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 Memorable Monologue: Small TalkTheEllenShow
6 years ago
Back in Season 8, Ellen had a big talk with her audience about small talk. Check it out!
 Ellen DeGeneres' 86th Oscars OpeningOscars
6 years ago
Host Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologue at the 86th Oscars in 2014. #Oscars #EllenDeGeneres.
 ENGLISH SPEECH | ELLEN DEGENERES: Be True To Yourself (English Subtitles)English Speeches
1 years ago
Learn English with Ellen DeGeneres. Top-rated television show host and New Orleans native Ellen DeGeneres was the keynote ...
 Memorable Monologue: LotionsTheEllenShow
6 years ago
Back in season 8, Ellen came clean about a certain obsession her wife has. Check it out!
 Ellen DeGeneres' Monologue: 2007 OscarsOscars
12 years ago
79th Annual Academy Awards® host Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologue (2007).
 Memorable Monologue: Bath TimeTheEllenShow
7 years ago
In season 6, Ellen talked to her audience about big bathtubs, and how times have changed. Draw yourself a nice warm bath, and ...
 Memorable Monologue: Cup SizesTheEllenShow
6 years ago
Ellen discussed the ridiculous sizes of cups in convenience stores. Check out this classic monologue!
 Memorable Monologue: For Your InformationTheEllenShow
7 years ago
Back in season 6, Ellen talked about the trials and tribulations of dialing 411. How times have changed!
 Ellen’s Supermoon MonologueTheEllenShow
3 years ago
Ellen chatted with her audience about the lovely lunar event and its surprising effects.
 Memorable Monologue: Portia the All-American GirlTheEllenShow
5 years ago
Back in Season 8, Portia was studying to become a US citizen, and Ellen told her audience about what she's learning in the ...
 Ellen Discusses Odd Shopping HabitsTheEllenShow
3 years ago
Ellen talked to her audience about the habits and struggles we have while shopping for new clothes.
 Ellen's Monologue: Parking NightmaresTheEllenShow
8 years ago
For her monologue today, Ellen discussed what is possibly the most stressful event of the holidays: parking at the mall! We all ...
 Ellen Shares the Secrets to Looking GoodTheEllenShow
2 years ago
People always ask Ellen what the secret is to looking good, so she shared some of the newest beauty trends on the market.
 Memorable Moment: Ellen's First MonologueTheEllenShow
8 years ago
It's hard to believe it's been nearly 9 years since Ellen first stepped out to her monologue mark to start the show. Here's a rare look ...
 Ellen DeGeneres Monologue - Saturday Night LiveSaturday Night Live
6 years ago
Subscribe to SaturdayNightLive: http://j.mp/1bjU39d Monologues: http://j.mp/1bF1yqW SEASON 27: http://j.mp/14QyXaA Ellen ...
 Ellen's Hair Coloring NightmareTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Ellen went to a new hair colorist over the weekend, and explained why the process took the entire weekend. Even though her hair ...
 Ellen Explains the Jokes on Her ShowTheEllenShow
6 months ago
Ellen recently pretended to kick out an audience member, but some people online thought it was real, so Ellen explained that ...
 Ellen's Resolution ChecklistTheEllenShow
3 years ago
Ellen took a look back at her New Year's resolutions to see which ones she's accomplished so far.
 Memorable Monologue: People Talk Too MuchTheEllenShow
7 years ago
In season 6, Ellen talked about something that she couldn't talk enough about -- people who talk too much. Watch it here!
 Ellen on What Makes America GreatTheEllenShow
3 years ago
With the election behind us, Ellen discussed what makes us stronger, and the importance of getting along.
7 years ago
It's Stress Awareness Month, and Ellen is aware of her stress; so aware, she discussed it in her monologue.
 Ellen’s Monologue Rocks The House!TheEllenShow
2 years ago
Ellen wondered why rock stars' performances are much more exciting than standup comedians' sets, so she pulled out all the ...
 Ellen's monologue about making decisionsyellowbirdflyin
13 years ago
"life is more complicated now..."
 Ellen Shares the Secret to Living ForeverTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Some studies show that drinking wine is good for your heart, while others say that drinking wine is bad for you, but Ellen got down ...
 Sneak Peek! Ellen’s Premiere Show MonologueTheEllenShow
5 years ago
The talk show host is back for the 12th season of her show, and she had much to catch up on. Don't miss the Season 12 Premiere ...
 Monologue - Portia gave Ellen a Segway X2 for Christmas (2010-01-18)ellenxportia
10 years ago
No copyright infringement intended. All credits goes to The Ellen DeGeneres Show http://ellen.warnerbros.com Follow Ellen on ...
 Ellen's Food Monologue1k1d
13 years ago
I like anything that starts with a P...
 Ellen's weight monologueyellowbirdflyin
13 years ago
Ellen talks about losing weight, and a little bit about deodorant.
 Ellen's monologue on first episode of season 2yellowbirdflyin
13 years ago
Ellen talks about re-runs and labor day.
 #TBT to Ellen & Kate McKinnon's MonologueTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Kate McKinnon brings out her Ellen impression for a hilarious monologue covering her puppy named Kid, Portia's horses, and ...
 Ellen's sleep monologueyellowbirdflyin
13 years ago
"i don't think you can oversleep"
 Ellen and Portia Are Hot!TheEllenShow
6 years ago
Everyone loves a top ten list, and Ellen and Portia made their way onto another! Which top ten list is it? You're not going to believe ...
 Ellen Monologue - It's not breaking and entering, it's entering then breaking! 11.11.05eld57
11 years ago
 Ellens Monologue About Seasonal AllergiesSusan West
11 years ago
3.25.09 Ellens monologue about seasonal allergies, oregano oil... its very funny!
 Ellen DeGeneres Chicago Monologue!BrewkaPL1
10 years ago
We're giving you a sneak peek at Ellen's opening monologue for her "Somewhat Special Special." Don't forget to tune in tonight to ...
 Memorable Moment: Ellen's Wedding Monologue!TheEllenShow
8 years ago
Just after her wedding, Ellen did a monologue all about her special day. You can still see the glow on her face from the happiest ...
 Bic Pens for WomenTheEllenShow
7 years ago
It's hard to believe, but Bic has a new line of pens, just for women. See what Ellen had to say about them!
 Memorable Monologue: iPads for KidsTheEllenShow
6 years ago
Back in season 8, Ellen talked to her audience about the interesting new demographic of people using iPads. Check it out!
 Ellen Degeneres Monologue on Reunionsstepsin2miles
14 years ago
Ellen's monologue on reunions in general and her 30th HS reunion.
 Ellen's Monologue - 03/24/10TheEllenShow
9 years ago
Blindfolded Characters from Universal's Movie Library Musical Chairs.