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 Catch and Cook: DELICIOUS Dungeness Crab on the Rocks!!Fisherman's Life
2 years ago
For Hoodies, Hats and More: Sorry for such a long wait between this and the last video. Been sick ...
 Crusted Caramelized Crab Leg CATCH AND COOK! **New Recipe!**Fisherman's Life
8 months ago
20% off ANYTHING @ CODE: butterlife Crab Snaring Setup for less than $150 Reel ($43): ...
 Catch n Cook Dungeness Crab. Part 1 of 3: Crab and Salmon Trip in Crescent City, CAFisherman's Life
2 years ago
Day one of a three part series from a trip to Crescent City, CA. Next on the stop, Salmon fishing in the local rivers! But first, we still ...
 Was I a Victim of Poachers? Catch and Cook Dungeness Crab - MOUTH WATERING Unique RecipeFisherman's Life
1 years ago
Took out Butter Boat 2.0 for one of the first times of the season. Had four crab pots to drop and let them soak for about three hours ...
 Which Do You Prefer?? Rock Crab or Dungeness Crab? Catch n Cook Taste Test!!Fisherman's Life
1 years ago
Always wanted to see what the difference is between Dungeness Crab and Rock Crab. We caught a few nice male Dungenesss ...
 Dungeness Crab Catch and Cook, on Shore, over FIRE!!!Fisherman's Life
3 years ago
Finally back fishing and filming! Really been wanting to do a catch n cook video of dungeness crab since the season recently ...
 Eating MASSIVE CRAB and WORMY, PARASITIC FISH! Catch and Cook!!Fisherman's Life
1 years ago
Went out crabbing and fishing with D Rapp just before a storm. We were not lucky enough to avoid it but ended up having to prep ...
 How to Crab Snare Fish (Comprehensive Guide)Fisherman's Life
3 years ago
Finally had a chance to get this video made. Hopefully I covered everything and you can use some of this information to increase ...
 Catching MONSTROUS Dungeness Crabs at Sea!Fisherman's Life
2 years ago
This is the second trip out on the Zodiac 350 Cadet Aluminum floor. Conditions were as smooth as can get. The boat handled ...
 SOLO Salmon Crab Trip Out the Golden Gate!Fisherman's Life
2 months ago
Feels soooo good to be back! Dungeness Crab Straw Hat ...
 Crab Snare Fishing for HUGE Rock Crabs in Half Moon Bay, JettyFisherman's Life
4 years ago
Dungeness Crab season starts soon! This was a warm up :) So it was brought to my attention that you MAY INDEED need a ...
 Catch and Cook: Two HUGE VENOMOUS BLUE FISH!!! Let's EatFisherman's Life
2 years ago
Really fun kayak catch and cook video filed with Die Hard Fishing. He on a Hobie and myself on an Ocean Kayak Caper.
 Targeting Halibut with Live Anchovies! Catching Sharks, Rays, Rockfish, and SardinesFisherman's Life
3 years ago
For T-Shirts, Tips and more visit my website ... Selling hand made heavy duty crab snares as of 9/7/2016.
 Catch and Cook!!! BOILING Rice - Fish, Avocado, and Butter! SO EASY!!!!Fisherman's Life
2 years ago
Butter Boat on the water again with another Catch and Cook Fish. A few nice Rockfish and Lingcod. Once we brought the Zodiac ...
 Crab Snare & Fishing Tips from a Jetty. "Be Like Water" - Bruce LeeFisherman's Life
4 years ago
I wanted to get one more day of crabbing in before the season closes so I headed out to the South Jetty in Half Moon Bay to go ...
 EPIC Day of Pier Crabbing after FAILED Salmon Fishing TripFisherman's Life
2 years ago
Hoodies available soon! Stay posted at and: ...
 Smashing Crabs Heads Off. Is this humane? + Crab Risotto Dish MmmMMFisherman's Life
5 years ago
Also made some yummy risotto to go along with the crab mMmM.
 Fishing with SHORE CRABS and RUBBER BANDS!!Fisherman's Life
1 years ago
SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's reliable, easy to use, and there are no ...
 CATCH and COOK! Diving for a Smörgåsbord of Sea-life! *SCALLOPS, SNAILS, FISH, CRAB, URCHIN*Fisherman's Life
9 months ago FOLLOW/LIKE A day to remember! Can't wait to dive again. I'm off to Taiwan ...
 How to Make a Crab Snare: Detailed DescriptionFisherman's Life
5 years ago
For the heavy duty crab snare PM me by clicking on my account, then "about" and "send message". I will get back to you asap.
