald Trump claimed Thursday that he was early to his meeting with Queen Elizabeth II and waited with the Queen's ...
 President Donald Trump confirms first U.S. coronavirus-related death | ABC NewsABC News
5 months ago
Pres. Trump confirmed the first known death in the U.S. from novel coronavirus, and Vice Pres. Mike Pence announced ...
 Who is Melania Trump? A Look at Donald Trump's Wife's Upbringing in SloveniaABC News
4 years ago
ABC News' Louise Dewast and Dragana Jovanovic visit Slovania. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: ...
 Donald and Melania Trump as newlyweds (2005 CNN Larry King Live full interview)CNN
4 years ago
Donald and Melania Trump talk to CNN's Larry King Live just months after their extravagant wedding about the couple's ...
 Donald Trump's Ex: He Spoke About Running for President 25 Years AgoInside Edition
4 years ago
Donald Trump's ex-girlfriend says the billionaire asked her 25 years ago if he would make a good president. Rowanne Brewer ...
 Donald Trump Was Actually a Producer for 1970 Broadway ShowInside Edition
4 years ago
Long before Donald Trump became the GOP presidential frontrunner, he tried his hand on Broadway. Back in 1970, Trump's ...
 Donald Trump Announces Presidential CampaignWall Street Journal
5 years ago
Donald Trump announced he is running for president in 2016 Tuesday at the Trump Tower in New York City. He is the 12th ...
 Trump tells Oprah his political views in 1988CNN
4 years ago
Oprah Winfrey interviewed Donald Trump on her show in 1988. He spoke about several issues that he has readdressed recently ...
 Donald Trump's former butler: 'He loves mirrors'Channel 4 News
4 years ago
One man who really knows what Donald Trump is like is his private butler, Anthony Senecal. Before retiring a few years ago, he ...
 Donald Trump: 'Putting a Wife to Work Is a Very Dangerous Thing' [FULL 1994 INTERVIEW]ABC News
4 years ago
Trump sat down for an interview with his then-wife Marla Maples on ABC News program “Primetime Live” in 1994 SUBSCRIBE to ...
 Donald Trump Will Not Win In Early States, Says Republican StrategistBloomberg QuickTake Originals
5 years ago
July 27 -- Republican strategist Charlie Black discusses his relationship with Donald Trump and assesses the 2016 GOP field on ...
 Watch Donald Trump's best interview walkoutsCNN
3 years ago
Watch the best of President Trump's interview walkouts. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on how Trump terminates tough interviews.
 2004: Donald Trump: My hair does not get great reviews (CNN interview with Larry King)CNN
4 years ago
In a 2004 interview on Larry King Live, Donald Trump explains why he decided not to run for president and puts to rest several ...
 What Happened To Donald Trump’s $365 Million Airline?Business Insider
1 years ago
For a short time in the late 1980's and early 1990's, Donald Trump owned an airline. In 1989, Trump raised $365 million to ...
 Who are Donald Trump's siblings?CNN
4 years ago
CNN's Tom Foreman looks into Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's siblings and their relationship.
 Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the MirrorThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
4 years ago
Before his interview with Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump interviews his "reflection" in the mirror. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight ...
 Donald Trump's interview with Anderson Cooper (Part 2)CNN
3 years ago
Presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke with CNN's Anderson Cooper about Hillary Clinton in this second part of their ...
 Oprah Reacts to 1988 Interview with Donald Trump About Being PresidentInside Edition
4 years ago
Oprah Winfrey is speaking out about the video of Donald Trump on her show in 1988 where she asked him if he would ever run ...
 Donald Trump Releases First TV AdWall Street Journal
4 years ago
Donald Trump released his first TV advertisement on Monday focused on fighting ISIS and illegal immigration. The Republican ...
 ‘Biography: The Trump Dynasty’ Trailer – Premieres Monday, February 25 | A&EA&E
1 years ago
As part of the A&E's award-winning Biography series, “Biography: The Trump Dynasty” traces three generations of the Trump ...