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 Earth Floor Sealed with Oil - a Natural AlternativeThe Nito Project
1 years ago
A step by step tutorial on making an earthen floor, sourced from a mix of materials, such as clay, sand, and straw, similar to cob ...
 Redoing An Earthen Floor | Part 2 Perlite InsulationHardcore Sustainable
7 months ago
Redoing my earthen floor was a major project last fall. But the great thing about natural building is that you just add water to the ...
 Earthen Floor from start to finish DIY!Стройте дома быстро недорого и эффективно!
4 years ago
How to do earthen floor by yourself - from start to the end! All technique illustrated and described in easy steps. Cob ...
 Install Earthen, Cob Floor | Earthbag Construction | Weekly Peek Ep35mylittlehomestead
4 years ago
If you'd like to Watch the full version: How to/we install the Earthen, Cob Floor on ...
 Natural building: a water-resistant earthen floorKirsten Dirksen
9 years ago
Natural building expert Michael G. Smith from the Emerald Earth Institute shows us the first layer of an earthen floor (clay soil, ...
 Healthy Homes - Earthen floor and hydronics explanationHealthy Homes
5 years ago
OUR ecovillage . Hydronic earthen or cob sub floor installation and instructional video.
 What I Found When I Tore Up My Earthen Floor: It's Not What I ExpectedHardcore Sustainable
8 months ago
I had such high ideals and hopes for my earthen floor being a badge of honor in not using any non natural materials in my house.
 How Does a Cob House Have High Thermal Mass But Low Insulation?This Cob House
5 years ago
For more videos like this, join my Online Cob House eCourse: ...
 Laying an earthen floor - Part 1Advanced Earthen Construction Technologies
10 months ago
Applying the 2.5" base layer of earth for an earthen floor. This will be followed by a 3/4" finish layer of earth (see part 2 video) and ...
 Earthen floors: part 1, making the mixConrad from House Alive
4 years ago
Learn all the skills! Take a workshop: Or start by getting our book "House of Earth": ...
 Cob House Finishing Options - Floors, Plaster, Windows, Doors, etc.This Cob House
11 months ago
Learn more about how to build your own cob house - Join the online 'Cob Workshop Classroom': ...
 How to Build a Floor - Insulation and Screedcarlrogers
3 years ago
Insta: SUBSCRIBE for more! 3 part series on insulating, screeding, tiling, and grouting a ...
 Installing an earthen floorHouse of Earth
4 years ago
To learn more, visit
 Earthen Cob Floor Installation | Shae's Earthbag Bedroom | Weekly Peek Ep126mylittlehomestead
2 years ago
Yay! We did it! The floor is finally in! The room looks so good. We are almost finished, just dotting the "i's" now. A few more details ...
3 years ago
Get the full video course here: The first part of building your ...
 DON'T INSULATE YOUR BASEMENT until you watch this...Matt Risinger
2 years ago
Thanks for sponsoring this video, Audible! To start your free 30 day trial and receive a free audiobook visit ...
 Earthen Floor Basicspackymck
6 years ago
Here are a few pictures showing the basic layers of an earthen floor.
 Earth Oven-How to Build An Insulated FloorNights and Weekends Homestead
1 years ago
I'm determined to get the Earth Oven constructed this summer. Determined! I began this project last summer. Well, actually, I ...
 WATERPROOFING a COB wall 🏰 (earthen plaster) with linseed oilLeon de Haan
4 years ago
If you want to preserve specific cob walls against wind-driven rain, snow and wash-outs, you can use boiled linseed oil to coat it ...
 Cheap Soil Cement Subfloor! | $50 Total Cost | Earthbag Construction | Weekly Peek Ep28mylittlehomestead
4 years ago
If you'd like to Watch the full version: The first job on the interior of Bryson's Earth ...
 How to choose a natural building material (i.e. cob or straw or a mix)Kirsten Dirksen
9 years ago
You may find cob cottages particularly cute, but taste isn't reason enough to choose one natural building material over another.
 Natural Building in Cold & Wet Climates WebinarGreenHome Institute
4 years ago
Building, remodeling or adding an addition to a home with natural materials in cold weather climates can be scary. Moisture, mold ...
 This Swiss Building blew me away! All Wood and Concrete - NO InsulationMatt Risinger
1 years ago
The Factory from the last episode - Kung Holz Bau - is building a new office space, and turns out.. ITS ALL WOOD, with a Concrete ...
 Earth floor dance partyHartwyn
1 years ago
We use the traditional method of compacting an earth floor. Dancing! (Though our dance moves are far from conventional)
 Removing, Insulating and Restoring a Suspended Wooden Floor. Part 1 of 3The Restoration Couple
6 years ago
In this video we filmed step by step as we lifted the original pine floor boards. We are planning to insulate and airtight the ground ...
 Earthen Floor Destroyed and Rebuilt, Start to Finish | Almost No TalkingHardcore Sustainable
6 months ago
I already posted a few videos of this earthen floor rebuild process, but this is the whole process start to finish in one video with no ...
 Rammed Earth : You won’t Believe How They Build This!Matt Risinger
1 years ago
Join Matt as he travels to see a Rammed Earth House being built in the High Desert of West Texas. Architecture by ...
 Floor insulation technique in India (GERES)GeresAssociation
7 years ago
GERES (2011) - Floor Insulation technique video in India In the high valleys of the Himalayas, people experience extreme living ...
 Building with Mud: A ContinuumThe Nito Project
2 years ago
Thanks for watching. There are many ways to do all these building methods and people who specialize in them. This is just to ...