 Do sand FLEAS taste good??Fisherman's Life
3 years ago
Well do they? There are two types of sand fleas/sand crabs you can catch in the surf zone. Soft shell and hard shell. I love soft ...
 Deadliest Catch: Do You Have What it Takes to Do This Job?Bloomberg QuickTake Originals
6 years ago
May 8 (Bloomberg) --- Discovery Channel's hit reality show "Deadliest Catch" just kicked off its tenth season with a bang: the ...
 Two Huge Dungeness Crabs, Crabbing in San FranciscoFisherman's Life
5 years ago
Check out the Dungeness Crab Season warm up in Half Moon Bay earlier in October. Caught 14 crabs!
 $100 Raft in the Pacific Ocean Fishing for CrabFisherman's Life
4 years ago
Selling hand made heavy duty crab snares as of 9/7/2016. They are 12.50 each, 2 for 24, 3 for 36, 4 for 45 and 5 for 55 shipped in ...
 We had to shoot this HUGE fish for our safety (100 Pounder!)Fisherman's Life
1 years ago
Last day in Alaska. Got the chance of a lifetime to target some of the most massive fish on the West Coast. Had a 40 Caliber Glock ...
 DUNGENESS CRAB Season Opening SNARING!Fisherman's Life
4 years ago
Ahh memories. Good times fishing for Dungeness Crab in San Francisco.
 Crab Snare Fishing. Crap Load of Crabs. Underwater Snare footageFisherman's Life
4 years ago
Went crab snaring at an undisclosed location ;) and caught 13 nice Dungeness Crab all on crab snares! ______ Facebook ...
 HOW TO Catch and Cook Buttery, Juicy SPOTTED PRAWNS!! 💰 $1,500 Worth Caught!! 💰Fisherman's Life
10 months ago
Caught 50 POUNDS of Spotted Prawns! In stores they are at least $30 Per Pound. Amazes me that this is a normal day in Alaska.
 Dungeness and Red Rock Crabs + Garlic Butter Roasted Crab!Fisherman's Life
5 years ago
Went out with the crab snares and caught 4 dungeness crabs, and 3 red rock crabs. Will post a detailed video very soon about ...
 Catch and Cook in the RAIN on the ROCKS: Most Delicious Fish Tacos!!Fisherman's Life
2 years ago
We caught this amazing blue meat fish from the rocks. It was so delicious cooked up fish taco style. Rock fish season opens from a ...
 Best Fishing Bait!! You never know what you'll catch with these!Fisherman's Life
2 years ago
Caught a bunch of molting sand crabs (soft shell sand crabs) yesterday. Kept them in the refrigerator for the next day and went ...
 Crab Snaring for Dungeness Crab in San FranciscoFisherman's Life
5 years ago
This was at low tide, and we crabbed for less than two hours. It was really windy that day and the tide came in strong so we left ...
 Make this next time you catch Crabs. Crab RisottoFisherman's Life
4 years ago
Here's an easy recipe to make some crab risotto from home! Ingredients for risotto: 2 Large Dungeness Crabs. Meat shucked ...
 Snaring for massive TOXIC Dungeness CrabsFisherman's Life
4 years ago
Warning: do not eat any crabs until the closure is released. No crabs were harmed in the making of this video. These crabs are not ...
 Scallops, Uni, Crab, Fish, Limpet, Snails: Catch & Cook w/ Fisherman's LifeCatch N Cook California
9 months ago
Join us for a southern California shore dive as we try a sample of eight species of sea food! For the seafood cocktail recipe, check ...
 The BEST and EASIEST Smoked Salmon Recipe *FIRE* Catch and Cook!!Fisherman's Life
8 days ago
More Than Fishing and I went out to catch wild King Salmon off the California Coast. Always a good time with Jun. Visit his ...
 60,000 Subscriber GIVEAWAY! 19 WINNERS!! Over $500 Worth of GEAR!!Fisherman's Life
3 years ago
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 Quick DIY Crab SnareFisherman's Life
5 years ago
Update! Heavy Duty Crab Snares available for $15! Hand made, great quality and will only ship something that I would use myself ...
 First Time Bass Fishing. Catching More Fish Than I Can Count!Fisherman's Life
3 years ago
Couple days into my trip to Arkansas to visit TJ and Jan. Went out on TJ's Bass boat and hammered some large mouth bass, small ...
 All these Fish were HUGE! Non-stop action!Fisherman's Life
1 years ago
Seriously one of the best day's fishing I've ever had. Every single fish was a quality fish. Just take a look at the Fish Kebab's we ...
 Catch and Cook on the Rocks!! **Why I Cut the Tail of My Fish**Fisherman's Life
3 years ago
You all asked for a catch and cook, so here you go! I cast off a 150 foot cliff with a swimbait, the water was a lot more rough than I ...
 HUGE CABEZON and the JACKPOT Lingcod. Everyone get their limits here!!!Fisherman's Life
3 years ago
Our fishing experience on the Queen of Hearts Charter Boat out of Pillar Point Half Moon Bay. Long video so here's a list of some ...
 Beautiful Catch and Sashimi ON THE BOAT! *Raw Fish* EPIC Yellowtail Action!!!!Fisherman's Life
1 months ago
Amazing day in Mexico! @The Other Fishing ...
 I Drove 2500 Miles to Catch These Fish (Rockfish Catch & Cook)Mav
11 months ago
The end of a 4000 mile road trip. One more video on the road, but now im back home. Canada coming soon!! Thanks for tuning ...
 Catch and Cook! IKE JIME **WIRE THROUGH SPINAL CORD** Why???Fisherman's Life
2 years ago
David invited me to do some rock fishing from shore. Couldn't pass up the chance! The plan today was to catch two fish. One we ...
 How to CATCH and Cook Whole Fish on an Open FlameFisherman's Life
1 years ago
Really tough couple days fishing from the rocks. Ended up at a beautiful spot catching some beautiful fish. Just goes to show that ...
 Catch and Cook BOILED Fish ** Underwater Fishing CameraFisherman's Life
1 years ago
This might be the first of it's kind. I've never seen a rock fishing from shore video with an underwater real time perspective.
 Quick DIY Crab SnareFisherman's Life
5 years ago
Update! Heavy Duty Crab Snares available for $15! Hand made, great quality and will only ship something that I would use myself ...
 Catching GIGANTIC Fish from ... SHORE!!! Unbelievable Catch!Fisherman's Life
1 years ago
Zach's moving to Atlanta. Show him some love! 20% off everything holiday sale. Charcoal ...
 Would You Eat These??? Freediving, Spearfishing, Lingcod from 50ft CliffFisherman's Life
2 years ago
Two day trip to Mendocino, California. Freediving, spearfishing and fishing from a 50 foot shear cliff. Little something different than ...
 Catch and Cook and Camp Ep. 4 *WILD Trout, WILD Bass, WILD Crayfish*Fisherman's Life
2 years ago
Fourth episode of this Catch and Cook and Camp series. Hoping to get one more video of this series completed before the snow ...
 "I think I broke my finger!" 3 Day Kayak Fishing, Freediving Camping TripFisherman's Life
3 years ago
With Abalone season closing for one month, it was our last opportunity to go hunting for them before August. The water conditions ...
 Finally!!!! Lingcod Catch and Cook!! DANGEROUS Fishing TripFisherman's Life
2 years ago
Do not attempt to recreate the footage on this video!!! Totally spontaneous idea for a fishing video. Float Tube Fishing in the Pacific ...
 Fishing in South Korea (Boat's Engine Died at Sea...)Fisherman's Life
2 years ago
Took a trip to Thailand and South Korea. Figured I will try to film a video or two while I'm over here. Went out twice in Thailand on a ...
 CATCH and COOK on the Rocks 🎣 Making Fish Tacos from This Monkey Faced Eel 🎣Fisherman's Life
3 years ago
Was out trying to film the good old Lingcod catch and cook. Daniel and I went on the Jetty with some squid and we knew there was ...
 Trying to Dive for Abalone. Almost Died. This is Not A Joke.Fisherman's Life
4 years ago
The water looked calm. The wet suit is designed to keep you afloat. I Should not have gone out there without diving training let ...
 Fishing for rockfish from cliffs and shore with Fisherman's LifePhilosophy D
3 years ago
Fishing with Fisherman's Life, Matts, going for rockfish, lingcod, cabezon from shore If you like videos like this, please hit the ...
 Fun and EASY Catch and Cook 😊 (HUGE Surprise Ending!)Fisherman's Life
28 days ago
Calvin's wife laughed at him when he said he was going fishing. He's been unlucky. We went out to prove her wrong.
 Vacuum Saving Fish on Slippery Rocks (SURPRISE ENDING)Fisherman's Life
1 years ago
To give back to my viewers, I'm having a giveaway of a GameSaver Outdoorsman Vacuum Sealing System. Check out my latest ...
 CATCH and COOK in ALASKA!!! King + Coho + Pink Salmon **TASTE COMPARISON**Fisherman's Life
1 years ago
We caught Coho, Pink and King salmon. The perfect combination to get an on scene taste comparison. Cooked in a natural way ...