 Earth Wool Insulation ExplainedInsulationAustralia
10 years ago
Earth Wool Insulation Explained for Australian Homeowners by John Breeze of Northern Rivers Insulation.
 Cob Oven Build from Start to FinishRob Duarte
3 years ago
This isn't a tutorial - it's mostly for friends who have asked for the story of how I made my cob oven. (I know it's long - if you want to ...
 AU DIY: How to install Earthwool® underfloor insulation roll (long)Knauf Insulation APAC
4 years ago
Watch as we take you through the installation process step by step to ensure installing Earthwool® Underfloor insulation is quick ...
 Shiny Clay Wall Finish Sealed with Oil & Wax polished to a Mirror Finish Burnished PlasterThe Nito Project
2 years ago
There are plenty of ways to polish clay, this is just one I put together for this video, but the concepts are the same for other polished ...
 #Vanlife Insulation Part 1 - The facts you need!Greg Virgoe
2 years ago
Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van Conversion - #vanlife Insulation. Part 1 of 2 videos where we discuss the thermal properties of ...
 A no-VOC earth plaster for a breathable homeKirsten Dirksen
9 years ago
Modern homes are often built so air-tight to provide good insulation that they don't allow for fresh air to enter. Earth plasters, also ...
 Rammed Earth Vs Air Crete HouseTiny-Giant LifeStyle
1 years ago
Terlingua Workshop / Alternative Building School: Join List To Get a Chance To Win ...
 [EN] Vicat Hempcrete solution: Floor insulation with hempcreteGroupe Vicat
6 years ago
The video describes the benefits of natural cement associated with hemp hurds through the keys stages of a floor insulation ...
 SuperAdobe (earth) House earthen floor testFoundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health
6 months ago
The FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health team are excited that the water is now running and the power ...
 NZ DIY: How to install Earthwool® glasswool insulation: Underfloor roll (long)Knauf Insulation APAC
4 years ago
Watch as we take you through the installation process step by step to ensure installing Earthwool® glasswool insulation: ...
 Ceiling Tiles, Insulation & Subfloor | Underground Earthbag Building | Weekly Peek Ep78mylittlehomestead
3 years ago
Time to kick into gear. We install the acoustic ceiling tiles and "soundproof" insulation for the recording studio. Then we are able to ...
 Scorched Earth PvP Base Design - Triple Stacked Metal Walls and Insulation - Building TutorialKISHKO
4 years ago
If you are worried about the foundations, you can either triple stack them or go double metal foundations and you'd still be able to ...
 Cool roofs: How to beat the heat for top floor owners: Ep3 New Vastu with Ashok B LallDown To Earth
3 years ago
Top floors can be excruciating during the Indian summers. But there are ways to stay comfortable on top floor houses. Ashok B ...
 Hydronic Retrofit in a Basement Slab: Insulate!ProTradeCraft
4 years ago | SUBSCRIBE please Retrofitting in-floor heat is a great way to warm up a chilly basement bathroom.
 Aircrete Insulating SubfloorLittle Beaver Creek Homestead
6 months ago
This is my attempt to make an aircrete insulating subfloor on my sun room in hopes that I can use it as a passive solar design to ...
 She Shed plumbing and floor insulation prep Part 3Connor Ward
8 months ago
DO NOT CALL THIS A SHE SHED. I am continuing work on my shed that is similar to a she shed. Douglas Tool TC20 Framing ...
 Cob in India, part 9: finished!Conrad from House Alive
9 months ago
Roof insulation, metal roof and finish plaster. The next video well show you the earthen floor, finished product and the time lapse.
 Insulated Rammed Earth FormJacob paul 838
8 years ago
This is a video breakdown of my proof of concept for an insulated rammed earth form that is designed to be left in place after ...
 How to Insulate a Crawl Space with a Dirt FloorHouseBarons
1 years ago
In this video home renovation brothers Dave and Rich demonstrate how to insulate a crawl space. In this instance we focused on ...
 #ProjectAbundance - Adobe/Earth Floor (Part 3)Eidola Project Abundance
3 years ago
Drax MC takes us through his attempts at a traditional construction method of an 'Adobe Floor' also know as an 'Earthen Floor'.
 Earth Oven-How to Build the Hearth FloorNights and Weekends Homestead
1 years ago
Now that the insulation layer, with its glass bottles and clay/sawdust slurry, has been installed, it's time to build the actual hearth ...
 INSULATING and laying the FLOOR/ Episode 7/ Citroen Relay Van Conversion.SCHIRMER SHOOTS
10 months ago
Links to products I used: Celotex Insulation: ...
 Our Cob Floor is Growing?- Cob BarndominiumJohn White
9 months ago
Just a little oddity I thought y'all would like to see.
 Ark:SE Scorched Tips || Insulation Layers || TimmyCarbineTimmyCarbine
4 years ago
Ark:SE Scorched Tips || Insulation Layers || TimmyCarbine In this video we have a look at how layering different material ...
 An earth-built passive solar house: cob (south), strawbale (north)Kirsten Dirksen
9 years ago
Passive solar design dates back over 2 and a half millennia to the ancient Greeks and Chinese; it not only predates modern ...
 Building with Cob - A Natural & Affordable Way to Build a HouseExploring Alternatives
2 years ago
Bryce from Dreamweavers Collective explains the benefits and challenges of building with cob! Cob is a natural building material ...
 #Vanlife Insulation Part 2 - The facts you need.Greg Virgoe
2 years ago
vanlife Insulation - These are the facts you need. Installing the Earthwool Insulation and Kingspan PIR Thermaboard within the ...
5 months ago
Dirt cheap. No heating or cooling costs. Five ton adobe flywheel floor for radiant heat (so fine!) in winter (blue board insulation ...